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Derrick Grant
Career Occupation
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Derrick Hiram Ulysses Grant
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
93 kg (205 lb.)
Eye Color:
Light blue-gray
Hair Color:
Light brown when grown in
Clean shaven
Average, slightly muscular, solid
Medium caucasian
Facial Hair:
Normally none
Neutral, smooth, northeast American accent
United Federation of Planets
Small town named ‘Fall Town’, Northeastern USA Region, North American Continent, Earth
Familial Relationships
William Grant
Miranda Grant, deceased Star Date 20808.13
Status of Parents:
Father alive, living near city of Boston, North America, Earth
1 Brother, 1 Sister: Brother-Samuel (alive and living on Earth), has a daughter named Jennifer (Jenny); Sister-Samantha (deceased-see history). Samuel and Samantha are twins, 3 years younger than Derrick
Marital Status:
Married to Imina Sevala
For the alternate Derrick Grant, please see Derrick Hiram Ulysses Grant.

Personal History

Derrick was born in Boston, North America, on Earth. His ancestry can be traced back to a famous General in the US Civil War in the middle of the 19th century. He grew up without much incident. His father was a local constable, and his mother was a medical technician. When he was three, his parents gave birth to twins.

Samuel, Derrick’s brother, has lived a humble life as a university professor on Earth, and has a wife named Jeanette. They have a daughter who was born Stardate 18405.03. Her name is Jennifer (Jenny). Derrick is very close to her and views her almost as the daughter he never had. Shortly before he deployed to the Gettysburg, she was captured by Satarran terrorists who held her to use as leverage against Derrick. She was recovered safely and Derrick managed to defeat the terrorist cell that was holding her.

Samantha, Derrick’s sister, joined Star Fleet and was serving aboard the first USS Yoritomo as a security Ensign when it was destroyed by the Borg. Derrick has never quite faced or accepted her death.

Derrick enrolled in Star Fleet Academy at 17 years old, excelled in his studies, and graduated four years later as a full Ensign — a rare occurrence. He served on various vessels and bases in Security, working his way up to Chief of Security of Starbase Alpha. His only achievements in the Academy were getting high honors in his third year and being named SFA Chess (2D, not the 3D--Derrick is a purist) for four consecutive years. He also engaged in several 'amateur' championships throughout his early career and won a few of them.

In his early years at SFHQ working homicide, he was romantically involved for 14 months with Lt Tara Byerly, one of his superiors. When their superiors caught wind of it, they were told to break it off or risk disciplinary action. Tara was transferred to Deep Space 8, and their relationship ended. They stayed in contact for several years, and even to this day exchange occasional messages. She did not rise through the ranks as quickly as Derrick and is still a Lieutenant Commander and Chief of Security at Starbase 157 near the Klingon/Romulan/Federation Triangle.

Derrick was recruited into Star Fleet Special Intelligence Service (SFSIS) when he was a Lieutenant Junior Grade serving aboard the USS Dante. He received advanced training in interrogation/interviewing, and had a few bio-implants installed including a universal translator that has yet to be acknowledged to the rest of Star Fleet. It is an advanced piece of technology which is undetectable by all but the most detailed of examinations. It is located in his neck, below his right ear, about 1-1/2 inches in.

During his second year with Intelligence, he was sent to the planed Ullia for ‘telepathic training’. It ended up he’d actually been sent there to help stop a dangerous criminal. While most of the records of this time are classified even to this day, he made a close friend and mentor in Noruas, a Ullian elder who he worked with.

Derrick continued his service, earning commendations and eventually came to serve as COS on Starbase Alpha, where he planned to settle. Upon the creation of a SFSIS mobile command platform on the USS Gettysburg, Derrick was assigned as SFSIS team lead on that vessel. Following the death of Captain Torgh, Derrick was promoted to Commanding Officer of that vessel due to his knowledge of SFSIS and is experience in Star Fleet. This is a rarity, as Derrick has never officially been a First Officer.

Derrick was promoted to Commodore following the battle at Star Base 157, after only being a Captain for approximately three months. Shortly after this, he was re-assigned to a field operation while the Gettysburg continued on her mission following the battle at SB-157.

During that mission, he helped to establish an alliance treaty with the Democratic Romulan Republic, and when he returned to Earth after this he was awarded the Star Fleet Medal of Honor; however this was done in a non-traditional and quiet ceremony, along with his promotion to Rear Admiral.

Initially Derrick was confused as to this promotion, and then it all became clear. They wanted him chained to a desk on Earth, where someone could keep an eye on him. It was suspected, although not officially, that he was involved with some information leaks to the DRR. He has since been reassigned to Star Fleet Security HQ as the Sector 001 Security Commander.

During his early days on Earth, the planet faced another series of attacks from the temporal terrorist known as Boris. In these attacks Derrick was forced to order one of his closest friends to a mission that meant certain death for the man. This haunts him daily.

He also overcame one of his long time nemeses, a man known only as ‘Smith’. Smith died while Derrick’s security forces were attempting to apprehend him. Derrick found out the curse of this… as he now has to fill the role that Smith once did.

Derrick maintains a residence at Star Base Alpha, where he lives when working at Earth.

As of Star Date 20906.06:

Derrick has returned to duty as Commanding Officer, USS Gettysburg BC-1863.

As of Star Date 21106.13: (Summarized)

Derrick married Commander Imina Sevala.

When the USS Nova was launched, Grant was given command of her, and then later in year 210 he was moved into command of the 4th Fleet and promoted to Vice Admiral.

In 21104, he was arrested and charged with a number of very serious crimes and relieved of duty. He is presently on trial. He holds his rank as of the trial but has lost his position.

After the trial, Vice Admiral Grant appeared to have been killed in an apparent attempt to escape. It was found out over a year later that the Admiral had survived, and had gone to ground. He had a secret mission from Star Fleet Intelligence to infiltrate the isolationist terrorist movement. In that year he made it very deep into the organization and disrupted several of their major support and funding sources.

As of Star Date 21209.01, Grant had his record cleared, and had retired from Star Fleet. He was soon thereafter appointed as Ambassador to Cardassia.

As of Star Date 21606.15, Grant's status is civilian, location unknown. Officially he is fully retired from public life.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security Operations
Academy Minor(s): Criminal Investigations; Cryptography; Interviewing; plus Command Training course 8 years after graduation
Hobbies and Pastimes: =Dom Jot; Large Game Hunting; Studying/learning alien languages (He is presently fluent in: Standard, Klingon, Rihannsu, Cardassian, Ferengi, Betazoid, Orion); Studying the history and government of galactic civilizations. Derrick was also a 2D chess champion. A chess 'purist', he doesn't play 3D chess, only the classic game. He has won several tournaments through the years. He's also quite good at the Ferengi game of Tonga.
Short-Term Goals: Find a way back in command, preferably of the Gettysburg. Defeat the temporal terrorist threat.
Long-Term Goals: Settle into a stable position where he’s not transferring every few years, and finish his career in the next 15 years and then ‘retire’ from active duty. Maybe someday start a family with his beloved Imina Sevala.
Personality: Derrick is mellow, easy-going, and a thinker. He rarely does anything without a plan. His subordinates often joke that he schedules his biological functions. He does not—at least not exactly.
Sense of Humor: Derrick’s sense of humor tends to be dry, and is rarely shown to those he’s not close to.
Phobias: Derrick is afraid of the Federation getting involved in a major conflict and losing people. He does not accept failure—especially in himself, and fears failing in a mission more than anything else in the galaxy.
Likes: While his dedication to service is great, Derrick enjoys his shoreleaves as well. He specifically almost always visits a tropical planet or place on Earth. He enjoys his solitude and quiet time, and reads and studies in his spare time for pleasure.
Dislikes: Officers who disobey orders or endanger the mission. Derrick has zero tolerance for anyone jeopardizing a mission. He is not fond of Satarrans (see history)
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who are not truthful—an oddity with a certain type of work he performs which requires exactly that.
Bad Habits or Vices: Overwork. He’ll often work for days on end, taking only the minimal time away needed for breaks and eating.
Achievements: COS on several vessels; COS of SBA; incorporation of a SFSIS team into the battle cruiser USS Gettysburg; Several medals; several operations which are classified. Won several 2D chess championships. Became Commanding Officer and Captain of USS Gettysburg. Got promoted to Commodore and then Rear Admiral within 9 months of gaining command. Promoted to Sector 001 Security Commander at Star Fleet HQ.
Disappointments: None
Illnesses: Derrick has never been diagnosed with any major medical condition
Strengths: Focus and concentration. While physically Derrick is only slightly more resilient than his peers, he has a mental ability to focus and block out distractions when the need arises. He is also very skilled and talented at duplicitous behavior in the interests of accomplishing a goal in the line of duty. He never lies outright unless it is absolutely required of the mission.
Weaknesses: Sometimes Derrick thinks things out too long, and doesn’t act quickly enough. He’s always managed to pull through, but constantly fears and second-guesses major decisions. Once he makes the decision though, he rides it through to the end.
Fears: See Phobias
Prejudices: Satarrans. Derrick absolutely despises Satarrans. He would likely try to kill one on sight... if the opportunity was right for it. Derrick is also uncomfortable with Romulans and Klingons. He’s had one too many run-ins with the Cardassians to even begin to trust or like them. And of course the Borg — but who likes them anyway?
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Casual, comfortable. Almost always short sleeves and either blue jean equivalent or something Docker™-like, tends toward black or blue as a color
Distinguishing Features: Virtually none. Derrick has a face and build that allows him to easily blend into any crowd. Perhaps his most distinguishing feature is that he has none. His piercing eyes are the biggest feature, and the only thing that shows his inner thoughts and feelings when he’s trying to hide them.
Pets: None
Friends: Captain Yuri Nymesky, Deputy Commanding Officer, Starbase Alpha; Noruas Maniemara Therastos

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing his sister to the Borg. Second to this is nearly losing his niece to the Satarran captors and also nearly losing his best friend to the same group. Losing his close friend Shawn during the attacks of Star Date 20812.25. Being apart from Sevala when he felt she had betrayed his confidence.
Best Time: His time on the Gettysburg, with Sevala by his side.
Most Crucial Experience: Being recruited into SFSIS shortly before the Romulan War re-started; and then watching the Borg destroy so much when they invaded shortly afterwards.
Role Model: His distant ancestors. The Grant family line goes back centuries in North America, and there have been a number of notables.

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