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A security officer was an officer who worked for Star Fleet Security, and was, as such, part of a starship or starbase's security department, under the command of a Chief of Security.

A security officer's duties include the protection of Star Fleet and Federation assets, the prevention and investigation of crimes (military or civil), and personal protection of Star Fleet officers and Federation or foreign dignitaries. They follow prescribed Security Procedures and Emergency Courses of Action depending on the situation encountered.

In the 23rd century, it was customary for landing parties to include a number of security officers as guards. This tradition continued into the 25th century with security officers accompanying Away Teams.

Security officers are often armed with at least phaser pistols. If expecting a major boarding attack, hijacking, or large defensive/offensive engagement, security officers can often be equipped with body armor and Phaser Rifles. The Class C uniform usually worn by security officers includes a Tactical Vest variant for Away Missions.

List of Security Officers

Security Officers

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