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Justitia Omnibus - Justice For All

Emblem of Star Fleet Security


Welcome to the office of Star Fleet Security. Below you will find helpful information about Star Fleet Security, including sections designed to answer many of the questions you may have. Among these sections is a Table of Organization explaining the chain of command, multiple procedural manuals explaining how things are done, Phaser specifications explaining the standard weaponry utilized by Star Fleet Officers, and several security databases intended to provide authorized Security personnel with the information needed to carry out their duties as assigned.

Ensuring safety and protecting Star Fleet Officers and Civilians alike across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, Star Fleet Security is the premier criminal investigative, offensive, and defensive Division in the Federation.

The Head of Star Fleet Security is responsible for all aspects of these pages. This includes updating all Security information on this site, as well as answering Security-related questions and creating content that is both helpful to the players and informative to the Federation Space Security community. Questions, comments, and suggestions can be sent to the Star Fleet Security Division Head.

Table of Contents

Organisation and Procedure

SFSEC Table of Organization
Security Procedures
Emergency COA
Security Classifications

Weapons and Equipment

Standard Equipment: Phaser Specifications
Special Equipment: PR-1 Assault Rifle Specifications

Judicial Department

Judge Advocate General's Office