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Average Male Height:
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.) to 213 cm (7 ft. 0 in.)
Average Male Weight:
52.2 kg (115 lb.) to 99.8 kg (220 lb.)
Average Female Height:
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.) to 213 cm (7 ft. 0 in.)
Average Female Weight:
52.2 kg (115 lb.) to 99.8 kg (220 lb.)
Minimum Academy Age:
Life Expectancy:
Telepathic Abilities:
Very strong and well-developed
Distinctive Features:
Black irises
PRC Rated:
NPC Rated:

Betazoids are a race of telepathic humanoids native to the planet Betazed. Their appearance is exactly the same as Terrans. They generally do not start developing their telepathic skills until puberty, when the rush of newly- activated hormones serves to activate previously latent telepathic talents. A few Betazoids are born with telepathic abilities, but they have to go through a different and very intensive psychological experience due to their inability to filter out the noise created by normal thoughts.

A few marriages between Betazoids and non-Betazoids have produced children, the best known of whom is LCdr Deanna Troi of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D . Children of mixed marriages generally do not get as high a telepathic ability as do full-blooded Betazoids. LCdr Troi only has empathic abilities, although she can communicate telepathically with other Betazoids. Betazoids cannot read Ferengi minds, and there are a few other races with telepathic shields through which Betazoids cannot read anything. Because of their training in the schools of Betazed, they are rarely xenophobic, and can communicate with most any other race at their level.

With the exception of their telepathic abilities, Betazoids are essentially similar to humans in all other respects.


Lwaxana Troi, Female Betazoid

Usually tall, 5.5'-7.0', with slim-line appearance, and approximately 115-220 lbs on average, dependent on height.

As all Betazoids are telepathic, they usually do not need to vocalise their thoughts to one another in order to communicate, but can do so for the benefit of offworlders. It is a natural ability, and likewise the strength of the skill varies from one to another. Most develop the ability in adolescence, but a few have congenitally active telepathic abilities that may cause severe mental problems due to their inability to screen out other peoples minds. Screening is a skill that is absolutely necessary for the well-being of a Betazoid, particularly for those with keen telepathic sensory skills.

Externally, Betazoids are among the most humanoid species on record, and are indistinguishable from humans in every aspect. They can reproduce with humans, although this often dilutes the telepathic abilities of the offspring. The children of such a union often develop empathic rather than full telepathic abilities, though they can still communicate telepathically with their Betazoid parent and a bonded mate. Full Betazoids are unable to read the minds of Ferengi, Breen, Ullians, Dopterians, or Changelings due to their unusual brain lobe formations, but some half Betazoids have been occasionally successful in sensing the emotions of these species.

The telepathic and empathic abilities of Betazoids need strict discipline to control and confine to oneself. In more mature Betazoids, medical conditions such as Zanthi fever can occur and a breakdown of control mechanism allows empathic thought to influence surrounding people. Ambassador Troi had once been aboard Deep Space 9 when she was under the influence of the fever and she unwittingly projected her emotions onto those in close proximity to her for the duration of her condition. For even the most disciplined Betazoid, the ability to feel what thousands of people are feeling can be too much, and a mental block must be firmly placed between the Betazoid and the outside sources.

There are also cases of over-empathic abilities, and those who suffer from such extremes must be counselled and trained to avoid insanity, but are almost always affected throughout their life. Betazoids are actually uncomfortable around those, like the Ferengi and Breen, whose minds they cannot read. Similarly, the minds of animals can be a bit frightening to them, and they tend to prefer smaller animals.

Their mind contains the paracortex, their telepathic lobe, which is highly capable of recovery from injury, and includes the metaconsciousness, or a trauma filter; psilosynine is the neurotransmitter involved. In addition, their REM sleep frequency is different than for most humanoids.


Childbearing is similar to humans, except the normal gestation rate for Betazoid females is 10 months rather than 9. Betazoid women are not considered to be matured until they at least reach their 40s in equivalent human years, which coincides with the timing of the female Betazoid Phase.

The Phase is a period in the life of the betazoid women during which they become completely sexual. The onset of symptoms usually occur around the Betazoid woman's average age, which is the same in Terrans - approximately in her 40's. A married woman that finds herself in the Phase does not have to focus her sexual energies on any one man, as is normal for Betazoid culture, married or not. It often ends in marriage in the single female, or an upgrade to the previous husband. It is quite normal for a woman who finds herself in the Phase to have the sexual impulses quadruplicate towards the male of choice. Lwaxana Troi entered in the Phase in 2365, and attempted to upgrade to Jean-Luc Picard and William Riker.

Betazoids are also fertile for the majority of their lives, sometimes having children in their 50s, 60s, and some even 70s.

They are also very flexible, and they can control many body functions. Their body functions (heart, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, endocrine) are very similar to humans, with the exception of their skeletal system being close to that of a cat.

Full blooded Betazoids have very dark pupils, often black. It is not uncommon however for half blooded Betazoids to have lighter coloured pupils as the gene from the non-Betazoid side often dominates.


Due to the nature of Betazoids, they are mostly found in positions of psychiatry, psychology, therapy, and diplomacy. Their ability to be empathic with most species makes them most suited to this area within the Federation, even though will occasionally find them in other positions.

They tend to display many various personalities, and are just as varied as humans are. Most tend to run on the introverted side, yet probably 40% of them are extroverts. They appear quiet because of their telepathic nature, and most like to ponder, meditate, and study. Most seek personal understanding and hold enlightenment as the highest goal. They also display total honesty, almost a phenomenon. It is encouraged strongly even while young, but it persists often throughout their last days. It can be viewed sometimes as brutal and impolite honesty, but they mean no harm when they speak the blind truth.

Some Betazoids are outspoken and strong willed, others can be quiet, sensitive, and subjective. Most fall in-between. They can also be extremely analytical of other races and yet show a strong interest in them.


Betazoids suffer from several diseases which include:

Telepathic abilities

Betazoids are natural telepaths. Most develop this ability in adolescence, but a few are born with their telepathic abilities already active. These individuals are almost always extremely talented and powerful in telepathic terms, but also unable to screen out the noise of other people's minds in their infancy. They generally suffer mental problems of varying severity depending mostly on when the problem is diagnosed. On the other end of the scale are a few individuals who develop psionic abilities which are far below average for this species. These Betazoids are barely able to sense even strong emotions of other people, not to speak of thoughts.

The common psionic abilities of Betazoids range from sensing thoughts and/or emotions, to projecting thoughts and/or emotions, to manipulating the minds of others. How capable they are in performing any of those feats depends on their genetically defined psionic strength, their psionic training, their familiarity with the scanned being and their general mental and physical condition.

Inter-species reproduction involving Betazoids often affects the psionic abilities of the offspring - most commonly the children of such a union develop empathic abilities as their primary psionic talent, while their telepathic abilities, though existing, are rather below average for Betazoids. Usually the telepathy of these hybrids, without extensive training, is limited to communication with other empaths or telepaths and full telepathic contact with emotionally very close persons.

All full Betazoids are unable to read the thoughts of Ferengi, Breen, Ullians, and Dopterians, but some half Betazoids have been occasionally successful in sensing the emotions of some of these species. Additionally even full Betazoids seem to be able to psionically influence some of these species.


The social organisation of Betazed is a class-system, although there are no major gaps between poor and wealthy. The Noble Classes are a small chunk of the Betazoid population in which are believed to descend from the very first ancestral Betazoids. The Noble Classes are then further divided into Houses, which are based on the gifts and values of the individuals.

Betazoid society tends toward more formal and elaborate traditions and ceremonies than most cultures in their present evolutionary stage. Some of the rites often make the more conservative Federation offworlder uneasy at first, most notably the traditional wedding ceremony in which no clothing is to be worn. Though there are no official gender-based restrictions in place within Betazoid society, women have traditionally held many positions of authority.

The Gender roles are on a 40/60 system. Males are considered less worthy and less intelligent as females, although most of the females are tolerant and considerably equal-minded. Females inherit family wealth, and they are often the head of households and families. Males can also hold those positions, and sometimes even government seats. The masculinity/femininity roles are not present in Betazoid culture, as males and females can vary in both intensity, competitiveness, strength, and powers.

Betazoids practice an old style of marriage arrangement called genetic bonding, wherein children are promised to each other for marriage later by their parents. On the same note, Betazoids are known for their ability to love more than one person without losing their ability to love their mate, nor are they bound by their marriage customs. Because marriage is a celebration of the act of love to Betazoids, the wedding ceremony itself is traditionally conducted without clothing of any sort.

The proper Betazoid wedding is rich with symbolism. It is customary that all people, guests and participants, attend the ceremony nude, to symbolise that, physically and spiritually, there is nothing to hide, that all are sharing in complete cooperation in the spirit of harmony and unity. The ceremony itself is also rich in symbolism. The groom walks in, followed by his mother, who pulls on his arm, trying to stop him. The groom keeps walking, and his father steps into his path, holding up a hand in a signal for the groom to stop. The groom gently but firmly pushes his father out of the way and walks to the front of the room. At this point, the bride's parents enter, the bride's mother sobbing loudly. The bride sits in the front row. A woman who is equivalent to a maid-of-honor enters and walks up to the bride, saying "I summon you to the place of marriage." She then escorts the bride to the side of the groom and the ceremony proceeds. The bride wears a white band in her hair, which she tosses over her shoulder to a crowd of waiting women, much like the Terran tradition of tossing the bridal bouquet. To the woman that catches the band, it means that the love of her life is at the gathering.

Betazoids are a race of pacific philosophers who are more likely to observe than act, and consequently have little use for weapons or even defence systems. Their planetary defence system were outdated the moment they were finally in place and proved to be quite useless when the Dominion attacked. Nonetheless, they are considered a major world of the Federation and their fall during the Dominion war in 2374 struck home the devastation that had eaten away at the Federation's formerly secure borders.

Houses of Betazed

The Houses of Betazed are the topmost social classes of Betazed society. All of the individuals in these classes are considered to be actual descendants of ancestral Betazoids. The Houses of Betazoids are numbered, and they can also be classified in the qualities that the Houses are supposed to hold. There are a total of about 13 known separate houses, based on ancestor and qualities. Notice how the houses hold the traits Betazeds hold most dear to their world.

First House House of Honesty and Truth
Second House
Third House House of Health
Fourth House House of Natural Art
Fifth House House of Nobility
Sixth House
Seventh House House of Courage
Eighth House
Ninth House
Tenth House House of Perseverance
Eleventh House
Twelfth House House of Balance
Thirteenth House House of Peace and Protection

Training and Traditional Education

Betazoids start school early in life, and the earliest schooling is set up in a nurturing setting with many adults and positive influences. Strong artistic and mental skills are established at this time, and all younger Betazoids are subject to preliminary trances and methods of relaxation. At middle school, the earlier developers of telepathy are often sent to alternate schools to help them deal with their powers and often stronger influences. The norm of society, although, is taught at this time about their own minds and learn more complex functions. At later schooling, prior to the high school equivalent, they develop the first telepathic skills. They learn more and more, and eventually, they master most of their skills. The skills vary, of course, and the parents at this time become more open to their children and often share strong bonding experiences with their kin.

History and Politics

Betazed hosted the biennial Trade Agreements Conference in 2366. Previous Betazed Federation ambassadors have included Lwaxana Troi, Daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed. The University of Betazed, an educational institution of higher learning, is quite obviously galactically renown for studies in psychology.

In 2374, when the Dominion invaded and occupied the planet. The invasion was ended by the following year when the Dominion forces surrendered at the end of the war with the Allies.

Betazed was invaded and occupied again by Dominion forces during the First General War, 2394-2398. This occupation was harsher on the Betazoid people than the previous one with many Betazoids being taken away by Jem'Hadar forces and forced to use their abilities to benefit the Dominion and the RDC


The Betazoid people appreciate fine arts, literature, and philosophy. Their culture is one of great beauty and an ancient history, with family records up to 40 generations.

Museums and Natural Beauty

Betazoids treasure art and especially natural beauty, and they love to portray nature and their inner feelings through music, natural abstract, and massive museums with art. Betazoids also encourage artistry, and their museums are set up so that a constant stream of new age music plays in the background. Although, they call it soul music. The paintings are hung on a flat wall bent slightly downward so that you can view it easily, and every portrait has a comfortable contoured bench for meditation. Certain pictures are separated by certain themes.

Types of Betazoid Art

Types of Betazoid art include natural beauty art, abstract natural beauty, empathic abstract, and plain abstract. Natural abstract is a mixture of natural tones that make out a discernible picture intermixed with a theme. Empathic abstract is art that displays very abstractly emotions and strong empathic fields. Plain abstract is just a free-for-all abstract painting concerning anything from life to trees. Sculptures are also there, and many of them are also abstract.

Music of Betazoid

Music of Betazoid is very calm and soothing, and very surreal. It is a light mix of New Age, but with an organ sounding chime to it. The only true way to understand its music is to experience it.

Why That Kind of Art/Music
Betazoids thrive on inner thoughts and meditation, and usually that art can be soothing, calming, and very pleasing. They also express themselves through this kind of art/music, and it allows for creativity and originality in their culture. The music of Betazoid is flowing and simple, most calling it soul music or just music. They have chants in ancient Betazoid language of course, complete with flowing melodies and soft tunes and beats.


A good deal of evidence suggests that most Betazoids are polytheist. Widely accepted beliefs are in gods, spirits, and heaven. The religions are much like Native-American religions, assigning myths and spirits/gods to certain forces of nature and themselves. They also believe that Nobles and House members are more privileged to the gods.

Great Fire
Great Fire is supposedly a god that reigned before the dawn of the world, Betazed. Some myths have led to him being a cruel god peaked on destroying life, and yet others determine that he was sacred and kind. This entity in mythology is still being discovered and studied.

Jalara Guardians
According to Betazoid mythology, the Jalara Guardians were nympth-like in character, and they guard the Jalara Jungle. They were believed to have planted their nests on the jungle floor, causing the mortal quicksand pits present today.

Angels and Spirits
Betazoids do in fact believe in forces such as spirits of ancestors, and even some guardian angels. They are entities that protect the dead, and that hold up the ancestral spirits in the heavens.

Marital Forces
These are spirits and fate-like gods that protect true love, and Imzadi no less. They are supposed to guard and give every born Betazoid a soul-mate, and also they are supposed to provide fertility to married couples.

Much like Roman and Greek Fates, these are supposed to be special forces that lead a Betazoid to a certain noble truth or fate in their lives.

Social Practices, Banquets, and Feasts

Betazoids love large crowds, and most banquets and socials held have large crowds. This is especially common amongst the noble classes and Houses. Regular Betazoids tend to prefer intelligent talk, and most don't engage in heavy joking and humour. They enjoy enlightening conversations also, and they often come out as quiet when really they are just talking through telepathy. Food served at banquets and feasts are supposedly very sundry and varied, allowing for many choices and preferences.

Food Consumption and Relevance

Food consumption is usually conducted in groups, and Betazoids usually never eat alone. If it is a richer family, the Betazoid family will have many banquets and social gatherings, sometimes inviting an excess of hundreds of guests. The sharing of a meal is considered sacred, and is marked with the constant ringing of a background Betazoid Chime, and marks great friendship with well-being.

Betazoid Chime

This small crystalline object is sometimes shaped like diamond or a triangle, and it is chimed against a small glass-like chalice or bowl filled with water during meals. It is supposed to mean thanking the gods for the meal and good fortune.

Types of Food and Uses

Betazoid food is varied greatly, and there are many different sources. They have breads, vegetation, berry and fruit-like sweets, and various meats. Betazoids tend to be more herbivorous then carnivorous, as large animals can be intimidating to kill.

This category is much like Earth food, containing breads and wheats. Betazoids have a special spaghetti-like dish called Raixen.

This category includes leafy morsels and sometimes even flowers. An example is Oskoid, a favourite dish of many Betazoids, and is a delicacy.

Berry and Fruit-Like Sweets
Uttaberries and swix are berry-like items found in jungles and some in fields. Uttaberries are red, and swix are purpleish. Swix can cause an allergic reaction in some Betazoids.

Various Meats
Meats included in the diet of Betazoids can sometimes range from small aves meat to large swine-like meat. There are a few carnivorous predators that have supposedly superb tasting meat, but can only be obtained in jungles.


Betazoids meditate often, and use a focal point to focus their energy. The benefits of this can be extreme immunity from pain or even death, and it allows for more bodily control.


Usually, when a Betazoid gives an elaborate gift to someone that is very special to them, they will place it into a special box and give it to them in that. The box usually has a face on it that can show emotion, and it can sometimes be very elaborate and expensive. This is especially associated with Genetic Bonding.

Painting of Ancestors

As the generations of a Noble Household progress farther and farther in lineage, each daughter is painted at the age of 40 in a painting a little larger then the last predecessor. This shows how the past becomes less and less memorable, yet will always be there. Some of the ancient paintings are extremely large, some taking up entire rooms and even houses themselves.

Preservation of Body

Only recently, in the past 600 years or so, have Betazoids taken the practice of preserving deceased loved ones in special chemicals that help the body last for generations. This is most common in the Houses, as few lower level citizens have the room to hold such sacred items.

The Visitation

These are a series of remembrances that take place after the death of a family member and friend. Those that are closest to the dead person gather at a series of meetings, one held at six weeks after the death, another after the sixth month, and another for every three years afterwards. During the ceremony, the participants remember the deceased and share strong telepathic fields with each other.

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