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The Star Fleet Marine Corps is divided into four general areas. First is the Fleet Marine Force (FMF), the main body of the Star Fleet Marine Corps. The second is the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), which is made up of the Marine Field Commands specially trained to be deployed among the fleet on various Installations and Starships throughout the Federation. The third is considered the Headquarters Marine Force (HQMF), which is comprised of the various support and auxiliary departments that do not fall into the various Field Commands. Fourth and finally is the Marine Reserve Force (MRF) which comprises the many Reserve Commands across the Federation.

SFMC Command


Mar-gen.jpg General Christopher "Cross" Hathcock - The Division Head, also known as the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC), oversees the entire Star Fleet Marine Corps. The Commandant reports directly to the Federation Council and the Commander in Chief of Star Fleet.

Deputy Commandant

Mar-gen.jpg General Gregory Hancock - The Deputy Division Head, also known as the Deputy Commandant (DCMC), answers directly to the Commandant. The DCMC assumes the Commandant's duties when, for whatever reason, the Commandant is unable to do so. The DCMC is also the CMC's most senior adviser.

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

Mar-smom.jpg Sergeant Major Roqq - The Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps is the senior most enlisted man, and is responsible directly to the CMC for all matters enlisted. Along with the DCMC, the SMoM is one of the most senior advisers to the CMC.

Headquarters Marine Force (HQMF)

Chief of Staff

Mar-lgen.jpg Lieutenant General Dominic Harris - The Marine Corps Chief of Staff is responsible to the CMC and his deputy for all matters concerning the HQMF, and also manages and coordinates with the various heads of each HQMF section.

Fleet Liason

Com-cmdr.jpg Commodore Chelsea Halifax - The Fleet Liason is a Star Fleet Officer whose responsibilities are to work with the SFMC Chief of Staff in coordination efforts between the Marine Corps and Fleet forces.

Marine Reserve Command

Mar-lgen.jpg Lieutenant General Juan Briseno - The Marine Reserve Commanding General is responsible to the Commandant and Chief of Staff for all matters concerning the Marine Corps Reserve.

Research and Development Command

Mar-col.jpg Colonel Aragorn Revan (Acting Director) - Marine Research and Development Command (MARR&DC) Marine R&D is responsible to the Commandant and Chief of Staff for developing new equipment and technology.

Personnel Command

Mar-bgen.jpg Brigadier General Patrick Nunez - The Director of is responsible to the Chief of Staff for both Personnel and Training matters.

Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF)

The MEF is a select group of specially trained Marines, comprised of the 1st Marine Division and 1st Marine Fighter Wing, who are permanently assigned to Star Fleet vessels. Selection for a place in an MEF unit involves the candidate returning to either Star Fleet Academy if a commissioned officer, or Enlisted Training Camp on Mars, for a year to complete Marine Expeditionary Training.

Marines assigned to the MEF are therefore among the best the Corps has to offer, and operate in small groups of squad or platoon-sized units rather than in full companies or regiments - operations requiring such large amounts of manpower often being assigned to the regular Marines of the FMF.

All Marine Pilots are Expeditionary Trained.

Fleet Marine Force (FMF)

The FMF is the largest Force in the Marine Corps, constituting the main body of all Marine Corps Forces, currently the 2nd Marine Division and 3rd Marine Division. The primary function of the FMF in peacetime is to garrison Federation worlds and assist any Star Fleet Security Forces, or Planetary Defense Forces in the defense of the planet. During times of war, the Fleet Marine Force is usually deployed to worlds along the front lines via the Marine Assault Fleet.

Marine Reserve Force (MRF)

Composed of the body of reservist marines, the MRF is assigned to various stations and planets throughout the entire United Federation of Planets. Due to it's size, the speed in which it can become ready to deploy as an entire Force is much slower. Usually, smaller subordinate units within the MRF will instead be activated and attached to service where needed. Currently, the MRF is composed of one division, the - 4th Marine Division, and one wing, the 2nd Marine Fighter Wing.