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United Federation of Planets logo.pngUSS Dauntless, CA-1553United Federation of Planets logo.png
Avenger Class Heavy Cruiser
United Federation of Planets
Scrapped (242004.01)
Type: Heavy Cruiser (CA)
Length: 650 Meters
Beam: 350 Meters
Height: 100 Meters
Mass: 3,651,300 Metric Tons
Decks: 23 Deck Plans
Crew Compliment: Standard: 173 Officers, 691 Enlisted Crew Breakdown
Emergency: 1,500
Warp Speed: Type: 2 Main Warp Engines (Type 6D)
Cruise Speed: 6 (3 with saucer separation)
Sustainable Speed: 9.2 (7 with saucer separation)
Emergency Speed: 9.6 (12 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: Type: 1 Main Impulse Engine (MIE),
2 Secondary Impulse Engines (SIE)
Speed: .93 C
Defensive Systems: Type 1 Main Shield Generator (MSG-2)
Other Defensive Systems: Sensor Cloak, Ablative Armour
Armament: Phasers: 2 banks of 3 Type 1 (P/S)
3 banks of 2 Type 1 (2F/1A-360D)
Torpedoes: 5 Torpedo Launchers (3F/2A)
Payload: 100 Quantum, 250 Photon Torpedoes, additional material for 100.
Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-2
Tractor/Repulsor: 2 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beams,
6 Docking Tractors,
2 Shuttle Tractors
Shuttlecraft: 1 Bay (A), 8 Shuttles (6 Type 7, 2 Type 9A),
1 Runabout (Type 1). 1 Seleya Class Captains Yacht
Sensors: Andorian Industries FSMSA-2
Offensive Rating: 80%
Defensive Rating: 80%
Maneuverability Rating: 60%
CER: 73.7%

The USS Dauntless was an Avenger Class Heavy Cruiser in service to Star Fleet. Mothballed at the end of the Krynar War, she was brought back to active service for the Attack on the Borg Megasphere. Having sustained heavy damage during the battle, she was scheduled to be broken up for materials as of 242004.01 to aid in the Fleet Modernization Program. Currently in the work queue at Surplus Depot Z15.


The USS Dauntless, CA-1553 is the first Federation starship to bear the name. It is named for the quality by which one is incapable of being intimidated or discouraged. Like the word for which she is named, the crew of the USS Dauntless is truly fearless.

Former Earth vessels to bear the name Dauntless:
The USS Dauntless, was a side-wheel steamer renamed Mignonette after her transfer to the Navy 30 September 1862.
The USS Dauntless (ID-1002), was a motor patrol boat used during World War I.
The USS Dauntless (PG-61), was a Yacht originally called Delphine, built by Horace Dodge, cofounder of Dodge Brothers for his personal use and later used by the Navy during World War II.
The SBD Dauntless' were small attack planes used in WWII.
USCGC Dauntless (WMEC 624) Reliance class, was the first Coast Guard Cutter to hold the name.
The HMS Dauntless is the second ship of the Type 45 class of air defence destroyer built for the Royal Navy (also known as the Daring or 'D' class). She was launched at Govan in January 2007, was handed over to the Royal Navy on 3 December 2009 and was formally commissioned on 3 June 2010.

Current: USS Dauntless, CA-1553

Vessel Class: Avenger Class Heavy Cruiser The USS Dauntless was the last of three Fearless class battle cruisers commissioned to combat the growing threat from the Federation's enemies. Her sister ships are the USS Avenger and the USS Gettysburg. Following the Borg invasion there were no more battle cruisers commissioned by Star Fleet.

The USS Dauntless was re-classed as the Avenger Class Heavy Cruiser from "Battle Cruiser" as part of Star Fleet's CA consolidation project. In addition to the change in re-designation as CA- registry numbers, the Dauntless was refitted with the latest technology.

The USS Dauntless, CA-1553 is part of the 2nd Fleet.

Commanding Officer(s):
Commodore Matthew Thrawn (240202.17 - 240602.20)
Commodore Kinziri Jal (240602.20 - 240801.09)
Rear Admiral Daniel Wueste (240801.09 - 240903.27)
Commodore Mike Wong (240904.17 - 241302.19)
Captain Nathanael Lornak (241302.19 - 241408.22)
Captain Torgh (241408.22 - 241601.10)
Captain Derrick Hiram Ulysses Grant (241601.11 - 242105.21)

Vessel Dedication Quote

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars." - Jill McLemore

Auxilary Craft

Captain's Yacht

USS Sierra Madre, CY-1553-A

Runabout, Type 1

USS Falkland Warrior, CA-1553-1

Shuttles, Type 9A

USS Poseidon, CA-1553-1
USS Rapier, CA-1553-2

Shuttles, Type 7

USS Hawke, CA-1553-3
USS Jellicoe, CA-1553-4
USS Nightingale, CA-1553-5
USS Apollo, CA-1553-6
USS Atlas, CA-1553-7
USS Goddard, CA-1553-8

Crew Manifest (as of 241701.01)

Command Staff
Com-capt.jpg Derrick Hiram Ulysses Grant Commanding Officer Human E-Mail
Com-cdr.jpg Edward Gregg First Officer Human E-Mail
Tactical Department
Tac-lt.jpg Acenvar Crystillin Chief Security Officer Vulcan/Human E-Mail
Tac-mid.jpg Talia Bocin Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Engineering Department
Eng-lcdr.jpg Nator 159 Chief Engineer Human E-Mail
Eng-ens.jpg William Thaddeus Daudrick Engineering Officer Human E-mail
Eng-ltjg.jpg Felix Dote Engineering Officer Human E-mai
Security Department
Sec-ltjg.jpg Serran Zan Security Officer Trill (Joined) E-Mail
Sec-ens.jpg Artemis D'Tor'an {Samantha Rae Fritz} Security Officer Human/Klingon E-Mail
Sec-ens.jpg K'Garr Security Officer Caitian E-Mail
Science Department
Sci-lt.jpg Zephyr Praise Chief Science Officer Betazoid/Human E-Mail
Sci-ltjg.jpg Zoey Ward Science Officer Human E-Mail
Medical Department
Med-lt.jpg Samantha Rae Fritz Chief Medical Officer Betazoid E-Mail
Med-lt.jpg Kinziri, Jal Medical Doctor Trill E-Mail
Med-ens.jpg Aethelwulf Von Brandt {Acenvar Crystillin} Medical Officer Betazoid E-Mail
Med-mid.jpg Drexis Vol Medical Officer Trill (Joined) E-Mail


Stardate 240204.17 The Dauntless, on her first foray intercepts a coded message in seemingly Romulan code. An away team was sent out to investigate. The crew and a small shuttle were retrieved by the away team and brought back to the Dauntless. After further investigation it was determined that those rescued were genetically altered Romulan spies. Sending messages to another location. The medical staff were the ones that found the transmitter. The spies were turned over to the Star Fleet Security on Star base-1.

Stardate 240210.31 The Dauntless heads out to the borders of the Romulan and Gorn territory. They are there to resupply a Federation listening post that is orbiting a Class M Planet. Using some evasive maneuvers the Dauntless hopes to lose any cloaked tailing ships. One such ship was discovered and the expert assistance as well as the Bridge crew came to the decision to unload a minefield and missile launchers. The effect worked and the following ship was damaged. The Avenger class ship ejected it’s warp core which exploded beneath them and incapacitated the ship. Upon arrival at the outpost it is determined that the outpost is in rough shape. Floating debris clutter the space around it proving that the outpost packs a punch of it’s own and how dangerous the area can be. An away team is created to go check the Outpost. A crew is sent down to the planet to check on the ground power supply that should be supplying the Outpost with enough power to keep it’s shields and minefields up and running however it is not. Ground and space battles commence with the Romulans desiring the Outpost and hiding something most important. An Orion Pirate ship comes to the aid of the Dauntless and they are able to win the triumph in their battles. However, the Outpost is beyond help despite the hard work of the Starfleet personnel. With the batteries dead and all crew and information evacuated, the Outpost was destroyed by an energy transfer beam from the ground. It plummeted to the planet which set of a plasma explosion that killed all life on the planet.

Stardate 240304.30 After a surprise attack on Starbase-1 by the Romulans, a more formidable opponent appears, in the form of the Borg. Earth raises it’s shields at the last moment saving them, but the Borg are on a killing and assimilating spree. The Dauntless is tasked with asking for assistance from a race 8472 who they have had no contact with for 30 years. It is unknown if they are alive or dead. Unfortunately, when they entered fluidic space some of the crew were lost but twenty years was shaved off their journey in an effort to get to the race. As soon as the ship is across they noticed alien life signs, using some maneuverability they work to escape the life signs. It seems to be working until all of a sudden the systems fail, the ships hull and propulsion systems go down. With no sign of 8472 they begin repairs only to be blindsided when an alien life form attaches itself to the hull and begins to feast on the crew for food. The crew fights back and manages to slow down but not stop the quickly replicating alien life form. The Captain sent out a message to 8472 and just as things get hairy on the ship the alien appears. They remove the infestation and the ship is repaired in preparation to return to real space. However, in that time a viral infection took over the ship and it was once more 8472 that came to the rescue healing those that were only slightly effected. Others died, and some put into statis. They finally, returned to Earth to witness the counter attack on the Borg only just beginning. A large battle takes place and the Yorimoto-A rams the Borg wedge while 8472 attacks with a beam powerful enough to take down a full planet. An away team is sent to the Wedge that is now cut in half to gather some of the technology there. But, are attacked when the last of the Borg figure out what they are doing. Before they are killed though, they find themselves back on board the Dauntless and the Borg Wedge self destructs.

Stardate 240402.06 The Dauntless and it’s crew are embarking on a diplomatic mission to Kappa Alpha III or Padar. They are thinking about leaving the Federation in the aftermath of the Borg and Romulan wars. This planet is rich with dilithium and is a prized asset to the Federation. Once they get to the planet they realize that things were not what they seemed. The planet had been mined hard and the people treated unfairly. The UFOP had not taken care of the people and not paid them well for the dilithium. Terrorism erupted in the cities during the away mission, it was said that these rioters were once supporters for the new government until they realized that it was all lies. They begged the Dauntless to help restore order. An away team was dispatched to find out more information on the state of the city as well as the Protesters. However, while they were out investigating they were taken by the Rioters and held hostage. The Dauntless was told they would get their away team back when they went back to their ship. The Orion Cartel was already keeping an eye on things and the Dauntless soon found out evidence that supported the fact that the Orion Cartel was actually part of the resistance. They found the signature of the Orion and the Away Team together. A ground crew was dispatched and after an intense fire fight the Away team was rescued. After some discussion the planet of Padar, decides to succeed from the United Federation of Planets because they would like to renegotiate for more fair market prices for their dilithium. The Dauntless leave and the Orion Cartel leave as well with their own business accomplished.

Stardate 240805.03 The Dauntless is sent to the Lyshan System, a Star System populated by both the Federation and a Cardassian Colony. Long range sensor readings were worrisome and so the Dauntless were sent to make sure that the Cardassian’s are not creating a large weapon in secret. The ship came out of warp nearly in the center of the sun because of a computer miscalculation. Sensor readings were not coming back true, computers began to malfunction. Some sensor interference was discovered. Once it was cleared it was proven that the planets in the area, including ones past held by either Federation or Cardassian had undergone some sort of terraforming event. There were many refugees in the area and the crew of the Dauntless quickly set to work rescuing as many as they could. They sought Cardassian assistance but the leader, Nerus, was quite resistant to help. However before they could get many refugees on board a massive special rift opened pushing the Dauntless out of range of the other refugees. Some systems went down and the crew had to wait to repair systems before they could get back to rescuing those in need. While they were repairing systems and getting back into a rescue position ships came through the rift. These ships held alien life forms and it was proven that it was they who had terraformed the planets because they intended to colonize them. The Dauntless was allowed to rescue the now displaced inhabitants but they were warned not to interfere with the aliens in any other way. However, soon, the Cardassians came, four Heavy Cruisers. Once the other refugees were rescued they proceeded to attack the alien ships, now known as Jahn. A battle began however, before anything could really happen another burst of energy from the rift hit the ships, both Cardassian and Dauntless. The ships were flung so far they were three light years away before they stopped. A massive amount of electromagnetic radiation filled the area around the planets and it was too dangerous for the Dauntless to return. So they set back towards home with refugees in tow.

Stardate 240808.15 During a meeting with many Commanding Officers of the Federation a war against the Romulans was decided. Shortly there after, while the CO’s were stuck on the Starbase the Romulans attacked the ships that were in space waiting for their Captains to return. After the first wave ended, the Romulans told everyone to vacate the starbase or suffer the consequences. The Commanding Officers were sent back to their ships. It was decided, now back aboard their ships, they would be relegated to helping protect the Starbase. The Dauntless launched Dagger Flight, and took up a diamond formation to protect the left flank of the Starbase. It wasn’t long before the battle raged and the USS Springfield was disabled. The Tallahassee, Borrelly, and the Dauntless were able to remain in working order. With the rupture of quantum singularity drives having been destroyed as the Romulan ships were attacked, several black holes opened up in the space around the Starbase. Quickly, a large part of the Fleet were gone. The Romulans captured the Gettysburg. The USS Ticonderoga and the USS Enterprise were destroyed. The surviving vessels were ordered out of the area while the Dauntless sought to rescue some of the Starbase crew. However, the singularities crushed the starbase before any more rescue attempts could be made. It was then that the Dauntless decided to leave. They turned to head away but the gravitational pull of the black holes was far too great and the Dauntless could not escape. Emergency systems were initiated and the saucer was separated from the hull. The hull was crushed and swallowed up by a black hole but the explosive bolts gave the Dauntless enough push to get away from the black hole and off to safety at the cost of thousands of lives.

Stardate 240903.01 The Dauntless was sent to the Fourth Planet of the Adelphous System in order to assist with repairs and to bring some of the key systems up to date. The station turned out to be along the Klingon and Romulan borders, and it was found that it was a bit more than a Scientific research lab. Instead, it turned out that it was a high powered weapon that blocked the Romulans from communicating along the neutral zone. It overloaded communications with junk transmissions so that nothing could get through. The true mission parameters were to fix the array after the Romulans sabotaged it so that it was pointed into Klingon space. As a crew was dispatched to repair the damage they were accosted by the Klingon. A battle ensued, but they were finally able to prove to the Klingons that the Romulans were the ones that sabotaged the equipment.

Stardate 240905.11 The Dauntless heads towards the Cardassian border where they will patrol and do a shake down. While doing their patrols they receive a distress call from the Pegasus out of the USS Copernicus. The Copernicus was in need of assistance. They were called to a planet that had a geological upheaval and the entire populace needs to be evacuated. However, the Pegasus was sent to the planet to help while the Copernicus went out to find some ships that could help with the massive evacuation of an entire planet. Contacting the USS Pegasus it is found that the ship had been boarded by the Cardassians and so the entire ship was beamed aboard and the Federation team sent to Sickbay while the Cardassians were held. The Science department was tacked with trying to help the planet of Tekna while the Dauntless crew tries to figure out what the Cardassians want. The Dauntless and the Cardassian ship were locked in a battle, pulling towards the sun, while another Cardassian vessel used the distraction to come in and try to take the advantage. But, they beamed their people off the ship in trouble except for the leader. The Cardassians went back to their side of space and the battle was won for the Dauntless but bloody none the less. The Copernicus comes back with a make shift fleet to help rescue the people of Tekna and the Pegasus and her crew are returned to the Copernicus as well. Despite the best efforts of the Science crew, the people of Tekna could stay on their planet and were transported off. The Away team was under attack by some sort of fire creatures on the planet surface which resulted in the deaths of the First Officer and the Chief Engineer.

Stardate 241001.17 The Dauntless crew are pulled from their leave early because of an emergency situations. Several strange anomalies have formed around major Federation planets: Vulcan, Betazed, and Alpha Centari. The anomalies seemed to have pulled the planets in and switched them out with a planet that was geographically the same but without the Federation flag ships in orbit. When the Dauntless arrived it seemed as though everything had gone back to normal. Some of the anomaly remained in the 40 Eridani system. A probe was dispatched, but before it could come back with any pertinent information the anomaly created a subspace wave that came straight for the Dauntless and the planet Vulcan. The Dauntless decided to emit a harmonic pulse in the hopes to, if not stop, to deter or weaken the pulse. Four ships got together to emit the wave. The wave was a success and before they could even celebrate one of the ships booked it out of there, it was later uncovered that the ship was not part of the Federation. The Dauntless received a call from and were told that the USS Stolik, a ship they were chasing, was indeed wanted for a terroristic act against Earth. Ten days, it took to catch up with the fleeing ship. The ship was caught but the shield was up and they could not get a lock on the ship, finally using the Cerenkov radiation generated by the rubbing of shields they were able to get it down. However something happened and a beam could not lock so they attempted a blind beam out.

Stardate 241005.05 On a resupply run to Gamma-7 the Dauntless encountered a scanning beam of unknown origin and immense power. The crew fell with an illness after the initial scan and were then transported to Gamma-7 not of their own accord. Once there, they found that most of the facility had been killed because of an unknown illness. Before anything could be done, they were transported back to their ship where a humanoid in the guise of former president of the United States Bill Clinton. They were informed that they had been chosen. They needed to solve the mystery of their own disease.

Stardate 241010.07 The Dauntless crew are tasked with taking a Vulcan diplomatic team and a Romulan Ambassador to the Romulan home world. While in route they are due to stop at a planet called Amazonia III because it contains some documents that were involved in the max exodus form Vulcan. Because these cultural artifacts are too precious not to have in Federation hands. Once in orbit around Amazonia III all the senior officers are asked to attend the ceremony where the artifacts will be given. During the ceremony an attack occurred and due to the injuries and the microbes in the air and soil around them, the crew members effected by the attack have found themselves quite sick. The ceremony was stalled and the crew members were treated by members of the planet and were on the way to a full recovery. Contact with the Dauntless has been lost and it isn't long before they discover there is an alert that states the Dauntless is in peril, possibly hijacked. The Engineering team used old parts and were able to find a way to build an old shuttle that would allow the team to get back into orbit. Once off the planet they headed off to catch up with the Dauntless which was headed for the Romulan home world. On board the Dauntless, the crew was not without it's options. Having had the ship taken over they used Command Codes and were able to administer an anesthetizing gas to the whole ship. Crew and hostiles alike were taken down and the crew were able to beam themselves on board the ship's bridge. The Vulcan extremists were captures and held in the Brig until the ship reached Star Base Bravo.

Stardate 241110.19 The crew arrives at Yadalla Prime to sort out a rebellion that is taking place on the planet. Federation crew members were held captive in the city and a rescue effort was launched to bring them back to their ships. However, a non-nuclear explosion rocked the city and tore down the shield complex. Crew members found themselves back onboard the Dauntless and under fire. An attack was launched in cooperation with the Ticonderoga and the Columbia. The pursuit landed them on the other side of the moon and they found themselves face to face with a Dreadnaught. The Dauntless placed themselves between the Dreadnaught and the Ticonderoga. After an intense battle with the Romulans, they were run off and the crew went back down to the planet where they would sort out the rebellion and who it was that called the Romulans in. The crew were then trapped inside one of the government buildings because they accidentally tripped some alarms. However, eventually things calmed down and they were able to escape and find the culprit. However, while the source was found the culprit themselves disappeared and it was advised they not go after him. The crew left and headed back to their Starbase.

Stardate 241203.08 An urgent launching of the Dauntless has them heading for 42-Ursa Majoris. Because of an incident in Engineering the Dauntless finds themselves moving at a snails pace and has launched a shuttle that will actually arrive at the destination ahead of the main ship at it's slow pace. A single distress signal calls to the ship, beckoning them to come forward and to help. Hopefully, a survivor of whatever has happened is still down there. Once in range of the shuttle, they find that the USS Courageous has been lost. Not a single survivor and it is unknown just yet what exactly took their lives only that it was fast. Once they were close enough that sensors could adequately scan the ship they found there was a single life sign. Even though the warp core was minutes from completely melting down they sent over an away team in the hopes of quickly rescuing the survivor and finding out what it was that happened. However, instead of finding a survivor the crew are beamed back quickly and urgently all of them injured. The Dauntless finds itself in grave danger as gravimetric forces is pulling both the Dauntless and the Courageous. The tactical team were able to get the ship under control and the mission ended with the return to their Starbase.

Stardate 241411.04 The Dauntless and it's crew are asked to escort an Ambassador and his Chief Diplomat to a planet called Ceres II. The Ambassador and party are there to negotiate a dilithium source in order for Starfleet to have new material to build more ships. On the way to Celes II the Dauntless found themselves attacked by a Bird of Prey. It seemed almost like the Bird knew exactly where to attack the Dauntless to cause the most damage. During the attacks the Captain and the Ambassador were beamed off the Dauntless, leaving other junior officers in control of the ship while they were absent. Through investigations it was shown that there was a Petty Officer that had betrayed the ship and had given the information to the Bird of Prey. The Captain contacted the Dauntless from the Bird explaining at the Ambassador as well was in on the whole thing and that he had been killed by the Captain's own hands. However, it was too risky to beam him off the Bird at the moment and the crew should go on about their mission. So the mission continues, the Dauntless leaves their Captain behind only to find that later the bird had launched a Science probe in the direction of the Dauntless. Upon further scanning, it is said to contain one life form and that life form happens to be the Captain. Careful beaming allowed the Captain and the probe back on board, and the mission completed. The diplomat was able to do the negotiations himself.

Stardate 241501.29 The Dauntless remains in orbit around Celes II for some repairs following the Bird of Prey attack in the last mission. While the repairs are on going a small select crew are chosen to go with the Captain on a ship called the Apparition. Specialized technology and cloaking shield among other things that made the Apparition something that was special. The mission takes them to B'Rel quite close to where Klingon ships are made and there is a rumored terrorist faction is believed to be behind the attacks on Paris. The mission is to gather intel on the sect in that area. An away team was assembled to beam down to the facility. Due to a mistake on the part of one of the officers on the Bridge the cloaking device was not re-initiated after the team beamed over. Thus, the Klingon's easily found the ship. The man left in command told the ship to go straight for the scouts and the ship was completely outclassed. During the act of cloaking the Apparition had a collision with a Klingon scout and the scout was destroyed but the damage done to the Apparition was great. They had to eject the warp core and were forced to uncloak. Baiting the B'Rel over to the core, they were able to take out one of the other two scouts but the core exploded and took out the shields and caused mass damage to the Apparition. Seventy percent of the crew on board the ship died during the mission.

Stardate 241601.01 During a visit to Earth the crew of the Dauntless is given a task to explore a recently uncovered ancient ruin on the surface of Luna. The crew discovered some microscopic robots that were quite intriguing. However, it became even more so when the crew learned that these robots could easily infiltrate certain Starfleet systems. However, before anything could be done with the robots, they received new orders. They were to take a gate to Trill where the USS Hera had to be destroyed. Information given, said that they USS Hera was sent to destroy Trill with a weapon called the Genesis at the orders of Admiral Grayson. Upon finding the ship, they boarded the ship and searched through it. Finding nothing of real value. The crew of the Hera state they are not rebelling neither are they there to destroy Trill. The crew were able to stop the crew from destroying Trill even though they swore that wasn't the case, however they were not able to gain the weapon that the ship was supposed to be armed with. The warp core of the Dauntless began to melt down and it was Isambard Eyles that saved the crew with his sacrifice.

Stardate 241605.01 Standard survey, to a black hole and two stars that had been a Ferengi mining facility. A concentration of duranium proved to be a ship. The vessel was identified as the USS Enterprise. An away team boarded the Enterprise and they found a part of a crew and a lone Ferengi all of them were suffering with radiation sickness. The away team beamed back to the Dauntless just in time for the Enterprise to disappear into the black hole. The Dauntless followed there after and the ships found themselves in 2280 instead of their own time. The Iotians had treated the Ferengi poorly. However, before a conclusion could be reached, the black hole began to collapse in on itself and the Dauntless and away team had to abandon the situation to head back to their own time. However, once they got there, they realized that Starfleet didn't exist, and it wasn't long before they realized that back in the previous time the Dauntless had been scanned by a Ferengi ship and changed the course of history. It was decided through much deliberation that the sling shot maneuver would be the best bet to getting them back in time before the Ferengi could scan the ship. It was successful putting them in the time right before the Enterprise appeared. A large ship appeared in the area, and the Graser was used to defeat the ship. A small moon that had orbited Iotia had been a casualty as well. However, the shock wave from the Graser sent the Dauntless back into their own time line some ten months from when they first left. The Iotions now had their own starbase.

Captain's Logs

Mission 01: "Misadventures in the Asteroid Field - Stardate 240204.17
Mission 02: "Station X-93 Change in Ownership Denied" - Stardate 240210.31

Third Mission: "The Price of Individual Freedoms" - Stardate 240304.30
Fourth Mission: "Padar - Even the Small Can Shout" - Stardate 240402.06
Fifth Mission: "In the Twilight Hours" - Stardate 420805.03
Sixth Mission: "Shallow Graves" - Stardate 240808.15
Seventh Mission: "On Many a Bloody Field" - Stardate 240903.01
Eighth Mission: "Phoenix into the Flames" - Stardate 240904.17-240909.11
Ninth Mission: "A Funny Thing Happened On the way to Gamma-7" - Stardate 240909.14-241007.23
Tenth Mission: "Split Infintives" - Stardate 241010.07-241104.10
Eleventh Mission: "?" - Stardate 241106.01-241112.18
Twelve Mission: "The Graveyard" - Stardate 241202.11-241205.17
Thirteenth Mission: "Yadalla Prime" - Stardate 241403.15-241408.25
Fourteenth Mission: "The Center Seat" - Stardate 241409.13-241412.20
Fifteenth Mission: "bortaS" - Stardate 241501.29-241504.15
Sixteenth Mission: "Luna(r)cy" - Stardate 241506.15-241601.07
Seventeenth Mission: "Offers You Can't Refuse" - Stardate 241601.22-241610.18