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Disclaimer 1: The content generated on the Federation Space Wiki Project pertains specifically to the Federation Space Role-Playing Game. Though the information presented on this site may mirror canon Star Trek, it is inteded to provide a consistent continuity for the Federation Space Universe. In short, Star Trek canon my not match the information you find on this site.

Disclaimer 2: Though Federation Space is a Role-Playing Game, we consider the site to be a fan fiction site with RPG/game elements. What that means is that if you're here to quickly get your own ship/become a Captain, it's literally going to take you years. We have many players and several full-time starships. That means there are many other people currently playing on the site, also waiting for a chance to command. We welcome everyone who wants to play, but your motivation should be a love of writing and the desire to create stories with other players from around the world. If you are here ONLY for points and command, you are probably going to be disappointed.