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Class: J
Satellites: Ganymede, 62 others
Native Species: None
Location: Sol System
Alpha Quadrant

Jupiter (or Sol V) is the fifth planet of the Sol system.

Astronomical data



  • Sol V
  • Jupiter


  • Jupiter has the most moons of any planet in the Sol system with 63 known moons, including Ganymede. Tours of the lava flows on it's third moon were popular by 2376.


The first permanent Human presence near Jupiter may have been established by the end of the 22nd century. By 2151, Jupiter Station in orbit of Jupiter served as a repair facility to Earth Star Fleet.

An image featuring Jupiter's Great Red Spot

was contained in the library computer aboard the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 . 

Jupiter Outpost 92 was one of the outposts established in the vicinity of the planet.

The Jupiter Mining Corporation is in charge of mining the planet.