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Pathfinder Project insignia

The Pathfinder Project, also referred to as Project Voyager, was the title of a Star Fleet Communications project that attempted to communicate with USS Voyager, which was stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

Origins - 2370s

It was created sometime between 2374 and 2376, following the discovery of Voyager's presence in the Delta Quadrant when the Doctor was sent to the USS Prometheus. It was overseen by Admiral Owen Paris, and was based at Star Fleet's Communications Research Center. The day-to-day running of the project was handled by Commander Peter Harkins, and its staff included Lieutenant Reginald Barclay. Deep Space 9 also assisted the project by providing interstellar phenomena forecasts.

It first made contact with Voyager in 2376, using the MIDAS array to create a micro-wormhole. Although the first communication was brief and problematic- merely allowing Admiral Paris to talk to Captain Kathryn Janeway, who assured him that his son was performing well- the communications technology improved to a level whereby contact could be made on a regular basis - every day for eleven minutes by 2377.

Pathfinder Project was shelved with Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant in 2378.


The Pathfinder Project was revitalised as an independent Task Force following the Attack on the Borg Megasphere to locate the Borg Contingency. Comprised solely of modern, Slipstream-capable ships; the Task Force was nominally under the command of the senior CO, Captain Tyra Crawford though individual commanders were expected to act independently when required.

The initial destination point was the Talaxian Asteroid Colony. The voyage would take 20 days with current Slipstream Technology, meaning that the Task Force would need to be self-sufficient and look after itself; help would be a long time coming...

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