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Corin Laer
Career Occupation
Chief Medical Officer
USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Biographical Attributes
188 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Ash Blonde
Corin’s hair generally runs the gamut from a short, regulation cut to a messy mop of curls pushed back out of his face. He can rarely be bothered to fool with it until a superior officer makes a comment.
Runner’s build. Corin is tall and slender like most other Betazoid, but his running has given him a stronger physique.
Creamy, but being outdoors quickly burns his skin to a deep red
Facial Hair:
Much like his hair, Corin doesn’t pay much attention to any scruff growing until it catches the eye of one of his superiors.
A high baritone with an easy, ringing laugh. Has a refined accent, similar to most other Betazoid. A Terran analog would be a refined British accent.
United Federation of Planets
SanFrancisco, California, Earth
Familial Relationships
LCdr. Shasta Laer, Son of the 3rd House of Betazed, deceased, Served as CMO aboard the USS Unicorn when it was lost to the Borg
Representative Ivalla Laer, Daughter of the 1st House of Betazed, Heir to the Scepter of Medara and Keeper of the Staff of Hal, 65, Betazed’s representative to the UFP Council for 17 years after 10 years as the deputy representative.
Status of Parents:
Ivalla still mourns Shasta’s death, but her duties as representative to the UFP council keep her very busy.
Marital Status:
Single, Corin recently ended a 3-year relationship with a Tactical cadet named Taurik due to the Vulcan’s certainty that any attempt to maintain a relationship after they graduated would be illogical.

Personal History

Corin was born to Illana and Shasta Laer on the 31st day of July at Leonard McCoy Hospital in San Francisco, California. His birth was a normal one and his infant years passed without much excitement. His father had been serving aboard the USS McCarthy, but requested and received a transfer to Star Fleet Medical in Boston, Massachusetts in order to be with his new child. His mother had served for two years as the deputy representative to the UFP Council was able to take an extended maternity leave due to her high position.

Corin’s childhood progressed normally until he reached the age of 6, the only odd thing being that his playmates consisted of the offspring of delegates to the UFP Council. This changed when he began answering questions in class before the teacher had even managed to complete them. It was soon realized that his telepathic abilities had begun to blossom long before they should. Corin was pulled from school and both Illana and Shasta immediately began training their son in responsible telepathy and methods for closing off his mind. The training was effective, but their son’s raw talent proved to be beyond them. Illana used her influence with the Betazoid government and was able to procure the services of one of Betazed’s finest teachers, Fes Olar. The elderly man came and lived with the family and continued Corin’s training, pushing him to develop his abilities while strengthening his defensive capabilities. Eventually, Corin reached a level of proficiency that allowed him to return to school and continue his normal education. Fes Olar returned to Betazed, but returned to Earth whenever possible to see the boy who had become more like a grandchild than a pupil.

Up until the age of 13, Corin enjoyed the easy life of a boy with two loving parents, a best friend with whom he got into endless trouble, and a world of possibilities at his fingertips. This all changed when his father received a communiqué from Star Fleet command offering him the position of Chief Medical Officer aboard the light cruiser, the USS Unicorn. Corin was saddened by the prospect of having less time to spend with his loving father, but encouraged him to take the position and pursue his dreams. Not 6 months later, the Borg invaded and the Laer family received word that the Unicorn had been assimilated and that all hands were assumed to be lost. Corin and his mother were heartbroken. They’re charmed and blessed life had been turned upside down and neither was equipped to handle such a loss. His mother had been serving as chief representative to the UFP Council for 5 years and her responsibilities allowed her only the shortest of mourning periods. Corin, however, wandered listlessly from room to room of their home for weeks, speaking only when spoken to, eating only when reminded, and sleeping just enough to remain standing. Fes Olar even came to Earth to help the family, but it seemed that nothing could shake Corin from his melancholy. This continued until late one night when a sleepless Corin heard gentle sobs coming from his mother’s office. He peeked into the door and saw his mother, lying on her red, synth-leather coach, clutching his father’s picture to her breast and crying gently. It was then that he realized how deeply shook his mother was by the loss of her Imzadi. Corin resolved to become the pillar of support his mother needed and with Fes’ help, he slowly brought normalcy back to his and his mother’s lives.

Corin’s life continued along the path of an average student, but he was uncertain as to where that path led. He had known for most of his adolescence medicine was the field of study that most interested him, but which particular branch totally eluded him. He spent many late nights discussing this with Fes, who had retired to Earth after Shasta’s death and remained living with the family, and Rak, who had already decided to study engineering at Star Fleet Academy. Choosing a field of medicine was the easy part. Corin spoke almost ceaselessly and with his easy nature, strong telepathic abilities, and instinctive desire to help others, psychology and counseling were the obvious choices. Finding a school proved to be more challenging. His mother found brochures for the finest medical schools in the Federation and even some on unaligned worlds, but none seemed a perfect fit to Corin. He had for months been secretly nursing a wish to join Star Fleet and with encouragement from Rak and Fes, he summoned to courage to propose the idea to his mother. Being telepathic, Illana was hardly surprised and could sense the resolve in her son’s heart. With great reluctance she gave her blessing and Corin was soon accepted into the academy. This, however, marked the beginning of a tense period in their relationship.

In the six months before their first semester at the Academy, Corin and his best friend Rak enjoyed a sojourn through the Alpha Quadrant. Ice climbing on Andor, archeology digs on Vulcan, and “fine” cuisine on Tellar (Rak’s favorite part); the young men enjoyed the sights, sounds, and tastes of the stars. The final weeks of their adventure found the friends relaxing on the beaches of Risa. They quickly zeroed in on one of the most popular clubs at their resort and would frequent it most nights. Corin and Rak’s amiable nature quickly won over much of the staff, in particular a cocktail waitress named Zalara Vriando. Rak quickly fell head over heels for the beautiful Risan and Corin found great enjoyment in making his Tellarite friend stammer and sputter in front of Zalara. It was the last night of the friends’ adventure and Rak still hadn’t summoned the courage to make any advances with Zalara. The men headed to the club with great resolve, but were shocked by what they found. Upon entering the club they saw a frightened Zalara cornered by two very drunk and very lecherous Nausicaans. Immediately, Corin and Rak stepped in, trying to extricate their new friend from an awkward situation. What had begun as a fun night quickly degenerated into a barroom brawl. Thankfully, the two Nausicaans and consumed far more than what would be considered a healthy amount on that night and were not at full fighting capacity. Despite their handicap, the Nausicaans managed to give Corin and Rak a fairly sound beating. Had the authorities not arrived when they did one of the other likely would have received a knife in the belly. As it were, Corin received a split eyebrow and lacerations on his hand while Rak earned a broken nose and bruised ribs. An extremely grateful Zalara spent a week nursing her two heroes and as a result, a romance began to take root between her and the Tellarite, Rak. Corin and Rak returned to Earth at the end of the week, but they kept their scars as reminders of their 6-months abroad. Rak and Zalara have been dating since their last week on Risa.

Corin’s time at the academy was busy, but happy. He enjoyed his classes, made many friends, and received more than a few demerits for speaking out of turn. One catalyzing moment in his time was the day that he met Taurik of Vulcan. The two second-year cadets were enrolled in the same First Contact procedures seminar and upon seeing the handsome Vulcan the first day, Corin made a point to sit next to him for the very next day. The two young men quickly bonded over having lost their father’s during the Borg invasion and a budding friendship soon blossomed into a lengthy romance. Corin had been in relationships a few times before, but something deep within his soul told him that this Vulcan was his Imzadi. The cadets seemed to balance each other perfectly. The stoic Vulcan brought constancy to the life of the outgoing Betazoid and Corin’s spontaneity helped soften Taurik’s sharp edges. They dated through their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years and both were content in the relationship until the time for graduation neared. Corin began to notice Taurik spending more time in his own quarters and less time with him, but this seemed easily explained by exams and end of term stress. Thus, Corin was floored when Taurik suddenly broke things off, citing the illogical nature of long distance relationships between Star Fleet officers. Corin had little time to dwell on his loss as final exams were quickly approaching.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Xeno-Psychology, Xeno-Neurology
Academy Minor(s): First Contact Protocol, Linguistics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Corin is a bit of a renaissance man. He’ll throw himself into a project, but find himself bored with it a few months later and quickly move on to a new obsession. As a result he speaks a functional amount of Vulcan (learned under Taurik’s tutelage), French, German, and Tellarite, can build a rudimentary ancient Earth radio transmitter, and has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of operas by WA Mozart among other esoteric skills. He is also an avid runner and outdoorsman.
Short-Term Goals: To help his mother come to terms with his decision to join Star Fleet, to assimilate well into the crew of his first assignment
Long-Term Goals: To become Head Counselor or Diplomatic Officer of a vessel, to find a partner and start a family.
Personality: To call Corin gregarious would be a severe understatement. His unreserved nature and affable manner make him easy to get along with in some situations, but highly annoying in others. As the son of a diplomat, he is certainly capable of propriety and decorum, but rarely chooses to observe such “suffocating” etiquette. His heightened empathy makes him very sensitive to somber moods and negativity so he makes an active effort to lighten the mood whenever possible.
Sense of Humor: Corin will truly laugh at anything, even if it’s to make the teller of the joke feel better.
Phobias: If queried, Corin would say that he fears nothing, but his mother and former teachers would say that he fears silence. He is occasionally bothered by nightmares about the Borg and his father’s assimilation.
Likes: Corin loves to listens endlessly to all varieties of music though he has a soft spot for Earth opera from the 17th century CE and even studied as a classical singer during his secondary education and whenever his Academy schedule permitted.
Dislikes: Corin dislikes formal, diplomatic functions only because he must be reserved and by his standards, morose. His love for his mother however keeps him on his best behavior. He once, with his friend Rak, set off a stink bomb during a dinner at the Tellarite embassy and his mother did not speak to him for three days.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who take themselves too seriously. Corin spent much of his childhood surrounded by stodgy, old politicians and he has little patience for vanity.
Achievements: Corin has completed 5 marathons and prides himself on having improved his time with each race. In his final marathon, the Academy marathon, he was the first humanoid to finish. He is also an excellent student, remaining in the top 5% of his Academy class throughout his education.
Disappointments: The decline of Corin’s relationship with his mother troubles him deeply. Also, the end of his relationship with Taurik saddened him deeply and he hasn’t yet come to terms with the break up.
Illnesses: Minor childhood illnesses and various sprains from his running.
Strengths: Being the son of two noble houses, Corin is a more powerful telepath than most of his species. His abilities manifested at a young age, but his mother’s influence gave him access to the very best training and he rarely has trouble blocking out the thoughts of others.
Weaknesses: In moments of intense stress and pressure, Corin’s mental blocks have been known to fray and he may become distracted by the thoughts of those around him.
Fears: Corin does not like being alone for extended periods of time or the silence that comes with that loneliness.
Prejudices: While Corin is extremely open-minded, he can be somewhat squeamish around species that make regular use of cybernetic implants.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Corin can generally be found wearing athletic attire when he is out of uniform. Shorts and sleeveless shirts make up the extent of his off-duty wardrobe, but he has some nicer things for when he accompanies his mother to formal events.
Distinguishing Features: Corin’s height, voice, and ringing laugh are generally enough to make him stand out in a crowd. He has a small scar that splits his right eyebrow and some thin scars over his left knuckles from a bar altercation on Risa during the 6 months he took off between completing his secondary education and beginning at the academy.
Pets: Corin’s luck with pets was spotty throughout his childhood. He owned

and effectively murdered or lost a menagerie of fish, birds, and various small creatures.
Friends: Rak chon Gorveel, son of the Tellarite delegate to the UFP council, currently serving as an engineer aboard the USS R.E. Lee.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The loss of his father to the Borg shook Corin to his very core. His father had managed to remain stationed planet side at Star Fleet Medical for most of Corin’s childhood and it was only with Corin’s encouragement that he finally took a posting on the Unicorn as CMO. The only thing that kept the 13 year old from withdrawing and shutting down emotionally was the knowledge that his mother needed him to remain strong.
Best Time: Corin and his best friend, Rak, both took 6 months to explore the quadrant and experience life before they began their studies at the Academy. Corin’s father had done the same as a young man and had entertained his son with countless stories of barely functioning freighter, corrupt customs agents, and he day he met his mother on Andor when she was an aide to the Betazoid ambassador on the planet. Corin and Rak’s trip came to an unfortunate end when the two tried to fight a drunk Nausicaan who had been making unwelcome advances on a Risan cocktail waitress. Both received a few cuts and bruises, but Corin kept the scar on his eyebrow and knuckles as a reminder that helping people never has too high a cost.
Most Crucial Experience: Corin’s decision to follow his father’s legacy and join Star Fleet created a rift between he and his mother. Illana had of course sensed the decision coming, but it was not until the idea finally solidified in his mind that Corin decided to act. Illana grudgingly lent what aid she could in the application process, but her fear of losing her son in the same manner that she lost her Imzadi caused her to slowly pull away from her son. She buried herself in her work and her relationship with Corin had been strained throughout his studies at Star Fleet Academy.
Role Model: Corin’s role models are his parents. His mother for her strength and resolve to serve the Federation and its people to the best of her ability, his father for his compassion and tender caring for those around him. Also, the tutor who helped him master his telepathic abilities, Fes Olar, has remained a happy and strong part of his life.

Career History

Stardate 21105.22 - Graduated, Medical Division, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 21105.22 - Promoted to Midshipman, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21107.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21201.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21201.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade), assigned as Chief Medical Officer., USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21204.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21204.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21206.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21206.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471

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