Star Fleet Marine Corps (Defunct)

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Per Mare Per Terram Per Astra - By The Sea By The Land By The Stars
Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful

Welcome to the Star Fleet Marine Corps (SFMC). Below you will find helpful information about The Corps and find several sections to answer many questions you might have.

The Star Fleet Marines are the combat oriented troops Star Fleet. They can serve in various capacities and profiles throughout the fleet, including in detachments aboard ships, on space stations and star bases, on the fleet's planetary installations, or with independent marine units.

On Federation Space, the Marine Department is not a playable option for cadets entering the academy, but is available to be played as an NPC (NRC).

The Head of Star Fleet Marine Corps, also known as the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC), is responsible for updating all Marine information, as well as answering Marine related questions and creating content that is both helpful to the players and informative to the Federation Space Marine Corps.

As of Star Date 21709.19, the Star Fleet Marine Corps was significantly reduced in size due to the peaceful state of the galaxy, and remaining operational units were reorganised under the authority of Star Fleet Special Operations Command.


Table of Contents

Chain of Command
Visit the Office of the Commandant
Table of Organization
Starships and Vessels