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Star Fleet Security Chain of Command


Security Command

Commander, Star Fleet Security (SECCOM): Admiral Emily Scott
Assistant Commander, Star Fleet Security: Admiral Jeffrey Linden
Chief of Staff, Security Command: Captain Thomas Clarke

Consisting of the Star Fleet Security Council and Board of Directors, this is the top tier of Star Fleet Security. All Security related decisions come through this Office. Commander, Star Fleet Security (SECCOM) stationed on Earth, in San Francisco, runs division from Headquarters. Assistant Commander, Star Fleet Security, stationed on Earth when not on field duty (acts as the eyes and ears of the SECCOM in the field, relationship very much like that of a starship's CO and FO). Chief of Staff, stationed at SFSEC HQ on Earth, serves as lead counsel to SECCOM and liaison to the Board of Directors.

-Regional Security Command

Regional Commander, Star Fleet Security: Captain Mihar Kata

Regional Commanders oversee and direct all security activity within the purview of their assigned region. This work includes command of assigned security personnel and coordination of regional security activities, investigations, law enforcement, and protection of Federation property and personnel. Regional Commanders conduct their work in direct coordination with all Security Divisions, most commonly Federation Security, Internal Security, Internal Inspection, Criminal Investigations, and Strategic Operations. Regional Security Commanders are assigned by Regional Expeditionary Command, in coordination with the SECCOM. The Regional Security Commander is the senior security authority within their assigned region. A Fleet Security Commander may report through a Regional Security Commander in the event their assigned Fleet falls within the encompassing purview of a Star Fleet Security Regional Office.

-Fleet Security Command

Like their counterparts with Regional Security Command, Fleet Security Commanders oversee and direct all security activity within their assigned purview. This work is done in direct coordination with all Security Divisions, most specifically Federation Security, Internal Security, Internal Inspection, Criminal Investigations, and Strategic Operations. Typically, Fleet Security Commanders are assigned and serve at the pleasure of Admiral Scott and report directly to the SECCOM. The Fleet Security Commander is the senior security authority within their assigned fleet. Sector Security Commanders, overseeing sectors which fall within a numbered Fleet, report directly to their respective Fleet's Security Commander.

--Sector Security Command

Commander, Sector 001 Security: Commodore Alec Kane

Office is charged with direct command of Federation Security and all associated Security agencies in Sector 001. In this capacity oversees, administrates, and dictates all Security personnel and initiatives in the Terran System. Goal of office is protection of Earth and all System assets, personnel, and civilian populations. Reports directly to the 1st Fleet Security Commander. This position has been held by such notable officers as Captain Benjamin Sisko (during the Changeling Crisis of 2372) and Rear Admiral Derrick Grant (Stardate 20812.16-20903.06).

Administrative Services

Director: Rear Admiral Vincent King
Deputy Director: Rear Admiral Benjamin Barnett

Security Issues are channeled through Administrative Services on their way to Security Command. Responsibilities of this division include determining which wing of Star Fleet Security is best for handling a given situation, and channeling important information directly to the Head of Star Fleet Security.

Internal Security

Director: Rear Admiral Donald Anders
Deputy Director: Rear Admiral Natalie Tompkins

Investigates potential threats to the internal security of the Federation.

Internal Affairs Division

Director: Rear Admiral Melissa Peters
Deputy Director: Rear Admiral T'ovek

Takes information on potential threats and uses it safeguard Star Fleet Personnel. Works with Internal Inspection to investigate internal threats to the Federation.

Internal Inspection Division

Director: Commodore Peter Johnson
Deputy Director: Commodore Thomas Jordan

Performs high level review of suspected spies and traitors within Star Fleet. Works with Internal Affairs to investigate internal threats to the Federation (most Section 31 Agents had their start here).

Criminal Investigations Division

Director: Rear Admiral Eric Lang
Deputy Director: Commodore Jessica Reynolds

Under the direct authority of Internal Security and working with Star Fleet Intelligence, SFCID identifies and monitors potential and known criminals for the purpose of determining who poses a threat against Star Fleet and the Federation. Star Fleet Criminal Investigative Services functions as the direct point of contact for each Group. Each Group office of CIS is run by a Regional Director who reports directly to the CID Director (Admiral Lang) and Deputy Director (Commodore Reynolds).

Noteworthy Former SFCIS Office: 2nd Battle Group Criminal Investigative Services, Starbase Bravo - Captain Darsyn Syntranos, Regional Director.

Criminal Justice Division

Director: Rear Admiral Timothy Brendel
Deputy Director: Commodore Brian Monroe

Works in conjunction with the Federation JAG to prosecute criminals.

Strategic Operations Command

Director: Commodore Jaclyn Roberts
Deputy Director: Commodore Andrew Price

Works with Star Fleet Tactical to develop new methods for defending the internal security of the Federation.

Public Services Division

Director: Commodore Jonathan Ames
Deputy Director: Captain Edward Taylor

Acts as "public relations" division for cases and situations of a nature sensitive enough to be kept from the general public.

Forensics Division

Director: Commodore Nicole Matthews
Deputy Director: Commodore Danielle O’Donnell

Works with Star Fleet Medical and the Federation JAG to investigate criminal activity from a scientific, medical, and legal standpoint.

Federation Security

Director: Commodore Sara Wolfe
Deputy Director: Commodore Arthur Mitchell

Ensures that security personnel are present on all Federation starships, installations, and planets.