USS Reciprocity, ES-17413

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USS Reciprocity, ES-17413
Training Simulation
Federation/Star Fleet
Retired (241704.18)
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NOTE: The USS Reciprocity was a complex training program meant to simulate a covert operations vessel used by Star Fleet Intelligence and Special Operations.


The USS Reciprocity is the first Star Fleet vessel to carry the name. The word reciprocity, in Federation Standard, is a noun which means "the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another".

Current: USS Reciprocity, ES-17413
Vessel Class: Cicero Class (Apparition Sub-class)

Vessel Dedication Quote

"The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph." - Thomas Paine

Commanding Officers

Commander Solek (241705.17 - 241709.03
Commander Allen McKinney (241709.04 - 241802.20)


The "USS Reciprocity" had been given a covert operations profile, as opposed to the support profile that an ES class normally has.

The powerplant of the Reciprocity is a triple core, comprised of a standard warp core, mated to a quantum singularity similar to that used in Romulan vessels, mated to an intertemporal generator which actually generates power by tapping into the space-time continuum directly. This last is only used when the ship is cloaked or requires maximum power, and it's long-term environmental effects have not been verified. The powerplant combination takes up nearly 1/3 of the ship's mass and volume. Much of the extra power core hardware is located on the sub-deck below the floors of engineering, and can be accessed by lifting floor plates. Other systems had to be shifted, and are accessed via floor plates across the second deck.

The Reciprocity features advanced sensor and computer technology, most of which is still somewhat experimental, deviating from the standard configuration of an escort and in line with its operational sphere.

Additionally to reduce the impact of any sort of systems-draining field effects, the Reciprocity has extensive manual backups on all major control systems; and rather than relying on the standard actuated doors uses manually sliding doors for most doorways. The two blast doors are operated on a hydraulic system, and have both automatic and manual controls. They are located at the entrance to Main Engineering and at the entrance to the main forward corridor from the Common Room.

USS Reciprocity's warp field emitters have been enhanced to increase cruise and maximum speeds.

The ship has, installed, a telepathic inhibitor field generator. This operates perpetually while the ship is powered by main or auxiliary power. The device acts as a sort of telepathy 'jammer'. Very strong emotions are not blocked, but anything deeper manifests as a background 'buzz' telepathically. It has been tested to be safe for betazoids and other telepaths to be in the presence of.

There is a special transponder and sensor altering field that, when the ship is scanned, make it appear to be a standard Cicero-Class Escort.


All Star Fleet standard plus equipment listed on the Intelligence Equipment page, plus below. Specialized equipment is stored in the forward storage room on Deck 2 (#19). This room is secured by locks accessible only to the senior crew, or in certain cases only the CO and CoB. Always check before assuming!


Infiltration Suits - This is an undersuit, which is worn over undergarments and under normal clothing. It encompasses the torso and is sleeveless and legless. By utilizing a small power pack, it emits a signal which can: A) Alter the biosignature of the wearer, allowing them to appear on non-visual sensors as something other than what they are; B) Negate the biosignature of the wearer allowing them to be 'invisible' to non-visual sensors; C) Cause the individual on sensors to appear to be lifeless or dead.

These are the three classes of suits, and must be programmed prior to donning them. Each suit is designed for a specific purpose above and may not be used for the other purposes, and multiple suits may not be worn. They are designated as "IS-A", "IS-B", and "IS-C" respectively. There are four of each aboard.

Enhanced Body Armor - These experimental suits of body armor are used to enhance the inherent perception, reaction, endurance, and strength of the wearer. They are bulky and metallic in nature, and are similar in appearance to heavy armor used by the Marine Corps. The armor is self-contained and has its own environment similar to an EV suit. It enhances the abilities of the user to varying degrees depending upon their training and skill with the suit, however it takes time to learn and often there are accidents with users who are unprepared for the level of enhancement offered. Maximum enhancements recorded on a human have been: perceptive (visual, audio, etc) 73%; reactive 123%; endurance 325%; strength, 400%. Those are increases over normal. The suits also contain microphasers in the forearms, jet boots, and a limited defensive shield generator. Movement can be awkward in confined spaces, especially for users unaccustomed to the suits. There are twelve aboard.

Personal Shield Generator - This device can be placed in a pocket or attached to a belt, and will provide a limited protective forcefield for a short period of time. There are two aboard.


Microgrenades - Similar to photon grenades but approximately 2.5 cm in diameter, these devices can be more easily carried and concealed than standard grenades, however they have significantly less yield. There are forty aboard.


Hush Field - This small device will create a sphere of silence around the user. The sphere is scalable from a few centimeters to about a dozen meters. There are two aboard.

Visual Implants - These temporary implants, much like ancient contact lenses, can give the wearer enhanced darkvision, infrared, or visual zooming. They work for approximately 12 hours and then dissolve into the body. There are ten pairs aboard.


StimPak - This is a combination stimulant, pain killer using standard medications. There are 20 aboard, and the medical replicator can create more.

RadPak - This is a radiation treatment combined with an anti-radiation medicine. There are 20 aboard and the medical replicator can create more.


Crew Breakdown for the USS Recprocity

Officers Enlisted
Command 2 0
Tactical 3 0
Engineering 2 4
Security 4 5
Science 1 0
Medical 1 0
Aviation 0 0
Support 0 2
Total 11 13

Crew List

Below is the list of participants prior to the closure of the project.

Int-cdr.jpg Allen McKinney Human CO Stateroom Commanding Officer email
Int-lt.jpg Wren Gaglardi Human FO Stateroom First Officer / Chief of Security email
Tac-lcdr.jpg Ensis'Koras Teyioa'Rannoch VolkAstrum Port Bunkroom Chief Tactical Officer email
Tac-ltjg.jpg Karli Gesian (NPC) Zakdorn Starboard Bunkroom Tactical Officer email
Tac-ens.jpg Zariq Assan (NPC) Haiian Port Bunkroom Tactical Officer email
Eng-ltjg.jpg Savorn Toroll Bajoran/Klingon Starboard Bunkroom Chief Engineer email
Eng-ens.jpg Kimberly (KitKat) Kitimat (NRC) Caitian Port Bunkroom Engineering Officer
Warp Core and Power Theory Specialist
Eng-po1.jpg Shalix zh’airdrie (NPC) Andorian Starboard Bunkroom Engineering Crew
Computer System Specialist
Eng-po3.jpg Mark Penticton (NPC) Human Port Bunkroom Engineering Crew
Stealth Theory and Defensive Specialist
Eng-cm.jpg Ralph Harrison (NPC) Human Starboard Bunkroom Engineering Crew
Environmental Systems Specialist
Eng-cm.jpg Torb Hope (NPC) Bajoran(75%) / Cardassian(25%) Port Bunkroom Engineering Crew
Weapons Specialist
Sec-ltjg.jpg Shione Kurasa Vulcan/Betazoid Port Bunkroom Security Officer email
Sec-mid.jpg Natalya Winters Human Starboard Bunkroom Security Officer email
Sec-lt.jpg Jack Regan (NRC) Human Port Bunkroom Security Officer email
Sec-cpo.jpg Skia Porano (NPC) Acamarian Starboard Bunkroom Security Crew email
Sec-po3.jpg Štěpánka Delara (NPC) Human Port Bunkroom Security Crew email
Sec-cm.jpg Baracha (NRC) Denobulan Starboard Bunkroom Security Crew email
Sec-cm.jpg Rozsi (NPC) Gorn Port Bunkroom Security Crew email
Sec-cm.jpg Erik Adhiambo (NPC) Human Starboard Bunkroom Security Crew email
Sci-cdr.jpg Edward Gregg Human Starboard Bunkroom Chief Science Officer email
Med-ltjg.jpg Jack Ristone Human Port Bunkroom Medical Officer email
Med-ens.jpg Martin Fields Human Starboard Bunkroom Medical Officer email
Sup-scpo.jpg Skall Kyber (NRC) Farian Port Bunkroom Support Crew email
Int-po2.jpg Kirtaar Ragarri (NRC) Caitian Starboard Bunkroom Support Crew email

Mission Logs

Mission 01: "Reciprocity is Not Mandatory"
Mission 02: "The Mission that Didn't Happen"