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Anthony Kerrigan Moriarty
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Gettysburg, CA-1863
Star Fleet Registration:
2014011423-051 LCMD
Biographical Attributes
190 cm
83.9 kg (185 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Short, straight, thick.
Pale, smooth
Distinctively Irish Accent
United Federation of Planets
Moneygurney, Ireland
Familial Relationships
James “Jim” Moriarty
Dana Moriarty (née May)
Status of Parents:
Jonathan Moriarty (non-identical twin, deceased)
Marital Status:
Married to Aethelwulf Von Brandt
Lieutant Commander Aethelwulf von Brandt

Personal History

Anthony was born in Ireland where he lived for most of his child life. As a child Anthony showed a great interest in the world around him. He and his twin brother, Jonathan, grew up on a small farm in Moneygurney with a family friend, Marie Fulton, after their parents died during a mission on-board the USS Prometheus when Anthony and Jonathan were just 5 years old.

Anthony spent much of his young life outdoors with only his brother and the only son of Marie's - Benjamin Fulton. They spent most of their childhood activities together exploring and causing trouble. When he wasn't playing, Anthony would be painting or drawing his ideal future, following his parents into space as Captain of his own Starship which was incorporated into his playtime activities with Jonathan and Benjamin as they would create real-life scenarios on board the USS Alphatron, a tree-house Marie had built for them to spend their time together. It was due to these role-playing activities that Anthony developed his aspiration to join Starfleet Academy.

At the age of 14, Jonathan went missing and was never found. This event brought Anthony and Jonathan closer together as friends and eventually they fell in love with other. At the age of 18, Anthony and Benjamin were engaged and had moved to San Francisco allowing Anthony to apply and be accepted into the Starfleet Academy where he majored in Astronomy and Physics. Benjamin, on the other hand, vowed to stay on Earth and work in a hospital as a Doctor, he too was accepted into this career.

Star Fleet Academy

Final Exam and Death of Ben Fulton

As the time for his final exam approached, Moriarty was optimistic that he was going to enjoy the rest of his career in Star Fleet. His fiancé, Ben Fulton, gave up his work in the hospital to join Moriarty in a career with Star Fleet and was also nearing his final exam at around the same time. Making good friends with fellow Cadet Veronika Anilova, Moriarty couldn't have been happier with his outlook.

After passing his exam, Moriarty made arrangements to celebrate his graduation with Ben however, during the party, Ben fell from the balcony of their apartment and died. Moriarty blamed himself for the incident and ventured away from all forms of contact. Star Fleet allowed him time for him to pass through his mourning before giving him a new assignment.

Although unable to completely forget what happened, Moriarty was able to reach a stage where he was capable of working through his thoughts and feelings. His fun, friendly personality was exchanged with a slightly drained, cautious personality but he was nevertheless cleared for active duty.

USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471

Hello and Goodbye

After returning from his mourning period, Moriarty was assigned as Science Officer aboard the USS Ticonderoga. Once aboard, he was almost instantly thrown in at the deep-end when their mission was to venture out to the Kyrnar home system and bring an end to the threat they posed.

Before Moriarty could successfully make it to the Bridge, he had been requested to assist various crewmates once open fire commenced between the Federation and the Krynar. When he finally made it to the Bridge, he instantly made his way towards Commanding Officer Captain Tokat to introduce himself. Making a mess of his intro by calling himself "Captain", Moriarty knew straight away his day was only going to get worse. As if on cue, before Captain Tokat had any time to respond to Moriarty's flawed introduction, a small alien vessel entered the Ticonderoga's warp bubble and collided with the Heavy Cruiser, tearing the ship into three pieces. Moriarty was thrown across the Bridge and rendered unconscious for a matter of minutes - during which he experienced a vivid hallucination of Ben's death closely followed by his own death - a sort of "light at the end of the tunnel" hallucination which eventually ended. Regaining consciousness, Moriarty found himself lying in the middle of the Bridge several metres from his last known position. As time progressed, he also discovered he could not feel or move his legs at all - they were temporarily paralysed.

Before long, the Avenger and the Intrepid turned up and beamed the surviving members of the crew across between them. Moriarty was beamed to the Sickbay of the Avenger and swiftly treated by Lt Jack Ristone before being transported to Starbase Bravo. Out of the 864 members of crew that started aboard the Ticonderoga, Moriarty was one of 29 that survived.

USS Pegasus, CL-2500

Starbase Bravo and New Assignment

Moriarty's time on Starbase Bravo wasn't easy. He was lucky enough to make a full physical recovery, giving him the use of his legs back but mentally, Moriarty was very damaged and required to speak with a Counsellor before his new assignment was ready.

A Memorial Ceremony was held for the Ticonderoga, at which Moriarty was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in combat against an enemy of the Federation. It was also during this ceremony that the crew discovered their newly assigned ship was the Zeus Class Light Cruiser known as the USS Pegasus.

Sparking an ounce of motivation within Moriarty as he was very fond of Greek Mythology, the Pegasus was very much welcome in his mind if not anyone elses.

Moriarty spent a lot of time on Starbase Bravo before climbing aboard the Pegasus. During this time he was able to attend the wedding of LCdr Jason Simmons and LCdr Addison Donaghue. He enjoyed the ceremony overall, making good friends with many people including Cdr Theodore Caldecott and Lt Keith Munroe as well as being able to get to know his other crewmates a little better but the whole wedding experience made him remember the death of his former fiancé, Ben Fulton.

Moriarty was also able to catch up with former Academy friend, Ens Ki'sa Orano. At the same time as this, Moriarty was also under the suspicions he had spotted his long-lost non-identical twin brother, Jonathan Moriarty. As it turned out, the man he had seen was in fact known as Paul May which only sparked greater suspicion within Moriarty. Paul was Jonathan's middle name and May was their mother's maiden name. For days, Moriarty, Paul and Ki'sa struggled to negotiate the possibility of Paul and Jonathan being the same person. Paul admitted to experiencing a severe head injury that left him with very little memory. In response to this, Moriarty suggested a DNA test between the two to determine the truth. With moral support from Ki'sa, the test was carried out and Paul was confirmed to be Moriarty's non-identical twin. Deciding to make things easier for transition, Paul requested to keep his name as Paul May. Moriarty agreed, caring more for the fact he had at last found his brother.

Sarin IV Apocalypse

During the first mission aboard the Pegasus patrolling the Cardassian Border, a distress signal was received from the Sarin system approximately 5 Lightyears away. Upon arrival, the ship was contacted by a native avian species of Sarin IV called Tu'Vann - their Prime Minister Aeryn informed of a foul plague of "apocalyptic proportions" that required assistance from the Federation. Moriarty and LCdr Jason Simmons were ordered to carry out passive scans of the system to ensure no foul play was going on but nothing unusual was found. As research into the virus began, the Pegasus was quite bluntly greeted by Admiral Jeryn, Commander of the Tu'Vanni Defence Fleet who pointed out that there were numerous factions on Sarin IV who opposed the assistance of the Federation and that she would be watching us very carefully.

Results from research conducted by Doctor T'Aranai reported that the virus was synthetic meaning that it had been specifically engineered to affect avinoid species like the Tu'Van only. Captain Tokat requested Edward Gregg and Moriarty to carry out planetary surveys using scientific probes but nothing was found. As time went on, word of the synthetic nature spread to the ears of Admiral Jeryn who, with a small battle fleet, approached the Pegasus ordering immediate surrender. Attempting to avoid conflict, the Pegasus began on a reverse course out of the system. As they did so, sensors indicated the presence of another vessel - a Cardassian Destroyer. Open fire began with both the Federation and the Tu'Vanni Fleet against the Cardassians.

During the battle, Cdr Edward Gregg's console exploded, filling him with shards of glass. The proximity to Moriarty's console shocked him and, rather than turn and face his fear of blood, he used the sudden rush of adrenaline to come up with a way to get back at the Cardassians. Moriarty suggested turning the ships Repulsor Beam into an Electrolaser by activating it towards the Cardassian Destroyer then sparking a shot of electricity down it, in the hope of knocking out several vital systems belonging to the Cardassians. With the okay from Tokat, Moriarty got to work however, once he was ready, he failed to give warning and instead instantly activated it.

The beam sent a shock of 12.73 megavolts that washed over the Cardassian Destroyer. Some of the energy was absorbed by their shields but the overload knocked out their life support system and killed their backup batteries as well. Consequences definitely came with this action though as the electrical surge rippled through the Pegasus and causing multiple minor overloads and, inevitably, causing injury to unsuspecting members of the crew.

The Cardassian Destroyer warped back towards the Border allowing the Pegasus to stand down Red Alert and recover from the battle. Moriarty, slightly filled with guilt disappeared from the Bridge to the Observation Lounge to assist PO1 Finis with the injured as the Pegasus set a course for Starbase 211.

Ghosts and Nightmares

The Pegasus ventured out for a diplomatic mission in the Bralen system with Ambassador Sanor whose intentions were to resolve an ongoing conflict between the races of Bralen and Rondel. While on course towards Bralen VII, the Pegasus picked up signals from another vessel nearby. Initial scans provided just enough detail to suspect the vessel was of Federation design - the metallic components making up the armour and the faint warp particles known only to exist within Federation warp cores. On closer examination, the vessel was identified as the USS Gryphon, a Federation Battleship that was declared lost almost fifty years earlier.

Moriarty, showing complete turnaround from his normal anxious and cautious self, displayed the passionate determination to explore the Gryphon as any other Science Officer would and took it upon himself to suggest an Away Mission to Captain Tokat – a suggestion he later regretted. Not long after they were beamed aboard, the Away Team encountered ghostly apparitions of the former crew within the abandoned set of the Mess Hall. Deciding to split into groups with Captain Tokat recalled to the Pegasus, Moriarty led Tactical Officer Acenvar Crystillin, Security Officer Serran Zan and Engineering Officer Hutton to the Bridge of the Gryphon where footage was found of a log kept by the Chief Science Officer – it showed his son explaining their discovery of a rift in space that was growing. Not long into the log, a bright white light filled the room with a ‘SLURP’ noise before fading and revealing the abandoned Bridge that the Away Team now stood in.

As the Away Team continued their exploration of the Gryphon, they reported the presence of Chonitons, Tetryons and Tachyons floating around the interior like some sort of Particle Storm. Before long, the signs of another rift started to show up outside the ship, bringing in a rising threat for the Away Team. With the uncertainty of Transporters being available, they had only the hope of finding an operational shuttle in the Gryphon’s Auxiliary Shuttlebay. With evacuation orders underway, Moriarty began trying to think of methods to shut down the rapidly growing rift. As time progressed, the rift appeared to have an effect on the entire Pegasus crew as they all began to experience headaches. Headaches turned to hallucinations and hallucinations turned to nightmares.

In regards to Moriarty, he was forced to endure nightmarish visions of his late fiancés death and how he felt guilty for what happened. He saw a group of his Star Fleet friends and colleagues all gathered round him and Ben Fulton’s body, accusing and blaming Moriarty for Ben’s death. When he finally broke out of the nightmare, Moriarty was emotionally and mentally traumatised and unable to move at first. Eventually he fought to rise back and bring an end to the rift. He carefully calculated the necessary modifications for antimatter torpedoes that were strong enough to destroy the Gryphon, create a second rift and allow the two anomalies to engulf each other and dissipate simultaneously. The Away Team found a shuttle and made their way back to the Pegasus where they watched Moriarty’s solution unfold and succeed.

USS Dauntless, CA-1553

Jumping Ship

After the events of the Gryphon, Moriarty was promoted to the position of Chief Science Officer which only encouraged him to get his mind properly seen to. He signed himself up for multiple Counselling sessions back on Starbase Bravo in an attempt to repair his mind. Captain Tokat was called back to his home planet with Ambassador Sanor and the Pegasus was decommissioned meaning whatever was left of its crew was to be transferred. After days of shore leave with nothing to do, Moriarty became bored and anxious to get back out on Active Duty. Thankfully it wasn’t long before he was called to the office of Captain Derrick Grant, who welcomed him aboard his ship, the USS Dauntless – an Avenger class vessel similar to Moriarty’s first assignment on the Ticonderoga. His only hope was that his time aboard the Dauntless would last a little longer.

Starting their newest assignment aboard the USS Dauntless alongside Moriarty were Commander Edward Gregg, Ensign Alaurien P’lonnos and Lieutenant Acenvar Crystillin – the latter now being a very good friend of his after helping him recover from his mental trauma on the Bridge of the Gryphon.


Before the crew of the USS Dauntless had the opportunity to jump into their mission, Anthony received word from Star Base Command that his brother, Jonathan had been killed in action. Unable to cope with the news at the time, Anthony deserted his post with Star Fleet and returned to Earth to stay upon the farm in Moneygurney, Ireland. At the time, Marie Fulton was still alive and present at the farm and despite not having any reluctance to allow Anthony to stay, there was tension between the two – he hadn't been in contact with her since he left the farm at 18 – not even when Ben, her son, died.

After five months of cohabitance, Marie passed away by natural causes – she was quite an old mother when she had Ben. Anthony stayed with her through her last moments and listened as she instructed him to “claim back the life that was meant for you”. Anthony took those words very meaningfully and made an appeal to Star Fleet to allow him to return to active duty. They agreed on the condition that he would return to the rank of Midshipman and begin climbing up the career ladder once more from the bottom.

USS Pegasus, CL-2500

Double Trouble

Now under the command of his previous Commanding Officer, Captain Grant, Moriarty was given an assignment as Science Officer aboard the USS Pegasus. Being the ship that he spent the majority of his earlier career aboard, Anthony considered the assignment to be Star Fleet's method of easing him back into duty. Initially things were tense under the circumstances of being assigned to the same Science Department he had deserted before, under the command of the officer who had replaced him, Lieutenant Commander Zephyr Praise. Within minutes of their first official meeting, Moriarty made a point of mentioning her apparent friendship with his former lover, Acenvar Crystillin – the Vulcan Hybrid he was in a relationship with at the time of his desertion and had maintained radio silence with since leaving. As the interview continued, it became clear that Moriarty held some resentment over Praise treating him like a complete rookie who had only just started out with Star Fleet, irreverant of his former position as Chief Science Officer – Zephyr made it clear that she was in charge and Moriarty would simply have to accept that.

His first night aboard the Pegasus included an arranged meal with Acenvar Crystillin, that Moriarty believed would be an opportunity for the two to rekindle their relationship with one another and pick up where they left off once he had explained his sudden departure and apologised. In reality, it seemed Crystillin had become bitter and resentful of Moriarty and had instead prepared the dinner as an opportunity to bring an official end to their partnership. An argument between the two became aggressive with both parties throwing insults and negative remarks to one another before Moriarty eventually got up and left the room, crumbling against the door in the corridor outside in tears. The two men made peace with one another and called it a night. On his way back to his Quarters, Moriarty bumped into Aethelwulf Von Brandt – a Medical Officer who had previously served on the USS Endeavour while his brother, Jonathan was his Department Head. Moriarty was invited back to Wolf's Quarters where the two discussed Jonathan and his passing. It became clear during their conversation that Moriarty was romantically interested in Aethelwulf, and now that his relationship with Crystillin had come to a definite end, he was willing to move on.

During the mission aboard the Pegasus, Moriarty was witness to a sequence of events that led to the creation of duplicates for every member of the crew, including himself. While they seem harmless at first, the clones start generating fear and distrust among the crew – not at all helped by Crystillin's act of placing the ship in Grey Mode. With no power and half the normal amount of breathable oxygen to sustain twice the amount of crew, Moriarty attempts to figure out a way of powering the ship back up. Meanwhile, his clone finds a way to the Auxiliary Bridge to access Deflector Controls hoping to kickstart power by absorbing power from a tractor beam holding the ship in orbit of a planet where Captain Grant has taken an Away Team. When the original Moriarty is told to head to the Auxiliary Bridge and set up a Secondary Command post, he runs into his clone along with Illia Oberon-Crystillin – the woman that Acenvar married in Moriarty's absence. Moriarty opposes the clone's idea of shutting down the little life support they have in order to give Deflector Control power to start up and when his clone goes ahead and initiates the process anyway, Moriarty shoots and kills him, but is too late to stop life support shutting down. When life support is restored, Illia leaves Moriarty on the Auxiliary Bridge alone where he is then stunned by the Chief of Security, assuming him to be a duplicate. Upon his reawakening, Moriarty helps Medical Officer Spencer find a way of deciphering clones aboard the ship from the original crew before heading back to his Quarters. When the Pegasus returned to Starbase Bravo, she was decommissioned once more, bringing an end to a chapter in Moriarty's life and encouraging him to make a change for himself.

Mind Over Matter

The events of the Pegasus mission leave Moriarty questioning himself a great deal. The clones aboard the ship were reported to be identical copies of their counterparts, transferring not just DNA and physical characteristics but also memories and personality traits as well meaning that when Moriarty shot and killed his clone, he was essentially killing himself. This thought scares him and makes him wonder how much he has changed from the man he was before Ben and Jonathan died, before all the trauma in his life, and whether there is a possible way of returning to that man. He begins researching several different therapies and treatments that have been tried historically and uncovers the practice of a Vulcan Mind Meld to repress traumatic memories as nothing more than dream-like images that one may look back on and recall without being emotionally compromised. He calls for the assistance of Acenvar Crystillin to conduct the Mind Meld, wary of the fact that things may only be made worse by his presence as they did not leave on the best of terms with one another – Moriarty was not informed of his new marriage and instead was forced to find out from the woman herself.

When they first enter the Mind Meld, they are positioned within a Starship corridor resembling those of the USS Pegasus. All along the corridor on either side are doors with different stardates on them relating to significant dates and memories within Moriarty's life. The hallway is very dark and the atmosphere is cold, signifying Moriarty's mental state at current. Entering the first room they see, Moriarty and Crystillin are met with a scene from Moriarty's past – the day he moved into his apartment in San Francisco with Benjamin Fulton. Witnessing straight away how happy he used to be, he realises that the unfolding events within this Mind Meld are not going to be pleasant. Backing out of the room and into the corridor again, Moriarty and Crystillin find themselves walking along a carpet soaked in blood – blood being one of Moriarty's biggest fears. As he becomes anxious and more mentally unstable, a personage identical to Crystillin appears. He seems to have the ability to read Moriarty's thoughts, being a part of his mind and starts taunting both men in the corridor, telling Moriarty that he can be trusted because as he points out, he is the version of Crystillin that Moriarty was previously in a relationship with – the man he fell in love with. Moriarty rebukes the vision by stating that he may not always approve of Crystillin's lack of emotional empathy but knows that the real Crystillin would help him as he has done many times before, including the Mind Meld. Moriarty's opposition of this mental image seems to defeat the vision of Crystillin who very suddenly disappears from sight.

As they progress further down the hall, Moriarty sees one of the doors is slightly ajar, with the light above it sparking and fizzing. Summarising that this room must contain Moriarty's most influential nightmares that are seeping out of control, Moriarty decides they must enter and face whatever is inside the room in order to solve the issues he has. Upon entering the room, Moriarty and Crystillin are met with the scene of three bodies lying on the ground before them. One by one the three rise from the floor covered in injuries relating to their deaths – the first being Ben who fell from the apartment balcony, the second being Jonathan who was stabbed to death and the third being the Moriarty clone, who was shot in the head. The three reanimated corpses start accusing Moriarty of being responsible for their deaths and how he could have saved them if he hadn't been so weak, selfish and cowardly. The room around them starts to shake violently and lose structural integrity as Moriarty starts to freak out emotionally.


Shoreleave Activities

Shortly after being back on Starbase Bravo, Moriarty and Wolf agree to spend time with each other alone by taking a vacational trip to Risa where they rent a beach-house and a boat for themselves and relax in each others company. It is here that they make an official start to their relationship with each other and discuss how they intend to progress once they return to active duty. Moriarty at this point is still only recently thought to be 'recovered' from his mental traumas and is still reluctant to trust himself getting close to someone else but is very quickly reassured by Wolf that all will be well between them. Eventually, after a week of lounging in the sun, the two agree that upon their assignment to a new ship that they should move in with each other.

After returning from his vacation on Risa with Wolf, Moriarty spends the rest of his shoreleave time on Starbase Bravo awaiting his next assignment. He and Wolf have been spending a lot of time with each other behind the scenes but Moriarty tries to involve with others on the Starbase as well, finding that he now has a new lease of life. He engages in a holonovel program with his former Chief turned friend, Zephyr Praise that is centred around two FBI Agents in the late 20th Century that are called out to investigate strange, extraterrestrial reports in the United States but inevitably find very little evidence of alien life. Moriarty thoroughly enjoys the program and believes that he and Praise make quite a good team when it comes to detective work, declaring that he hopes that are more times in their future to spend running similar programs. As well as meeting with Praise, Moriarty also bumps into a Junior Medical Officer by the name of Vari Toreen. They meet within the Last Call Pub one day when he is cramming information about Medical Science as a way of impressing Wolf more. The two of them enjoy a drink together and apparently get along well with each other – he notices a change within himself and is pleased that he is finally starting to act differently since the Mind Meld.

A couple of weeks pass before Moriarty is officially promoted to Ensign and granted a position aboard the USS Gettysburg as a Science Officer. He accepts the position, although insists that Wolf be offered a position on the ship with him – something he already had been. Moriarty is thankful for the opportunity and to have the knowledge that Wolf will be with him given that the Gettysburg was the last ship that Jonathan served on before his untimely death.

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: Using holo-novels – primarily those surrounding crime and drama. Also taking long walks along the Starbase Promenade.
Short-Term Goals: Successfully move in and live with Aethelwulf Von Brandt aboard the USS Gettysburg.
Long-Term Goals: Work his way back up to being Chief Science Officer of a Starship.
Personality: Anthony's life is layered with the recurrence of death among those he cares about most. His parents, his fiancé, his twin brother and even Marie Fulton – the woman who raised him after the death of his parents. Recently he underwent a Mind Meld treatment to repress the traumatic memories to nothing more than dream-like images that he can still recall without being emotionally compromised, but remembering how bad he was has made him slightly cautious. He is friendly and enjoys nothing more than speaking with people with a good sense of humour but there is no denying that it takes time to get to that stage with people.
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic. Verging on cynical.
Phobias: Arachnophobia (spiders), Haemophobia (blood) and Sedatephobia (silence).
Likes: Anthony has a sweet-tooth, he is drawn to desserts of any kind.
Dislikes: The idea of people speaking behind his back – he worries about what people think about him.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People in positions of authority who make up their own rules without regard for others. People who have a “my way or the high way” attitude.
Bad Habits or Vices: Speaking his mind. Worrying too much about others think of him.
Achievements: Successfully undergoing a Mind Meld Therapy to deal with his mental trauma.
Disappointments: Losing his relationship with Acenvar Crystillin through his own actions of desertion.
Illnesses: N/A
Strengths: Identifying patterns and solving problems. He is very adept at Computer Science and programming.
Weaknesses: Anthony is very easily wound up if he thinks people are judging him based on his past.
Fears: Losing more people close to him and eventually losing himself.
Prejudices: Anthony is hesitant to trust Romulans though does not let this impact his professionalism.
Distinguishing Features: His brow protrudes enough to darken his eyes with a soft shadow, this is what people tend to notice first.
Pets: Black ragdoll cat named Mystique. Previously lived aboard ship with him but now stays in San Francisco with his neighbour.
Friends: Acenvar Crystillin, Jason Simmons, Zephyr Praise, Aethelwulf Von Brandt, Vari Toreen and Karr Torin.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The death of his late fiancé, Ben Fulton was the most painful experience Anthony endured though he has since been able to suppress the level of pain induced by the memory.
Best Time: Becoming engaged to Ben Fulton is still prominent as a positive memory in Anthony's life.
Most Crucial Experience: The death of his non-identical twin brother, Jonathan Moriarty. He was killed in action. This caused Anthony to unintentionally desert his post with Star Fleet.
Role Model: Anthony is inspired by the bravery of Captain Kathryn Janeway and her determination to get the crew of the USS Voyager home after being stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21401.14 – 21401.14 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21401.14 Midshipman Midshipman
Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21404.01 Purple Heart Purple Heart
Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21408.14 Short Story Participant Short Story Participant
Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21501.01 Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal
Science Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21601.08 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Science Officer USS Dauntless, CA-1553 21602.01 Transferred
Chief Science Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21602.01 Lieutenant Lieutenant
Science Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21612.15 Midshipman Midshipman
Science Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21612.15 Midshipman Midshipman
Science Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21704.01 Diamond Star Diamond Star
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 21704.20 Transfer
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 21707.06 Ensign Ensign
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Diamond Star Diamond Star 1
Purple Heart Purple Heart 1
Campaign Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Short Story Participant Short Story Participant 1

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