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Class: M
Satellites: Luna
Native Species: Human
Location: Sol System
Alpha Quadrant
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
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Earth (or Sol III) is the third planet of the Sol system, the homeworld of Humanity, and the location of the office of the President of the United Federation of Planets.

Earth is the primary planet of United Earth and the Federation's de facto capital world.

Astronomical data


A map of Earth in the 24th century




Earth as it appeared about 3.5 billion years ago

The first life was formed on Earth from a group of amino acids, combined to form the first proteins, approximately 3.5 billion years ago (plus or minus two eons).

From this start, sentient species evolved on Earth, including Human and Voth. These two species share the basic humanoid appearance, which may be the result of the genetic seeding that occurred long ago by the first sentient species to inhabit the galaxy. Tens of millions of years prior to the development of "modern man", the Voth society abandoned the Earth, traveling towards the stars, leaving no apparent trace on Earth of the civilization that existed.

Earth has also been visited, observed, and occasionally manipulated during its history, prior to official first contact by the Vulcans. Such occurrences include Vulcans themselves, although there is still dispute about this as there is no proof or evidence offered by the Vulcan High Command.

Attacks on Earth

Star Fleet Headquarters on Earth,
damaged after a Breen attack

During its history, the existence of this planet has been threatened by both natural disasters and actions of alien intelligences.

  • 2153: Earth was preemptively attacked by the Xindi, who were unwittingly helping a faction fighting the Temporal Cold War. Their weapon destroyed a section of the planet, killing seven million people.
  • 2272: a massive machine lifeform called V'Ger threatened to destroy all biological life on Earth if its demands were not met.
  • 2286: an alien probe of unknown origin wreaked ecological havoc, while trying to contact an extinct species of whales by transmitting massive amounts of energy into Earth's oceans.
  • 2375: the Borg planned to detonate a biogenic charge in Earth's atmosphere, infecting all lifeforms with nanoprobe viruses, triggering a gradual assimilation.

Climate and Geography

From at least the occupation of Humans, Earth has been a Class M world by 23rd century planetary classification standards.

Since that time, Earth has had several major landmasses, as well as and a wide variety of climatic and surface conditions, ranging from tundra to desert.

By the 24th century, Humans had installed a weather modification network to alter the natural weather patterns of Earth, including dissipating destructive weather phenomena such as tornadoes.

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