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Joseph Daher
Career Occupation
Commanding Officer, Group Commander
USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Rear Admiral
Rear Admiral
Star Fleet Registration:
2002072218-001 NOLOU
Biographical Attributes
183 cm (6 ft. 0 in.)
81.6 kg (180 lb.)
Eye Color:
Light Brown
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Military crew cut
Average build, Well-toned
Light olive
Facial Hair:
None. Joseph is normally clean shaven.
Daher has a deep, commanding voice and a New Orleans accent. Known colloquially as the “Yat” accent (from the local greeting “Where y’at?”), it is distinct in that it sounds very similar to the “Brooklynese” accent of New York City.
United Federation of Planets
New Orleans, Louisiana, Earth
Familial Relationships
Frank Daher
Amy Daher
Status of Parents:
Joseph's parents are retired from Star Fleet and reside at their home in uptown New Orleans, Earth
Joseph has one brother and one sister. Alec, 36, is a Star Fleet Marine gunnery sergeant assigned to the USS Gettysburg, BC-1863. Anna, 35, is a civilian attorney working for the Federation
Marital Status:
Joseph was married to Commander Jessica Hunter on Star Base Alpha on Stardate 20411.14. Commander Hunter died on Stardate 20702.05 after spending the better part of a year in coma. He has been dating Gabriella Dalton, a High School teacher he met on Earth, for a few years now. They are engaged and plan to be married soon.
He has an 12 year old daughter named Chloe from his marriage with Jessica Hunter.

Personal History

Joseph was born on July 27 in New Orleans, Louisiana on Earth. He is the son of two Star Fleet officers; his father in the Security Department and his mother in Science. When Joe was two years old, he left with his father to the New Orleans-class starship USS Houma, NCC-65522 while his mother was assigned to an astrological survey of the Black Cluster. When Joe was five, he met Shawn Timmons, the son of a recent Star Fleet transfer to the ship. Being the same age, the pair became best friends quickly and remained in contact despite being later separated by their families’ duties.

When Joseph was six years old, his grandfather (whom he was close to) was killed at the outbreak of the First Federation/Romulan War when Romulans murdered everyone on Outpost 367, an intelligence-gathering station along the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone. Star Fleet records are unclear about the specifics of the attack, but do mention that they believed an undercover Tal’Shiar agent had infiltrated the outpost prior to the attack and sabotaged its defense systems. This incident had a profound effect on Daher, and over the years he grew to despise Romulans.

Throughout the rest of his childhood, Daher moved from ship to ship or base to base depending on where his parents where assigned. When he was thirteen years old, his father was assigned to the Federation embassy on Betazed. While there he often baby-sat five year old Salene Tynan, the daughter of one of the Betazoid ambassadors. Salene went on to become a medical officer in Star Fleet and the two remained friends through the years.

When Joseph was seventeen years old, he applied to Star Fleet Academy and was accepted after having taken the entrance exam twice. While his friend Shawn, who had always been adept at fixing things, studied Engineering, Joe had taken an interest to law and criminal justice. He became romantically involved with Laura Hall, another law cadet, in his freshman year. Shortly after, he discovered that she was cheating on him and broke off the relationship. He found it difficult to concentrate on his studies and requested to transfer to a new major, Tactical.

During his sophomore year at the Academy, Joe found a new passion in piloting. He discovered that he had a natural talent for operating both small vessels and larger starships. He was a member of one of the Academy flight teams and was even good enough to join Nova Squadron, the Academy’s elite flight team. He eventually declined the offer to join the team because of the time-commitment for his double major and minor.

Joseph graduated summa cum laude in the top 5% of his class. He was promoted to the rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 as a junior tactical officer at the height of the Second Federation/Romulan War. By the time he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade a few years later, he was an excellent pilot and respectable weapons officer on the battlecruiser. During one mission, when his Department Head was incapacitated, Captain Wueste assigned Daher as the Acting Chief Tactical Officer. Inspired by this new position and responsibility, Joseph worked as hard as he could.

During the Borg Invasion he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as the Chief Tactical Officer of the Gettysburg. For his meritorious service in the Borg Invasion, in which the Gettysburg played a critical role, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and awarded the Gold Star, one of Star Fleet’s highest honors. Even at this point in his career, Daher was already showing advanced leadership skills. Captain Wueste noticed this and appointed Joseph as the Second Officer on the Gettysburg.

After the Borg and Romulan wars, Daher entered Star Fleet Academy’s post-graduate program and completed Advanced Tactical Training and Star Fleet Command School, which culminated in him passing the Bridge Officer's Test.

Shortly thereafter, Commodore Wueste left the Gettysburg to serve as Assistant Fleet Commander on Starbase Charlie and Captain Alex Lorien took command of the battlecruiser. Instead of appointing Daher as his executive officer, Lorien brought in Commander Elisa Godard from the USS Philadelphia to fill that billet. Joe wasn’t sure if he disliked his new CO for passing him over for promotion or for taking Wueste’s position. The tension between Daher and Lorien remained high throughout the duration of their time together.

On his first mission with Captain Lorien, Lieutenant Commander Daher was approached by Star Fleet Intelligence to participate in negotiations with the Romulans and the Cardassians. Forced to work with people he’d harbored a deep hatred for most of his life, Daher lost his control during the mission and attacked a member of the Romulan diplomatic staff after being insulted. Star Fleet Command suspended Daher from active duty pending the results of a JAG Article 32 hearing and counseling sessions. Joseph was officially reprimanded for his actions, but returned to active duty status. ("Double Cross")

Joe thought that his career was over after that – an official reprimand would make promotions nearly impossible – but Captain Himbog specifically requested him for First Officer of the USS Sheridan. The destroyer was a lot less glamorous than his previous assignments, but Joseph was determined to make use of his second chance and prove that he was a worthy command officer. In his first mission as First Officer, Captain Himbog was incapacitated and the Sheridan was catapulted into the 51st century. Daher successfully commanded the ship and managed to get her back to the present.

While serving as FO of the Sheridan under Captain Quill Dramar, Joseph participated in the Battle of Tansec (awarded the Star Fleet Achievement Medal) and defended the Federation against the reptilian aliens that attacked on Stardate 20412.05 (awarded the Diamond Star). He formed a close friendship with Captain Dramar and asked him to perform his wedding ceremony. Joseph married Lieutenant Commander Jessica Hunter on Stardate 20411.14.

Captain Daher on the USS Titan

On Stardate 20501.31, Joseph was promoted to the rank of Captain and assigned as the Commanding Officer to the light cruiser USS Titan, CL-2007 to replace Admiral Tam Otlan who had been assigned as commanding officer of the USS Comet, BB-102. His first mission was to explore a super-solar system with the USS Yeager, SC-8018 and the USS Copernicus, GEC-9035. Joseph was prepared for an uneventful mission; it turned out to be anything but. He discovered an ancient Iconian gateway under Romulan control on the planet Dvorak and rescued the USS Yeager and her crew after the scout ship crashed on a planet. For his actions during that mission, he was awarded the Gold Star.

On his second mission as CO of the Titan, Daher was ordered to conduct a search for the missing frigate USS Denver, FF-6047, which had disappeared near the western Federation border. The Titan followed the Denver’s trail to the uncharted nebula FSG-477 when an unknown energy entity infiltrated the ship’s systems and began wreaking havoc. The entity slowly took over the control systems through the use of the computer cores and began trying to exterminate the crew. Commander Hunter, Daher’s wife, was among the casualties. The crew eventually prevailed by ejecting the computer cores and destroying them, thus killing the entity. They were then rescued by the very ship they had been sent to find – the Denver had also been taken hostage by the entity. Daher reluctantly accepted a Distinguished Service Globe, the Federation’s 3rd highest military honor.

After a brief shoreleave on Starbase Alpha, Daher was ordered to take the Titan to the Hiromi cluster to search for the missing Federation frigate USS Comox. During their search, the Titan picked up four Star Fleet officers in an escape pod who claimed to be working for Star Fleet Intelligence. Joseph had worked with one of them, Commander Avark, before during his joint mission with the Copernicus. Avark tricked Daher into rescuing his parents who were being held captive by the Klingons and when Joe tried to arrest him, the rouge Klingon disabled the Titan and made off with their runabout, USS Mississippi.

After completing repairs, the Titan pursued the runabout to Tharos III, a primitive world with a duonetic field that inhibited all electronic devices. After forming an away team and repelling Avark’s attacks, they were eventually able to capture the Klingon Star Fleet officer. They returned him to SBA and transferred custody to JAG. The Klingon High Command claimed that the Titan had destroyed a medical convoy inside their borders and requested Star Fleet extradite Daher to eht eEmpire for a trial. The Federation refused when sensor evidence showed that the Klingon vessels had not been destroyed by the Titan. Daher is still wanted "dead or alive" by Emperor Kalok. The repercussions of these events only proved to further polarize the Federation and Klingon Empire.

After Commander Avark was killed by a Klingon agent before his trial began, Daher was cleared of any wrongdoing by a JAG investigation. Less than a year later, Rear Admiral Tam Otlan took a position at Star Fleet Command, leaving the 2nd Battle Group Commander billet open. Joseph was selected by the CINC of Star Fleet and President Jon Beckett to fill the role. He was promoted to the rank of Commodore and the Titan was assigned as the flagship of the 2nd Battle Group.

Daher's first mission as 2nd Battle Group Commander was to intercept the SS Hippocrates, a Federation medical ship that had altered its course towards the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone and was not responding to hails. Against standing orders, Daher pursued the Hippocrates into the Neutral Zone, determined not to let it fall into Romulan hands. He was prepared to have the Titan disable the ship's engines when Commander Nathan May, under the effects of a mind-altering pathogen, staged a mutiny. Joseph and his loyalists were confined to the Brig, but were quickly freed by his marine brother, Alec Daher who was also serving on the ship.

After regainging control of his ship, Daher discovered that the Hippocrates had been hijacked by an unstable mental patient calling himself "Abraham". The Titan was able to disable the medical ship before if crossed into Romulan space and beam over a security team to secure it, but not before the Romulan warbird Donatra decloaked and demanded the immediate surrender of the Titan. The Federation light cruiser was able to get a tractor beam on the Hippocrates and tow it back to Federation space with the assistance of the Federation destroyer USS Tokugawa. ("Order of Abraham")

USS Ticonderoga in drydock

On Stardate 20710.11, the Federation's newest heavy cruiser USS Ticonderoga was assigned to replace the USS Titan as the flagship of the 2nd Battle Group. With hostilities between the Federation and Romulan Empire increasing, Star Fleet felt that a show of force along the border might make the Romulans think twice about staging any attacks. Commodore Daher, along with most of the Titan crew, were transferred to the Ticonderoga.

Daher at the firing range
Daher's ID Card (Front)
Daher's ID Card (Back)

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Tactics and Defense, Mechanical Engineering
Academy Minor(s): Criminal Justice, Psychology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Joe's past-times include playing soccer, reading, and listening to music
Short-Term Goals: Joe's current short-term goal is to spend more time with his daughter and his fiancee, Gabriella
Long-Term Goals: His main long-term goal is to serve Star Fleet. However, he also continues to search for the Romulan Tal'Shiar agen responsible for the attack on Federation Outpost 367
Personality: Varies - can be cautious or adventurous depending on the situation; mostly easy-going off-duty, but completely by-the-book while in uniform
Sense of Humor: Joseph has an excellent with. He knows where and when to say what, and isn't afraid to
Phobias: Although he was never plagued by any life-threatening illnesses in his youth, Daher has always been extremely terrified of doctors and medical facilities to the point where he only visits them when absolutely required to. It is very ironic that he was married to a Star Fleet medical officer
Likes: Joseph likes Saurian brandy, piloting starships, and hard-working people
Dislikes: He dislikes Romulans as a rule, arrogant line officers, and hyposprays
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Joe has had the habit of cracking his knuckles since he was a teenager
Bad Habits or Vices: His biggest pet peeve is being interrupted while he is talking
Achievements: One of Joseph’s greatest personal achievements is being MVP of the Star Fleet Academy Soccer Championship in his senior year. He always enjoyed the game and started playing when he was six years old. Among other things, Daher is an accomplished martial-artist (coming 7th place in one Academy tournament) and a skilled pilot.

He graduated in the top 5% of his Academy class, has served on 4 different starships, and achieved flag rank by the age of 40. He has been awarded numerous citations and medals (see medal history below)
Disappointments: His greatest disappointment was being suspended from active duty and reprimanded for his conduct on a diplomatic mission with Star Fleet Intelligence
Illnesses: Joseph has never had any major illnesses, but he has been injured in the line of duty on more than one occasion
Strengths: Joseph is extremely loyal to his friends and hard-working. He is also articulate and intelligent. All of these attributes make him an excellent leader
Weaknesses: Daher has anger-management issues directly relating to his history with the Romulans; can be over-aggressive when threatened
Fears: Ever since his wife was killed, his greatest fear is that he will not be able to protect his little daughter, Chloe
Prejudices: Joseph believes that all Romulans, even those in Star Fleet, are inherently evil. He blames them and especially the Tal’Shiar for the death of his grandfather
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Being a Star Fleet officer serving on a Federation vessel rarely affords one the luxury of being awake and off-duty at the same time. However, in the rare instances that he is, Joseph prefers to wear very casual clothing – a short sleeve shirt, pants, and tennis shoes.
Distinguishing Features: Daher has a small, barely-visible scar above his right eyebrow. He was accidentally kicked in the face in his senior year during the Star Fleet Academy Championship Soccer Game. Although the medical technology of the 25th century allows scars to be removed very easily, Joe opted to leave the scar as a visible reminder of the struggle required to win.
Pets: Joseph had a golden retriever, Demore, that died when he was 10 years old. His wife had a small rabbit named Oscar. He has been taking care of it since her death.
Friends: Joseph’s best friend is Shawn Timmons an engineer in Star Fleet. He was born in Mobile, Alabama and met Joseph when his parents were transferred to the USS Houma

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The most painful experience in his life was the death of his late wife, Commander Jessica Hunter. Daher still feels responsible even though he knows there was nothing he could’ve done to prevent it.
Best Time: The best time in Joe’s life was when Jessica agreed to marry him.
Most Crucial Experience: The most crucial experience in Daher’s career was when he worked with Star Fleet Intelligence in treaty negotiations between the Romulans and Cardassians.
Role Model: Joe’s role model was his first commanding officer, Daniel Wueste. Joe credits Wueste’s guidance and leadership to his being where he is today.

Career History

Stardate 20207.22 - Graduated, Tactical Division, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 20207.22 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20211.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20211.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20211.12 - Assigned as Chief Tactical Officer, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20303.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20304.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20304.27 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20304.27 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20305.01 - Assigned as Second Officer, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20310.30 - Suspended from active duty, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20311.07 - Officially reprimanded, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20311.07 - Returned to active duty status, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20311.07 - Assigned as First Officer, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20312.01 - Promoted to Commander, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20403.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Achievement Medal, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20412.01 - Awarded Diamond Star, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20412.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20501.31 - Promoted to Captain, USS Titan CL-2007
Stardate 20501.31 - Assigned as Commanding Officer, USS Titan CL-2007
Stardate 20512.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Titan CL-2007
Stardate 20612.01 - Awarded Distinguished Service Globe, USS Titan CL-2007
Stardate 20701.01 - Voted Best Commanding Officer for 2006, USS Titan CL-2007
Stardate 20702.14 - Promoted to Commodore, USS Titan CL-2007
Stardate 20702.14 - Assigned as 2nd Battle Group Commander, USS Titan CL-2007
Stardate 20707.01 - Awarded Distinguished Service Globe, USS Titan CL-2007
Stardate 20707.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, USS Titan CL-2007
Stardate 20709.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Titan CL-2007
Stardate 20709.21 - Assigned as Commanding Officer, USS Ticonderoga CA-1471
Stardate 20804.18 - Promoted to Rear Admiral, USS Ticonderoga CA-1471
Stardate 20805.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Ticonderoga CA-1471
Stardate 20807.01 - Awarded Purple Heart, USS Ticonderoga CA-1471
Stardate 20808.01 - Awarded Diamond Star, USS Ticonderoga CA-1471

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