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RIS Shadowhawk
Romulan Star Empire

Lineage / Temaekhho

Constructed at the Imperial ch'Havran (Reman) Shipyards, the RIS Shadowhawk launched into service for the Romulan Star Empire on Stardate 20804.21. Larger, faster and more heavily armed than other Romulan vessels, it is the first in a series of battle cruisers based on the RIS Firehawk prototype and boasts the latest in Imperial technology.

The Shadowhawk saw its initial action in the Third Federation/Romulan War, participating in the opening Battle of Sector 228. During the Third Romulan Civil War it came under control of the Underground Anna'eri Nuar faction and fought against the ruling s'Tei faction.

RIS Shadowhawk
Vessel Class: Firehawk
Commanding Officer:
erei'Riov Eleijha V'Tana (20803.14 - 20905.24)
Riov Imina Sevala (20905.24 - PRESENT)

Vessel Dedication Quote/ Hrhae'enh Imahhoi'edh Heira

"Ahr'lhonaema ihirer hotaessraei hwiunaier iarr'voi ortaihkhevha na sienov." - Nnerhin tr'Liemha, Iemhiedh

("It is cowardice to be reluctant to take up the sword for a just cause." - Nnerhin tr'Liemha, Discourse)

RIS Shadowhawk
RIS Shadowhawk in Space Dock

Type: Battle Cruiser
Length: 1231 Meters
Width: 323 Meters
Height: 309 Meters (62 Decks) Deck Plans
Weight: 393,380 Metric tons
Standard: 475 Officers, 1900 Enlisted
Emergency: 5,000
Warp Engines
Type: 1 Quantum Singularity Drive
Cruise Speed: 7
Sustainable Speed: 9.5
Emergency Speed: 9.8 (6 hour cooldown)
Impulse Engines
Type: 2 Main Impulse Engines, 1 Secondary Impulse Engine
Max Impulse: .90
Defensive Systems
Type: Type 2 Main Shield Generator
Other: Ablative Armor, Cloaking Device
Offensive Systems
Phasers: 2 Banks of 4 Type 1(P/S), 3 Banks of 4(360D)),
Torpedoes: 1 Type R Plasma Launcher (F), 2 Type S Plasma Launchers (F), 4 Type F Plasma Launchers (A)
Other: None
Computer Systems
Type: kaifa tlaru kwi dhei (DI 1000)
Type: 2 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beams, 4 Docking Tractors, 1 Shuttle Tractor
Type: 4 Type XII Shuttles, 2 Long Distance Warp Shuttles
Type: None
Type: Reman Arms Standard Military Suite
Combat Ratings
Offensive: 90%
Defensive: 70%
Maneuvering: 70%
CER: 76.2%

Crew Manifest / Faiihr Saevha

Arifv Tlhei (Command Division)
Rom-mil-Comd.jpg Imina Sevala {Adaran} Commanding Officer Romulan Email
Rom-mil-Cent.jpg Amarik I'Dartha {Vaughn} First Officer Romulan Email
Rom-mil-Lt.jpg Te'elis Mrian {Adaran} Tactical Officer Romulan Email
Rom-mil-Enuhlan.jpg Yhea {Hawk} Chief of the Boat Romulan Email
Arifv Ithiolha'edh (Operations Division)
Rom-mil-Cent.jpg Terrh S'Ten {Hawk} Intelligence Officer Romulan Email
Arifv Vriafwen (Sciences Division)
Rom-mil-Cent.jpg H'Daen R'Mor {Carter} Chief of Sciences / Science Officer Romulan Email
Rom-mil-SubLt.jpg Rhian Lovok {Meels} Medical Officer Romulan Email
Rom-mil-SubLt.jpg Areinnye Jeiai {Adaran} Medical Officer Romulan Email

Mission Logs / Ohrainir ih'Faikarur

Mission Log 1 - Saeihr-hveith 20807.23: "Resurrection"
Mission Log 2 - Saeihr-hveith 20902.01: "Deadly Liaison"
Mission Log 3 - Saeihr-hveith 20905.09: "Outpost 12"
Mission Log 4 - Saeihr-hveith 21002.01: "Underground"
Mission Log 5 - Saeihr-hveith 21005.01: "Gettysburg"

Images / Lvhiet

Interior Design / Aehhenelh Selhae

Ship's Manual / Laihen s'Khina

Use of the Rihan Language

All Shadowhawk crewmembers are required to use a limited set of Rihan words and phrases in their posts. These words are not required to be translated.

Certain other Rihan words that are commonly used on the ship may be written without translation. These words can be found here. Players are not expected to be fluent in the Rihan language, and use of words outside the required list are optional. If a player uses words outside the approved list, a translation should be provided for those who aren't as skilled in the language. The translation should be given in ==OOC== at the bottom of the post.

Leaves of Absence

If a player is to be away from the site for more than 5 days, they are required to announce a Leave of Absence, either by posting on the ship or by sending an email to their superior officer. Players whose LOA causes disruption of the game will have their characters hijacked at the CO's discretion to help move along the plotline. Players who request LOA will have the twice weekly posting quota waved, but they must make a minimum of 8 posts during the month to receive the full 400 points.