USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471

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United Federation of Planets logo.pngUSS Ticonderoga, CA-1471United Federation of Planets logo.png
Avenger Class Heavy Cruiser
United Federation of Planets
Type: Heavy Cruiser (CA)
Length: 650 Meters
Beam: 350 Meters
Height: 100 Meters
Mass: 3,651,300 Metric Tons
Decks: 23 Deck Plans
Crew Compliment: Standard: 173 Officers, 691 Enlisted Crew Breakdown
Emergency: 1,500
Warp Speed: Type: 2 Main Warp Engines (Type 6D)
Cruise Speed: 6 (3 with saucer separation)
Sustainable Speed: 9.2 (7 with saucer separation)
Emergency Speed: 9.6 (12 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: Type: 1 Main Impulse Engine (MIE),
2 Secondary Impulse Engines (SIE)
Speed: .93 C
Defensive Systems: Type 1 Main Shield Generator (MSG-2)
Other Defensive Systems: Sensor Cloak, Ablative Armour
Armament: Phasers: 2 banks of 3 Type 1 (P/S)
3 banks of 2 Type 1 (2F/1A-360D)
Torpedoes: 5 Torpedo Launchers (3F/2A)
Payload: 100 Quantum, 250 Photon Torpedoes, additional material for 100.
Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-2
Tractor/Repulsor: 2 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beams,
6 Docking Tractors,
2 Shuttle Tractors
Shuttlecraft: 1 Bay (A), 8 Shuttles (6 Type 7, 2 Type 9A),
1 Runabout (Type 1). 1 Seleya Class Captains Yacht
Sensors: Andorian Industries FSMSA-2
Offensive Rating: 80%
Defensive Rating: 80%
Maneuverability Rating: 60%
CER: 73.7%


The USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 is the fourth Federation starship to bear the name. It is named for the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775. On May 10, 1775, Vermonter Ethan Allen and Colonel Benedict Arnold surprised and captured the small British garrison at Fort Ticonderoga. Cannons captured at the fort were hauled away and used to win the stalemate the siege of Boston, helping the American colonies earn a early victory in the American Revoluntionary War.


Former Earth vessels to bear the name Ticonderoga:
USS Ticonderoga (1814) - 17-gun schooner of Commodore Thomas Macdonough's flotilla in the victorious Battle of Lake Champlain on 11 September 1814.
USS Ticonderoga (1863) - steam sloop-of-war which served with distinction during the American Civil War. It was in commission from 1863 to 1881.
USS Ticonderoga (1918) - served the Naval Overseas Transportation Service during World War I in 1917 and 1918.
USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) - fourth ship to bear the name, was a long-hull Essex-class fleet aircraft carrier. "The Big T" served from 1944 to 1973, earning 17 battle stars for service during World War II and the Vietnam War.
USS Ticonderoga (CG-47) - fifth ship to bear the name, was a guided-missile cruiser, homeported in Pascagoula, Mississippi. This "Tico" was the lead ship of her class.

Former Federation starships to bear the name Ticonderoga:
USS Ticonderoga, NCC-1736 - first starship to bear the name, was a Constitution-class Federation starship in service during the 23rd century.
USS Ticonderoga, NCC-3111 – second starship to bear the name, was a Proxima-class Battleship in service to Star Fleet in the late 23rd century.
USS Ticonderoga, NCC-2034 - third starship to bear the name, was an Excelsior-class battleship in service to Star Fleet in the 24th century.

Current: USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Vessel Class: Avenger

Commanding Officer(s):
Vice Admiral Joseph Daher (240710.11 - 241004.25)
Commodore Paul Braggins (241004.25 - 241302.24)
Captain Tokat (241302.24 - Present)

Vessel Dedication Quote

"All we know is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown." - William Harvey


The USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 was commissioned and launched on Stardate 20710.11 as Flagship of the Second Fleet under the command of Rear Admiral Joseph Daher and was deployed on the Romulan Front at the opening of hostilities that became the Third Romulan War.

During the war, the Ticonderoga was used as a testbed for the experimental XF-2 Fighter Programme.

With then-Vice Admiral Daher's transfer to Earth, the Ticonderoga's First Officer, Paul Braggins was assigned its new Commanding Officer on Stardate 21004.25. No longer the fleet flagship, the Ticonderoga often operated alone on missions, and the unorthodox methods its crew used to complete missions landed it with a justified reputation as being home to renegades and loose cannons.

With the advent of the Uihvueri crisis along the Romulan Border, the Ticonderoga was withdrawn from Independent Operations, and assigned to pioneer a project that had started with the development of the XF-2 Fighter. As lead ship of Light Carrier Group Omega-2, the Ticonderoga's mission was to patrol the Border areas, suppressing Uihvueri movements and operations in the area.

Following the attacks on Starbase Bravo and other facilities along both sides of the Neutral Zone, the Light Carrier Group was disbanded and Commodore Braggins reassigned. The Ticonderoga's First Officer, Tokat was made Commanding Officer on Stardate 21302.24. Without the Carrier Group or a Flag Officer in command, the Ticonderoga underwent an extensive refit to meet the fleet's updated needs.

Heavy Cruiser Perspective
Heavy Cruiser Top
Heavy Cruiser Side
Heavy Cruiser Front

Auxiliary Craft

Captain's Yacht

USS Ouachita CY-1471-C
(Pronounced: WOSH-i-taw)

Runabout, Type-1

(Named after the River on which Fort Ticonderoga was found)
USS Hudson, CA-1471/R

Shuttles, Type-7

(Named after Commanders of historical ships named Ticonderoga)
Stephen Casein, CA-1471/3
J.L. Lardner, CA-1471/4
Arthur Radform, CA-1471/5
William Stinton, CA-1471/6
James Arrison, CA-1471/7
Joseph Daher, CA-1471/8

Shuttles, Type-9A

(Named after Commanders of Fort Ticonderoga)
Ethan Allen, CA-1471/1
William Delaplace, CA-1471/2

Crew Manifest

Command Staff
Com-capt.jpg Tokat Commanding Officer Vulcan E-Mail
Com-cdr.jpg Edward Gregg First Officer Human E-mail
Tactical Department
Tac-lcdr.jpg Jason Simmons Chief Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Tac-ltjg.jpg Serran Zan Tactical Officer Trill E-Mail
Engineering Department
Eng-lt.jpg Marcus Lane Chief Engineer Human E-Mail
Eng-lt.jpg Chris Kane Engineer Trill E-Mail
Security Department
Sec-lcdr.jpg Addison Donaghue {Crawford} Chief of Security Human E-Mail
Sec-ltjg.jpg Ana Rojas Security Officer Human/Elasian E-Mail
Sec-mid.jpg Thomas Moran Security Officer Human E-mail
Science Department
Sci-ltjg.jpg Chief Science Officer [mailto:]
Sci-ens.jpg Andrew Regan Science Officer Human E-Mail
Sci-mid.jpg Anthony Moriarty Science Officer Human E-Mail
Medical Department
Med-lt.jpg T'Aranai Dawn Chief Medical Officer Vulcan E-Mail
Med-mid.jpg Kaja Conway Medical Officer Human/Denobulan/Betazoid Email

Captain's Logs

Mission Log 1 - Stardate 20804.20 "The Hunt for Nightowl"
Mission Log 2 - Stardate 20808.01 "Standing Tall"
Mission Log 3 -
Mission Log 4 - Stardate 20910.16 "Acquisition by Any Means Necessary"
Mission Log 5 - Stardate 21005.01 "Welcome to The Lobe Globe"
Mission Log 6 - Stardate 21101.01 "Sunrise over Carraya"
Mission Log 7 - Stardate 21105.01 "Revolution"
Mission Log 8 - Stardate 21202.01 “Recon Run”
Mission Log 9 - Stardate 21206.01 “Gunboat Diplomacy”
Mission Log 10 - Stardate 21210.01 "Hunting the Hunters"