Enterprise, NX-01

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Enterprise, NX-01
Enterprise NX-01.jpg
NX Class
Earth Star Fleet/United Earth
Decommissioned (2161)

One of the most important starships in interstellar history, Enterprise (NX-01) was the first NX Class starship, launched by Star Fleet in 2151.

Enterprise established United Earth as a legitimate interstellar power, and caused a wholesale revolution in Alpha and Beta Quadrant politics, paving the way for the creation of the
United Federation of Planets. This ship possessed notoriety for having a Warp 5-capable engine, as well as a transporter rated for biological organisms.
(However, due to various malfunctions with the system, shuttlepod was still the preferred method of travel.)

Enterprise had a standard crew complement of eighty-three Humans, with the addition of a Vulcan acting en lieu of a First officer, and a Denobulan, who was the ship's doctor.

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Commanding Officers

Captain Jonathan Archer

"I don't like bullies, Trip.
Not on Earth, and not out here."

As Captain of the Enterprise NX-01, he was in charge of United Earth's first full-fledged starship. He held the responsibility of expanding United Earth's presence in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and ended up making first contact with more than a dozen species during his command. This paved the way for the creation of the United Federation of Planets, furthering the legacy of the Archer name. It was almost kismet that Jonathan was the commander of the first starship to use the Warp Five-capable engine, designed by his father, warp scientist Henry Archer. Being one of only four test pilots in the NX Program, Archer worked hard to earn his spot as Captain of his "father's ship," even going so far as to steal a prototype to prove that his father's engine design could work.

Porthos, Archer's purebred Beagle

Despite the Vulcans persistence that Humans should delay their starship program, Archer took his ship out in 2151, returning a crashed Klingon messenger back to Qo'noS. Once that mission was complete, he had the blessing of his government to keep exploring. When his command finally ended in 2161, not only had he made First contact with more than a dozen species, but had also personally paved the way for the forming of the Federation as it is known today. He is seen as a pioneer, exploring new worlds, meeting new civilizations, all without the backing of a united government, and without the guidelines of the Prime Directive.

When Archer rescued his Andorian friend, Commander Shran, when his ship was destroyed, Shran blamed the Tellarites. When Archer investigated, however, he discovered that it was actually the Romulans, who were using a drone ship to manipulate other galactic powers into fighting one another. The Romulan Star Empire hoped to destabilize the entire region, so that they might conquer it. Archer organized a combined fleet of Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites to find the Romulan vessel - first step in uniting these different races against a common enemy.

Besides being a test pilot, a Captain, and a legacy, Jonathan Archer was also the first Captain to bring a pet on board. His Beagle puppy was no stranger to the ship's many missions; from contracting an alien pathogen to alerting Archer to the presence of spatial anomalies, Porthos also made history.

Commander T'Pol

"My experience with Humans is limited, but I've come to learn that they are quite resourceful."

Assigned to the Enterprise to basically act as a Vulcan babysitter to the Humans, T'Pol assignment was only supposed to last a year. The Vulcan High Command tried to recall her back to Vulcan, but she had warmed to the crew, and officially resigned her commission with the High Command in 2153. Continuing to act as an advisor to the Captain, T'Pol formalized her service with Starfleet in 2154, and was granted the rank of Commander. During her service on the Enterprise, the Vulcan acted as both Chief Science Officer and First Officer, not always agreeing with Captain Archer's way of command, but standing by him all the same.

Archer occasionally acted as a mentor to T'Pol after she decided to stay with the Enterprise. She was often persuaded to interact with the crew, and eventually developed a romantic relationship with "Trip" Tucker, the ship's Chief Engineer. While dining with the crew, T'Pol had to inform them that Vulcans were vegetarians, and did not eat with their hands. She also introduced Vulcan meditation to the crew, which she practiced religiously, and which Charles Tucker used to help him sleep.

It was during meditation instruction where T'Pol and Tucker developed feelings for each other. They had an on-again, off-again relationship, which resulted in an unconventional child. In 2155, T'Pol discovered that a terrorist organization had stolen her and Tucker's DNA, using it create a baby. Once the baby was on the Enterprise, it was discovered that the genetically-engineered child was made with fatal flaws, and the child's death forced T'Pol and Tucker apart. Known for being the first alien-Human hybrid was, Delegates from the Conference for the Coalition of Planets asked to attend the child's funeral services.

T'Pol served aboard the Enterprise well into the 2160s. She stood alongside Captain Archer at the Federation Founding Ceremony in 2161, as his First Officer.

Department Heads

Chief Engineer Charles Tucker III

Dr. Soong: "How long can we sustain warp 5?"
Trip: "As long as the Captain wants it.
Or until we blow up, whichever comes first."

Known to his friends and colleagues as "Trip" Tucker, he served for ten years as the Chief Engineer and Second Officer on Earth's first warp 5-capable starship.
A self-taught engineer from a young age, having learned engineering from working on boat engines, Trip joined Starfleet in 2139.

During his tenure on the Enterprise, Trip, like his Captain, also made the history books. In 2151, while helping an alien ship fix their engines, he developed a friendly relationship with his counterpart, and became the first Human male to be impregnated with an alien baby. When scanned, Dr. Phlox said the embryo was not technically Tucker's child, with his body acting solely as a host. The child was transferred to another, and Tucker and the mother went their separate ways. Tucker, along with friend Malcom Reed, were also one of the first Starfleet Officers to visit the planet Risa, though on their first trip, they were also lured and robbed.

When Tucker was injured in an engineering accident, Dr. Phlox created a "mimetic simbiot," a type of clone, in order to harvest its brain tissue to save Trip's life. The practice had been banned by the aliens responsible for the technology, due to its ethical ramifications of creating living, sentient beings for the sole purpose of medical recovery or research. The cloned Tucker even tried to escape Enterprise to save his own life, but ultimately decided to give up his own life in order to save Trip.

After the Xindi attacked Earth, leaving millions dead, Tucker became bitter. His sister was one of the victims, and the hole she left in Trip's heart was filled with hatred and revenge. Unable to sleep, Tucker turned to Vulcan meditation, and his romantic relationship with T'Pol began to blossom. He was heartbroken when T'Pol married another Vulcan for familial and political reasons, though that marriage was loveless and later annulled. In late 2154, Trip transferred off the Enterprise once he realized his feelings for T'Pol were compromising him. (He transferred back a handful of weeks later.) Though it is unclear if the two ever consummate their feelings, they did have a child. Their DNA was stolen and used to create a Human-Vulcan hybrid baby for terroristic purposes, though the organization who created the child did so poorly: it later died as a result of poor genetic sequencing.

Trip's life ended in sacrifice, while ensuring the safety of his best friend and Captain, Jonathan Archer. Leading alien intruders away from the Captain, Trip fooled them into thinking a plasma junction box was for communications, and connected two wires, causing a plasma explosion. Both the aliens and the Chief Engineering were mortally wounded, though Trip stayed alive long enough to learn that his Captain had been saved.

Senior Armory Officer Malcolm Reed

"Deception and surprise can be just as potent as brute force."

Born into an English family with a strong naval tradition, Malcolm knew how to handle a boat before he could ride a bicycle. With a desire to serve in the Navy like his family before him, his extreme aquaphobia led him to starships instead. His outlook on serving, whether in the Navy or in Starfleet, was rather rigid, and he did not think it was "proper" for senior and junior officers to socialize. With the joint position of Tactical and Armory Officer, Malcolm could be both the brains and brawn of a situation, which was needed when dealing with aliens and their superior weapons.

With the stigma of transporters and their accidents still fresh in everyone's mind, Reed was most likely its most frequent user, due to a transporter's tactical advantages. He also made great technological strides in force field technology, as well as devising a ship-wide alert system. He found himself at odds when soldiers were assigned to Enterprise (Military Assault Command Operations, or MACO), feeling as if they were trying to usurp his authority, and take over Security Operations on the ship. However, he softened when he learned that Archer had requested their presence, and they were able to act in concert with each other, especially during missions concerning the Xindi.

A man who mainly kept to himself, he found it hard to open up to people. When trying to find out Reed's favorite food for an upcoming birthday, the crew of the Enterprise found that he wasn't even close with any of his family members, parents included. His closest friend was possibly Trip Tucker, whose personality was the opposite of his. When the two worked together, they frequently bickered, but a near-death experience brought them to friendship. They even went on vacation together to Risa, and Reed came to view the crew of Enterprise as his family.

Though Reed has been known to have dalliances with women, he is often shy around them, and it has been highly speculated that he is gay, or bisexual. After serving on the Enterprise, Reed attended the founding ceremony for the United Federation of Planets, and served as Captain T'Pol's First Officer aboard the USS Endeavour in 2162. From there, he was promoted and given command of the Intrepid-class starship USS Pioneer, later going on to work for Archer again when the man became Admiral.

Chief Medical Officer Phlox

"If I'm not mistaken, they are preparing to mate. Do you think they might let me watch?"

The most recognizable alien on the ship, the Denobulan doctor was assigned to the Enterprise thanks to the Interspecies Medical Exchange program. As an experienced physician, he was integral to the ship's voyage into the unknown, often providing insight into other cultures. Over the course of his career, Phlox obtained a dozen scientific degrees, including six in Interspecies Veterinary Medicine, and others in dentistry, hematology, botanical pharmacology, and psychiatry. He also used unorthodox medical practices, due to the relatively primitive medical technology of the early 2150s. Animals were frequently used to assist in his patients' healing, and had a menagerie of "pets" that were kept in Sickbay.

Phlox had three wives, each of them with three husbands (including Phlox), resulting in a total of 720 relationships, 42 of which had romantic possibilities. There were 31 children in his extended family, and he had five children of his own: three sons and two daughters, all who had reached adulthood before he joined the Enterprise. He had no issue with Trip Tucker being romantically involved when one of his three wives visited, and even encouraged it, though Trip was put off by the idea.

As a very curious individual, Phlox quickly made friends, and asked many questions of them (sometimes inappropriate). Perhaps his closest friend on the Enterprise was linguist Hoshi Sato. The two confided in each other, shared meals together, and discussed alien languages with each other, especially when Phlox began teaching Hoshi the complex language of his people. Another dear friend was Dr. Lucas, a human who took part in the Interspecies Medical Exchange program. While Phlox was the first Denobulan to serve on a Human ship, Dr. Lucas was the first Human to serve on Denobula.

The Doctor's full name was "Phloxx-tunnai-oortann," but went by a nickname for the ease of the Enterprise crew.

Junior Officers

Helmsman Travis Mayweather

"I couldn't call a place home unless it came with a pair of warp nacelles."

Travis was born and raised aboard a cargo ship, and was commonly known as a "space boomer." Having grown up on starships, he could fly nearly any make and model, and joined Starfleet around 2149. Though leaving the freighter life caused a rift between him and his family, Travis' father (and Captain) still gave a glowing recommendation to his son. Possibly the youngest crew member on board, Travis loved to play practical jokes on his friends, once convincing Hoshi that a gelatin dessert was a gelatinous lifeform.

Together with friend and colleague Malcolm Reed, Travis became one of the first two Humans to walk on a comet. Due to his young nature and dedication to fitness, Travis was chosen for a good number of away missions. He could traverse numerous kinds of terrain, and couch others to do so. Captain Archer once chose him for a mission based solely on Travis' love for rock climbing, as the scientists they were set to save were trapped in a series of underground caves. Though the unstable tunnel system caused Travis to break his leg, he was able to coach the others and save the team. In contrast to most of the crew, Travis was more curious than afraid to use the new transporter technology, and his preference was to transport, rather than spend the time to take a shuttle somewhere.

As a Boomer, Mayweather was perhaps the most well-rounded person on the Enterprise. During his childhood, he visited several planets and moons, and was more "at home" in space than some of his other crewmates. When Captain Mayweather fell ill in 2152, the soonest Travis was able to make it back home ended up being six weeks after his passing, in 2153. Seeing his family for the first time in four years caused a lot of tension, including constant fighting with his brother, the new Captain. When it was time for Travis to return to the Enterprise, he and his brother managed to part on good terms.

Mayweather's skills as a pilot were invaluable during the Enterprise's mission regarding the Xindi. He was able to steer the ship through the Delphic Expanse, a notoriously rough area of space to navigate. He also helped Trip Tucker manage a Xindi shuttle, and use it to help them find the Xindi weapon they were after. He was often part of away teams sent to rescue crew members in trouble, as he was valued for his fitness and quick thinking. Mayweather was part of the audience in attendance at the founding the of Federation of Planets, and like many of his crew, claimed to be waiting to see what Archer's next move was, so that they may serve under his command again.

Communications Officer Hoshi Sato

MACO Officer: "Ensign Sato’s a linguist...
You give her enough time, she could probably tell you what street you grew up on."

From an early age, Hoshi showed a gift for languages. She spent her childhood with private tutors learning various Earth languages, and her academic career as an exo-linguist. At Starfleet Academy, she was almost expelled for breaking her company commander's arm, but was allowed to stay because Starfleet could not afford to lose any language experts. She became the first Human to become fluent in Klingonese, which she learned from the Vulcan's database. Her ability to quickly discern aspects of an alien language and piece together at least fragments of a message was a skill that Captain Archer considered invaluable on his Bridge. By 2152, Sato spoke and understood between thirty-eight and forty languages.

Archer wasn't the only one who recognized Hoshi's talent: in 2153, she was telepathically contacted by an exiled alien residing on a nearby planet. Ensign Sato was told that she had a unique mind, one of a few that the alien could connect to on a "deep level." The alien tried to force her to stay, in exchange for much-needed information on the Xindi, but Hoshi refused, and was able to convince the alien to let her go back to the Enterprise. She was kidnapped again in 2154, this time to help the Xindi-Reptilians decrypt the Xindi-Aquatic activation codes for the weapon that Starfleet was trying desperately to destroy. Though she was tortured and fought back, the codes were released. Hoshi was rescued by Enterprise's MACO team, and she was able to give Captain Archer the specifications on the weapon, granting him the knowledge to destroy it.

In 2155, Sato was responsible for improvements made to the "universal translator," and arguably made the most contributions to it during her time. After attending the Federation's founding ceremony, she returned to Brazil, to presumably pick up the University position she had held before serving on the Enterprise. Retiring from Starfleet in the mid-2160s, with the rank of Lieutenant Commander, Hoshi went on to develop the "linguacode translation matrix," the code that allows Starfleet computers to translate one language to another.

While Hoshi wasn't being a linguistics genius, she spent her free time playing poker, and writing letters to friends. Though she wasn't wholly confident in her abilities to serve out in space, Hoshi did her best to overcome her fears, even when an away mission sent her into terrifying circumstances. She found herself speaking often with Dr. Phlox, who was experienced in space travel, and the friendship between the two put Hoshi at ease.