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Edward J. Gregg
Career Occupation
Chief Science Officer
USS Artemis, EX-11000
Biographical Attributes
176cm / 5’8”
88kg / 193 lbs
Eye Color:
Cobalt blue.
Hair Color:
Dark Brown.
Short but can get a little unruly after a month or more.
Facial Hair:
Short stubble.
Slow and quiet.
United Federation of Planets
Ireland, Earth.
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Alive. Mum retired from Starfleet Medical. Dad also retired.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Born in the Maternity Hospital, Belfast, Ireland. He grew up in Carrickfergus. The family then moved while Ed was still young and shortly afterwards Ed's sister Eileen was born. At the age of three he had a minor accident in which he broke his left leg this meant that he never attended kindergarten.

At the age of four he attended a local primary school for seven years. During that time he discovered that he had the ability to make friends with people no matter what their age group were. He also made a couple of enemies during that time as well. Thankfully for him his friends were looking out for him though he never noticed until afterwards. A childhood illness in his fifth year knocked him back a bit. So he retook the fifth year. Though he was able to move on to high school after he had completed year six.

High school was different. The same things happened with some distinct differences. He became a bit of a loner and found it difficult to make friends. He greatly enjoyed the science classes and taking part in science experiments. If in hindsight he had followed this interest as far as he could have he would have probably gone straight to Star Fleet.

After High School he went to College and enrolled in a course for Computer Studies. He got on well with some of the people in the class. Yet his temper let him down and made him feel a lot more reclusive though he was surrounded by people. When the course ended and he had passed the course he started looking for work.

After a series of disastrous attempts to get a job it was suggested to Ed that he enrol at Star Fleet Academy. This was a step out of him comfort zone. He successfully enrolled in at the Academy. During his time at the Academy he discovered an aptitude for mechanical science. The other surprise that occurred was his graduation from Star Fleet Academy.

Tharos III.

After graduation he was placed as Ensign on the USS Titan. By the time he reported in for duty the Away Team had already landed on Tharos III, or rather crash landed. The planet had what could be called a naturally occurring Duonetic Field. Only those on the planet’s surface know what happened there. The crew on the ship worked hard to rescue the Away Team.

The solution seemed simple after the discovery that solar radiation was triggering the field. Ed and some crewmen put together a group of probes equipped with shield emitters to act a temporary block to the solar radiation. This allowed for the rescue of the away team.

The Eventful Shore leave.

Ed’s first shore leave was rather eventful. Through various events he found himself helping avarQ and Vaebn Tei extract a childhood friend of Tei’s from Romulan space. This required some smuggling of Romulan Ale in exchange for pass codes for the Tachyon Sensor Net.

Apart from a run-in with T’al Shiar whilst leaving the planet getting home was uneventful. Until after the Ale had been delivered, Ed was cornered by a JAG Officer named Ja’rod. At the time he thought it best to tell the officer the truth, but he left out the bit about the Romulan Ale.

IKV Nightslayer.

Thinking he had left it all behind him Ed continued on the Titan’s next assignment. The Titan had been tasked to pick up a Starfleet Intelligence Operative who had been undercover on an Orion vessel on the fringe of the Klingon Neutral Zone. When arriving at the assigned meeting point there was only debris from the vessel and the only cover in the area was a nebula.

The scientist in Ed knew that things always lurked in the murk at the bottom of ponds and nebulae were no different from ponds. He dropped an experimental weapon into the nebula in an effort disable a potential threat. The weapon backfired leaving both ships and one shuttlecraft temporally disabled.

The Titan was first to get back on its feet and sent in an Away Team to reclaim the crew of the shuttlecraft and examine the Klingon vessel to locate the Operative. After an encounter with the Klingon security the team found and extracted the Operative from the Captain’s quarters. Unfortunately the Operative had been victimised by the Captain and killed the one of the Away Team who was Klingon.

After the Away Team got back to the Titan the Nightslayer left the nebula and began the assault on the Titan. The assault included a full-blown boarding attack. Ed had been in the Sickbay for a check-up when one group target the Sickbay and helped with fending off the attackers. The Titan on the other hand was almost due for the scrap yard when two other Klingon vessels stepped in and forced the Nightslayer to stand down. This allowed the Titan to limp home to Star Base Bravo.

The Arrest.

Before arriving at Star Base Bravo, Captain Oltan was presented with warrants for the arrest of Ed and Vaebn. Thankfully the Captain decided to hear them first. Ed told the Captain everything. Officer Ja’rod was waiting on the access ramp. So Ed and Vaebn were taken into custody. Then things turned nasty. Ja’rod pulled a vanishing act off to Star Base Alpha. With the help of JAG Officer Winst, Ed gave chase since it was likely Ja’rod was after avarQ and he didn’t like being left in a cell without any explanation.

After their arrival at Star Base Alpha Ed lost track of the chase and at some point got separated from Winst and Ja’rod. Both JAG Officers disappeared and he was left to head back to Star Base Bravo. Upon his return Ed was presented with a choice. The Titan had been repaired, but Captain Oltan had been given command of a new vessel the Comet and the Titan was to be under command of a Captain Joseph Daher. At that time Ed felt more at home on the Titan and opted to join the new crew.


The first mission with the new crew seemed straight forward. Explore a newly discovered super solar system and report on the findings. The first point of exploration was a M Class planet named Dvorak. Ed, Midshipman Gaku and a number of others including a LCdr Nathan May were assigned to the away team to explore Dvorak. During the exploration of the planet events conspired to halt the group’s progress.

The main distraction was an approaching meteor storm. Later encounters included an Iconian hologram and a group of rather angry group of Romulans. The latter of which wanted to know what the Away Team was doing on the planet. Unfortunately for Ed he decided to ask some questions of his own and discovered that Romulans did not answer questions, but they did seem to be experienced in breaking legs and broke both of his.

After that the rest of the mission is hazy. Ed’s first clear memory involved waking up in the Titan’s Sickbay and his legs had been repaired. Thankfully all that was required was a bone knitter.


The next mission started off as what appeared to be a normal rescue. The USS Denver had been missing for over a week when Starfleet received their distress call. Being the closest the Titan was sent in to provide the required rescue. All that stood between the Titan and the Denver was a nebula, or so it appeared.

At first all the mission required of Ed was to make sure that the Titan could find its way through. Things took a strange turn as there was a shipwide blackout. A mixed group of Science, Security and Engineering ventured towards the lower decks to attempt to purge the entity calling itself Kyogen from the Computer. The attempt was successful with the loss of the Tertiary Computer Core and of Engineer Lieutenant York.

The Missed Meeting.

Ed had been considering spending his shore leave on Risa and hopefully meeting one of his former science team. There had been a recall to the Titan which he ignored and failed to understand the importance of the recall until some time after the Titan’s return. Due to further hesitancy he never went to Risa either.

It is hard to tell whether this failure on his part to fulfil his duty had a part in the downward spiral which followed. It is certain that the death of one of his oldest friends continues to haunt him.

USS Hippocrates.

The Titan had been asked to investigate the manoeuvres of the medical vessel the Hippocrates which appeared to be headed for the Romulan Neutral Zone. There were a number of problems which troubled the Titan these included a new Strategic Operations officer LCdr Theodore Froh who had next to no bridge experience and a dangerous dislike for Romulans and officers of Romulan decent, this placed him on Ed’s do not trust list and led to a certain incident on the Bridge.

For once his favourite project proved useful in slowing down the Hippocrates, but not before it cross into the Romulan Neutral Zone. A Romulan Warbird in the vicinity took offense at the crossing and proceeded to attack the Titan. A Security team from the Titan succeeded in pacifying the hijackers and the Titan was rescued by the USS Tokugawa.

The damage was extensive to the Titan and it was more than the Engineers could fix before the next mission arrived. Fortunately a new heavy cruiser the Ticonderoga had just been brought into operation. The crew were ordered to take the Tico out to run some battle tests. The mission was likely to be quiet except for a holographic boarding party drill and a proto-galaxy nebula.

RIS Nightowl.

The proto-galaxy was inspiring but made sensor sweeps a nightmare. It also covered for the real mission. A prototype Romulan vessel called Nightowl decloaked. Fortunately for the Tico it was a defection. Unfortunately the Romulans weren’t so willing to let the Nightowl go. Three Romulan Warbirds turned a simple defection into a hostage crisis. A team from the Tico succeeded in retrieving the daughter of Vrelnas, Commander of the Nightowl. The weapon on the Nightowl helped the Tico and the Nightowl return to Star Base Bravo, but not without the loss of Commander Nathan May.

Battle at Star Base 157 and The Rescue of Space Station Sierra-18.

It is hard to tell whether the Romulans were retaliating for the Nightowl or they had been planning for a while. News filtered through that the Romulans were making ready for a war, again. This time the battlefield started at Star Base 157. Starfleet was ready for them and drew the line. The battle was vicious and took one of the most unexpected twists when a series of black holes opened on the battlefield.

The opening of so many black holes caused a temporal event which was the most unpleasant experience that Ed thought he could ever experience. All the ships were torn apart by the black holes only to reappear minutes before the event occurred. The Romulans were not expecting such an event and they fled the battlefield before they repeated their mistake and ignited the event again.

That could have been the end of the war but some Romulan vessels had taken over Space Station Sierra-18. The Ticonderoga was part of the task force assigned to retake the Space Station. Ed had been there but had not been able aid the battle. The Romulans were defeated and the Sierra-18 was returned to Federation control.


The crew of the Tico didn’t have much time to rest. A distress call from the Bishtar system had them charging to the rescue. Apparently a neighbouring star system had been destroyed by a supernova and now their own sun was displaying symptoms of instability. It was a tricky enough mission Ed knew probes but was not so great on solar mechanics. The cause of the instability was discovered to be a gravitational platform devised by a Ferengi Daimon called Whodat. He’d done it all for profit. He also escaped but Bishtavrath had been saved.

Dhar’hyyk or The Mission That Did Not Happen.

Ed’s career had been on the wane for some time and he was had been looking for some adventure when an invite from Commander Paul Braggins appeared. It was an unofficial mission to Dhar’hyyk the Commander’s home planet. Ed had his shore leave to take and he felt it would be a worthwhile mission. The risk was it was not sanctioned by Starfleet and it meant that if they failed losing he’d lose more than his career.

A mixture of officers from the Tico and other vessels met on Dhar’hyyk vessel. Dhar’hyyk was in the grip of a civil war. One side an Anti-Unification Alliance run by General Braggins, the Commander’s father. The other the Dhar’hyyk Defence Force run by Admiral Vaughn. The team arrived to discover that the capital city was in ruins. After this discovery they relocated to a series of chalets in remote hills, to plan what to do next. Unfortunately Admiral Vaughn had a change of heart and attempted to have the team arrested. Apparently he didn’t trust any Braggins including the Commander.

Fortunately the team had skills their assailants were not ready for and made their escape. Ed arrived late to the meeting and ended up following them across a snowfield by tricorder, only to fall down a ventilation shaft and catch up with the team. Fortunately the Commander had more loyal friends and escaped to the DSS Kestrel. Ed’s part of the battle with the DSS Freedom commanded by Admiral Vaughn involved looking after the Kestrel’s science console.

During the battle engineering section of the Kestrel was flooded with radiation. An Engineering midshipman had been performing repairs. Ed arrived shortly before the Engineer passed out due to radiation poisoning. He got the Engineer up to the next deck and both ended up in the Kestrel’s sickbay being treated for radiation poisoning. Ed missed the rest of the battle and never found out how the whole thing ended.

The Carraya Conference.

In a strange occurrence a conference between the Klingons, the Romulans and the Federation was held on Carraya IV. Ed wouldn’t find out to later that an energy wavefront generated by a supernova in Romulan space threatened to wipe out Romulus. Combining a revised version of Whodat’s platforms and other technology Romulus could be saved. The crew of the Ticonderoga were tasked to acquire a special material required to build the platforms from the Ferengi.

The Lobe Globe.

Newly minted Captain Braggins took over from Rear Admiral Daher as commanding officer of the Ticonderoga headed for Ferenginar. The trick was to negotiate for a sufficient Ferengithium with the current Grand Nagus. As always with the Ferengi the Nagus wanted more than just gold pressed latinum. It turned out his little project a leisure planet called the Lobe Globe was having some problems including the ‘mysterious’ lost a number maintenance crews and he offered to wave the cost of the materials if an away team from the Tico could solve his problem less any damages inflicted by team. Apparently Captain Braggins had a reputation for causing collateral damage.

The transport to the Lobe Globe was strange and disturbing. The away team divided into four groups each was to choose a holo destination and keep up a cover story during their visit. While destinations were being selected they were approached by an A.I. calling itself Gabriel who warned the groups that the Lobe Globe was under the control of another A.I. called Lucifer who liked being in control. Ed’s part of the away team decided on experiencing the landing on what had been designated Omaha beach on D-Day in 1944.

On arrival at the Lobe Globe the other groups were quick to get settled in and started. Ed and his group took a little too long settling in and were transported into their chosen experience, this involved being in a landing craft under direct fire. All the soldiers in front of the group were killed as the landing craft opened onto a sandbar. Without sound reason Ed charged for the beach and what he hoped was safe cover. The whole group and one soldier whose uniform identified himself as Gabe. Ed had no room for trust when it came to A.I. and began running in order to flank a gun emplacement above the beach. He would have been dead if Gabriel’s holodeck agent had not drawn the attention of the soldiers.

Ed climbed the bluff only to discover a tank approaching. Though he could not adequately explain how he did it. He charged the tank and dropped a live grenade into the muzzle of the tank’s gun, successfully destroying it. The group then defeated the gun emplacement and were guided to a holodeck exit hidden in a bunker. The exit led into a series of maintenance tunnels which allowed easy access to the other holodecks where the holidays had turned into living nightmares.

Ed joined up with Captain Braggins group and with Gabriel’s help got within range of the Lobe Globe’s core and Lucifer. They were met by an army of androids who staffed the Globe. Despite Ed’s attempts to charge in the group fought their way through to Lucifer who turned out to be a hijacked android. Ed manually disconnected Lucifer and removed the head to reduce the risk of the A.I. attempting to get revenge on the away team. After a bit of wrangling between the Captain and the Grand Nagus the Tico got the materials they had come for. The short shore leave to celebrate their success was eventful and certain events made it very memorable but not repeatable.


The next mission arrived quickly with a statement from the Carraya system stating that they were seeking independence. It was likely that forces with interests in Carraya would act to secure the system for themselves.

The Ticonderoga and other vessels arrived to find little but the wreckage of the Carrayan fleet. The attackers were conspicuously absent, but this didn’t deter Ed from attempting to search for possible cloaked vessels. Ever since Star Base 157 attempts to detect cloaked vessels had become increasingly difficult. As Ed and one of his science officers were retrieving samples from the Bussard collectors a Klingon boarding party appeared slaughtering most of the Engineering crew in the process. Boarding parties arrived in other parts of the Tico and due to some sensor masking system left the vessel blind to the events outside.

Due to something still lingering from the Lobe Globe experience Ed made a mad dash for the unguarded weapons locker. He then attacked the Klingons, this inspired others present to take action. While he was distracted in attempting to rescue a Security Officer from his assailant a group of Klingons who had been on the upper levels of Main Engineering had descended and killed most of those who had survived the first assault. In a rage Ed attacked again. The Klingons had attached device to the warp core control panel in an attempt to jettison the warp core and made their retreat. With the help of Senior Crew members who had not been on the away team to Carraya IV and secured the warp core.

A team from Security and Medical arrived to make sure the Klingons didn’t attempt to return and tend to the wounded. An attempt to break the sensor dampening field around the Ticonderoga flooded the forward decks around the deflector dish with lethal levels of radiation. Engineering also experienced high radiation levels which meant the survivors present spent the rest of the mission in Sickbay receiving treatment for radiation poisoning. This was Ed’s second time to be treated for radiation poisoning, though there was no true link between the two experiences.


The crew of the Starfleet vessels involved at Carraya returned to Star Base Delta and medals were handed out to the officers who were still alive at the end of the mission. There were mixed feelings for all involved. It was hard to tell if the mission had been any kind of success. The crew of the Tico rested and eventually found themselves assigned to another political mission.

A number of planets which bordered the Romulan Neutral Zone were looking to leave the Federation in favour of the Romulan Empire. The Tico was to travel to the planet named Yadalla with the Dauntless and attempt to bring a peaceful resolution to the civil unrest which was claimed to be caused by political bureaucracy. Ed was placed on the half of Away Team tasked with helping at the capital’s hospital. He was quickly returned due to excessive numbers of officers arriving from both ships.

Events planetside and in orbit around the Yadalla took a turn for the worst. Both vessels were attacked by a group of pirate vessels that had been hiding on Yadalla’s moon. Also an explosive attack on the capital city’s shield generators forced an unannounced withdrawal of the Away Teams. The pirates were operating under a jamming signal which made accurate targeting a strain. Both vessels appeared to be keeping the pirates occupied until a Kerchan classed vessel arrived causing serious damage to both vessels.

A couple of changes in fortune included locating a jamming vessel on the moon and the Kerchan class vessel briefly leaving the scene. This allowed for the Tico’s Halo Squadron launched and remove jamming vessel. While the squadron battled the pirates and a returned Kerchan vessel with the help of the Dauntless Ed was left to tackle a different problem. An attempt to modify power distribution in an emergency had backfired when the modifying program was removed forcing a reset to factory settings which in turn jeopardised the stability of the warp core.

Due some realistic thinking he was able to direct Engineering to a backup program for the warp core which had been stored on the computer core. The Kerchan vessel was forced to flee. The pirates were defeated, but the Ticonderoga had sustained serious damage and had lost a number of pilots from the Halo Squadron. The Tico did get a tow back to Star Base Bravo from the USS Gaspar.


The crew had been trying to decompress after the encounter at Yadalla. There were some minor events which occurred on Star Base Bravo while they waited for the next mission. After a few days they were given a command to go to the repair yards promptly. Ed arrived and was greeted by two Marines providing security and a Freighter in need of serious repair called Renegade. Those who had answered the call were given six hours to get the vessel sufficiently ready.

Six hours later the crew were informed of their mission. It amounted to travelling to Alpha Mensae getting as much information as possible on what going on at the old base and don’t get into any fights. The journey there was fairly uneventful. Ed tested the patience of the Uihvueri’s security with a few sensor scans and thought he’d got away with it.

The bases security queried the identity of the crew and everything fell apart rapidly. Ed got as much as he could from the sensor scans, enough to prove that the Uihvueri were stockpiling weapons and seemed ready to start another war. To top it all the vessel Unlimited Profits, owned by Damon Whodat, was present.

The Commodore exercised some scarily good flying while the base’s security launched a fearsome attack in the Renegade’s direction. While they made a decent escape the ship’s fragile systems gave in. Fire broke out in the engineering section of the Renegade, threatening the lives of the crew. The fire was eventually brought under control despite two members of the crew suffered severe injuries.

The mission hadn’t been a total disaster. The information required had been collected, but the crew felt rather sore after the mission almost ending in a fiery death. Ed has seen the rise of many great careers in his time with Starfleet and hopes in time to become a good leader. In the meantime he continues to strive to be the best Science Officer he can be, hoping to always be ready when he is needed.

Return to Bishtavrath.

It is a rare thing that the crew of the Ticonderoga visit anywhere twice. Even rarer that they’d be invited to come back. The Bishtar had been greatly impressed by the actions of the crew especially those of Commodore Braggins and they were considering ending their isolation and joining the Federation. Everything looked rosy until the Ticonderoga arrived. Divisions had been caused between the two major factions on Bishtavrath.

There were recordings which made it look as if the heads of the two factions had no trust in each other. Suddenly what had been a hopeful light-hearted mission turned into an investigation. The Science department was asked to assist in the investigation. Ed attempted to divine if the recordings were genuine. Also the sensors were picking up some weird readings.

In a brief length of time it was revealed that the readings were the Unlimited Profits and a significant portion of the Bishtavrath fleet. In the time between the Ticonderoga’s last visit Damon Whodat had convinced certain elements that the events which had nearly cost the Bishtar their homeworld had been part of a Starfleet plot. Those who believed Commodore Braggins account controlled the remainder of the fleet.

A battle ensued and lives were lost. By the time both parties came to understand Whodat’s deception he had quickly fled the scene. The Ticonderoga departed in mixed circumstances. Both factions saw eye to eye and real trust was growing between them, but recent events made them feel that time was needed before a proper decision could be made regarding the application to join the Federation.

Muro IX or One of our Commodores is missing.

Shortly after shore leave had commenced the idea of a war games scenario had been proposed. Lieutenant Commander Donovan and Commodore Braggins did not participate as the scenario had been the Lieutenant Commander’s idea and the Commodore was elsewhere. The crew were divided into two teams. One led by Commander Tokat the other lead by Ed. It was a cat and mouse hunt and just as it began to get interesting the simulation shut down.

After a long distance briefing from General Terrik the interruption was discovered to be due the disappearance of a squadron of experimental stealth Venators. These Venators had been involved in coordinated strikes against Uihvueri bases. The missions were top secret and Commodore Braggins had been leading the squadron. The Ticonderoga was tasked with the retrieval of the remains of Venators. It was stated that it was likely that the squadron had been killed.

Whether it was hope or denial Ed felt sure that the Commodore was still alive. The squadron’s last known location was a planet called Muro IX. It spent one Terran week in Federation Space every 5 years, so time was short. Upon arrival the planet was far from forth coming. Whatever secrets the planet hid it was not intent upon relinquishing them. Attempts ranging from full spectrum scans to visual recordings of the planet’s surface were carried out. What were gleaned were only minor clues to the possible whereabouts of Venator wreckage.

Due to natural interference from the planet an Away Team had to go down by shuttle. While Ed continued to scan for more information on the planet, the Away Team encountered unwelcome guests, the Commodore and a member of his squadron. Thanks to a lack of co-operation from the planet and Starfleet records there was nothing he could do to locate if the attackers had backup. The Away Team made a quick exit after enabling the Tico to get a lock on the remaining Venator. The Ticonderoga left the system with time to spare and no damage.

Chin’toka: What I did on my shore leave.

While the crew of the Tico was on shore leave Tokat gave Ed a request from the Chin’toka to consult on a project they were working on. It wasn’t until he had travelled to Star Base Delta and the Chin’toka that he briefed on what the project was. An Engineering Corp Officer had been experimenting with graviton particles and a duonetic field. Ed had been requested due to his experience of working with duonetic fields.

The Chin’toka had been sent to a weapons testing zone somewhere in deep space. It was a kind of elephant’s graveyard, filled with long forgotten vessels. It was also the perfect place to test the weapon. The first two attempts at firing the weapon resulted in a gravitational feedback which gave the crew a sense of nausea, loosened some of the ship’s wiring and turned the target vessel into large chunks.

With the help of the Science and Engineering departments Ed was able to track down and fix the technical problems that appeared to have led to the trouble with the weapon. The third test caused a lot of damage to the target and a minor amount of damage to the Chin’toka. The blast radius of the weapon attracted the attention of a passing Romulan Cruiser. Ed had considered using the weapon on the Romulans. Thankfully the Romulans decided to flee the scene before it came to that, though they did leave a cloaked mine to deter the Chin’toka from following.

While repairs were carried out to the Chin’toka’s systems Ed discovered a flaw in the weapon’s programming which was creating the gravitational feedback. After making some corrections one last target was selected. The gravitational beam was narrowed and the power being transmitted to the weapon was set to 1%.

Much to Ed’s surprise the target tore itself apart. His supposition was that the beam had inverted the gravitational properties of every part of the target vessel. From hull plating to bulkhead every part forced its neighbour away. It was terrifying. The weapon was operational and once it had been cleared would be ready for the war, if it ever happened.

Family People.

Ed eventually caught up with the Ticonderoga halfway to a clandestine meeting. During the journey Tokat took the opportunity to offer the position of First Officer to Ed. This was something Ed had put off for quite a while and he decided it was time to accept. The meeting was with the Dharvanek family, a Romulan crime syndicate who specialised in information trading.

While Ed waited for Tokat to return from a meeting with the Dharvanek’s representative, D’Ken, he passed the time with a new science midshipman testing out the sensors. The midshipman had a novel idea on how to search for cloaked vessels and accidentally revealed D’Ken’s security detail, two Romulan Birds of Prey. Thankfully D’Ken was understanding and didn’t take offence.

D’Ken requested that a team from the Ticonderoga install listening software at a Romulan relay station in exchange for the information on offer. The mission was interrupted by the arrival of Uihvueri vessels looking to snag D’Ken’s vessel. A battle ensued and the surviving Uihvueri fled the scene. A further interruption came across emergency channels and the mission was shelved until further notice. The Krynar had made their move on Terra.

Tellar Prime.

[Prior to Temporal Event] Using the Moon the Krynar obliterated the Earth. The vessels docked at Star Base Alpha had made a stand and barely survived the destruction. There had been reports that after the destruction two vessels used the slingshot effect to travel back in time. The Ticonderoga and all other Starfleet vessels were ordered to travel to Tellar Prime. The war with the Krynar had begun.

During the journey to Tellar Prime Ed discovered that all heavy cruisers in the Fleet had been fitted with the duogravitic weapon or Graser, but they were lacking the software to operate the weapon. Ed knew that the only working copy of the software was on the Chin’toka and they hadn’t met up with the rest of the Fleet, yet. The battle to push the Krynar out of Tellar Prime was intense and seemed in favour of the Krynar, then something changed.

[After Temporal Event] The Krynar had been forced to flee from Terra before they could cause any destruction. The Fleet grouped together and made for Tellar Prime the centre of their powerbase since arriving. The battle was intense and would have been a disaster if not for the timely arrival of the Chin’toka. The software for the duogravitic weapon was distributed to the equipped cruisers and the battle turned in favour of the Fleet. The Ticonderoga successfully destroyed a Krynar mothership that had been about to use its own gravity weapon on the Ticonderoga.

The Krynar were pushed from the Tellar system. Time was taken for the Fleet to regroup and plan for the next stage of the war. While repairs and modifications were being made to the fleet Ed had time to think. It was one thing to obliterate abandoned vessels for target practice, but he felt devastated after the destruction of a Krynar mothership. He wasn’t sure if he could accept a medal for what he had accomplished.

Krynar System aka The Great Misunderstanding.

Following the defeat of the Krynar at Tellar Prime all able vessels were told to group at Star Base Alpha. The assembled crews spent their time in waiting while essential maintenance and repairs were carried out and transwarp gateways were being built. Tokat brought Ed along to a command level meeting where he discovered that the location of the Krynar home system had been found. After all that had happened and things that had been fixed, if rumours were to be believed, the decision had been made to take the fight to the Krynar.

The Ticonderoga along with three other heavy cruisers equipped with the Graser weapon was to remove the ruling planet of the Krynar. The rest of the Fleets were to provide support for the four vessels as it was likely that the Krynar wouldn’t take kindly to the arrival of so many vessels.

On arrival in the Krynar home system there was no reaction to the presence of Starfleet vessels. This detail was considered and forgotten about. It was assumed that the nature of the Krynar system make them blind to warp capable vessels. Assembly transwarp gates for the return journey began as the Fleet made their way towards the centre of the system. As the Tico and the other vessels took up their positions there was an occurrence.

Tokat under some delusion or concern got up from his seat, threw the Tactical Officer from his console and fired on the Avenger. Ed attempted to talk his friend down, but ended up having to stun him with a phaser which was stored under his armrest in the event of a boarding. Ed had to convince the crew that he was in control of his own actions and inform Captain Crawford of the Avenger of what had occurred. Tokat had hit one of the Avenger’s nacelles with a phaser blast.

Once Tokat was secured in the Sickbay Ed had the weapon readied and gave the command to fire on the central planet. The central planet was surrounded by an elaborate gravitational construction, which would have concerned him greatly if he’d given it more thought. The collapse of the central planet wasn’t the end. Either the full impact of firing four Grasers had not been considered properly or the unique nature of Krynar system amplified the effect of the Graser. A gravitational wave began at the centre of the system and radiated outwards removing all planets in its path.

The Fleet was unable to stop the wave and turned to flee. The Avenger was only able to make warp 4 due to damage inflicted and before the Ticonderoga reached the transwarp gate a Krynar vessel dropped out of a gravitational pocket inside the Tico’s warp field ripping the vessel in two. The 29 survivors were rescued by the Avenger and the Intrepid. Ed woke up in the Sickbay of the Avenger. After a conversation with Captain Crawford he was given the dedication plaque which had been salvaged from the Ticonderoga and returned to Star Base Bravo. The plaque is currently in a box in his quarters.

Sarin IV.

Following the destruction of the Krynar System Ed didn’t feel fit for anything. Tokat recovered from being shot by his First Officer, though never really took the opportunity to talk about the experience. It was hard to know if it was sympathy for losing the Ticonderoga or keeping them away from the Captain Crawford and the Avenger. The remaining crew of the Ticonderoga was given the Pegasus. Now the crew of the Pegasus they were given possibly the most boring mission to survey a nebula on the edge of Cardassian space.

The quiet was broken by a Federation Emergency Alert from the nearby Sarin system. The natives of Sarin IV were Avianoids called the Tu’Vani and they were experiencing a plague which had been killing off numbers of their population. Members of the Science and Medical departments worked with scientists planetside. After analysing the material provided it was discovered that the plague had been engineered using Federation technology.

Before the discovery could be verified it was somehow leaked and triggered riots against the Federation. The Prime Minister of the Tu’Vani Aeryn was able to warn the Pegasus before the Tu’Vani Fleet under the Prime Minister’s sister and military commander Jeryn launched in order to stop the Pegasus from fleeing and bring them to justice.

While the Pegasus was moving away from Sarin IV a Cardassian Destroyer had been hiding behind their nearest moon. A brief conversation confirmed that the Cardassians had been making a covert attack on the Tu’Vani. They expected to be able to dispatch the Pegasus with ease and revealed their actions to the Tu’Vani fleet in the process.

Ed assisted in attempts to confuse the Cardassian weapons and ended up with a face full of console shards when one torpedo hit the Pegasus shields. He was carefully moved to the observation lounge while the remaining Tu’Vani vessels and the Pegasus succeeded in forcing the Cardassians to flee. Sadly the Pegasus was not welcome to remain due to certain sentiments but it was agreed that a medical vessel could come to complete the efforts to stop the plague and an escort to ensure the continued security of Sarin IV.

USS Gryphon

The shoreleave had been brought short when the crew of the Pegasus was requested to host talks between the Rondel and the Bralen. They were neighbouring systems which had been at war for over a hundred years, due in part to the Rondel’s desire to expand their territory. The Pegasus was also required to transport a Vulcan ambassador called Sanor. The Ambassador had a good reputation and would act an intermediary between the two.

It would have been Ed’s responsibility to look after security for the talks while Captain Tokat attended with Ambassador Sanor. Well into the journey a metallic object was detected two light years off course. It was discovered to be an Ambassador Class vessel called Gryphon. The vessel had been lost over fifty years ago and attained the status of myth. An Away Team was formed to investigate the vessel and Ed went over with a number of officers.

Captain Tokat had been leading the Away Team until he was called away to speak with the Ambassador, but the Captain fell ill just before he returned to the Pegasus. As intended Ed split the Away Team into two groups. He lead the group which headed for Engineering. An attempt to restart the Gryphon’s warp core failed due to the presence of tetryon particles and fires broke out. The vessel’s fire suppression system had gone inert from decades without maintenance, so Ed attempted to evacuate the Away Team.

It wasn’t an easy task between an Engineering Officer attempting to suffocate the fire with inert fire extinguishers, the appearance of subspace rift which exerted a gravitational pull on the Gryphon and nightmarish visions supplied by an unknown entity which claimed to be hungry. The Away Team was gathered in the Gryphon’s Shuttle Bay where a shuttle had been reactivated. The shuttle was used to blow open the Shuttle Bay doors which proved difficult to open.

Upon returning to the Pegasus Ed had the Gryphon destroyed as it was pulled into the rift. He had been certain that the entity that had assaulted the Away Team and the crew of the Pegasus had been using the Gryphon as a lure to unwary vessels. Through an interaction of particles the rift was sealed.

The Pegasus completed its mission to the Bralen and Rondel and the talks appeared to be successful. Ambassador Sanor took Captain Tokat back to Vulcan due to the Captain falling to some unnamed Vulcan illness. Ed returned to Star Base Bravo with only department heads for three departments and a lot to explain.

ISS Enterprise

Following the events on the Gryphon Ed doubted his fitness to command a vessel and so himself and a number of the crew were transferred to the USS Dauntless where Ed was given the position of First Officer. The Dauntless was sent to survey a remote trinary star system, though it appeared different upon inspection. One of the stars had been replaced by a black hole and a what appeared to be a Constitution Class vessel trapped in its pull.

Ed led an away team over to the vessel in an attempt to help the vessel. The vessel identified itself as the ISS Enterprise and was discovered to be crewed by descendants of the Iotians whom Captain James Kirk had encountered. Unfortunately due to poor judgement on Ed’s part one officer was shot and he lost the confidence of the engineers present.

The Captain of the vessel ordered that the vessel deactivate its thrusters and return through the black hole which had somehow been used as a temporal wormhole to get from when they had been. Due to the nature of the wormhole the Away Team wasn’t able to be retrieved, but the officer who had been shot was retrieved before the ISS Enterprise entered the wormhole. This meant that the Dauntless had to follow to ensure the safety of the remainder of the Away Team.

Somehow the Captain, Bela Krako was convinced to let Ed and the medical officers with him examine a Ferengi they had taken prisoner while the engineers with the security officers went to assist with repairs to the vessel’s warp core. At some point in Sigma Iotia’s history they had come into contact with the Ferengi and through a number of badly made deals had ended up enslaved to them. The Ferengi found in their ‘sickbay’ had been tortured and mutilated.

After an argument with the second in command who was called Tiny, Ed stunned him to keep him from injuring Chief Medical Officer Fritz. The Dauntless disabled a Ferengi cruiser whose Captain thought we were trying to steal their slaves or something like that. Ed thinking that the injured Ferengi had been taken from the twenty-fifth century had the Away Team and the Ferengi transported back to the Dauntless and the vessel made its escape through the wormhole, only to end up in an altered timeline where the Ferengi had taken over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants through superior technology.

Ed’s actions caused a rift between himself and the Chief Engineering Officer, so his suggestion that they recreate the wormhole, return to when they had left and retrieve the scans the Ferengi had made of the Dauntless was ignored. Ed eventually came round to the other option which was to use the slingshot manoeuvre to go back to just after Kirk had left Sigma Iotia II and stop the Ferengi from making contact with the Iotians. It worked and the Dauntless arrived some minutes after the USS Enterprise had left the system.

From their position the Dauntless discovered a vessel of unknown design hiding behind the only moon of Sigma Iotia II. The Chief Engineering Officer manipulated the sensors to make the vessel appear to be of Krynar design. This caused Captain Grant to have a post-traumatic relapse of some kind causing him to fire the Graser. Ed knew the weapon, but hadn’t expected to find it equipped to the Dauntless. The weapon destroyed the vessel and the moon. An unexplained energy wavefront from the destruction of the vessel moved the Dauntless forward in time. The timeline appeared no different from the time the Dauntless had first left, apart from the fact that Sigma Iotia II had star base which had been established for many years.

Ed discovered later that the Ferengi he thought he had rescued had been from the timeline when the Iotians had been enslaved and had committed suicide after he had questioned by Captain Grant.

Somewhere in the Gamma Quadrant

After the events of what was meant to be a planetary survey the crew and her Captain were moved to the USS Pegasus. In order to mend relations between Ed and Lieutenant Nator he had them share quarters on the lowest deck on the journey to their next mission. The Lieutenant was to educate Ed in what a Chief Engineer did while the First Officer’s quarters was altered to make room for the Captain’s family. Ed was going to be tested on what he knew and both his career and Lieutenant Nator’s were on the line depending on the results.

The Pegasus’ mission was to provide security while a transwarp gate was being constructed in the furthest part of the Gamma Quadrant. The system had been barely survived by a passing probe some time after the end of the Dominion War, so there was an opportunity for exploration of an abandoned science station. Prior to arrival at the expected destination events occurred which resulted in Ed being demoted to Chief Science Officer while Serran Zan took over as First Officer. It was a shock, but it was also a sensible allocation of officers to shore up gaps in the senior staff.

After scanning one of the planets, a large number of weak, but stable life forms were detected. An Away Team was formed, which included Ed. It was led by Captain Grant, so that in theory kept Ed out of trouble. The Away Team found themselves in some kind of Dominion facility. There was dust and a dead body. The team encountered robot drones which had a knack of draining weapons. One drone was stopped and another destroyed when fired upon from a safe distance.

The Away Team split up with Ed and Nator heading off to find the control room. Ed attempted to hack the stopped drone to find an access code. He was unsuccessful, but Nator managed to use a trick to open a hidden door. Beyond the door was the control room and the facility’s secret. The Dominion had been experimenting with cloning technology.

Before Ed attempted to hack the drone he and the Away Team materialised on the Pegasus. Captain Grant sent Ed and Nator down to Engineering to figure out why the power had gone off after they had returned. It was eventually discovered that the CTO had put the Pegasus on Blue Alert to stop unexpected arrivals from the surface. Unfortunately for the crew it was impossible to tell the difference between the new arrivals and their counterparts.

A number of clones were killed out of paranoia by their other selves. The situation was mostly solved when power was restored and the Away Team was beamed back to the Pegasus. The facility was destroyed by its own self destruct mechanism being triggered. This resulted in the blank clones stored in the facility being destroyed and the Pegasus having to keep the remaining clones until they could be handed over for assessment at Star Base Alpha.

USS Reciprocity/ Urth (Classified Top Secret)

After the experience with the cloning facility a number of the crew went on to other things. Some of the crew were recruited for a covert group. Their first task was to capture a Starfleet Officer called Derrick Grant. It was explained that this one wasn’t the one who had been CO of the Pegasus and Dauntless, but the one whose origin was in this universe.

In order to assess the abilities of the crew and the vessel the crew headed out to a pre-warp planet called Urth. It was meant to be a relatively simple observation. While the Reciprocity was settling into a low orbit the vessel was caught in the blast wave of a nuclear weapon detonated nearby. The CTO was able to land the Reci safely and the crew only suffered minor injuries.

Ed used the planet’s satellite system to acquire information about their surroundings. Unfortunately for the crew there arrival was spotted by a nearby farmhouse. He used what information he had gathered to form a translation matrix for the three major languages on the planet and uploaded them to the universal translator. His intention had been to aid the Away Team that was formed to approach the farmhouse and keep the occupants from feeling the need to contact the authorities.

Ed managed to maintain an open channel to the Away Team, with a lot of help. What he heard wasn’t good. The occupants of the farmhouse were extremely wary of people they didn’t recognise. A young Security Officer, Shione Kurasa proved that she was a capable linguist, but her talent was misunderstood by the occupants. The First Officer didn’t appear to be focused on helping the others in the Away Team and things appeared to only get worse.

Ed had spotted a large aircraft on the sensors and had assisted with hiding the Reciprocity. After a point he decided that direct intervention was needed with the farmhouse and was set on going. He told Captain Solek as much. It was going against the Prime Directive, but Ed was more concerned with retrieving the Away Team alive. Shortly after he got to the transporter room the Away Team was retrieved on Solek’s orders.

A brief argument broke out between the Chief of Security and the First Officer. Wren Gaglardi wanted to go back to the farmhouse. Ed tried to get a clear reason from her. Before a conclusion could be reached the aircraft dropped a nuke on the farmhouse. That would have been the end of everything, but it transpired that the crew had entered a holographic representation of the Reciprocity at some point. It had been a test of the crew and the results were mixed.

What followed was two weeks of intense training under the supervision of Captain Allen ‘Al’ McKinney. The training was varied and in some cases specialised. They were getting ready to undertake the mission they had been briefed for. This meant that new additions to the crew had to be briefed, again.

Charon or The Mission That Really Didn’t Happen (Classified Top Secret)

The Reciprocity left an undisclosed location. The combination of the transwarp gate to the Sol System and an unsuspecting Andorian freighter were used to get within in reach of the sensor grid surrounding the Sol System. The Reciprocity’s phase cloak went offline as the vessel exited the transwarp gate. This led to some canny explaining from Captain McKinney. After the phase cloak was reactivated the Reciprocity used a comet to pass through the sensor grid and after going around Sol arrived in Terra’s orbit.

Wren Gaglardi who had been promoted to First Officer was sent down to the Admiral’s Ball at Starfleet Headquarters to meet a contact. Al left Ed in charge of the Bridge and everything seemed normal. After Wren’s departure three different sensor grids scanned the approximate area the Reciprocity was in. Ed opted to stay still, as he felt moving the Reci would definitely compromise their location.

The gamble appeared to pay off and apart from an unknown object which passed through the Reci. No-one was injured except the Chief of the galley team. Wren was retrieve along with a plus one, retired Starfleet Intelligence Agent Buck Steele. The Reci made it to Charon with no-one appearing to be any the wiser to the Reci’s coming and going.

After a short briefing the Away Team was assembled to set a trap for Admiral Grant and his team. Things didn’t go as planned. Ed and Buck missed their departure and the Away Team encountered Grant and his people sooner than expected. Also something appeared to go wrong with the Reciprocity and an evacuation was ordered.

While the two teams battled each other things got a very out of hand. Before Ed could join the fight the remaining crew members of the Reci were transported off the vessel. The CTO accused the FO of killing the Captain and wanted to arrest her. Ed thought the CTO wasn’t aware of the magnitude of the situation and suggested that she could always arrest the FO after they’d completed the mission.

Ed’s presence was requested by the officer leading the Away Team. Somehow Grant had been immobilised and captured by the Away Team while his own team had retreated. Ed was meant to be leading a team to Command Office to send a message to Starfleet. Grant appeared to have a problem with being captured, so Ed attempted to politely ask him to be quiet. It didn’t work. At that point the Reciprocity disappeared and a certain retired Starfleet Intelligence Officer was missing.

Ed tired of Grant’s ranting decided to see if he could get some answers from the former Admiral. Grant was stuck in a Klingon EV Suit and the faceplate was opaque. He rested the muzzle of a PR-1 on the faceplate and informed Grant that he would cripple him if he wasn’t forthcoming. His approach to interrogation scared the other members of the Away Team. He did find out that Buck hadn’t been working for Grant, but that was all he found out.

Following the crew’s arrival at Star Base Alpha it was discovered that all records of their mission had disappeared. Even the crew logs were gone.

USS Beckett

With the Reciprocity effectively missing the crew needed a new vessel. Utopia Planitia had finished a new vessel which was christened the USS Beckett The Beckett was given a sending off from Star Base Alpha and with the presence of a number of very high ranking officers. It was meant to be a simple maiden voyage to Star Base Bravo.

Some way into the journey the Beckett came to a sudden stop, causing injury to most of the crew. Ed happened to break his left wrist, by getting flung over the Science console. The ship dropped to emergency power making it next to impossible to find out what was going on. With the atmosphere cyclers offline on the Bridge it was a decided to head to lower decks. Ed strapped up his wrist as best he could and he and the CTO went to the secondary shuttlebay to see if they could get and external view of the situation and make contact with Starfleet using one of the shuttles.

Ed and Teyioa’Rannoch were greeted by three armed security officers who thought they were some raiding party invading the ship. Ed convinced them in his own way of his identity and the need to get into the secondary shuttlebay. Ensis discovered that the manual release for the door had been broken. An attempt to put a charge through the door caused and explosion which injured some of the group further and killed one of the security officers.

Fortunately for the group there were officers still in the secondary shuttlebay and some had medical training. Ed and Ensis boarded the shuttle and discovered that the Beckett had been taken through a wormhole and being pulled towards a planet nearby. After power was restored probes were launched to maps the wormhole network and return to their original location. The Beckett made it to Star Base Bravo, but after the damage incurred the vessel’s future was unsure.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Sensor Array Manipulation. Probe Use and Adaptation. Subspace Phenomena and Spatial Anomalies.
Academy Minor(s): Particle Recognition. Abstract Weapons Theory.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Rock and popular music of the 20th and 21st Century. Replicated books, also from the 20th and 21st Century. Movie trivia from the same era. Weapons of the mid to late 20th Century.
Short-Term Goals: Keeping his temper under control.
Long-Term Goals: Become Commanding Officer of a vessel and consider himself worthy of the position.
Personality: Adventurous, though can be a bit of a recluse if not prompted.
Sense of Humor: Dry and sometimes self-effacing.
Phobias: Application Forms.
Likes: Music of the 20th and 21st Century. Preferably Rock.
Dislikes: Failure.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: His own weight and voice. His lack of push when he could do more.
Bad Habits or Vices: Hesitation when not sure of his own abilities.
Achievements: Rescuing the command crew on his first active mission for Starfleet.
Disappointments: Many times when he could have done more in a situation but failed to.
Illnesses: Had measles, mumps, chicken pox and mild asthma. The asthma is almost completely gone.
Strengths: Trusting. Friendly. A reasonably brilliant memory.
Weaknesses: An unsteady temperament if pushed the wrong way. A little naive. Tendency to hesitate when he doesn’t feel he is making a useful contribution.
Fears: Losing his temper and doing something seriously dangerous.
Prejudices: Does not like the Ferengi.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Long sleeved loose t-shirt, cargo trousers and trainers.
Distinguishing Features: A mole on the middle toe of his left foot. Also a thin scar on the pad of his right thumb, about an inch in length below the tip of the thumb.
Pets: None
Friends: Even after the death of avarQ and the loss of connection with Vaebn Tei, Ed has found many friends among the crew of the Ticonderoga, especially with Paul Braggins, Tokat and Margaret Murphy.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Due to events unknown the Titan under the command of Captain Daher had been lured to Tharos III. Ed had not made the effort to get back to the Titan before it left and missed the events encountered by the crew. Afterwards it became clear that the mission had related to his friend avarQ and Ed had not been present when he was needed. Sometime after the mission avarQ died or was killed and Ed had done nothing to help his friend when he could have.
Best Time: Being trusted to help with the rescue of T’Manda, the childhood friend of Vaebn Tei.
Most Crucial Experience: His first taste of success as a Science Officer came when he figured out what was activating the atmosphere of Tharos III
Role Model: Reg Barclay. Despite the catalogue of disasters that has occurred to Reg he has always come through. He overcame his holo-addiction and transporter phobia. He also accidentally helped discovered 'Barclay's Proto-Morphosis' and was indirectly useful in first contact with the Cytherians. Reg was also instrumental in establishing contact with Voyager while they were trapped in the Delta Quadrant. Though Reg is not the ideal Star Fleet Officer, he is a hero to those who feel that they might not have what it takes to be in Star Fleet and his successes have shown them that even those who might seem insignificant are still able to be as vital to Star Fleet as the more successful members of the crew.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 240310.10 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240310.10 – 240312.01 Ensign Ensign
Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240312.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240312.01 – 240402.01 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240401.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240401.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240402.01 – 240409.01 Lieutenant Lieutenant
Chief Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240404.13 – 240709.21 Promoted
Chief Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240405.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240408.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240409.01 – 241204.01 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240409.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Chief Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240412.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240512.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Chief Science Officer USS Titan, CL-2007 240607.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 240709.21 Transferred
Chief Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241010.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241012.01 Diamond Star Diamond Star
Chief Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241103.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241105.01 Diamond Star Diamond Star
Chief Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241204.01 Annual Citation of Excellence Annual Citation of Excellence
Chief Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241204.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Chief Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241204.01 Commander Commander
Chief Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241209.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Chief Science Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241303.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241305.01 Promoted
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241306.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241308.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241404.01 Diamond Star Diamond Star
First Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 241405.01 Purple Heart Purple Heart
First Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 241405.01 Transferred
First Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 241501.01 Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal
First Officer USS Dauntless, CA-1553 241602.01 Transferred
First Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 241612.01 Transferred to USS Pegasus, CL-2500, 2nd Fleet
First Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 241612.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Chief Science Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 241702.01 Transferred
Chief Science Officer USS Reciprocity, ES-17413 241705.01 Transferred
Chief Science Officer USS Reciprocity, ES-17413 241709.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Science Officer USS Reciprocity, ES-17413 241710.01 Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Chief Science Officer USS Reciprocity, ES-17413 241803.01 Awarded Gold Star Gold Star
Chief Science Officer USS Beckett, CX-2000 241803.02 Assigned to USS Beckett, CX-2000. Commander
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 241807.01 Transferred to USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 Commander
Chief Science Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 241903.01 Transferred
Chief Science Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 241903.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Chief Science Officer USS Artemis 242004.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 4
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 5
Gold Star Gold Star 5
Diamond Star Diamond Star 3
Purple Heart Purple Heart 1
Campaign Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 8
Annual Citation of Excellence Annual Citation of Excellence 1

Supplemental Information

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