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The Security Chief (or Chief of Security or COS) is the officer in charge of the security division of a starship or starbase.

In the Earth Star Fleet, the armory officer was in charge of a ship's security department. In the mid-23rd century Federation Star Fleet a security chief was not necessarily a Bridge Officer. In the 2270s, the role of security chief was combined with that of the Chief Tactical Officer. The "CTO" could be a separate position or be combined with that of helmsman or navigator.

In the 24th century, with helm and navigation consolidated in the new flight controller position, the chief tactical officer fulfilled the role of security chief.

By the 25th century the role of Chief of Security was separate from the Chief Tactical Officer.

Chiefs of Security are required to go through department head training prior to assuming this position.

Chiefs of Security must hold the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade or above. They are assigned to their position by the ship's Commanding Officer for showing a history of excellent playing and the ability to lead others in their department

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