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The Ambassador-class is a Star Fleet starship class, of heavy cruiser type. This vessel class is retired.


The Ambassador-class was put into service in the mid-24th century. One of the most notable Ambassador-class ships was the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-C.

Families were allowed aboard Ambassador-class ships, but only if they were related to a Star Fleet crewmember who had served on the ship exceeding six months.

A number of Ambassador-class ships were constructed with minor alterations from the original design. The saucer section's connection to the secondary hull was shifted slightly aft, with the nacelle pylon assembly moved a corresponding distance in the same direction. Cowlings were added around the Bussard Collectors, making them appear closer to that of the Galaxy Class, while the impulse engine exhaust changed from a blue to a red glow. The lower sensor dome became more elaborate and closer in appearance to the Excelsior Class and the deflector dish was modified. Finally, the width of the shuttlebay was increased and a second facility resembling that on the Excelsior-class engineering hull was mounted directly underneath the original one. Graphics were upgraded with the Star Fleet insignia of the 2360s.