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Arity: Singular
Spectral class: G2V
Mass: 1x Sol

Sol (aka The Sun or Helios) is the common name for the star that formed the Sol system, where the planet Earth is located.
It is the spectral class G2V, with an age of circa 4.5 billion years, and will at least shine for another five billion years.

The Human scientist Galileo Galilei was found guilty by an inquisition because of his teachings that Earth surrounded the sun.

During the 23rd century on at least two accounts, the crew of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 used Sol to assist in a method of time travel known as the "slingshot effect" after they had been sent to the past.

In the year 2286, the crew of "HMS Bounty" used the "slingshot effect" to travel to the year 1986, and once again in that year to return to 2286.