Pioneer Outpost

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Pioneer Outpost
Sierra Class Outpost
United Federation of Planets
Active (21807.01)
Type: Sierra Class Outpost (SO)
Length: 1,200 Meters
Width: 1,400 Meters
Height: 1,000 Meters
Mass: 696,000,000 Metric Tons (Asteroid weight)
Decks: 80 Decks - 50 Inhabitated, 30 Storage
Crew Compliment: Standard: 200 Officers, 751 Enlisted
Emergency: 10,000
Reactors: 2 Matter/Anti-Matter Reactor Cores
Generators: 1 Fusion Reactor Generator
Impulse Engines: Fitted with only manuvoring thrusters to avoid collisions
Speed: .01 C
Defensive Systems: Type X Main Shield Generator (MSG-X)
Armament: Phasers: 5 banks of 2 Type 4, 10 banks of 1 Type G (Located at various points on the surface to give 360D coverage)
Torpedoes: 4 Torpedo Launchers (Located at key points to give 360D coverage)
Payload: 800 Quantum, 1600 Photon Torpedoes
Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-1
Tractor/Repulsor: 6 MainTractor/Repulsor Beams, 24 Docking Tractors, 24 Shuttle Tractors
Shuttlecraft: 1 Bay (Cut through), 10 Shuttles (6 Type 7, 4 Type 9A) 4 Runabouts (Type 1) and 1 Support Escort (Cicero Class)
Fighters: None
Sensors: Andorian Industries FSMSA-2
Offensive Rating: 85%
Defensive Rating: 80%
Maneuverability Rating: 5%
CER: 75%

Pioneer Outpost is a Federation Immense class starbase located near the Dozaria System beyond Cardassian space.

Pioneer Outpost is the home base for the Dozaria Expedition and therefore a vitally important military facility. Unlike Star Base Alpha which orbits Earth, Pioneer Outpost is a remote facility and does not see a great deal of civilian passenger traffic. As it is the main Federation facility in the region and a staging point for future exploration and trade missions, though, it is frequently visited by freighter traffic. For diplomatic purposes, Pioneer Outpost retains a Federation Consulate, manned by a Consul and a diplomatic attache.


Commanding Officer:
Commodore Alexis Tregelen (21806.21 - 21902.20)
Captain Gabriel Archer (21902.20 - Present)

Asteroid Composition

Like its inspiration Space Station Sierra-18, Pioneer Outpost was built into a large class-C asteroid. The primary make-up of the asteroid consists of silicates, oxides and sulphides, while the minerals olivine and serpentine were present throughout the silicate matrix that formed the various components of the asteroid into a cohesive whole. Metallic and conductive minerals, other than those that made up the hull of the station’s interior and exterior components, were absent.

Crew Manifest

The Leadership Of the Expeditionary Group

Fleet Command
Com-capt.jpg Mackenzie Annan Acting Expedition Commander
Com-cmdr.jpg Wendy Rickenbacker Personnel Officer
Com-cdr.jpg Acenvar Crystillin Strategic Operations Director

Pioneer Outpost Crew

Space Station Command
Com-capt.jpg Gabriel Archer Commanding Officer
Com-cdr.jpg Dietrich Kaiser First Officer
Tactical Department
Engineering Department
Eng-lcdr.jpg Elizabeth Rage Chief Engineer/Second Officer
Security Department
Sec-capt.jpg Kata Mihar Chief of Security / Regional Director, Star Fleet Security
Sec-capt.jpg Akaeldrin Dal-Mar JAG Representative
Sec-ltjg.jpg Elaina MacClare Security officer
Science Department
Sci-cdr.jpg Justine Anderson Chief Science Officer / Regional Director, Star Fleet Science Institute
Medical Department
Med-lcdr.jpg Cas'ro Orano Chief Medical Officer

Habitat & Recreation

Habitat Levels

The Upper Habitat Levels span Decks 3-7 for Star Fleet Officers, Decks 13-16 for Enlisted personnel, and Decks 32-35 for civilians. No section is zoned for any specific class of resident, however approximately 25% of all habitat areas can be reconfigured to accommodate residents requiring different atmospheric or gravitational needs and 4% of all habitat areas can be reconfigured for non-humanoid residents.

Quarters Options

There are 3 different types of available housing units:

Apartment Style: This type of housing provides mixed living where personnel and civilians intermingle. Made up of blocks of 40-60 moderately sized apartments, these units share a common lobby and entrance. Replicators are standard and these units contain one to two bedrooms, a dining and family area, and one full washroom with sonic shower. This type of living is for families of two, or with children young enough to not yet need their own rooms.

Family Style: This style of house sustains more than 50% of the habitats on the base. Fifteen units share an entrance lobby that is actually a large atrium. As opposed to a lounge area, this large park offers areas to gather, play or meet. As opposed to the private dining and living room areas found in Apartment and Suite styles, the atrium also has sections set aside for these purposes to be shared between all residents. Each individual unit still maintains one personal replicator for everyday needs or snacks. Each house in these communities maintains its own private space, with individual entrances to private residences.

Single Style: For V.I.P.s who require privacy, these residences take up less than 5% of the bases available housing. Entrance is directly off a corridor, as opposed to all the other housing types which are accessed via lobbies. These types can be quite small one bedrooms or large four or five bedroom houses. None of these houses share any facilities with other residences. Waiting lists for this type of residence are long, and are limited to those who can prove a need such as the Admirality.


The commercial and recreation sections of the base span decks 8-13. Housing everything from the Promenade and pools to the holo-cinema, this section is meant for rest and relaxation. Some areas are reserved for Star Fleet crew and their guests, most areas are open to the general public. Additionally, the commercial sections of the base are in these decks offering services spanning from tailor shops to souvenirs to bars. Everything a person could want is available in the Recreation Section.


The Promenade spans decks 8-10. This is the main thoroughfare of the recreation areas with all major areas being accessible through the Promenade. The most popular restaurants and services are set up in this section. The Promenade level looks out over the park area and through a giant viewing blister into space beyond.

Bars, Taverns, Etc
  • Starfarer’s Way could previously be found on decks 9 and 10. It now appears to be... elsewhere.
  • Purgatory's Basement: - Located on Decks 10 and 11, Purgatory's Basement is a multi-function venue. The top floor includes a tattoo parlour and music/instrument shop specialising in the many variations of the Rock and Heavy Metal genres around the galaxy. The bottom floor is a bar and music venue, capable of holding anywhere up to three hundred people, and has guest bands playing live music once per month. Purgatory's Basement is joint-owned by Jennifer Braggins and Orrin Key, with several investors among the crews of the expeditionary fleet.

Other Recreation Spots

Pool: Located on Deck 12, this large room houses an Olympic size pool for swimming, 6 Jacuzzis, 2 wave pools and 3 play pools for general recreation.

Gym: Located on Deck 11. Containing top of the line equipment, this is a great place to go for any type of workout. Personal trainers stand by to help guide a workout while classes are held every hour to provide further encouragement.

Park and Viewing Areas: Located on Deck 11, the park and viewing areas look out through a viewing blister into deep space. The park has over five kilometres of paths through grassy and forested areas, and contains a fenced-off area for pets to run free.

Holodecks and Holosuites

Dedicated Holodecks on Pioneer station are reserved for Star Fleet personnel to conduct training. The Holosuite complex is available for personal use of all residents and transient civilians and personnel.

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