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Career Occupation
Commanding Officer
USS Pegasus, CL-2500
Star Fleet Registration:
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Romulan, 1/2 Vulcan
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
62.6 kg (138 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark Caramel
Hair Color:
Deep Umber
Traditional Vulcan Hairstyle
Slender, Lithe, Compact Muscles
Fair, Subtle Jade Tint
Baritone, Commanding
United Federation of Planets
Vulcana Regar
Familial Relationships
Adoptive Father:
Half-brother, Samar (34); Half-sister, T’Kao (20)
Marital Status:
Amanda Moore

Personal History

Tokat was born on the planet Vulcan, to a family involved in many different aspects of Vulcan culture and tradition. His father was a politician, participating in the rich political history of the society. His mother worked in medical research as an assistant to a renowned scientist working in pathology. Tokat was the second born, being preceded by his brother Samar.

Early Life and Betrothal

Life for Tokat and Samar was not all that different from the lives of other Vulcan children. Traditional values and a traditional education were offered to both of them. Tokat clinged to his mother closely, often imitating her, and aspiring to be like her. Samar idolized their father. Childhood for Tokat was simple, though it would change sooner than he would like.

A Star Fleet vessel, which Tokat never discovered the name of, came to Vulcan when he was seven-years-old. Though he didn't know it, the dignitaries of this ship were involved in the reorganization of the Federation fleet. They had come to Vulcan to negotiate details of the operation. Tokat had the chance to be the playmate for a human boy from the ship. The boy was roughly his own age. During their time together, some of the human child's natural sense of "self-control" and (for lack of a better term) "rebellion" had begun to rub off on Tokat.

During the Federation Proceedings, Tokat's Father was granted a position as an ambassador to the Federation. This was a great honor, and a considerable promotion, similar to a station of nobility. Custom dictated that newcomers to this level of politics would solidify the position through an arranged marriage. Tokat was of the proper age for betrothal.

The human child's rebelious attitude had affected Tokat to the extent that he openly rebelled against the idea of him being forced to marry another ambassador's daughter when they grew up. His parents tried to show him the logic and sense behind such an arrangement, but he refused to listen. Although Vulcan parents very rarely lie to their children, Tokat's father made a poor decision. He essentially deceived his son by telling him that he wanted him to see this girl, and that he would allow him to decide for himself at that point. However, the bonding ceremony was preformed while both children remained in a confused state, and both children would feel betrayed. To this day, though there is no true animosity between them, merely the sight of his bondmate triggers strong emotions of anger, and sadness.

Young Adulthood and Star Fleet Academy

Eventually, the Federation ship left Vulcan, and the rebellious human boy with it. Perhaps it was for the best. Tokat eventually came to trust his father again, without the boy's negative influence, though he still could not forgive him for lying to him. As such, he quickly bonded to his mother even further. Tokat continued to take after his mother on into young adulthood. He loved science and the experimental process. It was his closeness to his mother and her research, along with his love of stargazing, that caused him to consider entering Star Fleet.

He knew that Star Fleet would provide him with a fine education which would allow him to study the stars from a whole new perspective. His mother supported his ambitions. Ironically, his father, a Federation ambassador, rejected the idea, and all but forbade him from entering the academy. This caused old tempers to flare.

Although he never truly "lost his temper", at least externally, he informed his father that he had come of age, and would decide his own destiny. He promptly enlisted in Star Fleet and boarded a transport bound for Earth, where he would begin his education at the Star Fleet Academy.

Tokat was accepted to the Tactical program at Star Fleet Academy, and suitably devoted himself to his studies. Additionally though, he also sought to better understand the social complexities of humans. He found an excellent opportunity to do so, living in San Francisco. He spent the better part of his career at the academy taking advantage of said opportunity, but still does not feel as if he understands the human social psyche any better than he did while on Vulcan.

Upon graduating from the Tactical Program, he was assigned to the USS Ticonderoga, under the command of Rear Admiral Daher. At first, he was somewhat apprehensive; not only was this not his preference, but he would be serving under the direct supervision of an Admiral.

Furthermore, upon reporting for duty, Admiral Daher placed him as Alpha Shift Weapons Systems Officer. Undebatably, a critical station during combat situations. Fortunately, his first mission did not focus entirely on combat.

More Than One Way to Skin a Cat: Mission to Mirak

The Ticonderoga escorted an Ambassador by the name of Bolt to negotiate with the Mirak towards a military treaty. When the Mirak sponsor of the treaty was assassinated, and the Federation diplomatic entourage, including Tokat, were accused things turned bleak. Fortunately, a Star Fleet investigation eventually revealed the true culprit, and exonerated the Federation representatives.

A covert Romulan attack in orbit occurred, and Tokat was given the opportunity to prove his skills at Tactical. The Ticonderoga was ultimately successful at defeating the invaders, and the aftermath helped assure the Mirak's assisstance in the war against the Romulans.

Following the mission to Mirak, the Ticonderoga returned to Starbase Bravo, and her officers enjoyed a bit of shore leave. During this shoreleave, Tokat began socializing with a science officer on board, Lieutenant Amanda Moore. Though he did not realize it at first, he now sees their social activities as a chance to further understand the human mind, and welcomes their now frequent interactions.

Also during shore leave, the Admiral held a commendation ceremony. Tokat received a commendation medal, and not one but two promotions, although he did not feel as if he had done anything worthy of such a rare honor.

Shortly after the commendation ceremony however, shore leave was cancelled. The Ticonderoga had been called to duty again, and everyone onboard had suspicions as to why. They were going to liberate Sierra-18.

Taking Back That Which is Ours: The Liberation of Space Station Sierra-18

Their suspicions would prove to be correct. The entire 2nd Battle Group, under the command of Rear Admiral Daher and the Ticonderoga, participated in a joint operation with the Mirak forces. The mission was one of stealth. Using a nearby nebula for cover, the joint fleet slipped within range of Sierra-18, and deployed a diversionary fleet consisting of a few light class vessels and the Ticonderoga's new "Halo Squadron" to thin out forces for the main fleet.

When the main fleet arrived, it was clear that the Romulans were expecting them. The fleet warped directly into a trap set by the romulans. The ensuing battle saw the destruction of numerous vessels, and the loss of countless lives. Tokat himself was accountable for the destruction of at least two Romulan vessels, and no doubt many other casualties. Thanks to the leadership of Rear Admiral Daher, along with some creative thinking from the fleet's science officers, and unrivaled bravery of the boarding parties, the Romulans were forced to surrender, and the station was liberated.

Peace at Last

Word came from Earth that the war was over. The Romulan Empire had signed an Armistice with Starfleet, and had plans to negotiate a treaty. The war was over.

Even though the war was over, the 2nd Battle Group's crews were granted a restricted shore leave. They must remain on the 2nd Battlegroup Ships or Sierra 18 during leave. Tokat used this opportunity to resume his Martial Arts regimen, catch up on his recreational reading, and refresh his Kal-Toh skills. He also continued his meetings with Amanda Moore.

Tokat has begun to find that occasionally when he is around Amanda, he starts to lose control over his mental restraint. Though not severe, and not particularly noticeable to those around him, he finds it more difficult to keep his emotions in check. One such instance occurred when a Medical Crewman began suggesting that there may be a romantic relationship between them, and was complicated by the same Crewman attempting to ask Amanda out for drinks.

Tokat has offered Amanda a chance to study the Vulcan martial art called Suus Mahn. He hopes to find an activity the two of them can enjoy together beyond the scientific studies. And possibly come to understand why his mental restraint seems to be failing him.

During shore leave, a commendation ceremony was held at which Tokat was well-decorated. Tokat was awarded the Gold Star for his performance during the battle of Sierra 18 and was promoted to full Lieutenant. Admiral Daher also gave Tokat an opportunity to become the Ticonderoga's new Chief Tactical Officer, following Lieutenant Flynn's departure.

As Tokat was still getting used to his new position, and still enjoying the privileges of shore leave, an announcement was made that shore leave was canceled once again.

Profit Over All: Mission to Bistravah

The Ticonderoga had recieved a distress call from the Bistravah system, home to a xenophobic species known as the Bishtar. Their star was emitting gravimetric readings not unlike those a neighboring star had exhibited mere weeks before it went supernova and destroyed all life in the system.

The Ticonderoga's mission was to investigate the star, determine the cause of the readings, and prevent the destruction of the star system if possible. If not, they would evacuate as many as they could in time. It was a daunting task either way. Nothing was known about this system due to the Bishtar's xenophobia, and time was already against them.

Before their arrival, Tokat worked closely with LCdr Gregg, the Tico's CSO, to investigate the neighboring system's destruction and attempt to hypothesize possible causes. Through careful observation and logical analysis, Tokat surmized that the Shravishtha system's demise was not a natural phenomenon, but was caused by some outside stimulus. This made things even more difficult.

The Ticonderoga's First Officer, Paul Braggins, and Tokat were hand chosen by Admiral Daher to lead a science mission to gather data. A Bishtar representative accompanied them, along with two Ensigns and a fighter pilot from Halo Squadron. The away team encountered a small fleet of Ferengi cruisers, and despite destroying one and damaging another, they were unable to escape and were captured by the Ferengi Daimon. With the help of a Ferengi Auditor named Straarg, Tokat and the rest of the team were able to make it to a shuttle and escape. However, Ensign Parkman and the Bishtar Representative were killed during the escape.

Once making it back to a severely damaged Tico, Tokat reassumed his position at Tactical and along with the rest of the bridge crew, defended the ship against a pair of pursuers, causing one to flee and destroying the other.

Thanks to data collected by LCdr Gregg, Ens Totenkopf, and Auditor Straarg, they were able to reverse the damage to the Bishtar star caused by the Ferengi's starkilling device. But the Ticonderoga would have to undergo extensive repairs before she could leave the system, one of her nacelles having been all but destroyed in the firefight. The Bishtar Warlord herself agreed to allow the Ticonderoga and her crew to use their spaceport for repairs.

During the time it took to complete repairs, Tokat and the rest of the Tico's crew enjoyed the privilage of being the first outsiders allowed on the surface of the Bishtar homeworld, ever. Tokat understood the honor that this implied, and hoped it would be an indicator of the Bishtar's future relations with other races.

Once repairs were completed, the Ticonderoga returned to Starbase Bravo for some much needed needed shoreleave, awaiting her next orders.

The Civility of War: Mission to Dhar'hyyk

((The folowing section is Classified. Anyone reading this document without the proper clearance would not have access to this information.)) During his stay at Starbase Bravo, Tokat recieved an anynomous message. The message was a call to interested parties to join the Federation Voulenteer Group. Curious, Tokat followed the directions to learn more.

He eventually discovered that Commander Braggins was looking for Voulenteers to aid in an operation to Dhar'hyyk, his home planet which had been ravaged by Civil War for decades. After careful consideration, Tokat decided he would answer the call.

Along with several others, he officially resigned his starfleet commision and enlisted in the Dhar'yyk Defense Force. He was granted the provisional rank of Commander in the Dhar'hyyk Navy and stationed aboard the DSS Freedom as Weapons Officer. The Freedom then made its way to Dhar'hyyk to carry out its mission.

Upon arrival, they discovered the Dhar'hyyk Capital City of Arcadia in ruins, destroyed by forces commanded by Braggins's father, leader of the Anti-Unification Alliance. The Freedom would track down and confront those responsible, after making port for resupply.

During an evening of relaxation in preparation for the inevitable battle, the entire FVG group were declared traitors by DDF Admiral Vaughn, and MPs were sent to capture them and bring them to be executed. Braggins, Tokat, and a group of others managed to escape capture, and joined a renegage resistance group led by deposed the Dhar'hyyk President, Azreal.

The renegade forces, consisting of DDF, FVG, and AUA members who disagreed with the decisions made in the war, launched an offensive strike against an AUA base at Raikan V. The effort met heavy resistance, as the Freedom had pursued them, and DDF and AUA forces had already begun battling in Raikan V's orbit.

With Tokat at the weapons station, the Kestrel sucessfully disabled the Freedom, and halted its pursuit of Braggins's Ghost Sqauadon, but their ship was heavily damaged in the process, leaving the fighters to complete the mission alone.

As the Kestrel tried simply to hold herself together in the wake of the Freedom's atack, the Ghosts sucessfully destroyed the station. The surviving members returned to the carrier only to report that General Braggins was unable to escape re-entry, and crashed on the planet below. Three of the Ghosts' best pilots had entered the planet's atmosphere to search for him. A shuttle was dispatched, and Eventually, all four pilots were recovered with only minor injuries.

In the aftermath of the battle, as the Kestrel was being repaired and their names were being cleared, Tokat found time to reflect on things. He found himself thinking more and more of Amanda, and how he had lied to her about where he was going. He did his best to tell himself that he had only said what had to have been said, given the situation. But it didn't help very much.

((End Classified Section))

Unexpected Drama: The Exodus Confrence

The Ticonderoga was called to the Klingon controlled planet of Caryia IV for an unprecedented conference between the Federation, The Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire. Everyone knew that in order for these three mortal enemies to meet under the same roof, something big had to be happening. They were correct.

The conference revealed that a supernova was threatning to destroy Romulus, and that the three factions who had been mortal enemys for decades, the Romulan Star Empire, the United Federation of Planets, and the Klingon Empire were cooperating to prevent the devestation of the Romulan homeworld. Emotions were high at the conference from that announcement alone, but Tokat found personal turmoil as well.

Meeting at a bar, Tokat and Amanda spoke for the first time since he had returned from his personal leave. Throughout the conversation, it became clear that something was troubling Amanda, and through a brief, accidental telepathic incident, Tokat surmised that it had everything to do with his abrupt departure. When she explained that she was afraid he had left to find a mate on Vulcan, Tokat explained the nature of his telepathic bond, and his resentment of it. Embarassed from the mistake, and by the fact she had forced Tokat to reveal one of his darkest secrets, Amanda fled the bar and did not speak to him for the remaining days of the conference.

Unexpected Opportunity: First Officer

During the Exodus Conference and the days following, it was revealed that Admiral Daher had been reassigned, and the Tico's First Officer, Paul Braggins, would assume command as Captain. Captain Braggins summoned Tokat to the Ready Room where he was asked to review a list of candidates for the newly vacated position of First Officer. Expecting a lengthy list to review, Tokat was somewhat suprised to find only one name. His.

Twenty-Four hours later, he returned from leave, and was officially promoted to First Officer of the USS Ticonderoga.

Enroute to Feringar

Mere days after the Exodus conference and his promotion to First Officer, Tokat found himself adjusting to his new job and new quarters. During this time, he found himself thinking more and more about one subject. Amanda.

Following a particularlly stressful staff meeting about their upcoming mission, Tokat decided it was time to spend as much time as we necessary to clear his mind. He spent an entire evening, late into the night, studying texts on Vulcan psychology, sociology, and medicine to determine why he was affected the way he was by Miss Moore. Finally, he found the reason.

An early morning meeting between he and Amanda prompted him to reveal his findings to her. He gathered that his lack of mental restraint, his willingness to put himself in harms way to protect her, and his concern for her emotional well-being all added up to one truth: He loved her. She returned his feelings, and from that moment on, the two have shared a connection that seems to be both intellectual and emotional.

The thought of an inter-species relationship scared Tokat as he first thought of it, but as time progressed Tokat found himself more and more willing to push the edges of his emotional boundaries and share a little more of himself so that the two of them have become extremely close over time.

Looks Can be Decieving: Misison to The Lobe Globe

Upon arriving at Feringar Captain Braggins and Tokat led a diplomatic team to meet with the Grand Nagus. The Nagus agreed to provide the Ferengithium needed for the Romulus relief effort in exchange for a favor. His extravagent resort, known as the "Lobe Globe" had developed a rebellious AI, and he wanted the Tico's crew to pose as guests at the resort in order to discover what was wrong. If they could fix the station, they would be provided with all the Ferengithium they needed.

Each team of "vacationers" had constructed an elaborate cover story and were allowed to select their own fantasy world in which to reside for the duration of their stay. Tokat led a team composed of Amanda, Pellew, th'Gaoli, and Jinho. Their cover was most interesting. They posed as representatives of the Federation's Committee on Interspecies Marriage. th'Gaoli and Jinho posed as Newlyweds, as Tokat and Amanda had to appear to be a Human/Vulcan couple. It wasn't difficult, al things considered.

Tokat's team selected a sci-fi fantasy setting created by 20th Century filmaker George Lucas. They were to spend the first part of the mission living out the roles of Jedi, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, and Senators until the Station's original AI (known as Gabriel) contacted them with further instructions. Unfortunately Gabriel didn't contact them until the other teams had already secured the facility. This allowed his team to more or less enjoy their Star Wars experience, complete with Space Battles, Romantic Intruige, and Epic Lightsaber Duels.

Tokat would later discover that while they were Having a lesiurely adventure the other teams had been fighting for their lives. The station's compliment of Andoids were controlled by the corrupted AI, Lucifer. Lucifer had turned on the other teams and seriously injured several crewmembers, even killing Lieutenant K'Naan, their CTO. Tokat would know that logically those events were not his fault, but he would still experience no small amount of guilt.

During their Adventure on the Lobe Globe, Tokat noticed himself experiencing more intense and strong emotions, particularly toward Amanda. An unplanned encounter in the bath which nearly went too far seemed to accelerate these symptoms. Tokat merely dismissed it as pointless folly; part of the illusion the facility was designed to create. The truth was far more significant.


When the Ticonderoga returned to Starbase Bravo, Tokat suspected his emotional state would return to normal after a few days, but this was not the case. He actually found that as time went on, things grew progressively worse. He was snapping at crewmembers, growing impaitent more easily, he even lashed out at the wall of the transporter room when the starbase was suddenly put on lockdown during their stay. He put himself on social lockdown as a result, bottling up, even toward Amanda.

Eventually, he was forced to face the truth of his emotional difficulties.

One night as he was out for dinner with Amanda, they ran into his Father. Somal informed his son that he was on the starbase in order to preform a marriage ceremony. The ceremony he referred to was Tokat's. His father told him that his bondmate, T'kal, was on her way to Starbase Bravo, so they could fulfill their bond and carry out their marriage as was planned all those years ago. When Tokat protested, Somal pointed out his odd behavior, aggression, emotional outbursts, and provided a logical reason for them. Pon'Farr.

Tokat spend the next several days avoiding any and all contact with Amanda, and anyone else for that matter. So many questions ran through his mind then that he didn't know what to do. He meditated, searching himself for anything that might tell him his father was wrong, but he never found it. He was forced to admit to himself that he was indeed undergoing the Pon'Farr.

If not for a mandatory promotion ceremony called by Captain Braggins, Tokat might not have left his room at all, but thanks to that formality things took a most interesting turn. Amanda was distraught over Tokat's behavior and the thought of losing him; she was simply going to run away back to her quarters, but something in Tokat made him react without logical thought. He grabbed her and kissed her, trying to prove his love for her, but somehow in that moment something went wrong. He had inadvertantly transferred the Pon'Farr onto her. Tokat was then determined to break his bond through meditation, for her sake as well as his.

Ultimately, he failed to do so, and entered the Plak'Toww. Tokat was compuslively drawn to meet T'kal in a holographic simulation of a Vulcan Temple. What he did not know, was that as he was drawn to T'kal, Amanda was being drawn to him. Just as the ceremony was set to begin Amanda interrupted. Amanda's declaration of her love for him was just enough to allow Tokat to fight the Plak'Toww, and his bond with T'kal. T'kal assaulted Amanda as all the while Tokat struggled menatally to sever the unwanted bond. Finally, he suceeded.

T'kal's father, a Vulcan Ambassador himself, agreed to conduct their marriage ceremony when Somal refused. And so Tokat too Amanda as his mate.

Fish in a Barrel: Mission to Carraya

Some time after Tokat had fully recovered from the effects of his Pon'Farr, the Ticonderoga were called to duty once again. Orders came through to meet up wtih the 4th Fleet at Starbase Delta and await further instructions. Orders then came for the impromptu fleet to travel to Carraya at high warp.

A holoconference held enroute revealed that a distress call had been recieved from Carraya, claiming the planet was under attack. The fleet were going in to provide assistance in repelling the attackers. Once they arrived however, things turned out to be quite different.

Captain Braggins had transferred to the Nova to provide coordiation for the Fighter forces during the mission, leaving Tokat in command of the Ticonderoga. Orders came from the Nova to deal with the Klingon patrols along the outer edges of the system. The patrols proved to be a baited trap. During the first volley, the Tico was hit by an unknown weapon which suppressed Communications, Sensors, and Shields. Three hull breeches suddenly appeared, and boarding parties began capturing key areas of the ship.

Teams worked to secure the Auxiliary Bridge and Main Engineering, at great cost of life but the third team was unaccounted for until they attacked the Bridge. Tokat and the Bridge crew were pinned down by heavy fire as they waited for security to intervene, but without communications in place they had no way of knowing when or if they would arrive. Help did arrive in the form of the QRF team, but the final exchange caused extreme damage to the bridge. Electrical grenades and disruptor fire left many dead and destroyed numerous consoles. The survivors were severely injured and suffered chemically induced amnesia. Tokat suffered a gunshot wound to the foot and to this day does not remember any concrete details of the invasion, only short flashes of memory. It was by and far the darkest moment of his career.

Once the ship was back under their control, Commander Gregg contacted the Bridge with an idea that would clear away the interference that had disabled the ship's comms and sensors. He theorized that reconfiguring the main deflector properly would cause the disruption field to disperse. Tokat authorized the procedure, and the results were undenyable. The interference was cleared, but unfortunately 71 men and women lost their lives as the forward sections of Engineering, those near the deflector itself, become flooded with lethal levels of gamma radiation.

The picture they saw when they regained contact with the fleet was not a good one. Most ships had sustained significant damage: Sections of the Ticonderoga were irradiated, the Pegasus had literally been ripped in half, the Lejune had crashed onto the Carrayan homeworld. A withdrawal order was soon issued as the fleet evacuated.

Tokat took personal responsibility in rescuing the survivors in Engineering. He led damage control and medical teams in EVA suits to recover survivors, and repair damamge. While his decision to proceed with the risky deflector modification succeeded in getting them back in the fight, Tokat blamed himself for the deaths of all those crewmembers that day, as it was his decision that put them in danger. Eventually he would realize this, but occasionally he stil wonders if he could have found another way.

Revolution: Mission to Yadalla Prime

Once shoreleave was canceled, the crew of the Ticonderoga found themselves involved in a joint mission with the Dauntless. Admiral zh'Mattis explained that the world of Yadalla Prime had been experiencing serious political unrest, and some factions on the planet were beginning to speak of secession from the Federation.

GIven that the nature of the diplomatic climate was so delicate, Tokat had his doubts that they were the best crews to be sent to intervene. Their goals were to protect the Federation Compound and its assets and personnel on the planet, and provide aid to the civilians on the planet. And if necessary, they would offer evacuation to Federation citizens in the event of open war.

Upon arrival, two teams were prepared to beam to the surface, one to the Federation Compound to get a clearer picture of the situation, and the other to the Hospital to begin providing aid right away. Tokat was supposed to lead the team to the Compound, but a disagreement with their Strategic Operations Officer, LCdr Fiore, caused a delay. Once things were sorted out, the team beamed down to the Compound (without Fiore). Tokat's team were met with a very skeptical team of Security and Marines at the compound and were detained until their identities could be confirmed. Once the base's superiors gave the go-ahead, they and a team from the Dauntless were taken to a conference room to discuss strategy in greater detail.

There were several civilans, family memebers of base personnel who were trapped by demonstrators not far from the Compound, but getting to them would not be easy without inciting further anger and rebellion in the process. The situation was delicate to say the least. A famework for a rescue mission was just starting to come together when suddenly an explosion rocked the city. Somehow, the city's orbital shield generator had been sabotaged, leaving the capital defensless. Within seconds, the crews of both ships were beamed back on board to deal with a larger threat.

In orbit, the Ticonderoga was under the effect of a military jamming signal, cutting them off from the Dauntless and the Columbia. Several pirate raiding vessels had appeared from behind the Yadallan moon, and were setting up an attack against the Captial City below. The Ticonderoga, the Dauntless, and the Columbia were all that stood it their way. The three ships managed to negate the pirate's barrage, and the Tico and the Daunty pursued the pirates with fervor. As the battlefield change from Yadallan Orbit to the dark side of the moon, a Romulan Kerchan Dreadnaught appeared, nearly disabling the Ticonderoga. It became clear that the Pirates and the Kerchan had the ability to negate the jamming, and without that ability the Starfleet ships were outmatched.

Commodore Braggins left Tokat in command of the Ticonderoga, and led Halo Squadron on a bombing run to disable the jamming device. The Ticonderoga, the Dauntless, and Halo Squadron all took heavy losses, but Cmdr Braggins did succeed in destorying the jammer, and with communications restored, the Starfleet vessels were able to cause the Pirates and Kerchan to flee.

The Tico was seriously damaged, so Cmdr Wong ordered her to return to Starbase Bravo for repairs as the Dauntless and Columbia finished salvaging the diplomatic efforts on the planet. Upon arriving, a much-needed shore leave was approved, but the usually pleasant mood of time-off was overshadowed by the news of the Destruction of Bajor.


Following the Mission at Yadalla, Tokat was promoted to the rank of Commander, and during the shoreleave that followed, several crewmembers of the Ticonderoga were called to meet Commodore Braggins in the Shipyard on Starbase Bravo, Tokat included. When they arrived, they were given cryptic information, an unmarked plain jumpsuit, and the option of volunteering for an “off-the-record” mission. Without hesitation, Tokat agreed to come along.

Immediately, they set to repairing a rundown, highly-modified freighter: the SS Renegade. Apparently, the ship had been impounded by police and commandeered by Starfleet Intelligence for this mission. Whatever the case, her systems were damaged, and their team only had a short time to effect repairs. As soon as she was spaceworthy again, they loaded their cargo: suspicious crates labeled as torpedoes, and were off.

Once enroute, Paul played a holo-briefing for them from Starfleet Intelligence. Their mission was to infiltrate a base suspected to be used as a staging area by the Uhuverri terrorists (whom Admiral zh’Matis had revealed as the ones behind the Yadalla attacks), as well as numerous Pirates in the area. Upon arrival, they tried to play the part of weapons smugglers bound for the station, but were met with heavy suspicions. Likewise, they were plagued with unfortunate system failures in the Engine Room. A violent plasma injector failure resulted in Kane requiring medical treatment, and triggered a failure of the Warp Core, just as they were attacked.

Tokat and their new Chief of Security, Lieutenant Caldecott, worked feverishly to repair the ailing Warp Core, as Laer tried to stabilize Kane. Somehow, a fire broke out in the rear section, filling the Engine Room with toxic smoke, further complicating the procedures. An explosion resulted from the fire, sending shrapnel into Laer’s legg, cutting his femoral artery. The Betazoid doctor was able to contact Tokat telepathically, and Tokat rushed to save his life. Thanks to a rather unorthodox surgery involving a Multipurpose Gravitonic Effector to cauterize the wound, Laer’s life was saved. Paul managed to escape to Warp just as Murphy and Caldecott extinguished the fire and Ed vented the smoke. All in all, if it had not been for their teamwork, none of them would have survived.

They made it back to Bravo to offer their reports, but Tokat had to wonder if it was worth it. They had learned a great deal from their scans, including the identity of several highly wanted vessels on the station (including the infamous Daimon Whodat). But the had been exposed. He only hoped that whoever was in charge could capitalize on that intel, before the terrorists had a chance to prepare.

Making it back to Bravo, Tokat decided he was overdue for some much needed relaxation.

Gunboat Diplomacy: 2nd Mission to Bishtravah

Not long after the Renegade’s return, the Ticonderoga was chosen for a diplomatic mission to revisit one of her previous battlegrounds. Political disputes on Bistravah had degenerated to the brink of Civil War, and a Federation Ambassador was dispatched to help mediate the conflict as peacefully as possible. Given the ship and crew’s status as heroes and saviors within the system, Starfleet Command decided that the Ticonderoga was the best possible escort for the job.

Upon arrival it was clear that the two parties were indeed on the brink of war. The leaders of each faction, siblings ironically, were brought aboard to a neutral ground, and Ambassador Laer (mother of Ticonderoga Medical Officer Corin Laer) attempted to mediate a peaceful resolution between them. As peace talks were going on however, evidence came to light that the entire conflict had been orchestrated by an unknown outside party. Scans of the area revealed a sensor anomaly that seemed to move with intelligent process. The strange anomaly proved to be none other than the Unlimited Profits, the lead vessel of the notorious criminal Daimon Whodat. Whodat had tried to destroy the Bistravah system during their previous visit.

With Whodat being revealed, the powder keg was finally ignited. A fierce battle ensued between the two warring factions, while the Ticonderoga and her crew tried to bring Daimon Whodat to Justice. During the battle, several stealth fightercraft appeared and fought alongside the Daimon. The fighters appeared to be mock ups of the Highly Classified XF-2 Venators. In the end, the Ticonderoga was seriously damaged as one of the enemy fighters crashed directly into the bridge. Tokat suffered a broken leg and several lacerations as he and the rest of the bridge crew were thrown across the bridge.

Following the battle, the faction leaders vowed to find a peaceful solution to their differences, and revisit the topic of membership in the Federation. After adequate repairs were made, the Tico finally returned to Starbase Bravo, only to find herself due for a significant refit.


During shoreleave, several key members of the crew, Tokat included, were called back to temporary duty to participate in a strategic simulation. The Ticonderoga’s Strategic Operations Director, Lieutenant Commander Donovan, called them all to administer the tactical simulation. They were split into two small crews and put aboard holographic frigates. Tokat was in command of one crew, and Commander Gregg the other. Their orders were straightforward. Hunt down and eliminate the other vessel.

The backdrop was a volatile mix of an asteroid field, a pair of shattered planetoids, and a “briar-patch” region of unstable plasma discharges and metreon gas. Tokat decided to take his crew along the edge of the asteroids in search of the other crew, hoping to ambush them and bring a quick end to the simulation in the process, but all he found was a well deployed probe from Ed’s arsenal. Just before the two ships clashed however, the simulation froze and terminated abruptly. Later diagnostics would reveal that an unexpected power fluctuation from the repair and refit efforts on the Ticonderoga had disrupted the holodeck program. The exam was effectively compromised, and had to be rescheduled for a later date.

Hunting the Hunter: Mission to Muro IX

Shore leave was once again canceled abruptly, but this time for far more serious reasons. The Senior Staff and their assistants were called to an emergency briefing, and when they arrived they discovered that rather than Commodore Braggins, it was a Marine General who had summoned them. Major General Mirax Terrik, in fact. General Terrik briefed them all on a special forces operation that had gone awry. A squadron of highly classified, advanced XF-2b Stealth Fighters had been dispatched to take out an Uhiverri supply depot on Muro IX (a planet whose orbit brought it into Federation territory for roughly one week every five years), but four were shot down. Three of the four had been confirmed as destroyed, but the last remaining fighter and all its military secrets were nowhere to be found. Their mission was to go to Muro IX, locate, and recover the missing fighter (or failing that, destroy it) before the planet crossed back into Romulan Territory.

It was Tokat that brought up the glaring absence of Commodore Braggins. Reluctantly, General Terrik revealed that Paul was one of the pilots who had not returned. They were instructed to make his (or his remains) recovery a secondary objective; the security of the fighter had to come first.

Tokat did his best not to let his personal feelings interfere with his responsibility. With Paul missing, he was considered Acting CO for the mission. It was his duty to lead the crew, and set an example for them. A plan was devised enroute to Muro IX to utilize the Renegade, Ghost Squadron, and Donovan’s newly created Strategic Response Team to locate and secure the crash site before beaming the fighter back to the ship. Things did not go as smoothly as he would have liked though.

Once the crash site was secured, the security team from the Renegade reported taking sniper fire from the forest. The SRT then reported hearing shots fired near their position as well. When SRT finally made contact with the source of the weapons fire, they discovered Commodore Braggins and another downed pilot fighting for their lives. They fell back to the wreckage to take cover, but were pinned down. An airstrike from Ghost Squadron was able to buy them enough breathing room to tag the fighter for transport, and Caldecott’s team had boarded the Renegade and came to pick Donovan’s team up for extraction. Lieutenant Commander Donaghue was critically injured in the process as piece of shrapnel severed the tendon in her leg. She almost bled out, but Midshipman Dawn was able to stabilize her for transport, ultimately saving her life.

Finally all teams managed to board the Renegade and escape the atmosphere. As soon as everyone was back on board, Tokat gave the order to leave the system with little time to spare, as cloaked ships were poised on the Romulan Border, waiting for the planet to return to their area of influence.

On the way back to Starbase Bravo, Tokat made a point to share his thoughts on the mission with the Commodore. He made it perfectly clear that he did not approve of Paul repeatedly putting himself at such unnecessary risk by leading such missions personally. Once Paul was taken off MIA/KIA status and fully reinstated, there was little Tokat could do to stop him, of course, but that didn’t stop him from voicing his personal objections.

Once they arrived however, Tokat intended to take advantage of the Ticonderoga’s refit. He would try his best to clear his mind from the turmoil the previous few missions had invoked. Fate and Starfleet Command, it would have it, had other ideas.

Change, The one True Constant: Command and Captaincy

During shoreleave, a commendation ceremony was held as expected. Rather than announce the decorations and promotions in increasing order of importance as was customary, Paul elected to skip right to the end. The Commodore announced that the Ticonderoga was going to undergo a highly extensive refit, removing the Renegade, the Venators and all their support systems, which would essentially revert the ship to a more standard configuration, even renaming her class-designation. He also announced that he was being transferred to Starbase Bravo to form a new specialized Reconnaissance Fighter Wing, leaving the Ticonderoga in need of a new Commanding Officer. His announcement caught the whole crew off guard, but his announcement that Tokat would be his replacement made even more of an impression.

Following the end of the ceremony, Tokat was called to Admiral zh’Matis’s office where it was all made official. He was made Commanding Officer of the newly refitted USS Ticonderoga, now an Avenger-class Heavy Cruiser, and promoted to the rank of Captain. She noted the Tico’s “unique” reputation, and indicated that he was one of the few officers able to handle such a crew. He was provided with a list of potential First Officer candidates, and after careful consideration and an interview process, he selected Commander Edward Gregg, his very own Chief Science Officer.

Tokat and Gregg then faced the task of adjusting to their new responsibilities, and leading the crew on their new mission.

An Offer They Can’t Refuse: Meet the Dharvaneks

The newly minted Captain Tokat and the newly refitted Ticonderoga were sent out on a simple patrol of the region around 2nd Fleet Space as their first mission. Things quickly turned interested though, as another Star Fleet vessel, the USS Pheonix, met up with them and relayed a new set of orders. The Ticonderoga was the meet up with representatives of the Dharvanek family and negotiate an exchange of information.

The Dharvaneks had a reputation as information brokers and shady characers in the areas around the Romulan Netrual Zone, on both sides. They had claimed to have detailed information regarding the identity of those responsible for attacks on Star Base Bravo, and nearly two dozen other facilities across the region. Star Fleet normally refused to negotiate with criminals or terrorists, but considering what they stood to gain, it appeared they were willing to make an exception.

The Ticonderoga met with the Tagor, a heavily modified Civilian Luxury Cruiser at an abandoned mining facility far off the beaten path in deep space. Tokat, Simmons, Dawn and Donaghue beamed aboard the remains of the station to meet up with the Dharvenek’s leader, D’Ken and his entourage. Negotiations were swift, but in the end D’Ken offered the information in exchange for the Ticonderoga’s assistance in securing a listening outpost along the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone. Naturally, Tokat was reluctant to agree to terms that could possibly start a war.

After careful consideration, and much study and preparation, Tokat decided they had to accept D’Ken’s offer, but before they could get underway, a group of Uhuverri Pirates dropped out of warp and attacked. The Pirates were after the Tagor and the treasure trove of intelligence secrets contained on her computer core. Knowing what it could mean for the Quadrant if terrorists got their hands on that type of information, Tokat gave orders to come to the Dharvanek’s aid. Together with the Tagor, the Ticonderoga successfully destroyed the Pirate Fleet’s Flagship, causing the survivors to rout and fleet at maximum warp.

Fearing that their cover was compromised, D’Ken withdrew his offer and suggested that they revisit the matter at some point in future. Tokat found these terms agreeable, and the ships went their separate ways.

Unfortunately, things were about to become even more eventful.

Inquisition: The Battle for Tellar

[Prior to Temporal Event] The Ticonderoga, along with every other vessel in Star Fleet, received a Priority One Planetary Distress Call from the Sol System. All ships were ordered to join in the defense of the Federation Captial. Earth had been besieged by the Krynar.

Minutes after engaging at maximum sustainable warp, a second message came ordering all vessels to join up on the USS Nova as Earth had been lost. The Bridge crew of the Ticonderoga witnessed the destruction of Earth as Luna crashed into its surface, killing billions in the process.

After five days at warp, the Ticonderoga formed up on the Nova and joined the armada assembling for a massive counterassault. Their objective was simple. Force the Krynar out of the Tellar System and reclaim the Tellarite Homeworld.

The Ticonderoga was part of the tip of the spear, charging forward to engage the Krynar vessels in orbit around Tellar, and clear a path for the Marine Transport ships to move and reclaim the surface. Multiple Krynar Motherships and hundreds of thousands of Shards stood between the Armada and the Tellar Prime. The battle was fierce, and too evenly matched for comfort.

During the bloody conflict, science officers detected an unidentified energy shockwave traveling at impossible speeds. Reading indicated it may have been some sort of Temporal anomaly.

[Post Temporal Event] The Ticonderoga, along with every other vessel in Star Fleet, received a Priority One Planetary Distress Call from the Sol System. All ships were ordered to join in the defense of the Federation Capital. Earth had been besieged by the Krynar.

Some time after engaging at maximum sustainable warp, a second message came through ordering all ships to stand down from Priority One Alert and resume normal operations. The Krynar had fled Earth as the Armada assembled. Special orders came to select vessels to assemble on the USS Nova for an operation in response to the Krynar siege.

The Nova and her Armada were to besiege the Tellar system and attempt to press the Krynar out of the area. The Ticonderoga, alongside the Avenger, the Titan, the Gettysburg, and many other ships of the line, formed the tip of the spear. They worked to clear a path for the Marine Transports to land and attempt to reclaim the surface.

The battle was long and difficult, but the timely arrival of the USS Chin’toka truly turned the tide. The Chin’toka arrived and uploaded a software update to all of the armada’s Heavy Cruisers and the Nova itself. The update provided control software for an experimental weapon that had been pre-installed in the fleet during the recent refit and re-classification. An anti-gravitic beam weapon, known now as the Graser system, was now at their disposal.

The Graser turned the tide of the battle. The armada’s heavy cruisers, the Ticonderoga included, employed their Grasers against the Krynar blockade, destroying every vessel they engaged. The surviving motherships soon fled the system through the use of their gravitic drive systems. Tellar was theirs.

The armada returned to Starbase Alpha for repair and resupply, and to plan their next move. If they played their cards right, it could prove to be the last move in the war against the Krynar.

The time had come to end the Inquisition.

Inquisition: Krynar Homeworld

Following the Battle of Tellar, the Ticonderoga was ordered to join the USS Confederation and her armada for a secret mission. A Top Secret briefing was held to reveal their mission. The armada was going to travel via transwarp gate to a system near the core of the galaxy which had been identified as the Krynar Homeworld. Their goal was brutal, but straightforward: to eliminate the Krynar’s interstellar travel capability. The Ticonderoga’s objective was to join the Avenger, the Intrepid, and the Gettysburg in striking the Command and Control facilities on the surface of the home world, employing their Grasers to ensure the facility’s swift destruction.

Tokat had serious reservations about their objective, as weapon system like the Graser did not differentiate between military and civilian targets. Other captains in the armada shared his concerns, as did Gregg, but they all knew what was at stake. If the Krynar were not stopped they would be free to enslave countless other worlds across the galaxy, if not the universe.

As the Strike Group moved into position, Tokat fell prey to some sort of telepathic assault. He found himself locked away in the corner of his own mind, as some outside force controlled his actions and forcefully fired the Ticonderoga’s Graser at the Avenger, nearly destroying the ship in the process. Quick action and thought by Gregg ensured that the sabatour’s plot did not succeed however, and Gregg assumed command for the remainder of the operation.

The Strike Group successfully carried out their mission, though the sheer force of four Grasers impacting the same point at once had a devastating side-effect on the system. The Grasers upset the gravitic balance of the Trinary Star System, resulting in a massive Gravitic Shockwave that eventually consumed the entire system, killing all who could not flee. The moral implications of their actions have rocked even the most stoic of crewmembers ever since.

Tokat managed to fight his way back into his own mind with the help of his Chief Medical Officer, a fellow Vulcan named T’Aranai Dawn. Dawn helped guide him back to consciousness through a mutual mind meld, and escorted him from sickbay back to the Bridge to finish the battle.

As the Ticonderoga and the remainder of the Strike Group were returning to the site of the home gate, a swift and terrible fate befell the cruiser. An unidentified vessel suddenly fell out of warp within the Tico’s warp bubble, impacted the center sections of the ship, and exploded. The Mighty Ticonderoga was literally ripped apart in the resulting collision and explosion, her drive sections and two chunks of her saucer caught in a deadly spiraling orbit. The ship was completely unrecoverable. Nearly the entire crew was killed instantly, and a good deal more died waiting for help to arrive. Mortally wounded himself, Tokat issued the order to abandon ship.

In all, only 29 crewmembers of the Ticonderoga’s nearly 800 survived the ship’s destruction.

Thanks to swift action by Dawn, and skillful surgery by Dr. Thrace, the Intrepid’s CMO, Tokat survived his injuries. He and the few surviving members of his crew were taken back to Star Base Bravo aboard the Titan for recovery and reassignment.

Heritage (Subplot)

Very much in need of time-off following the loss of the Ticonderoga, its crew, and his own near-death experience, Tokat negotiated with the Chief Medical Officer on Starbase Bravo. He convinced her that medical leave spent on his home planet would do him more good than staying on the station for rehab. Once his leave was approved, he extended an invitation to Lieutenant T’Aranai, his own CMO, to join him. T’Ara, being a Vulcan raised by humans, had begun to express interest in embracing her Vulcan heritage, even formally dropping her human surname of “Dawn” and simply going by her Vulcan given name. Tokat recognized an opportunity for her to learn more firsthand than she ever could through a database entry.

Tokat and T’Ara travelled to Vulcan through civilian channels, both wanting to limit their exposure to Starfleet until they had more time to recover, physically and mentally. Thanks to the generosity of a grateful travel manager, they travelled first-class at no additional charge. During their voyage from Bravo to Vulcan, they met a fellow passenger; a curious Vulcan man named Sovek. Sovek seemed to hold opinions and customs considered somewhat “unorthodox” among traditional Vulcans, not unlike Tokat’s own peculiarities. Upon arrival at the spaceport, Tokat’s parents, Somal and T’Kor, met them outside the terminal, and it was perfectly apparent that Sovek and Somal knew each other. Each of them soured at the sight of the other, Somal taking an accusatory tone, causing Sovek to apologize and excuse himself unexpected. It was clear to Tokat that there was bad blood between the men at some point in the past.

Before he could press the issue with his father, however, T’Ara collapsed unexpectedly. T’Kor, being a medical professional herself, was able to diagnose and treat her. T’Ara had not been taking care of herself: losing sleep, skipping meals, and the like. T’Kor spent the next few days monitoring T’Ara and nursing her back to proper health.

Once T’Ara had recovered sufficiently, T’Kor arranged for her and Tokat to have privileged access to the extensive University Archive system. The Archive contained social, cultural, and genealogical records about Vulcan life that would be notoriously difficult to find anywhere else in the galaxy. During their time at the Archive, Tokat gathered many articles of interest to T’Ara to help her in her studies and progress toward embracing her heritage. He couldn’t help, however, but do a little extra research of his own.

Using security bypasses and algorithms he had acquired over the course of his career, Tokat was able to establish a secure, remote connection to the Governmental Database on Vulcan. Using his father’s Ambassador-level credentials, Tokat was able to dig-up more information about Sovek. He discovered that Sovek served as Somal’s senior aide during his time as Mayor of Vulcana Regar, and served as his Chief of Staff when Somal was elected to the Planetary Council. Sovek’s personnel file, however, was heavily encrypted.

Hoping to get the man to open up, Tokat visited Sovek at his workplace, the Administrative Building for the city. He questioned Sovek about his career with his father, but Sovek resisted. Ultimately, Sovek became angry and threatened to call for security. Tokat agreed to leave peacefully, but not before imparting a few borrowed words of wisdom: “Any ailment can be healed if you take things one step at a time…”

Upon returning to his parent’s home, Tokat made use of the communications suite to contact his old CO, Rear Admiral Braggins, and call in a favor to have the Admiral dig deeper into Sovek’s files. He rationalized his request by pointing out that the safety of a Federation Ambassador *could* potentially be at risk, though he did not necessarily believe that.

The next day, he and T’Ara took the time to prepare a nice meal for his parents, which they were most grateful for. They formally welcomed T’Ara into the home as an esteemed guest, a gesture they had yet to offer. Tokat was pleased that things were going so well, until Sovek arrived as an uninvited guest. After a very tense and awkward series of threats from Somal, Sovek revealed that Tokat’s words had resonated with him and inspired him to seek reconciliation with Somal and T’Kor. Again, things went remarkably well, until an ill-timed communique from Paul sent the situation into a downward spiral.

Paul’s communique revealed that Sovek was in fact a Romulan agent who had infiltrated the Vulcan Council years ago and gained access to sensitive Federation intel by getting close to Somal. His sudden disappearance coincided with Starfleet’s attempts to apprehend him, adding to the suspicious nature of his reappearance. Tokat could only surmise that he had returned to reconcile with the Ambassador and resume his covert Operation, if not worse.

Taking matters into his own hands, Tokat drew his P1 on Sovek and had full intentions of taking him into custody, until Sovek, Somal, and T’Kor revealed the true reason for his sudden departure: he had fallen in love with T’Kor and Somal had discovered the truth. Tokat rejected this idea, but eventually he was forced to accept the truth. T’Kor later explained that after Sovek left she discovered she was pregnant. After much angst and deliberation, Somal reluctantly agreed to raise the child as his own.

It has taken weeks for Tokat to come to terms with this revelation, and only recently has he been willing to discuss it, even with T’Ara and Ed.

===Wings of Change===

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Astronomy and Physics
Academy Minor(s): Astrological Navigation, Astrometrics, Molecular Theory, and Tactics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Tokat enjoys activities which stimulate the mind. Such activities include: reading, solving puzzles, playing Kal-Toh or 3d Chess, and meditation. Tokat also enjoys activities that stimulate the body as well as the mind. Various martial arts, from both Vulcan and Earth, have piqued his interest. Particularly Suus Mahna, Kung Fu, Iajutsu, and Kendo. Recently, Tokat has begun studying Romulan culture in the interest of knowing his heritage and has begun learning to speak Rihansuu without the aid of the Universal Translator.
Short-Term Goals: Come to terms with his Heritage, and learn more about his biological father’s culture.
Long-Term Goals: Play his part in establishing peace in the quadrant.
Personality: Although he still follows the Vulcan traditions of logic and control of emotions, Tokat’s Romulan heritage causes him to occasionally exhibit mild expressions of emotion, especially in times of great distress or frustration.
Sense of Humor: Tokat's sense of humor is usually highly complex, and deeply rooted in logic, but he has been known to commit the occasional “bad pun.”
Phobias: Tokat shares the Vulcan racial phobia of unbridled emotions, though his recent discovery of his Romulan Heritage has caused him to confront this fear more times than he cares to admit. He also suffers an illogical fear of large bodies of water.
Likes: Tokat enjoys viewing the stars, and being around creative minds. He has a discerning taste for tea, appreciating a variety of blends from the throughout the Alpha Quadrant, and has an appreciation for historical literature and media.
Dislikes: Tokat dislikes spicy foods, "strong" beverages such as coffee, some teas, and harder liquors, and excessive sweets. Tokat is a Vegetarian.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Tokat cannot stand those who are unduly closed-minded and detests those who take credit for others' accomplishments.
Bad Habits or Vices: A habit that sets him apart from most Vulcans is his willingness to partake of alcohol. While he does not indulge to excess, the fact that he indulges at all is enough to surprise most.
Achievements: Though it may seem insignificant to most, Tokat is especially proud of the fact that he raised his pet bird, Ariia, from an egg he had found abandoned by its mother. One other accomplishment is that, prior to his Star Fleet education, he had familiarized himself with every constellation visible from the planet Vulcan, and knows the mythology of most. Within his Starfleet career, Tokat is proud to serve as a Captain of Starfleet.
Disappointments: The chief disappointment that Tokat has faced in his lifetime would have to be the fact that his father made him enter into a telepathic bond against his wishes. True, such arranged marriages are common Vulcan practice, and a seven-year-old rarely knows what's truly best for him, but in his mind, even today, his adoptive father violated his trust.
Illnesses: Tokat estimates his next Pon'farr to occur in approximately 5 years.
Strengths: Tokat has little difficulty with matters involving astronomy; since childhood the stars have been one of his passions, and his Star Fleet education has reinforced this. Identifying star systems from sight, reading astrological data, and relative sensor readings has always come easily to him.
Weaknesses: Any and all things medical elude him. This almost seems ironic, considering his mother is a medical researcher, but he was always more enthralled by his mother’s actual research instead of the subject matter at hand. Beyond basic first aid, medical procedures elude him.
Fears: For the longest time, like most Vulcans, Tokat feared any and all things that have the ability to rob him of his mental control. His recent discovery of his Romulan Heritage has forced him to confront this fear several times, and will most likely continue to do so. He also suffers an acute fear of drowning, which fuels his fear of large bodies of water.
Prejudices: Tokat dislikes Klingons. His prejudice comes from their excessive desire for violence, and their constant reliance of "brawn over brain." Given that a Klingon proves himself intelligent, Tokat will eventually revoke this prejudice toward that individual, but he will likely always be skeptical of Klingons as a race.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: When not engaged in Star Fleet duties, Tokat enjoys wearing the traditional attire of his homeworld, particularly Tunics. He sometimes wears more modern Vulcan attire as well, which draws from the cultures of other worlds. Terran suits with Vulcan influence, for example.
Distinguishing Features: The most obvious physical aspects of Tokat are his faint green skin tone, light frame, pronounced eyebrows, and long swept pointed ears. Other than the expected qualities of a Vulcan however, Tokat has few distinguishing features. It could be said that one thing that stands out about him, is the fact that nothing truly stands out about him. Tokat has taken care throughout his life to avoid scars or lasting injuries.
Pets: A Vulcan Kestrel named Ariia. (Deceased, Lost Aboard the Ticonderoga); Rin, a holographic memorial to Ariia.
Friends: Paul Braggins, Edward Gregg, T'Aranai

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Tokat's most painful experience, hands down, was having to cope with the destruction of the Ticonderoga and the loss of over 700 of his crewmembers.
Best Time: One of the best times Tokat has ever had was when he and his mother were stargazing together during his last few years on Vulcan.
Most Crucial Experience: The most crucial moment in Tokat's early life was the moment that he realized that he did not have to accept his father's judgment regarding his enlistment in Star Fleet. He realized that he was coming of age, and as such was free to make the decision for himself. Most recently, a crucial turning point in Tokat’s life has arrived as he has discovered his hidden Romulan ancestry.
Role Model: Tokat’s professional role model is Rear Admiral Paul Braggins, his previous Commanding Officer. During his time as the man’s First Officer, Tokat got to see a lot of what makes the Admiral tick. Oftentimes, when faced with a hard decision, Tokat will give consideration to how “Paul would handle it…” Granted, the answer turns out to be an example of what not to do almost as often as it does a positive influence, but Braggins’s example and counsel will always be of importance to Tokat.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20807.09 – 20808.09 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Tactical Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20808.09 – 20811.01 Midshipman Midshipman
Tactical Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20811.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20811.01 – 20903.01 Ensign Ensign
Tactical Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20903.01 Diamond Star Diamond Star
Tactical Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20903.01 – 20911.01 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Tactical Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20903.01 – 21005.01 Promoted
Chief Tactical Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20908.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Chief Tactical Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 20911.01 – 21005.01 Lieutenant Lieutenant
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21005.01 – 21008.01 Promoted
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21008.01 – 21202.01 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21012.01 Gold Star Gold Star
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21102.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21104.15 Short Story Participant Short Story Participant
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21104.15 Diamond Star Diamond Star
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21202.01 Commander Commander
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21204.01 Annual Citation of Excellence Annual Citation of Excellence
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21204.01 Gold Star Gold Star
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21209.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21302.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21303.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Commanding Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21303.14 Captain Captain
Commanding Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21404.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Commanding Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21405.01 Purple Heart Purple Heart
Commanding Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21405.01 Reassigned
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 1
Gold Star Gold Star 5
Diamond Star Diamond Star 2
Purple Heart Purple Heart 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 3
Short Story Participant Short Story Participant 1
Annual Citation of Excellence Annual Citation of Excellence 1

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