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A security officer was an officer who worked for Star Fleet Security, and was, as such, part of a starship or starbase's security department, under the command of a Chief of Security.

A security officer's duties include the protection of Star Fleet and Federation assets, the prevention and investigation of crimes, and personal protection of Star Fleet officers and Federation or foreign dignitaries.

In the 23rd century, it was customary for landing parties to include a number of security officers as guards.

In 2366, Captain Jean-Luc Picard received a message from the security officer of the Klingon starship IKS Bortas, Vor'cha class

This template is intended to simplify the wikicode needed for properly italicizing a starship's name, such as:

[[IKS Kronos One|IKS ''Kronos One'']]

The template allows for up to three variables:

  1. Ship's name
  2. Disambiguation (if any)
  3. Textual postfix (if any)
{{IKS|Shipname|Disambiguation|Postfix text}}


The simplest use is with the ship's name, such as:

{{IKS|Kronos One}}

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To use a link to a disambiguating starship name, enter the disambiguation text as the second variable to the template:

{{IKS|Bortas|Vor'cha class}}

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Current list of Security Officers

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