Star Fleet Combat Search and Rescue

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Star Fleet Combat Search and Rescue (SFCSAR) is a sub-organisation of Star Fleet Special Operations Command that combines the training and skills of active divisions of the service, including the former Star Fleet Marine Corps. SFCSAR operators are primarily tasked with recovery and medical treatment of personnel in humanitarian and combat environments.

Organisation and Structure

The organisation is managed through a number of autonomous operations centres that are usually part of larger Special Operations Regional Headquarters. These operations centres are usually referred to as CSAR Ops.

While there are no designated SAR Starships, CSAR Ops does have the ability to requisition Star Fleet vessels and their crews to assist in their operations. In cases where a vessel has been temporarily assigned to a CSAR mission, a ranking member of that team's operation centre is generally assigned to the vessel as a mission specialist and liaison to assist in the coordination of the mission.

CSAR Teams

Selection and Training

Team Organisation

Known Members

Vehicles and Vessels

Before 2417, CSAR teams did not have access to their own Starships, each operation centre has a pool of vehicles and small spacecraft that are usually extensively modified to fit the role for which they have been requisitioned. With the dissolution of the Star Fleet Marine Corps, several Wake Island-class Strike Cruisers have been permanently assigned to the division.