23rd Century

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The 23rd century, defined in the calendar of Earth as being from 2201 until 2300, was a period of expansion for the Federation, with Humans and other founding species, such as Vulcans, at the forefront of exploration.

The long-running conflict with the Klingons, begun in the 22nd century, was a major topic of this century's history, as was the rekindling of tensions with the Romulans.

Of particular note are the voyages of the starship Enterprise and the careers of its long-serving command staff under James T. Kirk.



  • An alternate approach to the transporter, the Elway Theorem, is first tested in this century.
    Instead of using subspace as the medium for which matter and energy are transported from one location to another, this form of transporting used the dimensions of space.
    In the end, this approach is rejected as fatal for the subject and being not as nearly as accurate as the transporter.

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