USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D

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USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D
Enterprise TNG.jpg
Federation/Star Fleet
Destroyed (2371)

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D was a Galaxy-class starship launched in 2363.
The fifth Federation starship to bear the name Enterprise, the Enterprise served as the Federation flagship and was in service from 2363 to its destruction in 2371.

With 42 decks, she was eight time the size of the original USS Enterprise. The ship had twelve phaser arrays, two torpedo launchers, 250 photon torpedoes, and hundreds of antimatter mines. In a case of emergency evacuation, most of the ship’s population could be evacuated in just under four minutes. In addition to being an emergency shelter-in-place point, Ten Forward was the ship’s main hub of socialism, located at the forward-most point of Deck 10 in the saucer section.

Built at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards that orbit Mars, the Enterprise was launched from Mars in 2363. It became known for making First Contacts, including the first official First Contact between the Ferengi, the Borg, and the Q Beings.

During a battle with the infamous Klingon Duras Sisters, the Enterprise was destroyed in 2371. The Federation ship suffered an irreparable warp core breach, and Commander Riker ordered the evacuation of the crew to the saucer section. Ideally, this would be to give the evacuating crew enough time to get away from the impending explosion. Unfortunately, not enough distance was put between the two halves of the ship, and the shock wave from the warp core breach pushed the saucer into a degrading orbit over Veridian III. The crew scrambled, and managed to land safely.

In 2372, the Enterprise-E launched from the San Francisco Shipyards, with Jean-Luc Picard choosing to be her first Captain.

Command Crew


Jean-Luc Picard

Captain of the Enterprise from 23642371


Born in 2305, Jean-Luc grew up dreaming of adventure and exploration, building models of various starships in his free time. Joining Starfleet Academy in 2323, he was offered the Captaincy of the Enterprise-D in 2364. He hand-picked most of his senior staff: La Forge for his dedication, Yar for her selflessness, and Riker solely based on reputation. Picard tried his best to uphold a stringent reputation for adhering to the Prime Directive, but relented on a few occasions when it was for the best of the people involved.

From the Enterprise’s first mission onwards, Picard had many encounters with the Q Beings. One in particular took a liking to him, to his annoyance, but they eventually developed a sort of love-hate rapport. It was due to Q that Picard and the Enterprise encountered the Borg, which Q purported he did as a favor to the Federation. When Picard would later be assimilated into the Borg Collective, the Borg no doubt remembered the Enterprise being the first Federation ship to survive an encounter, and used Picard as a chess piece against the Federation, an Ambassador of sorts. (2366 / 2367)

Picard had an artificial heart, a fact he kept very close to the vest. As a Cadet in 2328, he was involved in a bar fight, and was stabbed through the heart by a Nausicaan. The artificial heart was replaced in 2365, and again in 2369. When Picard was assimilated by the Borg in 2366, Starfleet declared him dead, a casualty of war, but rescinded the order six days later when the Enterprise crew were able to recover him alive.

Jean-Luc enjoyed such extra-curricular activities such as fencing, horseback riding, racquetball, hobby archeology, building model starships, and reading the works of William Shakespeare. Though he was not one to be in touch with his emotions, he did have life-long friendships with several people on his crew: namely Guinan, Data, Beverly Crusher, and Worf. When he was briefly trapped in the Nexus in 2371, his fantasy was of a life in which he had a wife, four children, and the company of his recently-deceased nephew, who was still alive.

After the destruction of the Enterprise-D, Picard was given command of the Enterprise-E, and used that ship to stop the Borg from taking over Earth. They were forced to interfere with Human-Vulcan first contact, making sure the Borg hadn’t changed Human history. This gave the crew the chance to meet the famous Zefram Cochrane, as well help in facilitating the Phoenix’s first warp flight. Back in their own timeline, Picard continued to command the Enterprise-E.

William T. Riker

Briefly Captained the Enterprise in 2367

Will Riker.jpg

In 2366, the Borg launched what would be their first invasion of the Federation. Being the face of the Federation, the Enterprise was assigned a Borg specialist, Commander Shelby.

When Captain Picard was kidnapped and partially-assimilated by the Borg, Riker became Captain, choosing Shelby as his First Officer. Using Shelby’s plan against the Borg, the Enterprise also sent a shuttle and rescued Captain Picard. Though they were unable to destroy the cube, they were able to rescue Picard, who was still partially-assimilated.

Riker prepared the Enterprise to ram the Borg cube in an attempt to disable them, but Data was able to create a feedback loop within the Borg’s computers. The feedback loop caused the cube to explode, cutting Picard’s link with the Collective.

Following Picard’s recovery, Riker returned to his post as First Officer.

Edward Jellico

Briefly Captained the Enterprise in 2369


In 2369, Edward Jellico was given command of the USS Enterprise while Captain Picard was on an undercover mission on Celtris III. Jellico’s style was much stricter than Picard’s, insisting on such formalities as being announced when he walked into a room. He also insisted the Enterprise crew run on a four-shift rotation, where it had been running on a three-shift rotation. His little changes caused friction between himself and the crew, resulting in Riker openly disagreeing with him. Jellico relieved Riker of his First Officer position, replacing him with Lieutenant Commander Data.

When Captain Picard’s uncover mission went sideways, and he was kidnapped by Cardassians, Jellico’s previous dealings with Cardassians proved invaluable. He planned to plant mines on Cardassian ships hiding in a nebula, but Chief Engineer La Forge pointed out that Riker was perhaps the most skilled pilot on board. The two men spoke, and Riker accepted the job, placing the mines with the help of La Forge. Captain Jellico then hailed the Cardassians, detonating the set mines, showing his strength and cunning. The Cardassian fleet folded, returning Picard and retreating from their positions.

With Picard’s reinstatement of the Enterprise’s Commanding Officer, Captain Jellico returned to command his previous ship, the USS Cairo. Though they had their friction, his last words to the Enterprise Bridge crew were, “It's been an honor serving with you.”

First Officer

William T. Riker

First Officer from 23642371


William Thomas Riker was born in 2335 in Alaska. When his mother died two years later, his father struggled to raise him alone, eventually abandoning him completely when he was 15. The two Riker men would not speak for the next thirty years. In 2353, Will entered Starfleet Academy, and when he was stationed on Betazed, met and fell in love with Deanna Troi. They would have an on-again, off-again relationship for many years, eventually marrying in 2379. During that time, Riker also developed a reputation for being a ladies’ man.

In 2361, while serving on board the USS Potemkin, Will was the last to beam out during an Away Mission on Nervala IV. Atmospheric distortions disrupted the transporter beam, duplicating it and sending it back down to the surface. While Will was beamed up to the Potemkin, a duplicate of himself was also beamed back down to the planet, where that version of Will Riker would stay for eight years. (The duplicate would later be known as Thomas Riker).

William Riker was promoted to Commander, and received the First Officer position on the Enterprise-D in 2364. Picard chose him personally, due to his exemplary service record, as well as his reputation for using unorthodox situations. When Picard was kidnapped by the Borg in 2366, Riker took command of the Enterprise, choosing Borg Specialist Shelby as his First Officer. During the Klingon Civil War in 2368, Riker would Captain another ship, the USS Excalibur, helping to reveal that the House of Duras was receiving Romulan help. In addition to sitting in the Captain’s chair when needed, Will was also a good undercover agent. On Mintaka III, he disguised himself as a native in order to study the planet’s people; on Malcor III, he went undercover in an attempt to facilitate First Contact; and he was also disguised as a Bajoran in order to infiltrate the Maquis.

Riker was a known jazz aficionado, often found playing the trombone. He also enjoyed playing poker, Parrises squares, handball, and practicing Anbo-jyutsu (derived from Japanese martial arts). Due to his easy-going personality, Will was popular, and had many friends on board the Enterprise-D, despite him being in a command position. In the time between 2364 and 2365, Will finally grew a beard, tiring of his old nickname “Babyface Riker.” By 2369, Riker had been decorated by Star Fleet five times.

Elizabeth Shelby

Briefly assigned as First Officer of the Enterprise in 2367


With a reputation for being ambitious, Shelby was assigned to Starfleet Tactical in 2366. She was put in charge of tactical analysis and defensive planning regarding the potential Borg invasion.

When a colony in the Beta Quadrant was destroyed, Shelby and her superior officer left to confer with Jean-Luc Picard in order to determine if the Borg were responsible. The Borg were established to not only have done it, but to still be in the area, and so Shelby stayed on the Enterprise to plan a defensive strategy against them.

When the Borg did attack, the young officer was able to prove herself, both as a strategist and an officer. Captain Picard’s capture saw her lead an Away team to try and rescue him, though it was not entirely successful.

Riker took the Captain’s chair, and appointed Lieutenant Commander Shelby as his First Officer, giving her a field promotion to full Commander. Once the Borg cube was destroyed, Shelby returned to Star Fleet Headquarters. From there, she led a task force assigned to rebuild the fleet after the Battle of Wolf 359.

Second Officer


Second Officer from 23642371


The third of six known androids designed by Dr. Noonien Soong, Data was built on the planet Omicron Theta in 2336. He was discovered to have two “siblings,” Lore and prototype android B-4. After the Crystalline Entry attacked their colony, Starfleet discovered him in the ruins in 2338. This connection with Star Fleet resulted in his choice to enter Star Fleet Academy, in 2341. He was assigned to the Enterprise-D in 2364, and due to him not needing to sleep, routinely did the night shift for the Bridge.

Data’s beloved cat, “Spot”

Data was a major influence in the journey to recognize android sentience. Many in the Starfleet and independent scientific community agreed that Data was a sentient being, and in 2372, Data was considered to be the only sentient artificial lifeform in Federation society. Though some Starfleet Officers did not agree early on, they came to respect the “man” as well as the uniform. For example, when Data was put in command of the USS Sutherland during the Klingon Civil War in 2368, the crew was apprehensive, but he proved his worth as an officer when his tactics and cunning detected a cloaked Romulan ship.

In 2371, Data decided to install an “emotion chip” he had discovered years before, but had been reticent to use, due to his brother’s nefarious attempts to use the emotion chip against him. Unable to cope with the intensity of the emotions he experienced, they distracted him enough to allow for a crewmember to be kidnapped, but allowed him to feel relief and joy upon finding his beloved pet alive after the Enterprise crashed in 2371.

Always trying to better himself and “become more Human,” Data participated in a number of self-improvement activities. He and best friend Geordi La Forge played “Sherlock Holmes” in the Enterprise’s holodeck, and while off-duty, could also be found painting, writing poetry, playing various musical instruments, or performing in plays written by other members of the crew. He endeared himself to many members of the crew, and each member of the senior staff considered him to be a dear friend.


Briefly Second Officer in 2366

Worf 2366.jpg

When Captain Jellico took temporary command of the Enterprise in 2369, the entire command structure changed.

Relieving Commander Riker of his duties, Jellico chose Data as his First Officer, and Worf as his Second Officer.

These positions were rescinded when Captain Picard returned to the ship from his undercover mission, and all parties resumed their previous posts.

Chief Engineer

Sarah MacDougal

Chief Engineer for the year 2364

Sarah MacDougal.jpg

Lieutenant Commander MacDougal was one of a few “chief engineers” 2364, with each Chief possibly being a Duty Shift Chief.

When the crew became infected with the polywater intoxication virus, causing most to lose control of their emotions and behavior, MacDougal seemed wholly unaffected.

During this incident, she was tricked out of Engineering and denied access from re-entering. She would later assist Commander Riker in taking down the force field from around the area, and regaining control.

She received the antidote to the virus along with the rest of the crew, most likely having latent symptoms.

Geordi La Forge

Chief Engineer from 23652371

Geordi La Forge.jpg

Geordi was born in 2335 on Earth, to a Starship Captain mother and Exozoologist father. Due to a birth defect, he was born blind. When he was five, he received his first VISOR, which allowed him to “see” for the first time. Attending Star Fleet Academy from 2353 to 2357, he excelled in Engineering, specializing in antimatter power and dilithium regulators. Assigned to the Enterprise as Conn Officer in 2364, he was quickly promoted to full Lieutenant in 2365. With the promotion, he transferred divisions and was granted the Chief Engineer position. Just one year later, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

A brilliant engineer, he helped to prove that warp drives and traveling at warp speed was in fact damaging the fabric of space. This resulted in an agreement for ships to control how and how quickly they travel, only breaking the “speed limit” in cases of emergencies. This rule was taken seriously by the Federation, as the damage to space and subspace could render some planets uninhabitable, and create subspace rifts, with high levels of tetryon radiation.

By 2373, Geordi gave up his VISOR and received ocular implants. With bionic “eyes” that were colored bright blue, these implants were now just as much if not more technologically capable as the VISOR. The “eyes” gave him the option of telescopic vision, as well as infrared-sensing options. Like all cranial implants, there were the occasional headaches.

Though Geordi always tried to be friendly to everyone, he frequently had issues communicating with women, and only felt completely at ease with his best friend, the android Data.

Becoming good friends with all the senior officers, he took part in their weekly poker game, claiming to not use his VISOR to cheat and see the cards. Other hobbies included chess, swimming, and studying Engineering history.

Chief of Security

Natasha Yar

Chief of Security in 2364

Tasha Yar.jpeg

Natasha Yar was born on Turkana IV, a planet with a violent society. It was considered a failed Federation colony, and its government broke in half, the two factions ruling sections by iron fist and sexual harassment. Forced to fend for herself and her sister, “Tasha” got off the planet as soon as she could, at age fifteen. With her sister choosing to stay behind and embrace the atmosphere, Tasha instead decided to join Star Fleet Academy, joining the Security division because of the lawlessness she grew up in.

On the Enterprise, Tasha’s quick thinking and fighting skills were valued, especially on Away Missions. While the Enterprise negotiated for vaccines on Ligon II, the leader of the planet was impressed with her martial arts skills, and later kidnapped her because of them. She later used these skills to get herself and the ship out of trouble, and obtain the vaccines needed. When the Enterprise visited Angel I, she took informal command of the Away Team, due to the society being Matriarchal in nature. Unfortunately, her martial arts skills did not help her on Vagra II.

In 2364, Tasha was part of an Away Team sent to rescue a crashed shuttle on Vagra II. While investigating an unknown lifeform, the being chose to lash out and kill Tasha as a display of its power. By the time medical attention was allowed to reach her, it was too late, and her death was listed as “Killed in Action” or “KIA.” During her service, a hologram of the late officer stated that she had wished that if she were to die, she would prefer it happen while on duty.


Chief of Security from 23642371


Worf, son of Mogh, was born in 2340 on the Klingon homeworld of Qo'noS. Before he was six, his family had moved to the Khitomer colony in the Beta Quadrant. In 2346, the Romulans attacked the colony, killing roughly 4,000 colonists, including both of Worf’s parents. This would be known as the Khitomer Massacre, and Worf would hate Romulans for most of his life because of what happened there. The first ship to respond, the USS Intrepid, had a Chief Petty Officer who took Worf under his wing and adopted him as his son. Worf then grew up in a farming colony, under the care of his adoptive parents, the Rozhenkos. When he performed the Klingon ritual of MajQa, his visions told a young Worf that he would do something “no other Klingon had done before.” Worf then joined Starfleet.

Assigned to the Enterprise in 2364, he made his way through the ranks, starting off as a relief officer for various Bridge stations. In 2364, he became Acting Chief of Security when friend and colleague Tasha Yar was killed, and a year later, the promotion stuck and became official. Making full lieutenant the year after that, he soon learned that he had a son, with ambassador and love-interest K’Ehleyr. Finding himself both mentally and emotionally unable to care for a son, he sent Alexander to live with the Rozhenkos. This did not last long, and both father and son had to both acknowledge and adjust to each other and their relationship. The same year, Worf learned of, and was reunited with, his Klingon brother Kurn, who was an infant in the care of family friends when the Khitomer Massacre occurred. Together the two were thrust deep into Klingon politics, restoring their family’s honor and exposing Romulan subterfuge, leading to the Klingon Civil War.

An exemplary Starfleet officer, Worf was given many opportunities to leave his post, but took pride in his work, and stayed true to himself, not giving in to his heritage. He was highly valued to his friends and fellow officers on the Enterprise, and became friends with the entire Bridge crew. In 2365, his friends threw him the equivalent of a Klingon birthday party, taking part in the 10th anniversary of his Age of Ascension.

After seven years of service aboard the Enterprise, Worf became a Lieutenant Commander in 2371, shortly before the ship was destroyed. He later went on to serve on Deep Space 9, after taking an extended leave of absence from Starfleet.

Chief Medical Officer

Beverly Crusher

Chief Medical Officer for years 2364 and 23662371

Bev Crusher.jpg

Born in 2324 on Earth’s moon, both of Beverly’s parents were killed when she was young, leaving her to be raised by her grandmother. An herb woman, Nana Howard’s career inspired Beverly to pursue medicine.

She joined Star Fleet Medical Academy in 2342, where she met future husband Jack Crusher. In 2348, they had a son, and in 2350, Beverly graduated and became a doctor. When Jack Crusher died under Picard’s command in 2354, it would be ten years before Beverly and Jean-Luc would meet again.

Apprehensive to having her and her son aboard, Beverly had to convince Picard that their past would not affect her work under his command, and she began her tenure on the Enterprise in 2364.

A year later, she left to work as the head of Star Fleet Medical, but came back the next year after she found it too hard to be away from her son. While on the Enterprise, she treated many new and mysterious illnesses and anatomies, including being the first non-Trill to study their species. Being the Chief Medical Officer, she was integral to the crew, and was promoted to Commander in 2362.

An artist, Beverley loved to write and perform plays, forming a theater troupe aboard the Enterprise. She had also been known at the Academy as “The Dancing Doctor,” a nickname she did not wish to continue, though she had won awards in both tap and jazz dance. Similar to dance, she also studied Klingon mok’bara, a form of Klingon martial arts and meditation. Like the rest of the command crew, Beverly was also a regular player in the Enterprise’s poker games.

Katherine Pulaski

Chief Medical Officer for 2365


Prior to jumping at the chance to serve on the Enterprise, Dr. Pulaski was Chief Medical Officer on the USS Repulse.

Though she and Captain Picard would bicker with each other, she had a deep respect for the man, and had admired him for a while, thus her quickly filling in for Dr. Crusher. She arrived on the ship via shuttlecraft, due to her slight aversion to technology, and phobia of transporters in general.

Believing that traditional / old-fashioned medicine was just as important as technological-led medicine, she was different than Beverly Crusher in almost every way possible. She possessed an expertise in cardiac surgery, which she performed on Captain Picard in 2365. Another specialty was performing surgeries with ocular implants, which Geordi La Forge would have done in 2373, though not by Pulaski. An accomplished pathologist as well, her paper “Linear Models of Viral Propagation” would be upheld as the standard concerning virus movement for decades to come.

Due to her discomfort with technology, Dr. Pulaski and Data definitely did not get off on the right foot. Seeing him as little more than a humanoid-appearing computer, it took Data’s unique personality, as well as his best friend Geordi La Forge, to convince the doctor that he was worthy of her respect. From there, she was able to forge more relationships with crew, including the often-closed-off Worf, bonding over their love of Klingon culture. When it was discovered that she was an avid poker player, the senior staff invited to her play at their poker games, which she thoroughly enjoyed.


Deanna Troi

Ship’s Counselor and Advisor to the Captain from 23642371


Half human and half Betazoid, Counselor Deanna Troi served as Captain Picard’s Bridge Advisor when dealing with many political situations. Though she could not read others’ thoughts, she could sense their emotions, and more importantly, when they were lying. Able to read the thoughts of full Betazoids, and communicate telepathically with her mother, she found that those she could not read, such as Ferengi, could be figured out by other ways, such as the psychology she studied at Star Fleet Academy. The only human she could speak telepathically with was her on-again, off-again love interest, William Riker, whom she called “Imzadi,” the Betazoid word for “beloved.”

Born in 2336 on Betazed to a Betazoid Ambassador mother and Human Starfleet officer father, she was raised largely Betazoid after her father died in 2343. Her maternal grandfather believed that speech was “for off-worlders, and people who didn’t know any better,” most likely leading to Deanna’s mother’s bad habit of speaking to her daughter telepathically, and speaking seemingly out of context when she spoke out loud to others. Joining Starfleet in 2355, she was assigned to the Enterprise in 2364 as a Lieutenant Commander. In 2365, a non-corporeal alien impregnated her with himself, giving her a painless pregnancy and birth, and growing at an accelerated rate. To the alien, this was its way of communicating with the Enterprise, and though he ended up leaving the ship to continue exploring the Universe, he was still considered Deanna’s child, and it went on record as such.

In 2371, the now-Commander Troi was in charge of the escaping saucer section of the Enterprise-D as it escaped the Battle of Veridian III. Hit by the shockwave of the exploding warp core breach, she was forced to pilot the ship into a crash landing onto the planet.

A fan of both exercise and chocolate, Deanna often shared her hobbies with her friends. She partook in exercise programs with her friend Beverly Crusher, and participated in programs run by Worf. Like the rest of the command crew, she played weekly poker, and her friends often turned to her for advice, as she was also officially the ship’s counselor.

Flight Control Officer

Wesley Crusher

Conn Officer from 23642367

Wesley Crusher.jpg

Brought on board the Enterprise by his mother Beverly Crusher in 2364, 15-year-old Wesley was destested by the Captain, possibly due to the boy being a reminder of Picard’s past actions, which caused the boy’s father to be killed in action. However, Wesley showed great promise in the field of engineering, and was later granted a field commission of “Acting Ensign” by Picard. The same year, he befriended a being known as The Traveler, who lived outside time and space, and told Wesley that he had a “gift.” Eagerly taking the Starfleet Entrance Exam, and subsequently failing, 16-year-old Wesley continued to serve on the Enterprise as an Acting Ensign.

Always experimenting, young Wesley’s experiments sometimes hindered the Enterprise and her crew. From nanites to warp bubbles,Wesley Crusher was both a nuisance and a genius, occasionally able to come to the aid of fellow crew members, even at his own expense. Though he left for Starfleet Academy in 2367, he resigned in 2370, choosing instead to join the Traveler on his journey to different planes of existence.

Spending his formative years on the Enterprise (15 - 22), the command team became like Aunts and Uncles to Wesley. Riker taught him about relationships, LaForge guided him in his studies, Data helped him to be true to himself, and though Picard was responsible for his father’s death, Wesley still looked to the man as a father-figure.

Brave and loyal to a fault, Wesley later did finish his studies at Starfleet Academy, and attended the wedding of William Riker and Deanna Troi in 2379, wearing a Starfleet dress uniform.

Ro Laren

Conn officer from 23682369, 2370

Ro Laren.jpg

Born in 2340, Ro Laren grew up in a refugee camp created by the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. She witnessed and experienced Cardassian torture techniques from a young age, and eventually ran away from home. Initially ashamed of being a Bajoran, she later embraced her people and her heritage, and became as traditional as she could.

She joined Starfleet Academy in 2358, but her hard-headedness had disastrous results. As part of an Away Team on Garon II, she disobeyed direct orders, which caused eight Starfleet officers to be killed. She was court-martialed, and sent to a penal colony on Jaros II.

In 2368, Ro was released and reinstated into Starfleet in exchange for helping locate a Bajoran terrorist. Assigned to the Enterprise-D, she was put in charge of piloting the ship, so that she may suggest a route best to find the terrorist. When her independent actions caused the Enterprise’s away mission to go sideways as well, Picard confined her to quarters until she revealed the real reason she was assigned to his ship.

In 2370, Ro was assigned to infiltrate the Maquis, a group she quickly bonded with. When the Cardassians attacked the Maquis, Ro’s loyalty began to change from Starfleet to the Maquis, and she defected.

Transporter Chief

Miles O'Brien

Chief Petty Officer in 2364, Transporter Chief from 23652369

OBrien TNG.jpg

Born in Ireland, Earth, in 2328, O’Brien claimed he could trace his ancestry back to the 11th century Irish King Brian Boru. Enlisting in Starfleet at 17, Miles turned down admission to the Aldebaran Music Academy to do so. Transferring to the Enterprise in 2364, Chief Petty Officer O’Brien was already considered a versatile officer.

Miles married in 2367, and his wife gave birth to their first child in 2368. Though it was Worf who assisted in the birth, Miles stayed close to his family, not making many close friends on board the Enterprise. (He would later become closer with Worf once they were both stationed on Deep Space 9.) Miles was known more as a utility officer, being able to jump in at almost any station and assist with whatever emergency was happening at the time.

Later transferring to Deep Space 9, he would open himself up to friendships, and bloom into a more well-rounded person, not just a well-rounded Officer.

Maggie Hubbell

Transporter Chief from 23672369

Maggie Hubbell.jpg

An officer that acted as a Transporter Chief, Hubbell manned the controls during many important personal moments for various members of the crew. She was the first to see Worf’s mate, K'Ehleyr and her son Alexander, and was there when revered scientist Leah Brahmns beamed aboard to study the Enterprise’s engine modifications.

Hubbell was the one to transport an away team to Alpha Onias III, as the Enterprise was sent to investigate a Romulan presence. She later was unable to retrieve the away team, as a lifeform on the planet was interfering. Hubbell was also on duty when Miles O’Brien and his family left the Enterprise-D for Deep Space 9, though she was relieved by Captain Picard, who wished to send the man off personally.


Launched: 1671


Vessel Class: 24-gun sixth rate frigate
Launched: May 1705
Destroyed: 2 October 1707

USS Enterprise

Vessel Class: Sloop
Launched: 18 May 1775
Destroyed: 7 July 1777


Vessel Class: Schooner
Launched: 20 December 1776
Decommissioned: February 1777

USS Enterprise

Vessel Class: Schooner
Launched: 17 December 1799
Destroyed: 9 July 1823

USS Enterprise

Vessel Class: Schooner
Launched: 15 December 1831
Decommissioned: 24 June 1844

USS Enterprise

Vessel Class: Barque-rigged Screw Sloop
Launched: 16 March 1877
Decommissioned: 1 October 1909

Enterprise, SP-790

Vessel Class: Motor Yacht
Launched: 1917
End of Service: 1919

USS Enterprise, CV-6

Vessel Class: Yorktown-class Aircraft Carrier
Launched: 12 May 1938
Decommissioned: 17 February 1947

USS Enterprise, CVN-65

Vessel Class: Enterprise-class Aircraft Carrier
Launched: 24 November 1961
Decommissioned: 12 December 2012

Space Shuttle Enterprise, OV-101

Vessel Class: Space Shuttle Orbiter
Launched: September 17, 1976
Retired: November 18, 1985

USS Enterprise, XCV-330

Decommissioned: 2129

Enterprise, NX-01

Vessel Class: NX
Launched: April 16, 2151
Decommissioned: 2161

USS Enterprise, NCC-1701

Vessel Class: Constitution
Launched: 2245
Destroyed: 2285

USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-A

Vessel Class: Constitution Class Refit
Launched: 2286
Decommissioned: 2293

USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-B

Vessel Class: Excelsior
Launched: 2293

USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-C

Vessel Class: Ambassador
Launched: 2332
Destroyed: 2344

USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D

Vessel Class: Galaxy
Launched: October 4, 2363
Destroyed: 2371

USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E

Vessel Class: Sovereign
Launched: October 30, 2372

USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-F

Vessel Class: Odyssey
Decommissioned: 2401