Branches of the Romulan Military

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The military of the Romulan Star Empire is composed of two separate entities: Central Command and the Imperial Legion. Central Command maintains control over naval and land forces. The Imperial Legion is the Praetor's private guard.

Central Command

Central Command, or Raenasa in the Romulan language, is the entity that coordinates and controls the two main branches of the Romulan military: the Imperial Fleet and the Imperial Land Army. Central Command operates administratively as a separate entity from both branches, though its personnel is composed of officers from each. Central Command also maintains direct authority over the Reman Imperial Division.

Central Command is headed by a Chairman and Vice-Chairman, who report directly to the Praetor. It is not unusual for the Chairman and other high-ranking officers to be appointed to the Senate and on occasion to serve on the Continuing Committee.

The current Chairman of Central Command is Enriov Eriufv Khaethaetreh.

Imperial Fleet

The Imperial Fleet, or Galae s'Shiar in the Romulan language, is the backbone of the Empire's military strength. This large naval force patrols the borders of the Empire, serves as the first line of defense against attack from outsiders and leads the charge when offensive action is required.

Imperial Land Army

The Imperial Land Army, or Khhiu'draao s'Shiar, are specialized troops trained in ground defense. They protect important land-based facilities and sensitive areas and often serve as law enforcement for smaller colony worlds. They also serve as ground assault troops in time of war.

Reman Imperial Division

The Reman Imperial Division, or Fvhirrhel ih'Shiar Havran, is a branch of the Romulan military reserved for Reman soldiers. Remans have a long history as feared warriors, and those who choose to use their skills in service to the Empire are rewarded with the highest social status that non-Romulans can obtain.

There are no officer ranks in the division. It is led by Romulan officers of the Imperial Fleet and the Imperial Land Army, though Reman soldiers are kept segregated from their Romulan counterparts.

Reman troops are at the forefront of ground combat, and they often take the lead during dangerous military operations in space. Due to their reputation as fearless, many Romulan senators and wealthy private citizens employ former members of the division as their personal bodyguards.

Imperial Legion

The Imperial Legion, or Rei'kara, is an elite group of soldiers that serve as the personal guards of the Praetorate. Among their duties is to stand guard in the Senate.