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Deep Space 9, a Cardassian-built, Star Fleet/Bajoran space station

A space station is an artificial structure in space, often built to support life. Space stations can serve many purposes, including research, defense and starship maintenance.

Depending on their purpose, they may be referred to with another term, such as a Spacelab or outpost. Space stations can be in orbit of a planet, or be completely free floating in space.

Space stations are used by the Federation, the Cardassians and many others. They can be used as outposts often located in 'frontier' areas or along interstellar borders, research stations specialized in scientific research, shipyards specialized in the construction of starships, or as an orbital component of a Starbase such as a spacedock.

Stations that are positioned on the edge of the Federation border (like Deep Space K-7) or, in the case of Deep Space 9, in neutral territory close to the Federation border, are labeled as Deep Space stations.

Fun Fact:

A Vulcan space station was located around fifty light years from Deep Space 9.