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Acenvar Z'voak Crystillin
Career Occupation
Commanding Officer
USS Forge, LC-1002
Star Fleet Registration:
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Vulcan, 1/2 Human
191 cm (6 ft. 3 in.)
79.2 kg (175 lb.)
Eye Color:
Light Blue (Grey)
Hair Color:
Light Brown
Short on the sides of head, longer bangs
Lean, with considerable leg and arm muscle.
Facial Hair:
United Federation of Planets
Outskirts of ShiKahr
Familial Relationships
Joshivar Crystillin (Argenteum)
Kaylavar Crystillin
Naravar (F/29) Akirovar (M/28) Alliovar (F/27) Destanvar (M/19/Deceased) Phoenixvar (M/24) Auroravar (F/24)
Marital Status:
V'asillia Oberon
Zephyrvar Veyaillia (G/3), Destanvar Michaillia (B/3), Velzalvar Anthony (B/1), and Sa’saielvar Jennifer (G/1)

Personal History

Acenvar was born on Vulcan, in the city of ShiKahr. Acenvar's family own land a piece of land near the L-langon mountains, on The Forge. The nearest school system was in ShiKahr so he spent most of his life traveling back in forth between the city and his family home. Acenvar never fit in well with the other Vulcan children, and not just because of his hybrid state. Even his siblings seemed to think he was not suited to their family.

As a child Acenvar studied at the Vulcan capital of ShiKahr, the largest and most advanced of the cities. The city was home to the Vulcan Science Institute. Acenvar excelled in his classes and bested some of the Vulcan professors in logic lessons. Acenvar was more vocal than his other classmates challenging reasons and definitions of logic, an ugly duckling in the Vulcan social world. He was outcast from the others; however this did little to his mind. He taught himself many things during these years. Acenvar noticed how full-Vulcans were also so sure of their species, Acen did not want to just be a normal Vulcan and he started studying Human Philosophy. Nara, his twin, disapproved of such things. Kayla his mother however agreed with him reading such things, even though she was full Vulcan from a prominent Vulcan Clan she and her entire family agreed that Vulcan’s had diluted the Time of Awakening.

Acen's home life didn't diverge very much from his school life. Although both Nara and then Akiro would taunt his personal studies his parents defend his actions. Then Allie was born. She was first in his line of siblings to accept her human side. She grew up like him and his Vulcan siblings. She at first embraced her Vulcan side being stone cold as the rest of them, until she deduced that her Father was able to be both Logical and Loving at the same time. She utilized this epiphany. Her and Acen would speak in length about multiple things, while she would sometimes go on into more emotional things she enjoyed the logical side of life. Acen and her grew inseparable on Vulcan, and due to their Vulcan heritage they could almost tell what each other where thinking and going to due. Little Allie even followed him into Star Fleet, and then unto the Avenger. Destanvar was the other brother he admired most. He was almost exactly like Acen growing up, and after hearing about him from teachers at ShiKahr. Destan admired his eldest brother even more. Destan would follow Acen and Allievar everywhere and so they to formed bonds. He sticked more to being Vulcan than human, most likely in fear of being ridiculed by the teachers and other students, and other Vulcans in general.

The rest of his family was complicated. His twin sister Nara saw that being Logical could require others to suffer at their own cost. Being a strong limited-telepath, she was first asked to join the Vulcan monks atop the mountain, and she ‘practiced’ her abilities on her brother. He was willing to be a guinea pig in return for learning about Vulcan telepathy. Next in line in the Crystillin legacy was Akirovar, he was logical too, but was very loud about it. Akriovar ignored and avoided his brother most of the time. Allie came next in his life, and was his sign to a better life at that. Destan also signaled change in his life. He, like Allie chose to accept both sides of his family, only he strayed between the fine line of Vulcan and Human. Then his littlest siblings Phoenix and Aurora, they almost never spoke and kept to themselves. The twin set offered only conversations where the other would finish for them.

Now his inspirations for joining star fleet were an odd pair too. A human father, and a Vulcan mother. His mother Kaylavar lived on Vulcan her whole life abiding her personal family code. Only a year before had Kayla accepted her families honor and attained the family rank of Var. Kayla was a student in Theoretical Astrophysics, whilst Fluer (later to be Joshivar) was studying ship engineering. The ShiKahr academy offered a class were both of them meet and were partnered. Acenvar spent many night silently listening to the converse about their work, at one point his father even allowed him to help design one. The little boy till this day doesn’t know whom they were giving their schematics to, or if any of them were actually constructed. However, Acen still remembers his father teaching him how to pilot, taking private lessons on their refitted type IX shuttle and others.

At the age of Seventeen, he and his siblings were sent to ShiKahr under the charade they were going to meet their parents in orbit to leave for Andoria like they did every year. However they were forced into, Acenvar and Nara were sedated during the trip because of their intensity to find their parents. The seven Vulcans arrived on Earth, they were greeted by two adults. Both of which the Vulcan children had no idea what their careers in life were. Willem had been important with Star Fleet although a lot of his life was hush hush. When Acen joined the crew of the Dauntless, Willem went back to teaching at the Academy. Acen had suspicions that Willem had taught with both of his parents being his student. Georgia, the women was retired by about fifteen years and took care of a nursery. Allie once told Acen that she had heard people talk about the former Commodore Georgia Hemlock, making them both Star Fleet.

Acenvar Crystillin began as Science Cadet Crystillin for most of his Academy career. Crystillin along with Nara wanted to follow his mother and take up Theoretical Astrophysics. Crystillin was a creative and through scientist. Crystillin even began research into black hole transportation, but never got a chance to go into any depth of research.

Joining Star Fleet was easy and eventually everyone followed him into it. On the first day of summer before his third year at the Academy he and his brother Destan had decided to spend a night together as family. They went to a series of places Acen had never gone to before in San Francisco. Upon taking a turn into a dark and short ally they walked down it. Acenvar could only see a meter or two ahead he heard breathing and it was almost in an instant he felt his body try to move his brother, but the trigger had already been pulled. Destan lay lifeless next to him immediately. Not even finished with his primary education. Acenvar left a piece of his Vulcan side with him that day. Full of anger he chased the Klingon whom had killed him down and almost killed the Klingon himself. To the Klingon's mercy law enforcement arrived to save, and arrest the Klingon for life. To honor his dead brother he stripped himself of his Science uniform and donned a Tactical. To which he serves today.

USS Avenger, CA-1500

Avenger-Class Heavy Cruiser (Formerly Battle Cruiser), Halless III, Tellar, Krynar System, Uncharted System

Cadet Crystillin straight from the Academy was on a shuttle going on his first assignment. He was lucky enough to be the only new cadet from the Academy when the USS James Madison ES-1787 came crashing down. This was his first encounter with Jennifer Braggins, who afterward became the Chief Tactical Officer later on. This was also his first encounter with Adam Shelmer the current Chief Tactical Officer at the time. Crystillin was injured during most of the maroon. He remembered however that and even during that time the then First Officer Commander Crawford was abducted by indigenous life, and only barely made it out with her life. He met Dr. Ohmsford and Miss Braggins and Schwartz and many other crewmen and other Avenger residents whom he admired from afar.

Midshipman Crystillin served very briefly under Captain Ulysses Grant after the maroon before Commander Crawford was promoted to the Commanding Officer of the USS Avenger.

Acenvar spent much of his time on the bridge during the Avenger's missions, though not at the helm where newer officers would have been sent to first, but Operations and the weapons console. He observed the crew closely following his time on it, and he grew to like the headstrong pilot Braggins, and admire the Avenger's stout Captain Crawford. Many strange missions took place aboard the refit battle cruiser, and Acen was mainly there to observe.

The second mission was the battle for Tellar. The Avenger had swooped into action trying their best to keep the ship together in orbit, after the maroon of the James Madison. Midshipman Crystillin flew one of the Avenger shuttles to the surface to assist the Tellerites. Crystillin stayed behind at the landing site becoming the de jure quartermaster until the crew was able to return.

After The Battle for Tellar Acenvar participated in the Assault on the Krynar home system. Acenvar was stationed at tactical and although they did not have a lot of fighting it was a heavy position for that day. Acenvar remembered everything that transpired that day. The argument among the commanding officers, the communiqués between vessels. The USS Ticonderoga firing a grasser shell into the Avenger’s port nacelle. Then the combined might of the grasser weapons being fired into the Krynar star. Most of the crew including the at the time Ensign Praise were all not feeling to good about what had just happened. Yet it was destroy or be destroyed.

Before the next mission began, Jennifer Braggins was made Lieutenant Junior Grade, and appointed the official Chief Tactical Officer.

After her appointment Crystillin was promoted to Ensign. Jennifer recruited the Tactical Ensign to help reconfigure and repair the USS Voltaire, the replacement much need after the crash of the James Madison. Jennifer Braggins took the escort out on a ‘test run’. The calibrations were not at all correct and the ship ended up sailing into Klingon Controlled space. After several close instances in a close by asteroid field the crew: Jennifer Braggins, her then lover Jacob Schwartz, and Acenvar Crystillin were all picked up by Jennifer Braggin’s father’s ship the USS Vengeance. Schwartz, and Crystillin sustained minimal injuries, but the miss Braggins suffered some more serious ones.

The last mission Acenvar was a part of during his time on the Avenger was the strange case of the Wanderer. It was an entirely strange case. At first Captain Tyra Crawford had a near death experience when she was nearly assassinated. Since Commander Tam had just transferred and Sophia Rush was still en route, the Chief Tactical Officer was in Command after that. Crystillin picked up a distress signal and the crew followed it to a planet, almost now void of life. The crew took the remaining survivors aboard, as well as several dead ones for medical research. On the bridge, the Wanderer himself showed himself and contacted several crewmembers collectively. Acenvar could hear the thing in his head, but Zephyr Praise was the only one to actively speak to it.

USS Pegasus, CL-2500

Zeus-Class Light Cruiser, Deep Space USS Gryphon

After his primary time on the Avenger, Acenvar was transferred along to the USS Pegasus, along with the survivors of the USS Ticonderoga. Crystillin and the crew of the Pegasus was going to transport a Vulcan Ambassador, but was waylaid but a distress signal. Before they could reach the distress call, Captain Tokat, a Vulcan took dangerously ill and had to relinquish command to Commander Edward Gregg. The crew found the wreck of an ancient Ambassador-Class vessel the USS Gryphon. The Federation officers assembled an away team and beamed over to the derelict. They found out that the ship had experienced an anomaly which somehow took the entire crew into some sort of temporal pocket. Crystillin wished to free the Federation Officers somehow, but the First Officer deemed it necessary to get off the ship as fast as they could. Thus Crystillin began to program a self-destruct sequence available from my tricorder. The away team had to head to Engineering to set the core into overload. They also had activated the Bussard collectors to maximize effects. Once they did so fire had started. Acenvar and most of the away team took a working turbolift up. However Commander Gregg and Lieutenant Dick Powell stayed behind, in an angry fuss he saw Gregg walk back to get Powell. Crystillin activated the self-destruct sequence. Once they set the ship to overload the warp core, the away team took an ancient shuttle back to the Pegasus, where he launched several photon torpedoes blowing up the ship and closing the anomaly. This is where Acenvar meet Ensign Anthony Moriarty personally. After the anomaly made them relive traumatic experiences Acenvar help Mr Moriarty to keep himself sane. After the mission, the crew was disbanded and the Pegasus sent to be refitted and used for Cadets.

USS Dauntless, CA-1553

Avenger-Class Heavy Cruiser, Iota System--Temporal Displacements

After the Pegasus, Crystillin and most of the Senior officers were reassigned to the USS Dauntless. During shore leave Crystillin went back home to Vulcan where he meet with his twin Nara. After that he joined the USS Stellar a science vessel to be brought back to Star Base Bravo. The ship was waylaid for a medical emergency where he found his youngest sister Auroravar tending to the wounded. It was the first time he had seen his youngest sibling in action, and not with her twin. Finally Crystillin was brought back to Star Base Bravo where he rejoined the Dauntless. Crystillin was under the command of Captain Torgh for only a few weeks before Captain Derrick Grant was reassigned to the ship for Captain Torgh’s conveniences. Crystillin was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant before the beginning of the mission, and was going to serve directly under Lieutenant Commander Debbie Prescott. Captain Grant however put him in charge of Security as the Chief of Security.

Again they had found a distress signal and Crystillin moved the ship to intercept. The ship had to drop warp temporarily for Lieutenant Commander Prescott to leave the ship on a personal problem. Thus Crystillin was made Chief Tactical Officer, and Ensign Serran Zan the Chief of Security. Thankfully Crystillin was able to call on Lieutenant Junior Grade Alvina Locke, and Midshipman Talia Bocin among his Tactical Officers.

Once they found the signal, they tried hiding themselves realizing it was a temporal displacement. However the ship contacted them. It was an Iotian vessel. An away team was assembled and cautiously sent over to the bridge where they were meet with resistance. Lieutenant Junior Grade Zoey Ward was shot and almost killed. Thankfully both Lieutenant Samantha Fritz and Lieutenant Junior Grade Aethelwulf Von Brandt were on board to tend to her. After the team split up to repair both a patient and the ship it was only a few minutes until they were beamed back over. According to sources this was when the hate between Commander Edward Gregg, and the new Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Commander Nator 159 began. Both groups were beamed over and brought an injured Ferengi on board. Crystillin would have advised against this if he were still the Chief of Security. The USS Dauntless was pulled into the temporal anomaly and back in time. The Ferengi was revived and apparently killed himself quickly after the temporal jump. The crew found a ship hidden behind the Iotian moon, a highly advanced ship looking a lot like a Ferengi dreadnought but with Federation designs as well. When the Dauntless fired upon the vessel they had no effect, when the ship returned fire the Dauntless lost at least three dozen members as well as the ability to detach the saucer. Due to an accident caused by the Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Nator 159; the ship appeared on sensors as a Krynar dreadnought which activated the Grasser weapon. Talia Bocin was at the console when she fired the weapon. Crystillin regretted letting the new Midshipman use the weapon, for he had vowed never to use it again. The Iotian moon was also a causality of the weapon. Once back Crystillin and the Science Department ordered a scan of the wreckage of the moon. The Dauntless attempted to slingshot back into the current time but was shot forward into time where they had to flee from more vessels, and then slung back after narrowly escaping sensor scans.

After that Captain Grant was reassigned to the USS Pegasus an appointment many thought to be a condiment. Crystilln however thought it an excellent choice. All of the senior officers were also reassigned with him, although many junior officers had to be redistributed throughout the fleet.

Shore leave was an interesting time for Crystillin. The first half of it he was given the choice to take the Captain’s daughter to Earth, while it suited his interests as well he agreed. Crystillin made the mistake of letting Katie Grant pilot the shuttle through the warp gate. They were shot through the gate at transwarp speeds and Crystillin only barely was able to get the shuttle away from a system’s star. In return he became paralyzed. Crystillin had to instruct Katie Grant on how to pilot the shuttle down to the orbiting planet to avoid complete destruction. They were marooned on a planet and Grant was able to pull him away from the wreckage. They encountered a new species, somewhat intelligence, but telepathic. The species was able to repair Crystillin’s nervous system. Acenvar being somewhat in debt to the species tried to defend them against Miss Grant. Finally, the USS Miami picked up their distress signal and was able to bring them back to Starbase Bravo. Crystillin also became bonded with Praise during the shore leave, having a very non-Vulcan experience with her. Zephyr Praise had brought an alcoholic drink that didn’t register as alcohol until very much to late. They initiated a Mind Meld that went deep into their brains and there the bond was formed.

Before that Acenvar met his betrothed, V’asillia Oberon. There marriage was planned before their births and their families decided to go on with it. The two ended up working pretty well with each other, but their relationship still remains in bloom.

USS Pegasus, CL-2500: Refurbished

Zeus-Class Light Cruiser, Gamma Quadrant Uncharted

After the void mission the Senior crew and important crew members were reassigned to the USS Pegasus. After the mission Lieutenant Zephyr Praise and Acenvar Crystillin became extremely good friends, and telepathic ‘bond mates’. Before boarding the ship Midshipman Bocin was promoted to Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade Alvina Locke was promoted to a full Lieutenant, and Lieutenant Zephyr Praise and Lieutenant Acenvar Crystillin were both promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

The Pegasus’ initial mission after it was taken back from the Academy was to be sent to the Gamma Quadrant. The USS Pegasus was assigned with defending a construction flotilla expedition to the far away quadrant where they would build a return gate to the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The Pegasus broke off from the main flotilla after detecting a power signature. The ship approached and beamed down an away team of senior officers leaving Commander Crystillin on the bridge. Shortly after the away team beamed down Midshipman Moriarty, recently back from a self inflicted exile, detected a distress signal. Bocin deployed a probe to investigate. However immediately after the probe was launched the ground base powered all its systems and bombarded the Pegasus with transmission knocking shields, weapons, propulsion, and communications offline. In addition members of the crew were now being duplicated throughout the ship by the transporter systems. After attempts to shut off power to the transporter, Commander Crystillin ordered a Grey Alert and severed the possibility of more duplicates as well as a virtual infection to the ship’s computer core. After which the ship was caught in a tractor beam from the ground base. Soon after Acenvar meet his clone and was intrigued. His clone decided to take a shuttle and scan the system as well as disable the tractor beam. Acenvar Auxiliary disabled the tractor as promised and also averted disaster. An incoming vessel was preparing to ram into the USS Pegasus while preparing its nuclear warhead against a unshielded Light Cruiser. He tractored the vessel and averted its trajectory toward the planet. Acenvar Prime then waited for systems to be restored soon afterward. He beamed up the entire away team and made a special transfer between Both Captain Grants, the ship-board one, and the planetside one. Both into one cell. Before the transport was successful the clone Grant shot Acenvar with a phaser on stun. Unsuccessfully stunning him, but successfully tearing a hole in his shirt. Clone Grant ended up killing himself. Then Acenvar was able to get the ship back to Starbase Bravo, where a very large of the Senior crew were again reassigned. Most people believed that hit was another hit from Command.

Pandora’s Box Shoreleave

Starbase Bravo, Immense-Class Space Station, ShiKhar, Vulcan, Alaska, Earth, USS Polaris, Transport Vessel=

Between getting his assignment and the USS Pegasus Acenvar had a very diverse shore leave.

Quickly after he was on shore leave, most of the USS Pegasus crew was reassigned. This included just about all the senior staff except for a few newer faces. Acenvar as well as most of the others did not get a lateral transfer and instead were left at spacedock with no assignment. While Illia was gone he was approached by another Lieutenant Commander. This one by the name of Solek. His green tinted skin made him look like a hemophilic Vulcan. For which he was Vulcan. He offered the receiving Lieutenant Commander a position as Chief Tactical Officer. He accepted the position and was given his new assignment aboard the USS Reciprocity. Acenvar had just accepted a new position aboard a Special Operations vessel, an advanced Cicero Class Escort. Now all he had to do was tell his wife.

First on his agenda was his visit to Vulcan with Zephyr Praise. The two landed at the Vulcan Science Academy and made their way to a few places including the Science Museum and the Opera.

Acen at the Crystillin Estate

At multiple times they were harassed by the Vulcan-extremists located on the planet. Acenvar and Zephyr talked of many things including her love and plants and her reassignment to the USS Gettysburg as the Chief Medical Officer. Acenvar felt pangs of jealousy as she was returning to his first assigned ship, rejoining the crew of the USS Avenger such as Jenny Braggins, Tyra Crawford, Jake Schwartz, and more. He in return he told her about his assignment telepathically as little as he could. Because of their bond he couldn’t lie to her without her knowing.

Next, Acenvar returned to Starbase Bravo to help the Operations Crew. He was handling things on Delta Shift when Anthony Moriarty contacted him urgently. Acenvar watched as the USS Pegasus slipped away from spacedock and felt it odd Moriarty wasn’t on board. By reading his file, Acenvar found out that he too was assigned to the USS Gettysburg along with Zephyr Praise, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Aethelwulf Von Brandt. Excusing himself Acenvar made his way to the Science Officers quarters and found him in mental trauma. And so Acenvar began to help the Human officer with a mind meld in an attempt to ease his mind.

Still on SBB, Acenvar met with Shione Kurasa, Midshipman in Security. Acenvar found her staring off into space literally on the Promenade and took her aside. His wife, Illia also found him here. After a brief discussion about her mental state, the two Vulcans brought her back to their quarters for a Vulcan meditation session. Quickly the climate grew sour between the Vulcan and Betazoid women, and Acenvar tried to stay out of it as much as possible. Finally when there were spaces to interject he did so trying to dilute the atmosphere. Kurasa began speaking of her mental and physical training to the pair, as well as of their marriage. Acenvar found her mental training inadequate and began again at trying to teach her Vulcan meditation. Upon failing, Acenvar made dinner for the group to eat in an effort to rest tensions. The male Vulcan also gave Shione his P´Jem Meditation Lamp as well as instructions on how to use it. Soon afterwards the Commander was called back up to Operations to help assist the incoming USS Sheridan.

USS Reciprocity, ES-17413

Advanced Cicero-Class Special Operations Escort Vessel

Acenvar only spent a short time on the USS Reciprocity. He participated in the crews simulated training where he piloted the vessel. Their maiden voyage was to assess a inhabited planet. Mere minutes after initial scans a device detonated in orbit and Acenvar was forced to land on the planet to make repairs. During this Acenvar spent most of his time on the bridge reading sensor layouts. However, he ventured down to the transporter room to fix some of the systems only to have Captain Solek shocked by a capacitor. Attempting to revert to his Borg state, Acenvar carried Solek to Medical bay where he recovered. Otherwise Acenvar provided information for the away team. After the simulation he was confronted by Captain Allen McKinney (although his name was unknown to Acen), Allen informed him that the Fleet had requisitioned him, and it was beyond Allen’s able to keep him on the ship. And so he was transitioned back to the fleet.

Intermittent Training

Vulcan, outside of ShiKahr, Andoria, Wilderness, Saturn, Star Fleet Restricted Flight Range

Before making it back to any Starbase, Acenvar was waylaid for training on Vulcan. Acenvar was put on transfer and technically became part of the Vulcan Science Institute for a couple of months. There he participated in specialized combat and tactical training for three months straight. As Vulcan physiology required little sleep the Institute drilled him and tested his resolve mentally and physically. He helped test a few new technologies as well as new combat routines. Part of the training took place on Andoria where he and a group of other Vulcans were supposed to survive three weeks with only limited supplies. After the hardcore training, Acenvar was given three days to rest before being transferred back to Star Fleet. He spent it researching at the Institute since communication was restricted.

Here he met one of his mother’s old friends, and as it seemed employers. Doctor T’zekk. She was a Vulcan Professor at the Institute who worked in the Aero-Engineering department. While she seemed hardly at liberty to converse of his mother and father’s work, she spoke much about them and how they contributed to their society, as well as her thoughts on the universe.

Once Acenvar was transferred back to Star Fleet he was sent to Saturn where he met with Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Braggins to test fly a new Valkyrie model.

Following that he stayed behind to help train several specialized pilots, and increase his own piloting profile in the process. After the month at Saturn, he was released from Special Clearance and promoted to Commander.

Starbase Bravo

Back on Starbase Bravo, Acenvar had a Priority One conference with the Fleet Commander, Commodore Soniah Nezmah. Acenvar had assumed one of two things was going to happen: forced resignation, or reassignment as a Junior officer. Instead, the Commodore offered him the Strategic Operations Director position, to which he accepted.

Acenvar disliked the Starbase. It was large, left open, and have serious maintenance issues. During his time at the Starbase he made sure to fasten all the holes he found onboard to ensure maximum security. He worked explicitly with Intelligence officers in order to maintain the threat of external saboteurs to the station. His assistant Alvina Locke had suggested taking time off due to his full days spent in the Command Centre. Confirming to a new schedule he was able to spend more time with his wife, and eventually they had a set of twins a girl Zephyrvar, and a boy Destanvar (after his brother). Now with a new vendetta Acenvar petitioned Star Fleet for increased defenses. The Marine Corps had officially downsized and the Starbases’ Aviation Corps was already smaller than he had hoped. Newer equipment from Utopia Planitia was enough to give Acenvar the comfort he needed to protect his family.

Acenvar was recruited to design a new starship for the Federation, while the task was completed only four cruisers were constructed before the Federation transtioned their intentions to focuss intently on exploration.

Eventually Command let in and sent him an Osana-Class Escort, a design he had helped create, to keep him quiet. It wasn’t exactly what he was hoping for, but enough to tide him over.

Soon after securing the Starbase, he was offered a position much farther out in space. Desiring to uphold the Star Fleet mottos of exploration he accepted, laterally transferring his Strategic Operations Director position to Pioneer Outpost along with his family.

Pioneer Outpost

Acenvar served once more as the Strategic Operations Director on Pioneer, handling intelligence and external security, bringing a much colder attitude to the Outpost then his initial jump into the career. For the most part Acenvar felt the bureaucratic sting of the station. Well he had assumed he was well removed from such trivialities he found out too late that he couldn’t escape it. Acenvar was sequestered to his department and several administrative duties while the Captains or other admiralty attended to theirs. Acenvar spoke little with the administration outside of meetings. Mostly due to the fact that he was just as busy as the rest of them.

For Acenvar, establishing a StratOps department so far away from core Federation operations centres was a difficult journey, but they were able to establish one rather quickly and efficiently. The majority of his time establishing the base was protocol construction, surveillance, sensor buoys, defense measures, and all sorts of espionage treatments. While still paranoid, Acenvar made sure to create as many back-up protocols as possible, with as many improbable events deemed plausible. Already, Pioneer Outpost had been attacked, by who was still unknown as all of their security systems were still being put into place. Unreliant on the Pioneer security teams, Acenvar had his department begin their own investigation into the security mishaps. Needless to say, more was found out with his team than the security teams.

Zephyr removed herself from ship duty in order to further her studies. Zephyr stayed on earth for a short while, before moving herself to Vulcan to stay at the Crystillin home. Thankfully the facilities at home were more than sufficient enough to meet her botanical needs, and so she began her studies at the home.

At the other end of the galaxy, Moriarty and Aethelwulf were still busy in the unknown, limited news was brought through with each Union ship, but from what he understood, Moriarty and Aethelwulf were living on a Union colony world with some strange properties. Moriarty was learning about the new and strange items on the such world, while Wolf was learning medical techniques and exchanging information about anatomy.

The years continued and Acenvar returned to Vulcan for a longer term, once again training with the survival and special operations teams. This time however he was joined by his youngest brother who returned to the Vulcan Defence Force for his career. V’saillia returned home for a few weeks before staying at the Crystillin manor for the remainder of their time on Vulcan. Acenvar returned home as often as permitted, which had become quite often. Especially often immediately upon their third and fourth child’s birth. Now with Velzalvar, and Sa’saielvar Acenvar spent his remainder vacation home. Whilst here, he also unearthed more of his parents research and was able to finish construction on their shuttle prototype.

Something strange seemed to be occurring nearing the end of his stay. The Capital city nearby had reported that a large influx of non-Vulcans were entering the planet. And there was much more air traffic nearby to the manor. Of course, Acenvar made sure to keep the manor secure, but hadn’t been worried about it. That being said, there was an attempt to break and enter into the manor. At the end of his trip home, Acenvar and V’saillia were to go back to Pioneer while Georgia Hemlock took care of the children for a few weeks. On the day to leave, Acenvar was called to ShiKhar to attend an emergency meeting. V’saillia went on ahead boarding the ship USS Sacramento for transport. Enroute to Pioneer Outpost, the vessel was attacked and destroyed by unknown means. Acenvar aws immediately ferried to the location with several Federation vessels and a Tar’Hana class cruiser. Scans indicated that lifeboats had been launched and that there was little biological residue. The lifeboats were not found. Acen returned to Pioneer with his children, but he was wrecked. He had assumed that the thought of Illia dying, and the thought of the unknown wouldn’t have become a major problem, but instead the exact opposite transpired. His performance started to degrade and his time had grown exceptionally limited.

With help from Admiral Kinziri Jal, Acenvar was given a temporary assignment back on Earth while he figured everything out. He was given a higher level job at Strat Ops on Earth at Star Fleet HQ. It was several weeks with very little information about Illia before Acenvar realized he just needed a different assignment than a desk job, at least for a while. With permission from Admirals Jal and Ristone of the expeditionary fleet, and Admiral T’Mana, Acenvar was temporarily demoted to Lieutenant Commander to serve aboard a starship once more. He retained his department status, but needed the demotion to be assigned to the USS Artemis, to serve with the first Captain he had in Star Fleet.

USS Forge, LC-1002

Tar’Hana Class Long Range Cruiser

At the start of the conflict, and the evacuation of Pioneer Outpost, Acenvar was given temporary command of the USS Forge. Their main role was to provide support to the fleet while maintaining a low profile. The Forge for much of the conflict ran on Blue alert, conserving power and only aiding when there was no other option. On paper, the assignment seemed dull, but there had always been something to do. The list of medical emergencies out-shown the times they engaged in combat. Yet Acenvar had been wary of this command. His primary duty remained to deal with Strategic Operations and orchestrating Federation vessels across the sector.

When the conflict was over the Forge was brought back to Federation space, and given an assignment of remaining within the Bajor sector. When the conflict’s aftermath had been quickly settled, they were recalled to the Earth sector. The USS Forge was chosen to be fitted with prototype technology and so the crew was given shore-leave. Acenvar took his children back to their homeworld. Allio returned home, able to look after his three children while continuing her research into Quantum Mechanics. Acenvar spent as long as he was allowed at their estate watching after his children. Thankfully whence the USS Forge had been fitted with the new weapons it would take several more months before it would be ready for use back in the fleet.

When Acenvar was recalled to San Francisco, he attended the Strategic Operations Conference and remained at Star Fleet HQ until he was sent back to Pioneer. Willem and Georgia Hemlock decided to come as well to help raise the children while Acenvar worked. Acenvar would return to his station on Pioneer to resume his position.

Soon Pioneer would come under attack and they would be left to flee the station. Acenvar sent the USS Forge ahead with as many civilians and non-essential personnel he could, including his children and the Hemlocks. Alvina Locke and Acenvar Crystillin stayed behind as long as possible to get as much off the station as possible. He and Locke left in a Type-11 Shuttle and were picked up by the USS Amsterdam after a week of travel. With Pioneer station no longer an option. Acenvar remained assigned to the USS Forge although stuck in the Sol system.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Stellar Cartography, Operational Tactics, Piloting
Academy Minor(s): Survival Training, Physics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Star Charting, Piloting, Research, Listening to Music, Studying ships, Learning History, reading about medicine, reading
Short-Term Goals: To learn other languages such as, Breen and Cardassian
Long-Term Goals: To design a Starfleet used ship, to find his parents research
Personality: Usually Calm, Happy, always quiet unless spoken to or reporting something
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic, enjoys jokes on his own free time
Phobias: Hairy-Spiders
Likes: Music, Animals, Science, Space, Star Fleet, Nice people
Dislikes: Liars, People who want to annoy others
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Dishonesty
Bad Habits or Vices: Spending too much time reading
Achievements: Surviving the Katie Grant’s Piloting, recovering one of his mother’s ship designs. Learning Gorn and Klingon.
Disappointments: Not finding his parents.
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Open-minded
Weaknesses: takes time to think, slight temper
Fears: That he will kill someone on his side of the battle
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: White Short-Sleeved blue shirts with a black vest, and black loose fitting cotton pants
Distinguishing Features: Small scar across left eyebrow from Piloting Accident with Katie Grant.
Pets: None
Friends: Zephyr Praise, Alvina Locke, Jenny Braggins, Anthony Moriarty, Ensis'Koras Teyioa'Rannoch

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Watching his brother Destanvar die, the disappearance of V'saillia.
Best Time: Joining Starfleet, being a part of something bigger than himself.
Most Crucial Experience: Startegetic Operations Director at any time.
Role Model: His parents, LCdr Shahrukh Dhawan, Captain Tyra Crawford

Career History

Acenvar Crystillin
Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20901.20 – 21307.28 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Tactical Officer USS Avenger, CA-1500 21404.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Tactical Officer USS Avenger, CA-1500 21403.01 – 21408.01 Ensign Ensign
Tactical Officer USS Avenger, CA-1500 21408.01 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Tactical Officer USS Avenger, CA-1500 21501.01 Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal
Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21503.02 Transferred to USS Pegasus, CL-2500, 2nd Fleet
Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21510.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21711.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21601.08 Lieutenant Lieutenant
Chief of Security USS Dauntless, CA-1553 21602.01 Transferred to USS Dauntless, CA-1553, 2nd Fleet
Chief of Security USS Dauntless, CA-1553 21602.01 – 21603.01 Lieutenant Lieutenant
Chief Tactical Officer USS Dauntless, CA-1553 21603.01 Department Change
Chief Tactical Officer USS Dauntless, CA-1553 21604.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Tactical Officer USS Dauntless, CA-1553 21605.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Tactical Officer USS Dauntless, CA-1553 21608.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21612.01 Transferred to USS Pegasus, CL-2500, 2nd Fleet
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21612.01 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21612.01 Command School Graduate Ribbon Command School Graduate Ribbon
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21701.01 – 21104.15 Short Story Winner Short Story Winner
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21702.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21703.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21703.01 Diamond Star Diamond Star
Chief Tactical Officer USS Reciprocity, ES-17413 21705.01 – 21709.20 Transferred
Strategic Operations Officer Star Base Bravo 21709.20 Transferred
Strategic Operations Officer Star Base Bravo 21709.20 Commander Commander
Strategic Operations Officer Star Base Bravo 21806.21 Transferred
Strategic Operations Officer Pioneer Outpost 21806.21 Commander Commander
Strategetic Operations Director Pioneer Outpost 21901.06 President’s Medal President’s Medal
Commanding Officer USS Forge, LC-1002 22102.20 Assigned
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Command School Graduate Ribbon Command School Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 1
Diamond Star Diamond Star 1
Campaign Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 7
Short Story Winner Short Story Winner 1
President’s Medal President’s Medal 1

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