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Jordan Alexander Donovan
Career Occupation
Strategic Operations Director
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Star Fleet Registration:
2009071180-001 LXVA
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Artemis Quinn
185 cm (6 ft. 1 in.)
95.3 kg (210 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Light brown. Beginning to show slight flecks of graying hair in the right light.
A short cropped high fade
Solid build. Jordan is active in Physical Training, but doesn't work to build mass, just tone and overall fitness
Fair Irish complexion with cheeks that show varying shades of red depending on his mood, body temperature, and/or level of alcohol consumption.
Facial Hair:
Clean shaved
Medium pitched, with a raspy and gravelly tone. Jordan has a slight but unusual accent which is a mix between genteel Southern American, and Irish. It is a family trait that has survived for generations.
United Federation of Planets
Lexington, Virginia, Earth
Familial Relationships
Russell Donovan
Margaret Donovan
Status of Parents:
Retired and living on the family property on the outskirts of Lexington
Adrienne Donovan – (2 years older) and Colin Donovan – (4 years older).
Marital Status:
Jessica Alexandra Donovan, daughter, born star date 20309.19. Jessica lives with Jordan on board the Ticonderoga.
For the Chief of Security of the USS Chin’toka, see the alternate Jordan Donovan.

Personal History

Early Life

Jordan Alexander Donovan was born and raised in the small southern Virginia town of Lexington. Since high school Jordan had been in uniform, attending a private military-style high school in hopes of gaining admission into Star Fleet Academy. Both his older siblings chose civilian career paths, and had excelled brilliantly in their academic pursuits. Jordan, however, was a different story. Placed on the wait list for admissions, he was accepted into Star Fleet by the skin of his teeth, due to a less than outstanding academic record. Originally hoping to become one of the prestigious JAG Officers in the fleet, the academic rigors again proved to be a challenge for Jordan, but this time it was enough to see him dismissed from The Academy due to academic deficiency during his first year.

Star Fleet Marine Corps Career

Determined to prove himself, and still drawn to the military, Jordan enlisted in the Star Fleet Marine Corps. SFMC Boot Camp was a struggle for Jordan, as it is for most recruits, but within the challenge and the structure Jordan thrived. By the end of Boot Camp Jordan was dead set on becoming a Marine Infantryman, and that’s exactly what became of him. After Boot Camp he went on to SFMC School of Infantry to continue his training in that MOS.

Jordan's performance in Boot camp and SOI were enough for his superiors to endorse his request to attend Scout Sniper School upon the completion of SOI. It was during Scout Sniper training that he met his best friend and fellow marine, Joshua Rodriguez, and his first real love interest, female marine Jessica Kline. His friendship with Rodriguez blossomed instantly, only to be outdone by his romance with Kline. Jordan planned to propose marriage at the conclusion of training, but found one day that Kline had dropped from training on request and received a voluntary separation from the Corps. Jordan was unable to contact her from then on.

Once a fully trained SFMC Scout Sniper, Jordan rejoined his unit and was quickly deployed with them to retake the recently invaded Federation boarder world Calder II. As a Scout, Donovan's platoon was part of the first forces deployed, and given the objective to secure the Federation Science Station on the planet. Donovan's team linked up with a Special Operations force already in place, and located the Station which was then being occupied by Romulans. This would be the first time Donovan met Paul Braggins, although he wouldn't know his name until years later. The action on the surface and in orbit was fierce and costly to both sides. Star Fleet was able to achieve their objectives, but Jordan would never be the same from what he saw and did there. For his actions on the surface and the emerging needs of the Corps, Donovan was promoted to Corporal.

Back at Star Base Bravo Donovan's division and supporting forces reorganized and regrouped for several weeks, waiting on new deployment orders. Completing his NCO certification, Corporal Donovan was made a team leader, placing him in charge of 3 other marines. Soon after the Borg invaded at the exact same time the Romulans made their strike against Sol. Central Command Authority had been disabled and the Armageddon Directive issued. Donovan's division, along with the remaining forces at Star Base Bravo stood ready to defend what they could assume was one of the last strongholds against multiple enemies. With news of a combined counter-offensive against the Borg, all remaining combat vessels departed the station. Ground forces hadn't been called upon for the operation, thus Donovan like many others remained at the Star Base to await further developments.

When the news came out of the Borg's defeat and the stalemate reached with the Romulans, orders were issued to deploy. Stability and Support Operations needed to take place to facilitate the holding and re-taking of war stricken Federation territory, and Donovan's division was split up and deployed across the sector do to what they could in the wake of the war's destruction. During the ensuing months, the massive re-consolidation and reorganization to compensate for losses in personnel and assets among the fleet eventually caught up to Donovan's unit. With transfers in and out, back wages paid, and administrative issues straightened out, Donovan received his promotion to Sergeant and promotion to Squad Leader. Now in charge of two teams of four marines each, Donovan began to feel a professional and personal connection to his profession, beyond any of his own self-serving motives. His continued exemplary performance as a leader within his platoon, combined with his shining service record caught the eye of his new Commanding Officer.

Within a few months, Jordan was informed that he had been deemed eligible, and subsequently selected for enlisted commissioning, which would result in an appointment to Star Fleet Academy. In his instance, he would be transferred to the Security Division of Star Fleet. Jordan immediately resisted the idea of leaving the Corps and it's enlisted ranks, having developed a fierce loyalty to the Corps and his marines. When the personnel specialist explained that it was his only option if he wanted to continue in his career with Star Fleet, he begrudgingly began the process of accepting the offer. As a Security Officer, Jordan rationalized that he could be a leader and provide for his subordinates, and put his skills to a good use in defense of what he believed in - an unlikely yet fitting next step for his career.

Return to Star Fleet Academy

As a Cadet, Donovan used his maturity and significant experience to propel him much farther as a Cadet the second time around. He launched himself into his studies with the same tenacity he brought to the battlefield as a veteran marine non-commissioned officer. He took on heavy course loads, and seemed to devour any fields related to his chosen career path. Upon graduation from Star Fleet Academy, in the top 15% of his class, Donovan was assigned as a Security Officer to the Flagship of the 2nd Fleet, the USS Ticonderoga.

Ticonderoga - Mission 1

Assigned as 1st Section Leader of Echo Team in the Ticonderoga's Security Department, Donovan saw no direct contact with the enemy when they boarded the vessel, instead he and his section reacted to damage reports in their area, and mainly involved themselves with the tasks of extinguishing fires. During the boarding operation to re-take Space Station Sierra-18, Jordan and his team again saw no direct action. When officer identified as Kurok claiming to be with Star Fleet Intelligence was allowed to beam to the bridge, only to attack Rear Admiral Daher, Jordan's Commanding Officer at the time, he helped detain him in the brig. Jordan performed a cursory investigation and interview, only to be stonewalled by SF:I. Kurok was ordered released and all evidence ceased.

Another prisoner was taken aboard and put into the brig following Star Fleet's securing of Sierra-18 as part of the surrender terms agreed upon by RAdm Daher and the Romulan fleet commander. The prisoner was Revas, a traitor and spy for the Romulan Empire who had posed as a member of Ticonderoga's security department, and caused the deaths of several crew members during the initial boarding action. Jordan prevented the Ticonderoga's Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Dempsey from assassinating the prisoner, an action determined to be caused by a nervous breakdown. Following the cessation of hostilities, the crew was released for some leave onboard Space Station Sierra-18 while both the station and the Ticonderoga underwent repairs and resupply.


During shoreleave on Sierra-18, Donovan responded to a security call on the station's promenade which resulted in his first official meeting with his First Officer at the time, Paul Braggins, whom he instantly recognized as the older version of the Special Operations commander from Calder II. Tensions between the two men would significantly increase from that moment on. The ceremony held for the crew of the Ticonderoga in which several crew members were officially promoted or awarded various decorations included Donovan received a promotion to Ensign and received a Star Fleet Commendation Medal. Jordan suspected both were efforts to help smooth over the cover-up by SF:I of the incident with Kurok.

Not long after, a collection of the Ticonderoga's crew composed of RAdm Daher, Cdr Braggins, LCdr's Dempsey and MacDonald, Lieutenant Junior Grade Sumeru and Ens Donovan were notified by message from Braggins' father, that he was holding captive a friend of close family member of each of theirs. Along with the notification came a list of demands to be met in order to secure the release of the captives. Deciding that agreeing to the demands was out of the question, the collection of officers instead mounted a freelance rescue operation in violation of several regulations and standing orders. The operation was relatively successful, save the reported loss of LCdr MacDonald and the failure to retrieve Braggins' family who were held captive. Donovan's close friend and Marine Sergeant Joshua Rodriguez had been the one abducted in respect to Donovan. The details of the operation were kept quiet, and thus official ramifications were non-existent. However, the events of the operation still held an impact on all involved, including Donovan opinion of his three direct superiors.

"Acquisition by Any Means Necessary"

The Ticonderoga was assigned to investigate and prevent the star of the Bishtar home world from going Nova. As a result of the subsequent combat with the rogue Ferengi group responsible, the Ticonderoga suffered incredible damage to most all systems, and significant crew losses. In the process of recovery of the ship and crew back at port, Donovan was taken away under the authority of Star Fleet Security's Internal Security department and secretly reassigned. Officially, he had been declared as missing and presumed dead from the crew, with only and the Ticonderoga's new CO, Captain Braggins, being informed of the truth.

"Wolf in Wolf's Clothing"

Jordan was assigned to go undercover as Sergeant Jordan Andrade, and investigate allegations of torture of enemy prisoners by a marine unit that had seen heavy combat during the last war with the Romulans. Initially enraged that Marines would conduct themselves in such a criminal manner, Jordan was eager to get to the bottom of the issue and help convict those responsible. What he found in the resulting weeks of his hard and stressful work would cause him to doubt himself and his life choices more than ever. While Jordan's testimony and reports gathered while undercover helped convict those marines responsible for the war crimes, Jordan felt very little pride in his actions. Feeling more like a traitor to his fellow marines than a security officer doing his duty, Jordan was plunged into a dark place within himself. For his efforts Jordan was recommended for promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. However, due to a disciplinary infraction occurring on the night before he shipped back to resume his normal life, in which he assaulted three members of the local security department after being detained for public intoxication, the recommendation was changed to hinge upon his CO's final approval.

"Welcome to The Lobe Globe"

The Ticonderoga's mission to secure the holo-resort known as The Lobe Globe, while highly peculiar, also very fundamental in shaping Jordan's career and person. Initially, the majority of the crew, save the CO, had been told he was killed during the battle in the Bishtar system. Being assigned to the away mission, Jordan was paired up with a newly assigned tactical officer, Midshipman Margaret Murphy. Tasked with portraying innocent tourists, while directed to determine a way to wrest control of the resort from the beings who had hijacked it. The actual success was credited to the other members of the Away Team, as Jordan and Maggie only succeeded in romancing each other, and then being attacked by combat androids of the bipedal and aquatic types. Jordan sustained a nasty wound to his knee, which still gives him problems and the slightest of limps. It was at this time that Jordan and Murphy began their relationship.

Shoreleave 3

During shore leave, the crew of the Ticonderoga held a holiday banquet, at which several members of the crew were decorated and promoted. Jordan had spent the first portion of his leave in thrice-weekly counseling sessions with Lieutenant Commander LaHaye, the ship’s lead counselor. A combination of his time under cover, and a very poor reaction to his latest injury, Braggins had ordered he be put on psychiatric hold and not returned to duty until LaHaye blessed it. She had, but not after a series of tense and heated exchanges during his therapy sessions. The result of the banquet was Jordan’s receipt of a Gold Star medal and promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. He was also, on a provisional basis, appointed as Chief of Security.

"Sunrise Over Carraya"

The mission to Carraya, or as Jordan would later refer to it as, the Carrayan Catastrophe, was the most intense combat Jordan had experienced since his time as a Marine fighting the Romulan Star Empire. The Ticonderoga was part of a task force that was sent to the Carrayan system. When they arrived, they were quickly attacked and effectively neutralized by some sort of distortion weapon. Quickly boarded, Jordan and his department were able to beat back the strange attackers, some sort of cybernetic Klingon augments, before they could seize control of the ship. The body count was high on both sides, as was the damage to some of the Tico’s key areas. As part of the pre-arranged battle plan, and once the Tico was secure, Jordan reported to Lieutenant Commander Tokat, who was in command, to notify him that he would be taking his personnel, who would form the sniper section for a ground assault of the capitol palace on Carraya, to link up with the rest of the task force. Tokat denied him that, or at least attempted to delay him. Jordan ignored the command, took the Runabout and his people with him anyway.

In the ground operation, Jordan fell under the command of Commander Tyra Crawford, and would command the sniper section supporting her assault element. With a constantly developing situation at the palace, Jordan ended up following with Crawford’s assault directly. The entire evolution was a trap. The assaulting Star Fleet personnel quickly found themselves fighting for only a slim chance at survival, as many of them fell to enemy fire. The sniper section Jordan had deployed outside quickly died under an ambush expertly sprung. Donovan, Crawford, and a few others were able to fight their way out in a hasty retreat and secure extraction. For Jordan’s 12 person section, only two survived the battle. He still dwells on the mistakes made on Carraya, and the lives they cost. By and large he blames the upper echelons of command for how horribly they conducted the important planning and command stages, but Jordan is unable to let himself off without his own share of the blame; or at least the guilt.

Shoreleave 4

Jordan desperately needed time away from Star Fleet and the nightmares. He scheduled a holodeck getaway with Maggie, and a trip home to earth following that. His holodeck visit with Maggie was bittersweet. Although he couldn't have necessarily avoided it, he planned it as such. After going through everything they had since they had gotten together, the Carraya mission had told him one thing: he could not be in a relationship, let alone with someone else who would be repeatedly exposed to such dangers as they both were. Jordan took Maggie to a holodeck representation of a very special place to him from back on Earth. It started off like their relationship, fast and passionate, but Jordan couldn't keep stringing her along any longer. He ended it quickly, not even allowing her to get much in edgewise, leaving her there as he exited the holodeck to pack for his trip home in the morning.

On the high-warp shuttle back to Earth, Jordan ran into one of his own officers, Scarlet Pickern. They talked during the trip, including about the last mission and the things they had scene. This proved very helpful for them both, as the difficulty of the Carraya mission still weighed heavily on them both. When getting to Earth, there were some complications with Pickern's travel plans. Jordan invited her to stay the evening at the house of his parents. One evening turned into the remainder of the shore leave, during which time Pickern and Donovan developed one of the strongest platonic relationships Jordan ever had.


This mission would later be characterized by Donovan as doomed from the start. The Ticonderoga would work with the USS Dauntless, and was under her CO's overall command, CommodoreMike Wong. Their mission was to assist in dealing with a civil disturbance on the planet Yadalla Prime. Some elements there were beginning to resist and attempt to oust the Federation government there. The pre-mission planning and beginning stages of the mission were such utter failures to Jordan's mind, that he knew they were going to fail. Sent down to the surface with the Tico's first officer Tokat, as well as the Dauntless's first officer CommanderTerra Arking and Security Chief Lieutenant CommanderRolands, they fumbled their way through making contact with the Federation Ambassador and local security forces there. Far outranked, Jordan tried what little he could to accomplish his part of the mission, but to no avail. Organization and coordination by those above him infuriated him, and resulted in an emergency evacuation before anything could be accomplished on the surface.

The evac was due to a group of unidentified hostiles having engaged the two ships, along with the SOCOM vessel USS Columbia, who was operating on her own mission there, while in orbit. The attack was a well executed ambush by forces with superior numbers but inferior firepower, utilizing the element of surprise. Before they could be prevented, the aggressors were able to level the Federation Compound via torpedo bombardment from orbit. Jordan was forced to watch the people he had only moments ago been working with on the surface, be obliterated because, as he saw it, of the ineptitude of his superiors. A second loss in which Jordan felt forced into an impotent role by the inability to lead and perform on the part of those in command of him. This was becoming a trend that disturbed Jordan to his very core.

Command Certification and Strategic Operations

Following the Yadalla mission, Jordan found himself assigned to undergo command certification. Jordan's command course was administered on the Ticonderoga by Commander Tokat, in which he had an extensive academic course load to qualify him to lead other departments. He found it challenging and demanding, but it opened up his professional perspective of his counterparts, and the result ended up with a fairly high grade on the written evaluation. His final evaluation was a holodeck simulation administered by Tokat himself. The scenario involved a situation where Jordan was forced to consider sacrificing his vessel, the fictional USS Brandywine, and her crew in order to successfully achieve his objective. Jordan was able t find another solution in the program, but the contingencies he had been forced to consider and plan for further opened up his mind to the frame of a commander, which was broader than his previous views as simply a Security Chief.

In a plan still unclear to Donovan, Commodore Braggins had Jordan ordered to begin the StratOps course while still en route back to star base, the very next day after he completed his command course. It was the perfect follow up to his professional development of the week prior. While Jordan missed his post as Security Chief, his new training in Strategic Operations only built upon his already expansive knowledge of combat operations from the point of view of Security and Marines, while now complementing it with the Tactical perspective, and the inclusion of other disciplines as well. Jordan excelled in his course, which culminated in a two week session in person. As he waited for the staff of the Ticonderoga to return from their recon mission aboard the Renegade, Jordan was temporarily assigned as a Strategic Operations Officer aboard Star Base Bravo. While there, he was contacted by his mother, to find out that he had fathered a child, so many years ago, with Jessica Cline during his Scout Sniper training as an enlisted marine. Jessica Kline had been killed under suspicious circumstances to which his daughter, also Jessica, was the sole witness. Then 10 years of age, Jordan and Jessica began the rocky process of establishing a happy and healthy Father-Daughter relationship, with the generous help of the Ticonderoga's counselor, Lieutenant Commander Alexandra LaHaye.

“Gunboat Diplomacy”

During their mission aboard the Renegade, Jordan helped oversee the refit of the Ticonderoga into a light carrier, and the organization and addition of the other vessels that would comprise the light carrier group Omega-2. Upon the rest of the crew's return, Jordan was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as the groups Strategic Operations Director. The mission assigned was to carry a Federation Ambassador, coincidentally mother of Ticonderoga's CMO Corin Laer, back to Bishtar where the Tico and Commodore Braggins had a particular rapport with the ruling family. The Bishtar were undergoing a civil war, and the Tico and her group were tasking with escorting the Ambassador to help negotiate a peace to help facilitate a unified Bishtar people's entry into the United Federation of Planets. When the group arrived, they beamed over the leaders of the opposing factions, and began talks that initially seemed to go nowhere. Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Ticonderoga, evidence of what turned out to be none other than a cloaked version of Braggins' old nemesis Daimon Whodat's vessel, the Unlimited Profits. Evidence lead to the fact that Whodat had orchestrated the civil war. A battle ensued between both sides of the Bishtar conflict, the Star Fleet light carrier group, and Whodat's vessel; which included a version of the XF-2 fighter, which was allegedly highly classified. The battle was tense and caused friction on the bridge of the Tico's bridge between Jordan and Braggins, with Tokat also getting involved. The Ticonderoga and members of her escort ended up sustaining significant damage, and the subsequent loss of life that always follows. Jordan, having been present to witness to what he viewed as Braggins' failure at command, which he also saw has part of the reason the damage sustained was so severe, ended up leaving the bridge in protest once the battle was over, informing the Commodore that he intended to resign in the morning.

Shoreleave 5 - “Wargames”

During the meeting in which Jordan had intended to resign from under Braggins' command, the two men ended up holding a contentious, lengthy, but considerably candid conversation for several hours. Both gave ground on some of their positions and Jordan walked away without having tendered his resignation, but instead feeling confident that giving his role as Braggins' Strategic Operations Director another shot was in fact the correct course of action. His first assignment was to oversee various training drills for parts of the crews of the vessels in the group. Many of the senior officers, plus others from the crew of the Ticonderoga, were divided into two crews and pitted against each other in a simulation designed by Jordan himself. Ironically, at the moment where the two crews were about to engage each other, a massive technical issue between the simulator complex and the control stations on board the still under repair Ticonderoga resulted in a system crash and termination of the simulation. The next morning the crew was summoned, ending shore leave, for an urgent mission that would touch each of them to their core.

“Hunting the Hunter”

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Star Fleet Security Operations
Academy Minor(s): Criminal Investigations and Undercover Operations
Hobbies and Pastimes: Ocean Surfing, Whitewater Rafting, Fly-fishing, and reading novels.
Short-Term Goals: Continue making progress to improve his working relationship with his command team. Get along better with his daughter.
Long-Term Goals: Continue developing his skills that would enable him to be an effective commander, enabling him to be promoted. Establish a loving relationship with his daughter.
Personality: Jordan is usually a congenial person who enjoys the company of family and friends. He has been accused of being overly serious at times. While able to commit himself fully to his work, he has never been accused of not knowing how to sit back and relax and enjoy himself. This has changed more recently though, with his attitudes remaining more severe, and his joviality being less and less common.
Sense of Humor: Jordan is a fan of sarcasm, usually good heartedly. Sometimes he can be too harsh and abrasive with it. Jordan is much better at laughing at jokes than telling them
Phobias: Heights
Likes: Basil Pesto on almost any food, Dogs and Horses, Comedy (as an audience member), Reading, Movies, Holonovels.
Dislikes: Extremists. People who see things as strictly black and white, or with unyielding stubborn outlooks on life
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who can’t sit still or fidget too much. Overly bossy or know-it-alls
Bad Habits or Vices: Being judgmental or overly critical of others. Jordan does not easily forgive perceived injustices, even when he should.
Achievements: Graduation from Starfleet Academy in the top 15% of his class. His daughter Jessica.
Disappointments: Failing out of Starfleet Academy his first go-around and leaving his Squad and Platoon. Being unable to prevent the massive Star Fleet casualties that resulted in the Carrayan and Yadalla missions.
Illnesses: Nothing major
Strengths: Capable of being decisive and reasonably sound in judgment. Strong morals to which he works tirelessly to adhere to
Weaknesses: Sometimes looks down on people he views as too selfish. While decisive, Jordan always finds time after the fact to dwell on decisions made, ‘what if’ scenarios, and events on his life and how he could have acted differently, up to years later he will dwell on them
Fears: Dying from suffocation. Losing someone under his command due to a wrong/bad order given from above him outside of his control
Prejudices: Officers or leaders who appear indecisive or too concerned with self interests, and not enough selfless service. Jordan banks heavily on first impressions, despite more recent attempts to be more open minded about the nature and character of others
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Never one, to turn down an event to dress up nicely, which for him includes simply "going out" somewhere other than his usual routine, Jordan prefers to keep up with the current fashions according to what would be considered "Business Casual". Whenever outside of his immediate living area off-duty, and especially while traveling, Jordan makes it a habit to conceal several personal weapons on his body, normally including a folding blade, a type-1 phaser, and his P-1 if the situation permits. When in extremely casual attire, Jordan is always wearing comfortable athletic shoes and ankle socks or flip-flops, khaki cargo shorts, and a tee shirt or varying colors that usually sport a surfing brand name from earth.
Distinguishing Features: Jordan has a tattoo on each shoulder blade. On the left he has a Celtic Cross, and on the right he has the Donovan Family Coat of Arms crest, featuring a helmet with an elaborate red and white plume, atop a shield featuring a man’s arm holding a sword, with a serpent coiled around the blade.
Pets: 4 year old American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull) named Shannon
Friends: Staff Sergeant Joshua Rodriguez

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The initial combat on Calder II during the Starfleet operation to re-take the planet
Best Time: Scout Sniper School – Meeting his best friend, the woman he would later learn became the mother of his child, as well as the extensive training and how he excelled there
Most Crucial Experience: Donovan’s decision-making process he undertook to go back to the Academy
Role Model: General James N Mattis - USMC

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20907.18 Received Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Appointed Cadet
Assigned to Star Fleet Academy
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Security Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20907.18 Promoted to Midshipman
Reassigned to Security Officer
Assigned to USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Security Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20909.01 Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Security Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20909.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Security Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20909.01 Promoted to Ensign Ensign
Security Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20909.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Security Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21002.08 – 21007.04 Special Leave of Absence
Chief of Security USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21010.01 Reassigned to Chief of Security
Chief of Security USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21011.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief of Security USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21012.01 Awarded Gold Star Gold Star
Chief of Security USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21104.15 Awarded Short Story Participant Short Story Participant
Chief of Security USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21105.01 Awarded Diamond Star Diamond Star
Chief of Security USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21105.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief of Security Star Fleet Academy 21201.01 Enrolled in Strategic Operations Officer Training Course
Transferred to Star Fleet Academy
Strategic Operations Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21202.01 Reassigned to Strategic Operations Officer
Returned to USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Strategic Operations Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21203.01 Received Command School Graduate Ribbon Command School Graduate Ribbon
Strategic Operations Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21205.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
Strategic Operations Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21209.01 Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Strategic Operations Director USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21209.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month
Promoted to Strategic Operations Director
Role Player of the Month
Strategic Operations Director 666th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing 21303.01 Awarded Gold Star
Reassigned to 666th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing,
Star Fleet Special Operations Command,
Star Base Bravo
Gold Star
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Command School Graduate Ribbon Command School Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 2
Gold Star Gold Star 2
Diamond Star Diamond Star 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 4
Short Story Participant Short Story Participant 1

Contact Information


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