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  • The Cold War starts during this year, and lasts from 19471991.
    After WWII, the United States and the Soviet Union competed for dominate power, influence, and prestige, a time that became known as the "Cold War" on Earth.

  • A V-2 rocket named "Blossom I" is launched into space.
    It carried plant material as well as fruit flies, making them the first living things to enter space.
  • Test pilot Chuck Yeager flies a "Bell X-1" faster than the speed of sound, the first man to do so in level flight.

  • A Ferengi shuttle from the 24th century, carrying Quark, Rom, Nog, and Odo, crashes on Earth near Roswell, New Mexico.
    This leads to unofficial first contact between Humans and Ferengi. The "aliens" are briefly imprisoned by the US Army Air Corps before they escape, returning to their own time.
    The event is covered up, with the US government claiming the "ship" found was a weather balloon.
  • Seaman Harold Dahl claims to have seen six unidentified flying objects (UFOs) near Maury Island in Puget Sound, Washington.
    The next morning, Dahl reports the first modern so-called "Men in Black" encounter.
    It is unclear if this is related.
  • Kenneth Arnold makes the first widely-reported UFO sighting near Mount Rainier, Washington.
    It is unclear if this is related.
  • Roswell UFO incident: A supposedly downed extraterrestrial spacecraft is reportedly found near Roswell, New Mexico.
    It is this incident that is related.