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Star Fleet Security is a branch of Star Fleet responsible for maintaining security, with its headquarters at Star Fleet Security Command

In the early 2150s, Star Fleet Security was a section of United Earth's Star Fleet that had at least one branch based on Earth in the Sol sector.

Security rank pips

Following the foundation of the United Federation of Planets, Star Fleet Security was not only responsible for Star Fleet security, but also some Federation outposts, starships, and facilities. In this function, they act in ways analogous to local and regional police agencies, but Star Fleet Security's mandate extends much farther than that. The agency is responsible for maintaining and enforcing Star Fleet Security regulations, procedures and policies on all Star Fleet and affiliated facilities, outposts, and vessels. In addition, this agency is responsible for issuing and approving security clearances of all Star Fleet/United Federation of Planets personnel.

This agency, in close cooperation with Star Fleet Intelligence, is also responsible for counter-intelligence operations. The agency is also responsible for the security of the Federation President, as well as members of the Federation Council and visiting alien dignitaries.

In a situation of emergency, officers may be assigned to planetary security.

Aboard Star Fleet-run facilities and vessels, security is one of the most important departments in the 23rd and 24th centuries, combining the armory and MACO functions of the 22nd century.

Security personnel served both in defensive and offensive positions, ranging from security patrols on board a starship, to guarding prisoners, to firing the ship's weapons, to providing protection during landing party/away team missions, and more.

The person in charge of all the Security personnel, regardless of where they are stationed, is the Chief of Security.

Notable Security Officers

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