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The Imperial Fleet, or Galae s'Shiar in the Rihan language, is the backbone of the Romulan Star Empire's military strength. This large naval force patrols the borders of the Empire, serves as the first line of defense against attack from outsiders and leads the charge when offensive action is required.

Command Structure

The Imperial Fleet is under the direct command of the Praetor, who issues orders through Central Command. Central Command consists of high-ranking officers of both the Imperial Fleet and the Imperial Land Army and is headed by a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman. Orders are passed down to division commanders.

The Imperial Fleet is divided into four divisions, each headed by an Enriov responsible for the defense of a specific section of the Empire.

The First Division operates from Hdrael 1, which orbits the planet Ysail. It protects the region of the Empire's former homeworlds, ch'Rihan (Romulus and ch'Havran (Remus), and patrols a large section of the Federation border.
The Second Division is based out of Hdrael 14, which orbits the planet Orith. This division patrols much of the area where hostilities with the Gorn take place.
The Third Division operates from Hdrael 20, which orbits the planet Eilhaunn. It protects the Empire's central territory and patrols a section of the Federation border.
The Fourth Division is based out of Hdrael 41, which orbits the planet Menhei in the Hhocgae system. Its territory borders the Democratic Romulan Republic, and it is also tasked with monitoring the Klingon Empire and a small section of the Federation border.

The Enriov in charge of a division has the freedom to subdivide their command as they see fit, thus divisional structure differs in each. In general though, divisions are organized into battle groups tasked with specific duties. These battle groups are headed by either an Enriov or a Riov, and are further subdivided into individual units at the group leader's discretion.

At the lowest end of the command structure is the triad, a patrol unit which typically consists of three vessels, most often a battleship and two support vessels, though it can be any combination of ships depending upon need or circumstance. The triad is headed by the commander of the lead vessel.

Romulan vessels do on occasion operate independently and with no support. Scout ships almost exclusively operate this way. Most vessels in the Imperial Fleet, however, operate as part of a larger group.


The Phi'lasasam (Imperial Academy) is an institution of higher learning located on Eilhaunn in the capital city of Del. It serves as the training ground for future officers in the Imperial Fleet. Entrance to the Phi'lasasam is difficult and typically requires a personal reference from someone of importance. Many graduates from the Phi'lasasam come from the upper classes of Romulan society, though students from the lower classes can gain admittance through diligent studies and the solicitation of politicians or high-ranking military officers.

The Phi'lasasam also operates classes and training programs on Hdrael 20.