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United Earth is the name of the planetary state created through the unification of Earth in the 22nd century following First Contact in 2063.
United Earth continued to exist as a political subdivision of the United Federation of Planets when its government helped found that interstellar state in 2161.


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By the 2150s, the United Earth government encompassed all major settlements made by humanity. This included all territory on Earth itself, as all previous human governments were now united into one organization.

United Earth controlled all of the Sol system, and during the 2150s, they began to spread to other nearby star systems.

Planetary bodies that had major Human settlements or military installations on them in the 2150s included:

In the Sol system:

In other solar systems:

In the first half of the 22nd century, the most significant Human presence in space beyond the Sol system itself was in the form of "Boomers": independent Human traders that formed a merchant marine using crude, generationally-owned starships that took years to travel between destinations. While nominally under the control of the Earth Cargo Authority, by their very nature, the Boomers were frontiersmen without any real oversight from Earth and generally handled their own affairs. In a sense, these small and mobile ship-borne communities could be seen as "colonies" of a sort. During the second half of the 22nd century, as faster warp drives became more commercially available, travel time between destinations was cut down from years to months or weeks, and response by official United Earth Star Fleet ships was for the first time made a practical reality, the independent frontier lifestyle of the Boomers gradually came to an end.

United Earth was the planetary state represented in the Coalition of Planets and later the United Federation of Planets.

Even after United Earth was formed, many nation-states and confederations retained their individual identities. This included the African Confederation, the European Alliance, and the United States of America.

United Earth had many agencies. This included the early form of Star Fleet (prior to 2161), Military Assault Command Operations (MACO), and the United Earth Space Probe Agency.