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Ex Astris, Scientia - From the Stars, Knowledge

Welcome to Star Fleet Academy. Below you will find helpful information to get you started on Federation Space and several databases to answer many questions you might have. Sections are broken up to provide useful information for new and returning cadets, beginning and advanced character development for everyone, further studies that feature helpful information, and a manifest of contact information of our Academy faculty and administration. Almost anything you could need to play at Federation Space can be found below.

We are also working on a new, Advanced Studies section for current and longtime players including senior officer training, command training, tips to improve your writing, and more!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Academy Administrators.

Academy Curriculum

Required Reading

Federation Space Constitution
Cadet Code of Conduct
New Cadet FAQ

Game Mechanics

Introduction to Role-Playing
In Game Problem Solving

Recommended Reading

Federation Space History
Telepathic Guidelines

Department Focused

How to Play an Engineering Officer
How to Play a Medical Officer
How to Play a Science Officer
How to Play a Security Officer
How to Play a Tactical Officer

Star Fleet Academy Curriculum

Star Fleet Academy Course Layout
Star Fleet Academy Core Curriculum
Star Fleet Academy Majors and Minors
Star Fleet Academy Class List

Bio Development

Character Development
Character Aging Guidelines (No Longer Used)
Playable Races
Bio Forms

Ranks and positions

Rank Explanation
Rank Comparison
Rank Graphic in Profile
Avatar in profile
Positional Titles

Further Studies

Senior Officer Training
Additional Classes

Academy Command

Academy Manifest
Campus Description
Star Fleet Academy Posting Area

Map of Starfleet Academy