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Chief Tactical Officer is a department head and senior position for Star Fleet officers on board starships and starbases. Tactical officers are in charge of tactical operations, including weapons, shields and piloting the vessel.

This position is an evolution of the armory officer and the helmsman positions assigned to Earth Star Fleet ships in the 22nd century. In the mid-23rd century, these duties were handled, at least to a large degree, by the helm officer and sometimes by the navigator. By the 24th century, tactical officers aboard Galaxy Class starships were also usually charged with communications duties. However by the 25th century, communications were usually handled by Operations Officers.

Chief Tactical Officers can come from any division within the tactical field. They are required to go through department head training prior to assuming this position.

Chief Tactical Officers must hold the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade or above. They are assigned to their position by the ship's Commanding Officer for showing a history of excellent playing and the ability to lead others in their department

Current Chief Tactical Officers

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