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Enterprise-D events

  • After Captain Picard is rescued from the Borg, his Borg implants are removed, and after several weeks of therapy, he is returned to command the Enterprise.
  • Chancellor K'mpec of the Klingon High Council dies, causing a power struggle between two rival Houses.
    Picard is appointed as Arbiter of Succession, and the head of one of the Houses murdered a Klingon Ambassador to the Federation.

Other notable events

  • A Vulcan Ambassador is discovered to be a Romulan spy.
    They are returned to a Romulan vessel, with many Federation secrets, before the deception is uncovered.
  • Peaceful relations are solidified between the Federation and the Cardassian Union, ending years of war and bloodshed between the two powers.
  • The Klingon Civil War begins. The new leader is opposed, with supported and supplied by the Romulans.
    Worf resigns his Star Fleet commission to fight, and his honor within the Klingon Empire is restored.