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Qo'noS, Redemption I.jpg
Class: M
Native Species: Klingon
Location: Klingon system
Beta Quadrant
Affiliation: Klingon Empire
"Only Qo'noS endures".
- Klingon death chant
Klingon ship in orbit of Qo'nos

Qo'noS (transliterated to Kronos in English) is a Class M planet, homeworld of the Klingons and capital of the Klingon Empire.

Qo’noS is a somewhat arid place. It is located in the beta quadrant and is the third of ten planets orbiting an orange, bright, subgiant (type K1 IV) star. Two moons orbit the planet, Corvix and Praxis (the remnants of which remain in orbit after it’s explosion in 2293). The gravity of Qo’noS is 1.23 standard.

The capital city of the planet, and the empire, is simply called the “First City”. The First City houses the center of government and culture for Klingon society.

Astronomical data


Using the Vulcan star charts, Qo'noS was first visited by Humans in 2151. It is about four days away from Sol at warp 4.5.


  • Qo'noS
  • The Homeworld

Further information


Qo'noS is the homeworld of the Klingons and the capital world of the Klingon Empire, and houses the Klingon High Council and other important institutions.

In 2293, the nearby moon Praxis, a key energy-production facility for the Klingon Empire, exploded after an accident involving over-mining which sent out a subspace shock wave, causing severe damage to the planet's ozone layer. This event forced planning for the evacuation of the planet and led to the signing of the First Khitomer Accord with the Federation.

Qo'noS first joined the Federation sometime in some fashion after 2327 and before 2365.


A single landmass encompasses the entire habitable surface of Qo’noS. It is a dry planet with a range of temperatures from arctic to extremely hot; but with limited growth. Much of the land has been devastated by its many wars. Due to elements in the atmosphere the sky has a slightly greenish look from above.

The terrain consists primarily of high and rocky mountains, jagged cliffs, rivers of lava. It is tectonically unstable and earthquakes are frequent. A greenhouse effect from the volcanic ash maintains the warm temperatures on the planet.

The weather is variant, tending toward very strong storms. Hurricanes the size of the North American continent of Earth sweep across the surface of Qo’noS. The atmosphere tends to be thick and hot. This added to the higher gravity tends to make it difficult for non-Klingons who are not used to these conditions to move around.

One region on Qo'nos is the Ketha lowlands, which are dominated by agricultural usage and are the birthplace of Chancellor (External Link) Martok.


  • Caves of No'Mat
  • Hamar Mountains
  • Sea of Gatan
  • Kang's Summit
  • Kri'stak volcano
  • Lake of Lusor
  • Skral River


  • Ketha Province
    • Ketha lowlands
  • Mekro'vak region


  • First City (capital)
  • Qam-Chee
  • Quin'lat
  • Tong Vey


  • Great Domes of Qo'noS


  • Glob fly
  • Goat
  • Grint hound
  • Grishnar cat
  • Jackal mastiff
  • Lingta
  • Monster dog
  • Octopus
  • Kolar beast
  • Pipius
  • Saber bear
  • Serpent worm
  • Sark
  • Targ