Starfleet Elite Joint Operations

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Formerly known as Starfleet Special Operations Command (SFSOCOM), Starfleet Elite Joint Operations (SEJO) is a specialized division within Starfleet that focuses on high-risk operations and specialized military engagements. SEJO personnel are trained in advanced combat tactics, covert operations, and strategic planning. Their role encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at protecting the United Federation of Planets and its interests. In addition to offensive action, members of SEJO may also be called upon to perform humanitarian operations in areas too dangerous or hostile for normal Star Fleet forces to operate.

The role of Starfleet Elite Joint Operations is to undertake specialized military missions, protect Federation interests, and respond to high-risk situations where precision, secrecy, and agility are paramount. Their operations complement the broader exploration and diplomatic efforts of Starfleet, providing a dedicated force capable of addressing specific challenges and protecting the Federation's core values.

Direct Action and Support Units