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R'Kal Taris
Career Occupation
Operations Officer
RIS Shadowhawk
Arrain (Centurion)
Biographical Attributes
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
81.6 kg (180 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Cropped, kept at 2cm in length
Barrel-chested, muscular
Deeply tanned and leathery from long hours spent outdoors
Facial Hair:
Rich Baritone. R'Kal's voice is stern and firm when issuing orders, but warm and friendly when he is not on duty
Romulan Star Empire
Ra'tleihfi, Romulus
Familial Relationships
Vorian Taris (deceased)
Eviess (Deceased); Taleria Jeiai (step-mother), 33
Status of Parents:
Vorian is dead, assassinated by an assassin hired by R'Kal; Eviess died three years after R'Kal was born, due to lingering complications during her pregnancy. Taleria Jeiai is alive and living in Ra'tleihfi, ch'Rihan
Major Hvirr Taris, 46 (MIA (thought to be alive), serving in the Tal'Shiar); Jaron (Deceased, died of Terellian Death Syndrome at age five); Emni Liun, 29 (Alive, married and living in Rhehiv'je, Romulus)
Marital Status:
Betrothed to Katara Nai, 22 (Living in Ra'tleihfi)

Personal History

Born in Ra'tleihfi to a wealthy mid-level Senator and his well connected wife, R'Kal grew up learning the finer points of Romulan culture. He was tutored by some of the best tutors available, and was enrolled in the finest schools on Romulus. After losing his mother at age three to medical complications resulting from her pregnancy, R'Kal began learning about the cold realities of life. He grew up living an otherwise sheltered life, though in his late childhood he began seeing the uses his father put his power to. Watching his father's actions as a Senator ingrained in R'Kal a deep seated disgust for the Empire’s politicians. For a time R'Kal considered joining the Tal'Shiar, as his brother. Hvirr, had done. But R'Kal saw the changes being a member of the Tal'Shiar had wrought in his eldest brother. Hvirr had abandoned his honor, and even worse, had done so intentionally and without remorse.

While R'Kal struggled to find a suitable path for the rest of his life, the dissident Reunification Movement set up their own government on Ecurai. Disgusted that Romulans would openly defy the Empire in such a way, R'Kal decided to apply to the Imperial Military Academy. His father's position all but guaranteed that he would have a place in whatever Academy he whose to attend, and so his application to the Academy was eagerly accepted. R'Kal proved himself to be much more than just a wealthy Senator's son. He proved himself to be a very intelligent student and a superb strategist.

While he was at the Academy, he met Katara Nai, the daughter of a very wealthy businessman, who was impressed with his fierce loyalty to the Empire despite his misgivings about the direction the Praetor's policies were taking the Empire. The two began courting, and soon R'Kal realized he had found his soulmate. Katara, of course, had realized the same thing months earlier, but had patiently waited for R'Kal to, as she put it, "open his eyes and see the obvious." The two plighted their troth the summer before R’Kal's last year at the Academy. R'Kal graduated from the Academy and was assigned to the RIS Shadowhawk, a newly commissioned Firehawk Class Battle Cruiser. As R'Kal prepared for his new assignment, Katara began working for her father's corporation, and their families began making the arrangements for their wedding. However, R'Kal and Katara have decided that it would be best to wait until the current turmoil subsides before getting married.

R'Kal has survived the first two missions handed to the Shadowhawk. The first was a combat mission, in which the Shadowhawk, during her shakedown cruise, was sent to the front lines of the invasion of the Federation. The Shadowhawk played a key role in the battle against Federation forces at Starbase 157, a key strategic center in the region. Though the Fleet was forced to withdraw, the attack served its secondary purpose in pulling Federation forces away from the Acamar system, where a second fleet launched a successful invasion of the system. During the battle at Starbase 157, the Shadowhawk was severely damaged, and R'Kal chose to vent the atmosphere in the damaged section into space, in order to prevent the fires raging there from igniting several canisters of a highly explosive chemical. Several crewmembers were lost as a result. R'Kal knows he took the correct action and would do so again.

The second mission involved aiding a Tal'Shiar facility. A ra'faicol agent had released a weaponized pathogen onto the facility, and the Shadowhawk crew was required to aid the facility's commander in creating an antidote for the pathogen. R'Kal lead the security detail for the away Team, and worked with the facility commander to locate a communications program that was transmitting a virus to the Shadowhawk. In the process of disabling the transmitter, R'Kal located and killed the traitor responsible. With the transmitter disabled, the Shadowhawk was able to transport the Away Team back. Once the Away Team had back aboard, the Shadowhawk destroyed the facility.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Strategic Warfare and Military History
Academy Minor(s): Tactical Combat, Klingon Linguistics, and Classical Warfare
Hobbies and Pastimes: Studying military history and strategy, hiking, hunting, sailing and fishing
Short-Term Goals: To serve the Empire well
Long-Term Goals: To become Praetor
Personality: R'Kal is a harsh disciplinary, though he is quite capable of bending the rules to get the job done when necessary. While he disagrees with some of the current regime’s policies, he is absolutely loyal to the Romulan Star Empire. He is easy going with his friends, though his upbringing as a Senator’s son often leads others to believe him to be playing all the angles of a given situation.
Sense of Humor: R'Kal has a keen and sophisticated sense of humor and favors sarcasm and wit
Phobias: None
Likes: Rhennish and Romulan ale, Gorn Meridor, combat, learning about military history and strategy
Dislikes: Anyone who fails to follow orders, sluggards, Tal'Shiar officers
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Those who wield power foolishly. The Senate and Tal'Shiar’s mismanagement of the effort to suppress the rebellion on Ecurai
Bad Habits or Vices: R'Kal enjoys gambling, and tends to inadvertently flaunt his wealth
Achievements: Graduating from the Imperial Military Academy with the highest marks in Strategic Warfare, Military History, and Classical Warfare. Climbing to the peak of Eilariv, and hiking the Firefalls of Gal Gath'thong
Disappointments: His father, who he sees as wasting his position as a Senator on frivolous pursuits, such as chasing women and hosting overly opulent banquents, and supporting policies that are detrimental to the Empire
Strengths: R'Kal is a naturally brilliant strategist. He is also a crack shot with a disruptor rifle
Weaknesses: As a result of being a Senator’s son, R'Kal has learned to never take anything at face value. This ingrained training extends to his interactions with his fellow officers, giving others the impression that R'Kal mistrusts them, even when this is not the case
Fears: R'Kal fears that the Praetor and Senate's current policies will lead to the destruction of the Empire
Prejudices: R'Kal believes that Romulans are superior to all other species. He hates Klingons with a passion that burns with the fire of a thousand suns. He also hates the Ecurai rebels
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Black or dark gray combat pants and short-sleeved shirt, with black leather belt and disruptor pistol. However, R'Kal's wardrobe includes clothing suitable for virtually any non-military, social occasion
Distinguishing Features: R'Kal is ruggedly handsome. On the center of his chest, he has a tattoo of the emblem of the Romulan Star Empire approximately the size of his hand
Pets: None
Friends: erei'Erein Darok V’Nak, who is currently serving aboard the RIS Galan

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: His mother’s death
Best Time: His days at the Imperial Military Academy
Most Crucial Experience: Watching his father as he squandered his power and influence as a Senator on trivial pursuits and foolish political policies, and watching his eldest brother, Hvirr, abandon all pretence of honor as a Tal'Shiar officer, R'Kal came to loathe the veruuls in the Senate who use their power and influence to do no more than serve themselves
Role Model: Riov Ael i-Mhiessan t’Rllaillieu, for returning the Empire to its honorable roots and paving the way for the rise of the modern Empire. Also, and rather ironically, Captain James Tiberius Kirk, for his combat prowess and refusal to ever give up, as the man was one of the finest starship captains of his time

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Phi'lasasam (Imperial Academy) 20804.04 Received Imperial Academy Graduate Ribbon Imperial Academy Graduate Ribbon
Operations Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20804.04 Promoted to erei'Erein (Sub-Lieutenant)
Reassigned to Operations Officer
Assigned to RIS Shadowhawk
erei'Erein (Sub-Lieutenant)
Operations Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20808.01 Granted Defense of the Empire Defense of the Empire
Operations Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20801.01 Awarded Imperial Achievement Medal Imperial Achievement Medal
Operations Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20809.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Operations Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20811.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Operations Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20901.01 Promoted to Erein (Lieutenant) Erein (Lieutenant)
Operations Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20906.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Operations Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20906.01 Promoted to Arrain (Centurion) Arrain (Centurion)
Operations Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20907.01 Granted Defense of the Empire Defense of the Empire
Operations Officer RIS Shadowhawk 20907.01 Awarded Legion of Merit Legion of Merit
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Imperial Academy Graduate Ribbon Imperial Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Imperial Achievement Medal Imperial Achievement Medal 1
Legion of Merit Legion of Merit 1
Defense of the Empire Defense of the Empire 2
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 3

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