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On starships or starbases, the chief engineering officer (often shortened to chief engineer or CE) is in charge of all engineers and engineering duties.

The chief engineer's duties range from making the duty shift roster for engineering personnel to advising the captain on possible solutions for certain technical problems. In general the chief engineer is an officer with enough experience in his or her own field of expertise and with seniority over the rest of the engineers. A chief engineer is also a member of the senior staff and accountable for the overall performance of the vessel.

The captain of a Star Fleet starship has the prerogative to appoint someone to the post of chief engineer even if he or she does not have the seniority which normally would apply to this function. Persons with vast experience and engineering knowledge but no appropriate rank could be appointed as chief engineer in this manner.

A Chief Engineer must hold the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade or higher. They are assigned to their position by the ship's Commanding Officer for showing a history of excellent playing and the ability to lead others in their department.

Current Chief Engineers

Chief Engineers

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