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Below is a rank comparison chart using Star Fleet ranks against the various alien races on Federation Space. If you are looking for an explanation of the main ranks used on the site, please check out the Rank Explanation page.

Romulan Officer

Star Fleet Romulan Naval Officers Romulan Tal'Shiar
Midshipman Com-mid.jpg erei'Erein (Sub-Lieutenant) Rom-mil-SubLt.jpg Uhlan (Uhlan) Romulan-ts-uhlan.jpg
Ensign Com-ens.jpg
Lieutenant Junior Grade Com-ltjg.jpg Erein (Lieutenant) Rom-mil-Lt.jpg Arrain (Lieutenant) Romulan-ts-lt.jpg
Lieutenant Com-lt.jpg Arrain (Centurion) Rom-mil-Cent.jpg Enarrain (Captain) Romulan-ts-capt.jpg
Lieutenant Commander Com-lcdr.jpg
Commander Com-cdr.jpg erei'Riov (Sub-Commander) Rom-mil-SubComd.jpg Aendeh (Major) Romulan-ts-maj.jpg
Captain Com-capt.jpg Riov (Commander) Rom-mil-Comd.jpg Ssiebh (Colonel) Romulan-ts-col.jpg
Commodore Com-cmdr.jpg Enriov (Admiral) Rom-mil-Adm.jpg Riov (General) Romulan-ts-gen.jpg

The Romulan rank system is less scaled than the Star Fleet rank system. They have none of the sub-Admirals (Commodore, Rear, Vice or Admiral) as in the Star Fleet rank system. Any officer who reaches the rank of Admiral in the Romulan Star Empire is given the task of commanding a military area of the Romulan Star Empire, and is the leading military officer in that region. Similarly, Romulans have no rank of LCdr. This is because Centurions are the backbone of the Romulan fleet and only individuals that have proven their leadership and command skills are promoted to Sub-Commanders.

Romulan Enlisted

Star Fleet Enlisted Romulan Naval Enlisted
Recruit (Rct) Com-base.png erei'Uhlan (Crewman) Mid.
Crewman Recruit (CMR) Com-cmr.png
Crewman Apprentice (CMA) Com-cma.png Uhlan (Senior Crewman) Mid.
Crewman (CM) Com-cm.png erwhi'Uhlan (Petty Officer Second Class) Mid.
Petty Officer 3rd Class (PO3) Com-po3.png
Petty Officer 2nd Class (PO2) Com-po2.png khre'Uhlan (Petty Officer First Class) Mid.
Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1) Com-po1.png erei'Enuhlan (Chief Petty Officer) Mid.
Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Com-cpo.png Enuhlan (Master Chief Petty Officer) Rom-mil-Enuhlan.jpg


Star Fleet Klingon
Midshipman Com-mid.jpg SuvwI' wejDIch (Warrior 3rd Class) K-01-Warrior1.jpg
Ensign Com-ens.jpg
Lieutenant Junior Grade Com-ltjg.jpg SuvwI' cha'DIch (Warrior 2nd Class) K-02-Warrior2.jpg
Lieutenant Com-lt.jpg SuvwI' wa'DIch (Warrior 1st Class) K-03-Warrior3.jpg
Lieutenant Commander Com-lcdr.jpg Sogh (Lieutenant) K-04-Lieutenant.jpg
Commander Com-cdr.jpg HoDHom (Commander) K-05-Commander.jpg
Captain Com-capt.jpg HoD (Captain) K-06-Captain.jpg
Commodore Com-cmdr.jpg HoD'a' (Major) K-07-Major.jpg
Rear Admiral Com-radm.jpg Sa'Hom (Colonel) K-08-Colonel.jpg
Vice Admiral Com-vadm.jpg 'ech (Brigadier) K-09-Brigadier.jpg
Admiral Com-adm.jpg Sa' (General) K-10-General.jpg

As with the Cardassian system, the rank of General can be graded into positions as well. As such, a General can have the authority of Admiral or Fleet Admiral depending on that person's position in the Klingon Military.

Bajoran and Cardassian

Star Fleet Bajoran Cardassian
Midshipman Com-mid.jpg Ensign Bajoran-ens.jpg D'ja Cardassian-dja.jpg
Ensign Com-ens.jpg
Lieutenant Junior Grade Com-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade Bajoran-ltjg.jpg Kara Mid.
Lieutenant Com-lt.jpg Lieutenant Bajoran-lt.jpg Glen Mid.
Lieutenant Commander Com-lcdr.jpg Captain Bajoran-capt.jpg Gil Mid.
Commander Com-cdr.jpg Major Bajoran-maj.jpg Glinn Mid.
Captain Com-capt.jpg Colonel Bajoran-col.jpg Gul Mid.
Commodore Com-cmdr.jpg General Bajoran-gen.jpg Gul Mid.

Important: The title Legate is not a military title, but a government title similar to Governor.

The Cardassian system is very similar to that of Star Fleet. The only change occurs at the rank of Gul. In the Cardassian system the rank of Gul is the highest rank, but by virtue of their position, one Gul may hold authority over another Gul. As an example, a Gul may be a ship captain, the lowest position available for a Gul or a Fleet Admiral, one of the highest available positions. Gul Dukat, of DS9 fame, was Commander of the Second Order and equivalent to a Fleet Admiral.

Rank Insignia Usage

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