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Artemis “Artie” D’Tor’an
Career Occupation
Security Officer
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Human, 1/2 Klingon
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Tied back / off duty: loose
Light brown
Facial Hair:
Slightly raspy
United Federation of Planets
Chicago, Illinois
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Marital Status:

Personal History

Artie was raised in what was known as the industrial section of Chicago. Her father worked hard labor building Starships, while her mother stayed at home to raise the children. Looking back, Artie was of the decision that her mother had the harder job.

With three older brothers, Erica's little girl always saw herself as just one of the boys. If they treated her any differently, they would have to answer to their mother. Though a human, Erica was every bit as tough as her husband, a full Klingon male. Definitely seen as the enforcer in the family, little Artie learned soon enough that if she was going to get into trouble, to not be caught by her father, To'ran.

Growing up as half-Human, half-Klingon promised to be hard for Artemis, but by the time she was enrolled in school, those that teased her had two options: answer to three older, half-Klingon brothers, or answer to Artie herself. By the time Art reached secondary school, she could take care of herself, and was star goalie in her hockey league. When she started entering puberty, her mother sat her down, not to talk about the birds and the bees, but to talk about Artie's frame of mind. The young girl only let herself be called “Artemis” by her mother, and otherwise went by “Art” or “Artie,” the shortened boy's version of her name. Artie and her mother talked about seeing a psychologist and a specialist surgeon, in case it was in Artie's mind that she was supposed to have been born a boy. However, after more soul-searching than a fourteen year old girl should have to do, the decision was made that Artemis just needed some time away from her father and brothers. Because of this time in her life, Artie is both very close to her mother, and has drastic taste when it comes to clothing. When Art is sure she has absolute free time to herself, she will dress in loose sundresses and bare feet, if she can. If not, she is as strapped up as any other heavily-armed male security officer. Or male Klingon.

While Erica helped Artie to do some soul-searching, the girl asked her mother why she was given such a flowery name, while her brothers all got typical Klingon names. Her mother explained to her that her father, To'ran, had already fulfilled his 'ancestral need' to produce male heirs, and that as soon as he learned his wife was carrying a girl, he left the naming up to her. Still determined to raise a girl worthy of the already-formed family legacy, Erica named her daughter not just any 'fancy' name, but after Artemis the Hunter, of Greek mythology. This way, she told her daughter, if Artie wanted to be a “girly-girl,” she would already have the beautiful name to help her 'fit in' with non-Klingon life. If not, as it had in fact turned out, she still had a name with strong meaning behind it.

Being named after Artemis the Hunter may have had something to do with Artie applying for the Security sector in Starfleet. While her brothers Kaden and Ja'rok entered into the same business as their father, and middle brother L'upo went into private security, Artie found herself drawn to L'upo's dream, and Starfleet's structure. She enrolled, using a modified version of her father's name as a last name, and under the careful watch of her male brethren, passed her Starfleet courses with flying colors. With family life a bit rocky due to an absence of money, Artie opted to spend her Midshipmanship on Earth until things had gotten a bit better, and she was offered a promotion. Ensignship came with a Starship assignment however, and Artie was forced with her decision to leave Earth and her family. Assigned to the Dauntless, most of Art's pay still goes to her family back in Chicago.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security Operations
Academy Minor(s): Hand-to-hand combat; Special weapons and tactics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Ice hockey; rugby; wrestling with her brothers
Short-Term Goals: Earn a promotion
Long-Term Goals: Help her family move to a better house
Personality: Raised with three brothers in a semi-traditional Klingon household, Artie is considered to be “rough around the edges” and can come off quite gruff. She is nice, but usually suspicious of people or a situation until proven otherwise.
Sense of Humor: Enjoys physical humor; dislikes sarcasm
Phobias: Being too weak to defend herself or others
Likes: Fighting, guns, hunting, swimming
Dislikes: The concept known as “relaxing”
Pet Peeves or Gripes: : Doesn't like when anyone [but her mother] calls her by her full name
Bad Habits or Vices: Has a quick temper, though easy to sate; is suspicious of everything, especially if it is particularly optimistic
Achievements: Graduating from Starfleet; finding something that is “her own” and not shared by her brothers
Disappointments: Not being posted closer to home
Illnesses: Gorch (Klingon acne); Rop'ngor (Klingon measles)
Strengths: Is confident in herself / high self-esteem; likes always having a 'plan of action
Fears: Dying in vain/ without honor
Prejudices: Pacifists
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Has a thing for sundresses
Distinguishing Features: Soft Klingon-typical ridges on forehead
Pets: Bullfrog tadpole named “Lieutenant Dan”
Friends: None, yet.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Leaving her family behind to chase her dream
Best Time: Gaining her self-confidence and realizing her true personality
Most Crucial Experience: Growing up with a Klingon father and three half-Klingon brothers
Role Model: Her three brothers; the siblings are always trying to out-do each other

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