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The PR-1 Assault Rifle, by Andorian Arms Inc., is the culmination of 20 years of research and development into a multi-function assault rifle. Developed with the Borg threat in mind, the PR-1 has since evolved to become the standard assault rifle for the Star Fleet Marine Corps, and is a common sight in Star Fleet armouries Federation-wide. Though the Borg threat has been neutralised and the Marine Corps dissolved, the PR-1 remains the rifle of choice for Security Special Weapons Teams and Special Forces Operators due to its versatility and ease of use.

The PR-1 has the capability to fire kinetic rounds or energy bolts rather than the beams from more standard Star Fleet Phasers. To facilitate the change in fire mode and for ease of use in tactical situations where incapacitating the enemy quickly and effectively is more important than worrying about how much harm is done to a target, the power levels of the energy based shots were simplified; gone are the days of multiple power settings, Now there are just two settings, Stun (roughly equivalent to Medium Stun) and Kill.


Specifications - PR-1A (Standard Configuration)

Length:38" (96.52cm)
Width:3.5" (8.89cm)
Height:9" (22.86cm)
Weight:5.3 pounds (2.38kg)
Max Range:Kinetic Round - 1400m, Energy Round - Line of Sight
Max Effective Range: Kinetic Round - 1000m, Energy Round - Line of Sight
Magazine Capacity: Kinetic - 50 (6mm armour piercing rounds) Energy - 50 unit energy pack (Stun=1 unit per shot, Kill=2 units per shot)
Optional Support Equipment: Telescoping bi-pod, thermal scope and detachable grenade launcher (PR-1M and variants only).


  • PR-1A - Standard Law Enforcement-issue PR-1 Assault Rifle. Semi-automatic fire mode only.
  • PR-1M - Marine variant of the PR-1A: Made with more rugged material and able to fire energy and kinetic rounds in burst-fire and fully-automatic fire modes.
  • PR-1S - Short-barrelled PR-1M with retractable stock assigned to vehicle crews.
  • PR-1 SOPMOD - Standard Assault Rifle for Special Operations: Modular weapon system, 100% customisable.

Capabilities and Functions

The PR-1's projectile weapon system functions using powerful electromagnets coiled around the weapon's barrel to propel a magnetic slug down the barrel at tremendous velocities. The Duranium-core round is forced into the chamber by a strong spring in the insulated magazine, and with each trigger pull the power supplied to three coils surrounding the barrel is switched on and off in a precisely timed sequence, causing the projectile to be accelerated quickly along the barrel via magnetic forces. Once the chamber is clear and the power to the coils has disconnected, another round is forced into the chamber. The process is repeated once per trigger pull in a semi-automatic fashion, and three times on burst-fire mode. In fully-automatic mode, the process occurs thirty times per second, but due to the potential for overheating the magnetic coils, this is discouraged.

The PR-1 requires less power to fire than a contemporary directed-energy weapon, and is less likely to be affected when exposed to an energy dampening field. However, some loss of performance is to be expected in such conditions. Improper or extended use of the weapon can also contribute to overheating of the coil, leading to inefficiency and/or failure.