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When a link is marked as "Unknown" in the Federation Space wiki, it means there is not enough known about a specific subject for us to input any information.

You may find this is the case on such entries such as a "Minor Species," which may have only been mentioned in passing during one episode of one Star Trek series.

  • What differentiates a "Minor" species from a "Major" species is the amount of information that is readily known about them.
    For example, the B'Saari species was only mentioned in one line of dialogue in Star Trek: Enterprise.

If you find you have information on a field that has been marked "Unknown," it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact the wiki team regarding said information.

  • If you have clicked on a link for a character bio, it is likely that said character has been deleted at the player's request.
    This is done sometimes in the interest of creative integrity, for privacy reasons relating to the writer, or for other reasons known only to the character's writer.
    At Federation Space, we strive to uphold the ideals of mutual respect as best we can.

You can e-mail the Creative & Content Team Director, or consult the FedSpace Chain of Command if you feel you have information on a more pressing, or specific, matter.