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Zoey Ward
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Dauntless, CA-1553
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
160 cm
56 kg
Eye Color:
Sapphire blue.
Hair Color:
Chocolate with flecks of caramel.
Loose ponytail, hanging around her shoulders.
Soothing and slightly lilting.
Omicron Reticuli Prime (ORP)
Familial Relationships
Andrew Ward (Deceased)
Martha Young-Ward (Deceased) Denise and Amanda Corwin (Adopted)
Status of Parents:
Jane (Deceased), Jasper (Deceased), Harrison (Deceased), Neil (Deceased)
Marital Status:

Personal History

The Civil War of Omicron Reticuli Prime began with the massacre at the Angos Spaceport. Zoey (at the time named Zachary) was 13 at the time, living with her family in Coria, a city not far from the Angos Spaceport, and tried to flee the city as the chaos erupted around them. Thousands of refugees were packed into tight streets, where panic set in and resulted in neighbor turning against neighbor. By the time the fighting spread to Coria, already over 100 people lay dead in the streets, and the rest were butchered by fighters for what limited resources were left. It was there that Zoey lost all but her mother, her fingers crushed in the chaos and requiring amputation.

Languishing in a refugee camp, Zoey saw incredible misery and pain. People starving, killing each other over loaves of bread, the lynchings of impromptu courts. It was here that Zoey gained the scars over her left eye, in a refugee camp outside Pana when a sociopath tried to carve her eye out with a spoon. He was caught and later nailed to a post in the sun. Not long after, her mother was killed when she tried to keep a thief from taking some of the rations being given out by a passing Starfleet starship to ease the suffering (Omicron Reticuli Prime remains a non-aligned world), and in desperation, Zoey literally lept into the arms of a Starfleet officer beaming back to his ship, the Endeavor (CA-1483).

Zoey was nearly returned to the planet below, but the CMO of the Endeavor, Lilliam Warwick, convinced the captain, Wyatt Locke, to let her treat Zoey before releasing her back to the planet. That's when it was discovered that Zoey had a heart condition that would require long-term treatment. With the captain having already agreed, Zoey was given refugee status aboard the ship and kept for treatment. With treatment underway, she was given psychiatric evaluation and it was discovered she believed herself female, despite her birth gender. After her treatment for her heart condition, she began the process of becoming a trans-female, later having full gender reassignment at 18.

At the age of 16, Zoey was adopted by a lovely couple on Earth, who tried to give her the kind of life she lost when the war broke out. She still had night terrors often, and while she was offered the chance to have her scars removed, she keeps them as reminders of what she's faced. After spending almost a year getting caught up on a basic Starfleet education, Zoey signed up in her spare time as a lifeguard, going to school during the day and keeping kids safe in the evenings. It was there that she met her two best friends, Noah Scott and Harold Johnson. The three became a trio that were inseparable, hanging out and getting into the occasional mischief. Overall, Zoey's late teenage years were positive ones, giving her the ability to overcome the horrors and finally have some closure. It was for this reason that she joined Starfleet, hoping to bring some of the positives she received to others.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics
Academy Minor(s): Optical Computing, Electronic Engineering
Hobbies and Pastimes: Swimming, collecting plush dolls, entertaining children.
Short-Term Goals: Write a children's book.
Long-Term Goals: Obtain a PhD and become a lecturer at Starfleet Academy.
Personality: Friendly, cheerful, always eager to make people smile.
Sense of Humor: Loves jokes but knows some things must be taken seriously.
Phobias: Having sharp objects near her eyes.
Likes: Cuddly fluffy animals, plush dolls, children, learning.
Dislikes: Loud noises, crowds.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Complaints over trivial things.
Bad Habits or Vices: Hums and sings to herself when she's working.
Achievements: Once saved a child from drowning at the pool she was life guarding at.
Disappointments: She is alive when her family isn't.
Illnesses: Currently None
Strengths: Incredibly calm and collected, always tries to see the bright side of things.
Weaknesses: Sometimes zones out and drifts back to the war, though working to improve it with therapy.
Fears: Being in a warzone again, unable to escape and knowing they're coming for her.
Prejudices: People who glorify war and don't mention the collateral damage that causes suffering.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: A plain t-shirt with a flannel open shirt over that with a pair of casual jeans, along with a pair of tennis shoes.
Distinguishing Features: Scars around her left eye socket, tattoo of six dots on her chest, scars around the pinkie and ring finger knuckles on her right hand from where she lost those fingers. The fingers were later replaced but the scars were kept.
Friends: Noah Scott and Harold Johnson

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing her mother. After losing all her brothers and sisters and father, Zoey only had her mother to turn to for support. She had been working all day and was tired, trying to provide for Zoey and keep her alive, and was bringing something to the tiny tent they shared when she was stabbed and robbed. When Zoey found out, she just broke down, going into a deep, dark depression. She wasn't even aware entirely of why she did it, but she ran to the Starfleet team providing food, leaping into the arms of someone who happened to look like her mother. It took almost three security officers to pry her away, Zoey's face buried against Dr. Warwick's chest and sobbing, squeezing tightly and begging, "Please just make the hurting stop! Please!"
Best Time: When Zoey got her vehicle license at 17, she was ecstatic. Along with Noah and Harold, they went driving, since Zoey was the oldest. They left Wyoming and headed across North Dakota, their first ever road trip. They wound up in Dickson, a tiny place where they decided, mostly out of boredom, to stop at the dinosaur museum. It was there that they were horsing around when Zoey tripped and toppled over a small exhibit, sending dinosaur bones everywhere. Despite the hour it took to rebuild the skeleton with a stern security guard and curator looking things over, they got it put together and the trio continued on. They eventually had to turn around, but they had an absolute blast, greatly enjoying the chance to just be free. That night, after dropping Harold off at his house, Zoey and Noah went and got something to eat. It was over a couple of greasy burgers and soggy french fries that Noah and Zoey shared their first kiss. While the two never went much beyond that, the two have kept in very close touch ever since.
Most Crucial Experience: When the war began, Zoey was a typical teen, mostly a good kid but still somewhat arrogant and full of herself. Compared to how she was when she was rescued by the Endeavor, that was an entirely different world. The Zoey from before the war was burned away by phaser fire and starved into submission by warlords and poor refugee camps. She still has night terrors of the man who tried to carve her eye out, or the hangings that seemed to go on and on. There are moments where, when she feels sad, she can slip into that horrible world, and her eyes glaze over, her body trembling, as the suffering she felt and experienced come back to haunt her.
Role Model: Her adoptive parents, Denise and Amanda Corwin. The two were Starfleet officers for ten years before marrying. They started a foundation called Hope Everlasting that sought to help minor planets and colonies outside the Federation sphere of influence to achieve peace and rebuild. This included finding foster homes for displaced war orphans, including adopting many themselves. Even when Zoey woke up screaming in the middle of the night, they were always there to care for her, hugging her and bringing her back to reality. Holding her when she cried for no reason. Making sure she felt loved and adored for being who she was and not a victim of events she wasn't able to control.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
USS Dauntless, CA-1553 USS Dauntless, CA-1553 21505.20 Assigned
Science Officer USS Dauntless, CA-1553 21602.03 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade

Contact Information

E-Mail: scottiecodom87@gmail.com

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