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Formed in the image of the MACO teams of the Earth-Romulan War and Hazard Teams of the early 2380s, Star Fleet Rapid Response Teams are elite groups of Special Forces units used by Star Fleet Special Operations Command that are specially trained to spearhead ground assault or boarding operations alongside regular troops or conduct "Black Op" missions behind enemy lines. Rapid Response Teams are also employed in Search and Rescue (SAR) scenarios where regular Star Fleet personnel or even other Special Forces units would be ill-equipped to deal with the task at hand. Drawn from the cream of Special Forces operators, teams are often organised down into Platoon or Squad strength teams and assigned to the fastest vessels dedicated to the rapid response role.


A Rapid Response Team is roughly equivalent to a platoon in size. A team is usually commanded by a Lieutenant, though more senior officers may take command if the situation warrants it, with around a quarter of the members selected from a pool of trained officers and the rest made up of enlisted personnel with years, if not decades of experience.

Notable Teams/Team Members

  • Rapid Response Team 23: Under the command of then-Lieutenant Nosar Drin were involved in the successful Sabotage of Vuldok Nor during the Dominion War on Stardate 51614.7 (old calendar). (The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon)
  • Strike Team Tiger-36: Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William Bateson, Tiger-36 was instrumental in liberating Space Station Sierra-18 from Romulan hands. Notable members include Rear Admiral Mirax and Commander Jasmine Tyrol.
  • Rapid Response Team 1863: Stationed on the USS Gettysburg, CA-1863, Team 1863 operated under the command of Lieutenant Commander Sierra Dawson, RRT 1863 was an experiment in the continued deployment of a Rapid Response Team aboard a line Starship rather than dedicated rapid response vessels.