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Certain documents, facts and materials are more important than others. For this reason, Star Fleet Intelligence uses a numerical scale to describe the security classification rating, or SECRAT, of an intelligence briefing or mission. This classification scale is based on a 10 point scale and all Star Fleet personnel have a clearance of 1 or more. Personal clearance ratings are based on position, rank, and service branch.

Any status change of a Star Fleet officer or enlisted person may have an effect on his clearance. In some situations, a change in duty or assignment area requires a new, higher rating. Ratings may also be reduced for officers that are not on active duty, or reassigned to a position that does not require a high SECRAT.

Rating 0 - Unclassified

  • Unclassified information is common knowledge, widely available to civilians or other non-military personnel through the media or other public sources.

Rating 1 - Restricted

  • This information may be available through certain public sources with limited access, such as political or military affairs analysis publications. Rating 1 information is often available through interstellar merchants and explorers or through sometimes-unreliable sources. All Star Fleet personnel have at least a Rating 1.

Rating 2 - Classified

  • Classified information is available only through official Star Fleet channels. All Security personnel and many officers have a Rating 2.

Rating 3 - Confidential

  • All Star Fleet Intelligence Command personnel, most Security Officers, and most Department Heads have Rating 3.

Rating 4-5 - Secret

  • Most Senior Security Officers and most command-rank officers have a Rating 4. The Captain and First Officer on major Star Fleet vessels may have a Rating 5. Most Intelligence Officers of low rank have a Rating of 4 or 5.

Rating 6-7 - Top Secret

  • Most Intelligence Officers of medium rank and most flag-rank Officers have a Rating 6. Most Intelligence Officers of high rank and certain flag-rank Officers have a Rating 7.

Rating 8 - Most Secret

  • The Most Secret Rating is used only on a case-by-case basis. Individuals with a Rating 8 are limited to top-echelon officers of Star Fleet Command and Star Fleet Intelligence Command.

Rating 9 - Ultra Secret

  • This rating exists only for situations of extreme importance to Federation security.